October 15th, 2013

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Jaurim releases MV for new title track: 25, 21

Legendary female-led rock group Jaurim recently dropped their 9th studio album Goodbye, Grief. And with it, they released an MV for the their mellow title track 스물다섯, 스물하나 (25, 21)

Credit: Official Jaurim Youtube

This video makes me feel so incredibly sad and empty :( I guess that was its purpose, but this is the first time I've seen an MV be made about the rut that young adults face and it just hits home. It's so beautiful and a bit painful to watch at the same time. But I loved it.
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Jonghyun Talks About His Flawless Self-Composed Song

In an interview with Newsen, Jonghyun revealed the behind-the-scenes story of his self-composed track, "Gloomy Clock."

"Initially, it was a song written by me, for me. IU and I talk to each other about music quite often. I thought of asking about how to move forward with the song's composition, so I passed it to her. The next afternoon, IU asked me to sell the song to her. It really is good luck."

As with the song's title, the word 'gloomy' makes a total of 20 appearances in the song. Jonghyun said, "This song was written in two, three hours. I was getting a little depressed due to my insomnia, so I wrote down all the things that had happened that day; which is why the lyrics are similar to that of a diary entry."

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Sources: lovekpopsubs13 & debsayys @ SFI

bless this child. he's so talented and insightful. i'm always so worried for him cause he never gets enough sleep. SOB. Also, I wonder if we're going to get a resurgence of IU x Jjong dating rumors, cause you guys and girls can't be friends without fucking.
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Lori confirmed to be a new member of Chocolat

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Chocolat confirmed that Lori, who appeared in the group's "Black Tinkerbell" MV, is indeed their new member!

Tia shared on her Instagram, "Practice, practice, practice. keke Practice with Lori." Lori also shared on Instagram, "We're coming for you!! Tune in to 'Music Access' arirang radio.♥ #arirangworld#Tia."

Tia and Lori are the new fixed guests of Arirang Radio's Monday show 'Music Access' and on their first broadcast, they confirmed that Lori is indeed the new member of Chocolat. A fan also asked Lori on Twitter, "Lori ~ so, it's official. You're joining Chocolat? c:," and Lori confirmed, "yes (:."

Lori was formerly a trainee at Paramount Music. What do you think of the new addition to Chocolat?!

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SPICA's youngest member Bohyung has revealed the music video teaser for "Crazy Girl".

"Crazy Girl" is Bohyung's upcoming solo digital single, which is scheduled to be out on October 18. The MV also features her fellow SPICA member Narae as the girl in distress. (allkpop)


OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGGGGG?!?!! I hope all of them are gonna get solos before they finally drop a full album because THEIR VOICES DESERVE SOLOS MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE oh god I need to go lie down

Girl’s Day Releases "Let's Go" MV For Samsung’s Passionate Youth Campaign

Girl’s Day Passionate Youth campaign song “Let’s GO”, revenue to be donated.

Dream T representative said, “In collaboration with Samsung Group’s Passionate Youth campaign which aims to communicate with university students, Girl’s Day has released “Let’s GO” to bring comfort and courage to the youth.”

In particular, with the cheerful rhythm and repetitive “Let’s go”, the chorus was impressive. Girl’s Day leader Sojin participated in the composition of the song personally.

Sojin said, “In May I was invited to a Passionate Youth performance as a guest and was moved by the passion of the crowd. This time, it is an honor for Girl’s Day to be able to represent the girl groups and produce a song to instill dreams and courage in university students.”

Proceeds from the song will be fully donated and the music video containing the energetic appearance of the girls can be seen at the scene of Passionate Youth Season 5.

Source : LOENENT , sportsseoul with translation from girlsdaydaily

Dancers peering on stage

Heirs Ep 1 & 2 Party Post!

Spoilers Within!


Synopsis: The world at your feet and the weight of the world on your shoulders. Children of the super-elite class bear the burden of success as they are being groomed as heirs to their family business empires despite only being in high school. Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho) is the arrogant and self-centered heir to the Empire Group, a family conglomerate business. But he lives under the constant shadow of his older half-brother, Kim Won (Choi Jin Hyuk), who is already an accomplished young executive in the family business. Despite being betrothed to the equally wealthy and equally haughty Rachel Ryu (Kim Ji Won), a hotel heiress, Tan falls in love with Cha Eun Sang (Park Shin Hye), the daughter of his family’s housekeeper. Eun Sang and her best friend, Yoon Chan Young (Kang Min Hyuk), the son of Empire Group’s secretary, did not grow up like their families’ employer did, but they get embroiled in their lives nonetheless. Eun Sang gets caught in a love triangle with Tan and Choi Young Do (Kim Woo Bin), the condescending heir to a luxury resort conglomerate while Chan Young falls in love with Tan’s ex-girlfriend, Lee Bo Na (Kristal Jung), the socialite daughter of a major entertainment executive. Can a romance survive between the haves and the have-nots? "Heirs," also known as “Heirs: He Who Wears the Crown Must Bear Its Weight” and “The Heirs,” is a 2013 South Korean drama series starring the hottest actors working today. It is directed by Kang Shin Hyo.

Links for Ep 1: Viki (not available in Americas); gooddrama

Ep 2: Viki (not available in Americas); gooddrama

Source: Viki, gooddrama,

Post your fave gifs, please! Don't forget the scene where Jay nearly dies from snorting powder - ICONIC, tbh! Hope I didn't miss anyone in the tags.
P.S. Heechul is going to be on Heirs!? Yes, please!
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Shin Ji Hoon from Kpop Star 2 debut single teasers!

Heo Gayoon couples with Kim WonJoong in Shin JiHoon’s MV teaser
Girl group 4minute’s Heo Gayoon and Kim WonJoong are main leads in Shin JiHoon’s teaser video.

A 40-seconds teaser video, revealed through Cube Entertainment’s official Youtube channel today, has garnered much attention. In the said teaser, with a lyrical ballad melody as music background, Heo Gayoon and model Kim WonJoong come together as lovers in which Gayoon expressed her mixed and complicated feelings upon a breakup.

Scenes where seasons and places interchange and its pictorial-like cuts further attract attention.
The said video is a teaser for SBS ‘KPOP Star Season 2′ Shin JiHoon’s upcoming debut song. Despite the short 40-seconds, Shin JiHoon’s vocals stood out in the video.

Cube Entertainment previously announced Shin JiHoon’s debut as well as hinting that the title track is written and composed by BEAST member Yong JunHyung.

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source: theunitedcube 1, 2, osen translated by loveindacube

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source: theunitedcube, newsen translated by loveindacube

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source: cube's fb

when cube signed her, i thought they'll wait with her debut... anyways, i hope she does well :) kudos for trying her best in both figure skating and singing!
where's roh ji hoon's comeback??
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Lee Min Ho for 10asia

Lee Min-ho has returned. He made a comeback through SBS’s drama “The Inheritors” which hit air this Wednesday. And that too with scriptwriter Kim Eun-sook who with her Midas touch had turned actors Jang Dong-gun and Hyun Bin into the most attractive drama characters possible. Having witnessed the explosive synergy created by the star writer and star actors, it is impossible not to look forward to Lee Min-ho’s Kim Tan (name of his character). TenAsia got to sit down with Lee for a brief chitchat ahead of his shoot for “Inheritors” in Los Angeles, so with the Lee who was in the process of becoming Kim Tan.

The Lee that TenAsia met with had a straight and sharp nose between his eyes that were so clear they made him look softhearted. And the heavy angles to his face were those of a young man’s. It was a beauty that seemed to explain the reason he is loved in all of Asia. But there was more to him that was discovered through the interview: his seriousness regarding acting, his sturdy attitude, and the right amount of confidence that comes from those who do their jobs properly, made him attractive beyond his beautiful looks. When the interview was over, Lee said he enjoyed getting to talk so excitedly about acting for the first time in a while. So below is the dialogue. Enjoy!

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source: tenasia
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Miss A Comeback on November ? + GO L .A video


Suzy confirms Miss A Comeback on November. They’re currently recording new songs
"Miss A’s new album will be out in November. We are busy recording it nowadays. We need to go to the studio since we finished the photo shoot. We should sing when our voice is warmed up. We already feel nervous to meet fans on stage in a long time. We will show a good song and performance to those who have awaited us for a long time.”

cr m.star.naver.com
via: suzyjjang.com

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OMG! I hope it's true!
mod, all the pictures came from my computer and I don't have any source except tumblr, so I take them out ??

source: worldthatilivein.tumblr, suzy94, missA ,
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Namja No. 3, FishyHae's Birthday Post


[Ryeowook who wants to be first]131014 Sukira- Fan: Tomorrow is Donghae oppa's birthday. Did you prepare any presents?
RW: gifts? We don't exchange things like that hehe I guess I'll just go and buy more delicious food from his restaurant. So the sales will rise~

131014 Sukira- Fan: Who are you texting?
RW: I sent a text to Donghae-ssi. To congratulate his birthday. I sent it early ㅋㅋ because everybody will send at 12, and mine wouldn't be remembered. I think people who send before is remembered better, so I sent it earlier. He isn't replying ㅋㅋㅋ

@ryeong9: I.love.you.Lee.Dong.hae!!!!!!!!! 7

[Eunhyuk who has too much love for Donghae]haek means nuclear (weapon)

@AllRiseSilver: Lee DongHaekDongHaek congratulations-haek

@AllRiseSilver: Lee Donghaetbadak (Lee Dong Tongue) chukahaet (congratulations) 이동햇바닥 축하핵

@AllRiseSilver: Nuclear weapon(haek) DongHaek taking a selca. Congratulations-haek

@AllRiseSilver: Nuclear weapon(haek) DongHaek in front of a lake. Congratulations-haek

@AllRiseSilver: pouty Haek DongHaek, congratulations-haek

@AllRiseSilver: Cho Kyuhyun mwohaek (what are you doing) Haek DongHaek congratulations-haek

@AllRiseSilver: Lee Donghae mwohaek (what are you doing) Congratulations-haek
(lol Kyuwook looks like a typical couple on their honeymoon asking a stranger to take their picture)

@AllRiseSilver: The end. Congratulations-haek

@AllRiseSilver: What kind of Haek DongHaek do you guys like? Upload the results somewhere, I’ll see it somehow

[Yesung's wish]
@shfly3424: Kid, happy birthday. In 2015, let’s take a 4 cut picture like this ..

[Siwon too]
@siwon407: two idiots @AllRiseSilver and @donghae861015 happy birthday again MR.이동핵 (Lee Donghaek) booom! :^)

[...and Zhoumi]@zhoumi_419: Our DongdongdongdongdongdongdongHae happy birthday~ happy birthday^_^

[A christmassy Hae thanking fans]
leedonghae: Thank you ELF !! See you tomorrow ^^

leedonghae: Good Night^^

[Birthday meal by Kangin]
leedonghae: Kangin-ee hyung bought chicken for my birthday ^^ Thank you hyung hehe

[Kyu's cheapo gift on the way to TonyMoly fansign]
leedonghae: It was raining and he opened the car window and screamed my name Donghai! This is my birthday gift heh

[more hae instagram updates]
leedonghae: MyeongDong ELF, let's end it !!^^ As expected !! The best !

(only KyuEunHae went to the Tony Moly fansign)

leedonghae: Yo!! adidas Thank you ^^

Bonus: Heechul will be in Heirs!
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Source: @NKSubs (1), (2), (3), (4), (5), (6), (7) @AllRiseSilver (1), (2), yesung1106, @siwon407, @ryeong9, @zhoumi_419, kimheenim, leedonghae (1), (2), (3), (4), (5), (6) sup3rjunior.com (1), (2), (3), (4), (5), photo, gif set
Little Prince: Xiu Min

4minute slaughters 2NE1 and rightfully moves up in 2013 girl group ranking

The competition between girl groups has been keen in 2013 as well. Starting off the year with SNSD’s “I Got A Boy”, Sistar, 2NE1, 4minute, etc have released new albums and had promoted actively. They also had other remarkable activities. Doing CFs and pictorials, as well as participating and making an appearance in various events to raise awareness.

Dispatch has ranked girl groups in order according to their activities grades in 2013. Music and records scores, Youtube views, Amount of no.1 wins on music shows, Amount of no.1’s on overseas iTunes chart, fancafe members, and so on. However, in cases where they promoted several songs we’ll be going by the song with the highest score only.

The combined results went as followed. Topping in all areas with overwhelming scores, SNSD has taken over the no.1 spot on the final ranking. 2nd spot is Sistar, has received the highest scores in the music section in particular. 3rd spot is F(x), their foreign popularity and records sales were exceptional. 4th spot is 4minute, and 5th spot is 2NE1.

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source: dispatch & 4mf
🌈 Rainbow Noeul: shades

EXO's Chanyeol, Oh Jong Hyuk, & Park Jung Chul reported to be joining of 'Laws of the Jungle'

EXO's Chanyeol, Oh Jong Hyuk, and Park Jung Chul are said to be joining or rejoining the cast of 'Laws of the Jungle' for its upcoming Micronesia adventure!

A 'Laws of the Jungle' rep told 'Star News' on the 16th, "Oh Jong Hyuk and Park Jung Chul are set to join as members of the Byung Man tribe which is preparing for the first filming of the Micronesia edition during October."

"EXO's Chanyeol is also set to be a new member and will join Kim Byung Man, Ryu Dam, and more. The rest of the members will be decided soon."

Oh Jong Hyuk previously impressed viewers with his strength on the Belize edition, and Park Jung Chul brought laughs as the weak Seoul guy during the Madagascar and Amazon jungle edition. With the addition of fresh face, Chanyeol, this coming adventure is definitely something to look forward to! Although the Micronesia edition of 'Laws of the Jungle' will begin its filming this month, we won't actually get to see it for a few months as it will air in December.

source: starnews via nate via akp