October 23rd, 2013


Zico's a rising idol producer joining the ranks of GD and Junhyung

Just talks about how G-Dragon and Junhyung are known for being idol producers and now Zico's making a name for himself as well.

1. [+3,242, -676] GD and Zico are known for being amazing at rap and composing/writing lyrics... but why Junhyung???

2. [+2,771, -243] Hard to even call Zico an idol since he's been so famous since his underground days

3. [+2,252, -108] Zico and Song Minho were so famous underground. Goes to show that talent will really help you shine in the long run.

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source: star news via naver + netizenbuzz

I know there's no actual article but I think it's pretty self-explanatory. Lol poor Junhyung, K-netz seem to love Beast but every time GD is brought up all hell breaks loose. I'm happy to see Mino being mentioned but lbr if he wasn't in YG he'd probably still be a nugu. So which idols do you think deserve to be here or do not get enough credit for their involvement in the group's music??
Little Prince: Xiu Min

4minute's Sohyun to make big screen debut with “Hwanggu”

4minute’s Kwon Sohyun will take on another challenge as she is to make her big screen debut with movie “Hwanggu.*”

She was cast by director Park Yong Jib (“Miss Gold Digger,” “Wedding Dress, ” “Blue.”) as the lead actress.

"Hwanggu" will deal with sensitive issues that encounter multiethnical families as well as the prejudices of society against Hwanggu, the male lead’s character, who was born from a Korean mother and Filipino father.

Sohyun will play a spirited, bright and stubborn college student who will support her mixed boyfriend through his hardships to challenge the national taekwondo title. Her part will be one of a determined young woman who is against any form of injustice and who spends her free time doing voluntary work.

She stated, “It will be my very first individual activity. I feel as if my heart will explode because of the excitement of being part of such great work. [Being chosen to represent] such a meaningful piece of work, I will try my hardest for it to receive as much of a warm welcome from the public as it deserves.”

Meanwhile, filming for “Hwanggu” will start on October 28 and will be complete in November as the movie goes into production. The movie is expected for release in the first half of next year.

(*yellow dog : the nickname of Sohyun’s boyfriend in the movie)

yasss CUBE already working those SIDUS HQ connections

source - 4mf, wowtv, asiae
Dasom Peace sign

A Mini Post about SISTAR's Dasom

Dasom for VOGUE GIRL [NOV. 13]

source: sistarsistar

Dasom got all dolled up for her November ‘Vogue Girl' photoshoot!

The concept of the photoshoot was ‘The main character in a Tim Burton movie’. She left her hair slightly tousled and went for dark, intense make up, pairing it up with dark outfits to transform into a dark, mysterious doll.

Even though Dasom was busy preparing for SISTAR's first concert, she came to the set happy and not looking tired at all. The concept might have been difficult for some, but she pulled it off expertly.

Check out some photos below!

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source: sistarsistar [1] & [2]

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source: allkpop

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source: SISTAR's official Twitter
translation by: givemesistar on twitter
drama stills from goodmerong on tumblr

the photoshoot doesn't exactly scream Tim Burton but Dasom is sooo pretty. I'm excited about "Love Through Song"(/"Beans and Fields"/"Melody of Love" or whatever it's called) but I know I'm getting my hopes up because I doubt it'll be subbed anywhere T_T

also SISTAR's maknae thanks you for your time

JYP trainee Bambam joins instagram + first group selca together (Jackson/Bambam/Mark)

97er Bambam knows what his fans want. Fans wanted a confirmation that Bambam is joining the upcoming group just like Jackson and Mark, so he uploaded a selca together. What's more, Bambam was also seen coming out of JYP building with JYP two days ago. Those three trainees are the only who visit the office and hang out with JJ Project regularly. As you probably know trainees who aren't ready to debut aren't allowed to have public SNS accounts, that's why Jackson, Mark and Bambam are expected to join JJ Project.

Bambam won several dancing competitions in Thailand and he's a SNSD Taeyeon's fanboy. He took part in a dance battle on YG's WIN.

bambam1a: :D @mark_tuan @jacksonwangjy

Now all we need is a confirmation from papa JYP.

bambam's instagram

A-JAX's Sungmin suffers knee injury + to sit out upcoming comeback promotions

A-JAX shared the unfortunate news that Sungmin will not be taking part in their upcoming comeback due to his knee injury.
DSP Media stated on the 23rd, "During a recent practice, Sungmin tore the ligament in his right knee. Sungmin is unable to take part in practice or activities for the time being... According to the doctor's suggestion to focus on his recovery, he will be absent from A-JAX's comeback on the 28th."

With his recovery expected to take about six weeks, Sungmin will not be present in the music video or stage performances for 'Snake'. This isn't the first time that such an unfortunate happening has occurred for the group as Yunyoung had to previously sit out for a while waiting for his back to recover.

We wish Sungmin a speedy and complete recovery!
source: akp

they'll be down to five if Yunyoung doesn't promote this time round too :( And if that is the case, both their lead vocalist and main vocalist won't be around :( (though I love Jaehyung's voice)

[STAR CAST] Q&A: Stars do the asking and SISTAR's SOYOU Answers!

      As recently as July 2013, SISTAR Soyou lacked the public recognition compared to other members. So much so that she was a guest with Dasom on KBS2 'Happy Together 3' episode 'What is your name special' where well known members brought less recognized member. But in a span of only 3 months by October 2013, Soyou has successfully established her personal niche. Soyou starting with 'Officially Missing You, Too' last November with Geeks, is now busy promoting 'Stupid in Love' released last month with Mad Clown. With the huge success of 'Stupid in Love', she has emerged as a 'Hit maker' with all her collaboration efforts becoming smash hits. 'Stupid in Love' has not only maintained a high chart position despite comebacks from digital stalwarts, Busker Busker and IU, but also won first place in on-the-air music chart program. This was achieved without any help from other SISTAR members. Unlike husky and powerful vocals of Hyolyn, Soyou's vocals are husky and airy with delicate and sorrowful charm. Last Chuseok, Soyou gave a performance with Baek Ji-yeong's song on 'Star Face-Off' hinting at capability of a solo career. To Soyou who is now establishing her identity in these ways, stars send their questions.

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Stars had much interest in SISTAR Soyou's secret to fit body or skills as a vocalist. When you look at stars' questions, you can see how SISTAR dominates both sexy and talent. Even those stars that have no or little relationship with Soyou had kind words to say. To those, Soyou answered truthfully with both humility and care. Soyou who raced ahead with just a dream before debut, is now a star with confidence, taking care of herself and steadily getting better. She is also full of her own ideas and goals. This is the reason why we look forward to SISTAR Soyou in the future.

source: naver // translated by: STAR1USA on FB

I've said this before and I'll say it again Soyou x Mad Clown should've been a whole album; Soyou should be fixed on IS2; Soyou, Soyou, Soyou--you get the picture.
And okay so 3 out of 4 members of SISTAR want do a hip-hop concept. Do you see this Starship? DO. YOU. SEE?

the gang

Chrome Entertainment to debut new boy group 'Snakehead' next month

(they appear around 2:43 and they're all really cute...except for the one in the all black outfit ~_~)

Crayon Pop's agency, Chrome Entertainment, will be revealing a new 5-member boy group this November!

Chrome Entertainment revealed the group's name to be Snakehead as they stated, "Because their group name is Snakehead, there might be misunderstandings, but their concept is not a comedic one. Their group name represents the snakehead fish, which is well-known as a health food in Korea, and stands for longevity."

"We are currently preparing a boy group consisting of members in their twenties... We are looking to make their debut early or mid-November... We're working on their digital single, but it is not complete yet."

The agency also hinted on a possible featuring by Crayon Pop, stating, "We are also considering a collaboration with both groups... Crayon Pop will help out out both directly and indirectly in Snakehead's debut album."

Stay tuned for Snakehead's debut next month!
source: akp


U-Kiss's New Album Moments Info + Pre-Release Track

Hello. This is NH Media.

This is a notice about U-KISS's 8th mini-album "MOMENTS" COMEBACK.


Album Name: 8th Mini Album [MOMENTS]

Title Track: 내 여자야 (My Girl)

Release Date: 31st October 2013

Tracklist: Including Intro, 7 tracks

Album Items: Postcard type photo book 30P

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Source: Official U-Kiss Fancafe + ROCKETBOXX.NET 1 2

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Source: BubbleFeetCream Channel-A