October 18th, 2013

Jaejoong = Watches You Sleep

A Wild Kibum Appears! OP lols infinitely

Kim. Ki Bum, learning magic for the Taiwan Fanmeeting!

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2013 Kim Ki Bum Taiwan Fanmeeting - Memory of Love Fan Meeting in Taipei
Date: October-20th-2013, 7PM.
Ticket: http://www.ticket.com.tw/dm.asp?P1=0000015179


I could not resist posting this magical lols. I can't even.
jun tan

Actor Cha In Pyo’s Younger Brother Passes Away From Oral Cancer

It has been reported that actor Cha In Pyo‘s younger brother, Cha In Seok, passed away after battling oral cancer on October 17.

Cha In Seok graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a degree in economics and went on to work in the financial industry as an executive officer for a foreign bank.

With the news of Cha In Seok’s death, Cha In Pyo’s old TV appearances where he talked about his brother has recently recievedrenewed interest. In March of this year the actor appeared as a guest on the show “Healing Camp” and spoke proudly about his siblings, “My scores were just average but my older and younger brother did well. My younger brother is currently working for a foreign bank.”

During his appearance on “Thank You” he shared about the difficulties they went through growing up, “I grew up under a self-made father but my parents divorced when I entered junior high, and it was difficult. In order not to hurt my mother any more, my two siblings and I skipped our childhood and grew up. My two siblings studied well in school. My older brother ranked first in the Seoul practice tests and was accepted into the Electrical Engineering program at Seoul National University. My younger brother works for a foreign bank, and I regret that I couldn’t do anything for him.”

The funeral for Cha In Seok will be held at a memorial park in Seoul on October 19.

source: Soompi (Original article: Nate)

:( Condolences to his family. May his brother RIP.
Key etude

SM blackmailing shawols + launches SHINee's dodol package!!!

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In celebration of SHINee's 'Everybody' comeback!! SHINee's dodol package is now available~!!

With SHINee dodol launcher, you can set your phone screen to SHINee theme, and you can set your phone ringtone, morning call, and alarm to members' recorded voices. Click on the link below, and you can download SHINee dodol pop and dodol launcher package.
SHINee dodol pop package download :
SHINee dodol launcher theme download :

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Source: SMTown, Camp Mobile, facebook page

¬___¬ SM acting like dicks tbh... anywho, i guess new dance practice video on Monday ^__^

EDIT: Added the korean version too of the dodol pop thingy...


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remember JYP trainees from WIN? jackson and mark joined IG and are ready to debut

JYP trainees Jackson Wang and Mark Tuan who appeared on YG's WIN (4th ep) and are rumored to form a new group with JJ Project's Jr. and JB, recently made their instagram accounts public and are ready to debut. According to JYP's previously revealed  plan, new boygroup is going to release their first single in December!

Jackson who speaks English and was born in Hong Kong began his career as a fencer (see more in this post) and won JYPE's Hong Kong auditions in 2010.
Mark is taiwanese but grew up in California. Both are 94ers just like JJ Project members.

sports chosun omona mark's IG jackson's IG

are you ready?
박신헤x박세영 - CeCi photoshoot

MYNUGU releases short version pv for upcoming Japanese single 'Shirayuki' ++ DBD dance practice

Aurie Lou (originally from Daum's Rising Idol post about MYNAME)
[Shirayuki short pv & info]

according to the video: The single will be released on the 20th of November and it's the theme song for their Japanese movie Shinokubo
type A&B album covers:


random gifs but haha seyong's reaction was priceless
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OP 1,982 Vixx Post: Vixx & OKDAL showcase

This was really cute, and ya'll have to pay attention to the audience, they make it ten times better. And the MICS ARE FREAKING FANTASTIC!! I wasn't sure if it was lip sync, but it totally isn't. I am so use to hearing pooie mics that to
actually hear them is fantastic, and you can really hear Hyuk.

[Vixx Cameo on Heirs]

Source: FILIA KIM , onegoldentrip

[Vixxgif Goodness]

Team B's Jinhwan wishes all 11 participants could debut + WIN' participants express their thoughts

It is nearing the end for Team A and Team B on Mnet's competitive reality program 'WIN.'  In the latest episode that aired on October 18, the boys all had a barbecue party and expressed their feelings.

Team B's Jinhwan said, "I wish all eleven participants could go to the chief's room together, kneel in front of him, and beg him to let us all debut together." The other members all said that they would go along with Jinhwan's plan to beg Yang Hyun Suk to change his mind.

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Source: allkpop, 2

Sorry mods i hope this is better. It would be great if they all got to debut together tbh ;__;