October 21st, 2013

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MR.MR member changes? + Remember VNT? and Bella? well now meet KISS&CRY

(the possible new member of MR.MR)

First off, I would like to say that a lot of the weirdness in this post & all the member changes is apparently a result of Winning Insight Music deciding to get a bunch of trainees and throwing them at their established groups to see what sticks. Or something. Maybe Winning Insight's dumb is contagious. At the moment MR.MR's exact situation is uncertain but I figured I could tell you what little I know since group/member switches seem to be a trend in the company right now.

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source: TheMRMRofficial, 2 | Jiwon's letter: Fancafe & DoReMiso | screencap & info: DoReMiso
source: TheMRMRofficial, 2, 3, mylovetune | KISS&CRY info: RapPer K

so confused about mr.mr and feeling a bit trolled about the whole thing. But I'm excited about KISS&CRY! I really liked VNT so I'm excited about Yumi, and now I just hope they can promote their single because it has a great sound.

SISTAR's Soyou and Jay Park team up for Immortal Song 2

source: rainytreee4 on YouTube

SISTAR's Soyou and Jay Park teamed up for a duet on ‘Immortal Song 2’.

On the October 19th episode, they covered Choi Jin Hee's “Love’s Maze”, making it their own by splitting it up into the perspective of a couple breaking up.

Choi Jin Hee commented, "It was like a different song with the rap in it. I was immersed in ‘Love’s Maze’."

Despite the duo’s heartfelt performance, J2M took home the trophy on this episode.

Check out Jay Park and Soyou’s performance above!



the performance itself is a little awkward (Mad Clown was supposed to be performing w/ Soyou but had to cancel and Jay was added in last minute) but Soyou sounded nice and Jay did okay

Song Ji Hyo : Sassy
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Running Man Ep 167 discussion post

Episode 167: The legend of Troublemakers
Broadcast Date (Filming Date): October 13, 2013 (September 17, 2013)
Guests : Kim Min Jung (2nd time guesting - Ep 50 & 51) and Chun Jung Myung (2nd time guesting - Ep 92)
Tiger High Team : Kim Min Jung, Kim Jong Kook, Kang Gary
Punk High Team : Chun Jung Myung, Yoo Jae Suk, Song Ji Hyo
Betrayal High Team : Ji Suk Jin, HaHa, Lee Kwang Soo

[Spoiler (click to open)]Secret Police : Lee Kwang Soo & Chun Jung Myung
Recap from Dramabeans
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[Winner (Spoiler)]Secret Police: Eliminate all students and find the Legendary Backpack and secret document | Students: Find the Legendary Backpack

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A-JAX releases comeback teaser for Snake

The boys of A-JAX, who most recently came back with "Insane" last summer, will be making a return to the music scene with their third single, "Snake", on October 28!

In a teaser photo posted to their Facebook, the boys transform into quintessential boy scouts, complete with picnic table, a Radio Flyer, and for some reason, a typewriter.
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🌈 Rainbow Noeul: shades

Topp Dogg chose to have 13 members because they want to be the 'Hip Hop Super Junior'

Topp Dogg revealed that they planned the group with 13 members to become the 'Hip Hop Super Junior'!

When Topp Dogg was originally planned, Stardom Entertainment used to introduce the group as the 'Hip Hop Super Junior'. The Topp Dogg boys are like Super Junior in the sense that the members were not chosen under one concept - all of the Topp Dogg members have their own color, much like the Super Junior members.

Other than that and the number of members, the Topp Dogg boys will also be focusing on their musical color for their unit activities, just like Super Junior did for their own unit promotions.

Topp Dogg will debut through their showcase on the 22nd, broadcast first on the 23rd, and release their song and MV on the 24th.

Source: akp

taeil & pyo

Theatre actress Lee Yoo Rin wants a one night stand with Block B's Jaehyo

Becoming the person of the hour, adult theatrical actress, Lee Yoo Rin is being highlighted negatively for her remarks about Block B’s Jaehyo.

Recently on her personal blog, she wrote, “Sometimes, I think about this: I want to have a one-night-stand with Block B’s Jaehyo. Good-looking men make me happy.”

She added, “When I become famous, will I be able to meet a man like that? I’m just an unknown actress. Having a crush is my freedom. Whether I’m crushing or imagining a sexual relationship with Jaehyo, or liking a male celebrity, I’m not stalking them and just liking them in my heart.”

When her blog post spread, Lee Yoo Rin apologized on October 21.

“I apologize for expressing my feeling towards a certain celebrity and hurting the fans of that celebrity, and eventually hurting that certain fan.”

“I never knew it would become such a huge issue, since I’m just an unknown theatrical actress,” she continued. “I was just saying I liked a celebrity. I just saw this morning that it was number one on the real-time searches. It was never my intention to hurt anyone. I apologize once again.”

Lee Yoo Rin recently attracted attention after she wrote on her blog that she tried to commit suicide after her ex-boyfriend dumped her for appearing in adult plays. She also caused an issue when she suddenly began to undress her male co-star on stage during an intimate scene in a play.
Meanwhile, her upcoming adult play will begin on November 5.

source: mwave
tzuyu heart shaker

Jessica's and Sunny's Q&As

On October 16, Jessica held an impromptu question and answer session through her Weibo account, replying to questions sent to her regarding food and music. Check out the answers that she left below, along with the translations (in italics) of the replies written in Korean.

Jessica: 메에에에에에롱

Jessica: 나랑 놀사람??? 여기여기붙어랏! 심심하단말이얌…
(Who wants to play with me??? Gather over here, here! I’m telling you, I’m bored…)

Jessica: 질문 답변 타임 갖쟈우리!!!
(Question and answer time, let’s go!!!)

Jessica: Question&answer starts now!

Jessica: 난 백만년만에 런닝머신에서 걷고잇음.. 뛰진못하고 걸어여..ㅋㅋㅋ
(After a million years, I’m walking on the treadmill.. I can’t run, so I’m walking.. kekeke)

Jessica: What did u guys do today? Anything fun? Exciting?

Jessica: Brian mcknight-anytime

Jessica: Tony bennett-the way you look tonight

Jessica: Chinese food is all yummy! Hot&sour soup hahahaha

Jessica: Sautéed spinach

Jessica: Coldplay-yellow

Jessica: Stereophonics- maybe tomorrow

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Sources: Jessica’s Weibo, SNSDTV; Translated by: SunnyStawr@soshified; Edited by: bhost909@soshified.com

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Sources: Sunny’s Instagram, SNSDTV; Translated by: oniontaker@soshified, minigiglo@soshified, dongie@soshified, ch0sshi@soshified, SunnyStawr@soshified; Edited by: happyg@soshified.com, bhost909@soshified

Pluto close up

Queen BoA's B-Side "Call My Name"

The B-side to BoA's latest single, "Message/Call My Name" was posted on Youtube!

Take a listen!

Mylovetune YT

Thoughts? I was looking for the full version of the Message music video and came across this. My copy of the single shipped, but Yesasia takes FOREVER now. I remember when I would get my stuff by the end of the week. It was glorious. I like the song! Can't wait to get the official single! GET IT, MY QUEEN!
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Block B's agency responds to Lee Yoo Rin's one-night stand comment


Theatrical adult actress Lee Yoo Rin has recently grabbed a lot of attention for a comment she made earlier this month about wanting a one-night stand with Block B's Jaehyo.

Block B's agency, Seven Seasons, addressed this controversy on the 21st, saying, "Jaehyo just read her message and is very taken aback.  He said that while he feels sorry for Lee Yoo Rin, he doesn't know who she is at all . . . We think of the comment as sexual harassment, but do not know what course of action to take.  We are even thinking about taking legal action . . . We believe she is using Jaehyo to gain publicity in the theater."

It appears that despite her apology on the 21st, Seven Seasons feels unwilling to remain passive about her conduct. Stay tuned for more developments on the situation!

Source: allkpop, mwave