October 16th, 2013

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FINALLY: Style Log EP 3 aka F4 vacay time (Part 1) aka The One With Woo-Bin and Sung-Joon.

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This might be my favourite episode so far. The subjects are quite entertaining (e.g. there's a short interview with Jung Ryeo-Won [currently starring in Medical Top Team] in there) and Soo-Hyuk/Jong-Hyun's couple bickering has reached new heights/levels of greatness (all I'm saying is picture-taking time). Also ofc the appearance of the bonus models and that amazing car ride. Sung-Joon is a grumpy cutie, ergo everything I like in a man. :3


In a shocking tun of events, it has been announced that Dongho will be leaving U-KISS.

NH Media announced the news, stating, "Dongho will be absent from team promotions starting with U-KISS' new album which will be released this month, and he will be putting a hold on his activities as a celebrity."
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legit crying rn ;~; he was my favourite member


Wonder GIRLS member SUNYE's BABY is HERE

Wonder Girls' Sun gives birth to a healthy baby girl! Wonder Girls's Sun had finally given birth to her baby girl!

That's right. The singer and new mother tweeted, "Thanks to many people's prayers and support, I safely delivered a pretty daughter within eight hours through home birth ^^ I also really, really thank you for the presents congratulating her birth...!!!! I will raise her well so she is healthy ^^" and uploaded a 4-set picture of her baby!

Sun had held a birthday shower previously for her daughter whom she planned to name Hailey so congratulations to Sun and James on their beautiful firstborn! Take a look at the collage above to see the tiny feet and hands of little Hailey.


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LeeU joins M.PIRE

Veteran trot singer Sul Woon Do’s son LeeU, who recently changed his stage name to Lumin, has now joined M.Pire as a new member!

The two are featured as guests on the upcoming October 16th broadcast of Channel A’s ‘Star Family Song’. Lumin also revealed that he joined rookie boy group M.Pire as its 7th member and sang the group’s debut song, “Can’t Be Friends With You”.

The father and son duo also performed Sul Woon Do’s classic hits, including “Samba’s Woman” and “Twist of Love”. M.Pire made a surprise appearance to support their new member as well.

Catch M.Pire on ‘Star Family Song’ on the 16th at 11 PM KST!

source: Sports Donga & allkpop