October 14th, 2013


Lunafly in Malaysia @ 365 with Lunafly

Intimate moments of ’365 With Lunafly’ in Malaysia

After a warm welcome from the fans in March 2013, Lunafly is back in Malaysia to perform yet another exclusive showcase titled ‘365 With Lunafly’ on 12th October 2013 at Taylors University Lakeside Campus Malaysia. The show is organized by M.E Malaysia, in conjunction of Lunafly’s first anniversary since their debut.

’365 With Lunafly’ consists of two sessions; ‘Superhero Day’ show and ‘Fly to Love’ night show. Lukies, which is the official fanclub name of Lunafly, were definitely in for a fabulous treat as Lunafly members presented themselves with new songs, sprinkled with some familiar favorites and covers at the showcase.

The ‘Superhero Day’ event began when all three members Sam, Teo and Yun entered the venue, greeting fans. As fans started to raise their fan boards to catch the boys’ attention, Sam quickly noticed and complimented them for their hard work in preparing the boards to welcome them.

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Check out the photos and the videos below!

The Showcase opening with the boys dancing to Bar Bar Bar and Seeing You or Missing You performance:

[Seeing You or Missing You]

[How Nice Would It Be]

[Just Give Me A Reason]


Check out the snippet of the brand new pre-released song here:

[Can't Stop the Rain]

Sources: hellokpop, beeaivin 1 2, Sharon P 1 2 3

I know people who went to the shows, and it was incredible! (I was involved in the fan video and fan book they got.) There was also a magazine launch on Sunday (it was about Lunafly), fanmeeting, fan date, and probably other events I don't remember. Did anyone from Omona go?

The clip of Cant' Stop the Rain can be found at the source. Lunafly asked fans to put away cameras and phones before they sang it, and I want to respect that. Oh and more amazing fancams to be posted below in the comments.

Edit: Apparently I was mistaken about CSTR. I added the vid in.

Team A's 2nd Win

In YG Entertainment’s survival program, “WIN”, featuring their rookie group, Team A has managed to secure their second victory for the audience voting after successfully winning the first one as well.

The hot topic spread intensely with Team A and Team B almost going hand-in-hand for the 2nd round, which Daum revealed the results for on the 14th. For the second consecutive week, Team A has won the audience voting.

It was a narrow result where Team A won with 50.26% of the viewer votes and Team B had 49.74% of the audience votes. This latest battle recorded two times the number of votes that were recorded for the first battle, proving the hot interest in these groups.

For the first battle, Team A won with 51.37% and Team B had 48.63%, a 2.74% difference in the number of votes.

For the second battle, the Dream Team of judges included Lee Hyun Do, Yoon Jong Shin, and Park Jinyoung, and their evaluations appeared to coincide with the viewers’ vote. The assigned song, dance battle, and finally, the self-composed song battle rounds tallied up to equal Team A with a total of 792 points and Team B with a total of 788 points, also a very slim margin. Team B ultimately lost out on the self-composed song round, after previously leading ahead of Team A.

The final winner will be decided in the final LIVE battle.

After a total of three battles, the three instances of voting will be combined to determine who will debut from ‘WIN’. The first and second round of voting each account for 20% of the total number of votes, and the 3rd and last round of voting will reflect for 60% of the total number of votes. To determine the final winner, the final audience voting is the key.

Team B’s counter-attack this time around will be very intense. An official said, that Team B’s leader, B.I, has shown “much progress and improvement” and from the High-Touch event on October 12, the last few days before the final stage is being shown much interest from everyone.

Source: Osen and winner-trans

congrats team A :}
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Vixx on Immortal Song 2

[Watch Vixx Cuts No Sub]


I don't think anyone has put up the performance from IS2, but I'm sure most of us have seen it or heard about it. So I decided to do a post. Ken's opening was amazing. I added SG Wanabe Kim Jin Ho performance because it was just too damn good to pass on and seeing Ravi's reaction and watching him be so into the performance and the tears. It was such a touching tribute, both performances. I just wanted to share them with everyone. Vixx did great even if they weren't winners that night, I think they earned new fans.

Source: Nhokshockqnss, eunju Kim and Bonus: onegoldentrip

Bunch of Jae related news

Are you ready for Jaejoong’s ‘A Sunny Day’ tomorrow?


By tomorrow! The sensitive ballad that’ll make everyone’s autumn much more sentimental! Kim Jaejoong’s first full solo album song will be released tomorrow at 12 noon via through every music sites and iTunes. Please look very much forward to it^^

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Source: JYJ3 1, 2, 3, 4, JYJ Naver LINE, KOMCA via @rubypurple_fan, Nate, soompi
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3, Ruby (@rubypurple_fan) of JYJ3, @ohmyjunsu
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EXO has now sold more than 900,000 copies of ‘XOXO’ album, closer to hitting the million seller mark


It looks like the million milestone might not be unachievable in this era, after it was revealed that EXO’s first full-length album ‘XOXO’ has now sold over 900,000 copies as of writing.
As of October 11th, EXO’s first full-length album (released on June 3rd) has sold 441,332 copies, with the repackaged version album (released on August 5th) selling 469,641 copies. Adding up both numbers, the total number of copies sold now stands at 910,973.
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For more information gaon chart:
XOXO kiss ver = 246 035
XOXO kiss ver repackage = 265 760
XOXO hug ver = 190 413
XOXO hug ver repackage = 157 111

source: netizenbuzz, koreastardaily.ph.omg.yahoo
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[Han Geng: SMent Contract Termination] Sun Le’s Statement


Based on Translations by: 庚家小小翻译站
Edited by: pocketostars (Note: Many edits + added notes were made and cross-checked with theoriginal Chinese document in order to increase clarity in English. I tried to preserve accuracy with the original source document, while also respecting the translator’s hard work. Speculating statements by fans/translators were omitted in order to avoid confusion with the contents within the original document. You MUST take this out with full credit because I took my liberties with the original translations and need to take responsibility for it).

[Note: Sun Le is Han Geng’s childhood friend and current manager. This is a statement that he had submitted to the Korean courts along with Han Geng’s other legal documents for the lawsuit. Those documents were leaked on the Internet in 2010 by an anonymous source (which the translation company that did the Chinese-to-Korean translations could be held liable to), but the contents were confirmed to be true by Sun Le in BQ Weekly’s exclusive interview with Han Geng’s team.]

Sun Le’s Statement:
(Main contents of the statement: 7 cases of unfair treatment.)

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Source : Baidu (original document) + 庚家小小翻译站 (original translation) via pocketostars (editor of the translation)

I saw this on tumblr today and I thought it is worth to be shared here. Although the news on this statement is old but I think it is informative, as it basically confirmed some of those rumours that we have heard of mistreatments that Geng received from SMEnt. So the thing about the mistreatments towards his family members was true (I thought it was merely a rumour before this). And I don't think I knew that Ariel Lin's MV initially wanted Geng instead of Siwon and Donghae. I'm sorry if this was already posted and I'll delete it if it is.
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Eng subbed variety goodness

Mamma Mia | 맘마미아 - Episode 24: The Chuseok Special Mamma Arcade! Sons and daughters!l

The Chuseok Special Mamma Arcade! Sons and daughters! : It's a heated battle between the son team vs. the daughter team! The tastes of Chuseok! The moms bring their hometown specialties from around the country! It will all be revealed on this episode of Mamma Mia!

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Weekly Idol with Henry & Kyuhyun

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I sincerely recommend checking out the Mamma Mia episode. Laugh out loud funny. It's an all gag-person guest roster, plus the regulars Solbi and Eunyoung. Unsurprisingly, total chaos ensued. The lip reading game was hilarious.

Tacking on Henry's Weekly Idol episode here since the subbed version just came out as well.


NKSubs @youngwoon jungsu
Fan Sign
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Adultery Scandal at Korea’s Elite Law School Ends in Suicide


On October 2nd, an adultery scandal that electrified the country ended with a court case and mourning. The Judicial Research and Training Institute, the most highly respected school in the country, was the scene of a sordid affair between two of its elite students. Among Koreans, there was deep disgust that the country’s most gifted scholars could have committed the betrayal, public insults, and harassment that were exposed in the beginning of early September. A blow by blow of the affair is below, but the best summary may have been written by the mother-in-law of the husband who had the affair. Determined to punish her son-in-law and his lover, the mother-in-law stood outside the main gate of the Institute with a sign describing their shocking behavior.

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Sources: koreBANG, Money Today, Donga Newspaper

idk, I thought this was a very interesting read. For me, it gave valuable insight into the legal education system in Korea. It also provided some interesting perspectives about the role of law and lawyers in Korea. I don't know, I was really surprised by the school's response to this scandal and how seemingly public this all was, where something like this wouldn't have even made the news where I'm from...also please read netizen comments with a grain of salt...

For folks who are interested in learning more about legal education in Korea, check out this article and this book. I'm so sorry if y'all find this terribly boring, but as a law student and someone interested in education reform, I find this to be incredibly interesting OTL

Jaejoong Releases Sunny Day; Be prepared to weep

Jaejoong releases the ballad Sunny Day (feat Lee Sanggon of Noel), his first single from upcoming album WWW which comes out on October 29th

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Youtube Credit: BubbleFeetAquaCH1
Translation Credit: PrinceJJ

This song is absolutly gorgeous. The part from 3:00 on is all sorts of magical. Was expecting a rock ballad so was a bit surprised by this but I didn't realize how much I needed a really good ballad from Jaejoong until I heard this. Can't get over how well Jaejoong and Lee Sanggon's voices blend together!