October 22nd, 2013

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BtoB interviews for IZE & CéCi


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The photoshoot was posted here.
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IZE → ize.co.kr [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] trans by loveindacube [1] [2] [3] [4]
CéCi → (KR→CN) @hutaright, (CN→EN) Teresa at fyeahbtob [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]

Also for int'l Melodies who prob want to join the 1st official Melody, you can still apply here [notice - instructions]. You still have ~2 weeks left to join~♪♫

Get ready to fangirl; TOP preparing a solo album


LH: What was the stupidest question you’ve ever heard?
Choi Seung Hyun: “Which fan was your favorite?” and “Which fan was the most impressive?” Every fan is so precious to me so how can I say who I like more and who I like less? I said this before but I work with the responsibilities I feel for my fans. Those responsibilities motivate me. Hmm… This is the first time saying this here… I’m actually preparing a single album.
LH: Now you’re getting comfortable!
Choi Seung Hyun: I don’t really know the specific goals or the specific date for it yet. I feel sorry for my fans because of my rare activities. So yeah, that’s how I’ve been working on it.
LH: It’s an album made as a rapper TOP, right?
Choi Seung Hyun: Yeah. It’ll probably be nothing like the TOP you’ve seen before. I really want to make it the way I want it to be. I want to write songs too and give some opinions on producing. I want the music video concept to be extremely shocking as well. I told this to my manager and he said “It’ll be screwed if you do it the way you want.” and sighed. Haha. He said that my preferences are not very likable by the public. But if I knew that someone could do better on this movie, I wouldn’t have started it. I’m not trying to see how much the public likes my new single. I just want them to think like “Ah, he tried something new.” Or “Ah, he makes it different when he does it.” and that would be enough. I hope they can see the little details I tried to put in.
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Source and translation: bigbanggisvip @ tumblr
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Yet a new (talk?) show: JTBC's Witch Hunt EP1.

Idk if this interests anyone, I just thought I'd post it. The concept is kind of questionable tbh (it's about "the man's view on woman"), and since this is the first episode no one really seems to have any idea of what's going on. This is also just part of the first episode since the subbing team had difficulties with the translation (or that's what I gathered from their Facebook page). Might be worth a watch if you're interested in one of the MCs or gender perceptions in South Korea, I guess. (@Mods: Sorry for all the hassle, I hope this time I did it right?.)
source: sungsikyungcity
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The Heirs: Goodbye California, Hello Better Ratings


Ratings for "The Heirs" started to improve as soon as the show left sunny Los Angeles behind. The opening episodes, which some fans felt featured stereotypical views of Americans and some bad acting from those playing the American roles, may have temporarily put a damper on the show's ratings. Despite the heated anticipation for the show's arrival and the star cast, the first episodes came in second place after the melodrama "Secrets."

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source: kdramastars.com
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IU confirmed to star in 'Pretty Man' alongside Jang Geun Suk

IU has now been confirmed for her next production,'Pretty Man', meaning she'll be starring alongside the already confirmed Jang Geun Suk in the new KBS 2TV drama.

As mentioned before, IU will be taking on the role of Kim Bo Tong. Like her name which means 'ordinary' or 'average' in Korean, the character is an ordinary girl but has a lovable charm. She also crushes on the 'pretty man', Dok Go Ma Te (Jang Geun Suk), whom she fell in love with at first sight during middle school. Everything she does is for him, and she'll do all that she can to protect her love for him with her 4D ways. Reportedly, she'll find herself in a love triangle with him as well as Lee Jang Woo's character Choi David.

'Pretty Man' is a story about a man with a pretty face who manages to capture the hearts of females easily, and through them, he gains not only riches and power, but also later learns what's truly important in life.

The drama is set to premiere following 'Secrets' so you'll be seeing IU back on the small screen again soon!

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source: akp, iu-jjang@tumblr for translation, iu fancafe

The Omona Bias Games Return. Non-Kpop Edition. Male Nominations Post.

Yes the Omona Bias Games have returned!!! Woohoo. This time though it's not for Kpop, but your Non Kpop Biases. Basically we're gonna find out who Omona stans when it comes to Actors/models/MC's etc. Eventually we'll choose a King and a Queen after a series of rounds. You know how it works.

How this post will work

First things first though, we need to gather enough biases for a competition. In this post I want you to nominate your Non Kpop Male Bias. So no idols or musicians please. Even if your bias is Yunho and his amazing acting skills brought you to kpop, he doesn't count. Basically the nominees main occupation has to be in acting, modeling or MC-ing. It doesn't matter if they've done some music on the side though, that will be allowed.

That's all, so get to Nominating.

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Now nominate my pretties. Your new OTP overlords sponsor this post.
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Seohyun Answers a Questionnaire for TENASIA

Real name Seo Juhyun, born in 1991, and a member of our country’s representative girl group, Girls’ Generation. The girl who auditioned with a baby face has now grown and stands in front of the general public as a woman. She was recently unexpectedly cast in the SBS weekend drama, “Passionate Love”, and made her attempt at acting. Though she did die in just four episodes, she had a successful start showing sweet acting with actor Lee Wongeun, who played a young Kang Mooyeol in the drama. Her acting in a drama seemed to confirm that it was a well-prepared attempt, following her dubbing in the “Despicable Me” animated film series.

If there was another modifier that expresses Seohyun, it would be “proper lifestyle girl”. After appearing on MBC “We Got Married” in 2011, she showed off a different kind of charm by showing the proper lifestyle model of Girls’ Generation’s youngest member, Seohyun. Her sharp, knife-like life habits, use of honorifics, and reading habits gradually set her apart from other girl group idols. And, as if confirming that her appearance wasn’t predetermined, she earned the title “idol with notion” by delivering word about Memorial Day, National Liberation Day, and other anniversaries through SNS.

Seohyun, who is capturing the hearts of fans with a variety of charms, tried her hand in another new field. When TENASIA gavethe “self-research” exam, like her personality, Seohyun fully engaged herself in the test with a serious attitude. With this mock exam she’s looking at for the first time in 4 years, we wonder what she might have written. We will be revealing the results of this self-research exam that made a serious Seohyun even more serious.

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Source: TENASIA via Naver; Translated by: ch0sshi@soshified; Edited by: bhost909@soshified

next UN secretary general seo juhyun thanks you for your time
a yuri post hopefully later tonight!
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Who is Next: WIN Episode 9 + unreleased clips [ENG SUBS]

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source: WINNER SUBS, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, trangmd1511, 2

For some reason it took a lot longer for part three of ep. 9 to be posted, but here it is finally! Watch part 2 for Team B w/o their shirts on XD
Team A's training camp ended up being kind of a joke omg... The Beautiful MV is really great, definitely a recommended watch!
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"The Three Musketeers" recruits Key as D'Artagnan

Fast becoming the Musical Prince of SHINee, Key is once again taking on a role in a musical right after his stint in "Bonnie and Clyde" ends, this time as valiant protagonist D'Artagnan in another Broadway musical, "The Three Musketeers"!
The star-studded cast was revealed in an intro video posted on "The Three Musketeers" homepage, showcasing their respective roles.
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source: Darkick @ shineee.net
videos: mmusical3 @ youtube
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Yoon Shi Yoon cast as Yoona's first love


Actor Yoon Si Yoon and actress Chae Jung Ahn were reportedly attended the first script reading for KBS upcoming series “Prime Minister and I” which already cast Girls’ Generation Yoona and actor Lee Bum Soo to play the leading characters.

According to KBS official from the drama department, Yoon Si Yoon and Chae Jung Ahn were cast in the drama and has also attended the script rehearsal with the other actors/actresses and crews held earlier today at KBS Annex Building located in Yeouido, Seoul. “Both of them returning after a long absence in acting  is a good thing”, he said.
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Source: Dramabucks



Performances from Topp Dogg's showcase!

Showcase highlights ('Say It' starts ~0:31)

Lots of great performances under the cuts!

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source: HCZengAnn89 + CiaNoCiel + nyccy

I'm seriously sooo impressed by them (HELLO SEOGOONG, GOHN AND B-JOO), I'll save my sadness for later when they have to split the lines and screentime. I'll edit in more videos once they get uploaded.

Jaejoong brings rock back to Kpop with release of "Butterfly"

Jaejoong stuns fans with the release of the second track from his upcoming album, WWW. After the slow, autumn ballad "Sunny Day", Jaejoong explores the post-grunge rock genre with 'Butterfly'.

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Source: BubbleFeetPandaCH2 CJesJYJ youtube

So this song is all kinds of perfect. I wanted this sort of 90s alternative rock so badly and Jaejoong delivered beautifully. Also, CJeS is such a troll. We all thought we were getting a Butterfly MV and it turns out to be a 48 second making video >__<

a very small vixx batch post ^^

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this will be my last admission of these weekly vixx batch posts..it just that I had to handle other things and i don't think I could take care of this anymore ;;
Thankyou for everyone who had been following this, glad that what I do could help spreading vixx virus ^^ I sarang u all~