October 25th, 2013

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SM Milking Us for All We're Worth, Continues to Blackmail Shawols...


Last week, SM had an incentive for Shawols- help "Everybody" reach 3 million views on Youtube, get a dance version of the song. Shawols did not hesitate to rise to the challenge and were rewarded with the flawless dance version of "Everybody". But now, apparently SM wants to continue to suck the lives out of shawols with the following cryptic message:

샤이니의 두번째 선물은?!
What will be the second gift from SHINee?

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jjong surprised

It's so weird having SM pay us so much attention now.

what do you think the gift could be??

Source: SHINee's FB Page
put your red dress on, put your lipstick on

miss A are bad again for Elle magazine

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» siwydenim

all the girls look so gorgeous! and some footnotes since i cannot find the sources to link: the gorilla himself said in a interview that miss a will have their comeback in early november. also, the girls were on studio with the team one sound and jia hinted that it would be fierce and very charismatic. there were also rumours going around that jyp didn't pen miss a's comeback song, and that it was produced by e-tribe and that it was supposed to be named bad again (but this info was leaked before the photoshoot, so maybe they got things mixed up or this photoshoot is based on their new concept).

Hwanhee greets fans at his military service discharge event

Singer Hwanhee has officially completed his military service!

Hwanhee was discharged at Seongdonggu, Seoul on the 25th at 10:30 AM KST and greeted fans as he shared, "It still feels a bit awkward. Thank you for waiting for my return... I will release good music from now on so please look forward to it... I couldn't sleep well last night. I slept for about three hours. I still can't believe it."

The singer enlisted back on October 27, 2011 and has been serving as a public service officer in Seongdonggu, Seoul.

Welcome back. Hwanhee!

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source: allkpop

I'm so happy... I've waited so long for his return. T_T
tzuyu heart shaker

SNSD to Release Third Japanese Album on December 11th

Girls’ Generation’s Japanese fansite has announced that Girls’ Generation’s third album will be released on December 11th. The title of the album has yet to be determined. The album will come in four editions, with each edition containing the same twelve songs, including “LOVE&GIRLS” and “GALAXY SUPERNOVA”. The four editions will also feature three different album covers, with the Blu-ray limited edition and DVD limited edition sharing the same cover.

Complete Limited Edition (CD & Blu-ray) - 7500 yen

• Twelve songs
• 3-sided case
• Album cover A
• 40 page photobook with solo cuts
• Pin badges – nine members
• Solo cuts original design posters – nine members (folded)
• Blu-ray content:

1. “Beep Beep” Music Video
2. “LOVE&GIRLS” Music Video
4. “My oh My” Music Video
5. Making of “GALAXY SUPERNOVA” Music Video
6. Making of “My oh My” Music Video
7. Japan Third Album Photo Shoot

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Source: sonejapan; Translated by: arghninja@soshified; Edited by: bhost909@soshified
tzuyu heart shaker

Sooyoung Wins ‘Best K-Style’ Award at ’2013 Style Icon Awards’

On October 24th, Sooyoung attended the “2013 Style Icon Awards” held at the CJ E&M Center in Sangam-dong, Seoul. Arriving at the event in a black dress that accentuated her slim figure and long legs, Sooyoung posed for photos by the media on the red carpet.

During the award ceremony, Sooyoong received the “Best K-Style” award alongside actor Choi Jinhyuk. Accepting the award in an elegant blue dress, she delivered a short speech giving thanks to her family and group members.

“Yes. Thank you. Thank you for giving me a great award on a special day like this. It is the first time getting an award all by myself, so being here is exciting, and I’m thankful to be here.

First of all, thank you to my parents and family members who taught me about style since I was young.

And thank you to SONEs, our fans, for always supporting us.

Thank you to all the staff members of SM Entertainment. Also, thank you to Director Suh Jookyung and the stylist team. Thanks to our manager oppas as well.

And thank you to my members who will be happy for me watching this at home. We will return soon with good songs and performances.

Thank you.”

Sunny also attended the “2013 Style Icon Awards” and presented an award to actor Lee Seojin, a cast member of “Grandpas Over Flowers”.

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SPICA take you on a 'laundry fantasy' as cover models for 'MAXIM' (allkpop)

SPICA landed the cover of 'MAXIM's November issue!

The members took fan boys on a 'laundry fantasy' by getting into skin-tight outfits and posing against the backdrop of a laundry room. SPICA previously showed their fashion sense as stylists for themselves on 'Lee Hyori's X Unni' and made the sexy 'fantasy' shown in the pictorial more interesting with their individual styles.

The magazine editor commented, "Although we originally planned to choose only one member as the cover model, we noticed that all of the members had outstanding visuals, so we made the rare decision to choose all five members as the cover models," making it the first time that an entire girl group became cover models since Girls' Day's feature back in 2011.

Check out their 'MAXIM' covers below!




[behind the scenes pics & vid!!!]6153643_orig
lol seeing it like this reminds me how awkward the poses really are

NO UGH #life #ruined

Maxim photoshoot BTS teaser

김봐♥ @ DC gallery via Turn Up Speaker | Sb Jj

[BONUS: Bohyung's Crazy Girl MV BTS pics!]bbo1
lol someone tweeted this about Bbo: "She looks like a teenaged fan that won a contest to go to the MV shoot" LMAO SO ACCURATE AND SO CUTE

fyeahpica @ tumblr

Spica x washing machines = my new OTP. So proud of my unnies for getting more exposure (literally) ;__; brb trying to find out how to obtain all five covers of Maxim Korea in my country

mods: I reuploaded most of the pics, should be working fine now :)
the gang

Crayon Pop to hold a free concert on October 30th!

Crayon Pop will hold a free concert on the 30th!

Chrome Entertainment broke the news, announcing, "In the hope that a lot of fans may enjoy Crayon Pop's stage and to repay fans for their love, we will hold a free concert."

Crayon will hold their first ever solo concert, '1st POPCON IN SEOUL' (combination of 'pop' in 'Crayon Pop' and 'concert'), at Nuridream Square in Sangamdong, Seoul on the 30th at 9:30 PM KST.

The girls will perform their past singles, "Saturday Night", "Dancing Queen", "Bing Bing", and get the crowd 'jumping' with their hit song, "Bar Bar Bar", as well as showcase their singing skills with a ballad song. ChoA and Way will also perform a special collaboration stage with "Bar Bar Bar" composer Kim Yoo Min.

It has also been revealed that the group will reveal the real purpose of their 'pop-jumma' concept, which has turned out to be not part of their upcoming title track.

Bumkey, MYNAME, 100%, and The SEEYA will also perform as special guests during the concert, adding even more reasons to attend this free event.

If you can't make it, no worries because it will also be aired on MBC Music on November 12!

source: akp

DSKFJSKL the special guests + them finally getting to show off their vocal skills

Betty black-and-white
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GD style icon of the year

Big Bang′s G-Dragon wins 2013 Style Icon of the Year

Amidst stiff competition, Big Bang′s G-Dragon ended up as the ultimate Style Icon of the Year.

"Thank you. There a lot of people who know style in Korea, so I don’t know if I should be accepting this award," said G-Dragon. "I came out with an album, Coup d’Etatfor the first time in four years, and as a style icon, I hope to continue to introduce new music and styles.”

At the sixth annual Style Icon Awards, stylish and influential icons competed to earn the title of Style Icon of 2013.

The ten icons, Kong Hyo Jin, Dynamic Duo, Shin Dong Yeop, SISTAR, Yeo Jin Goo, Lee Seo Jin, Lee Jong Suk, Jung Woo Sung, G-Dragon and Tilda Swinton, were chosen thanks to a combination of expert research, online voting and the SIA executive committee, comprised of creative directors, stylists and photographers.

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Love the performances & outfit. Back to pink hair I see (always a good thing!)

Source: 핑끄 베티 @youtube.com, bigbangupdates

MYNAME show their interest in singing with their group founder Hwanhee

Now that singer Hwanhee of legendary Fly to the Sky duo has finally been discharged from the military, he is being warmly welcomed by MYNAME, the idol boy group he had created.

MYNAME said, "Hwanhee went to the army on the day we debuted. In addition, we are struck by the fact that he was discharged while we were promoting a song of the same title as Fly to the Sky's debut song.

We have a lot to tell him and we have become more confident. We even think we will be able to do activities together and learn a lot from him. We think that just the idea of being on shows with him gives us a lot of strength. Hwanhee told us to use his name a lot. To us, he is a very dependable person."

Gunwoo said, "I want to try singing on the concert stage with him."

Insoo said, "I want to go out on variety programs and realize his influence on the shows."

Seyong said, "As he also acts, I would like to try acting in a drama with him when the opportunity arises."

Hwanhee, after being discharged from the army, said, "MYNAME gave me a lot of strength. From now on, I will be supporting MYNAME's activities."

Currently, MYNAME is promoting their song "Day by Day," which is the same title as Fly to the Sky's debut album.

source: allkpop

Yang Hyun Suk talks about Team B + performances + KNetizen Comments

'WIN' has finally come to an end!  Congratulations to Team A for becoming the amazing 'WINNER's of the competition. However, when there is a winning team, there is always the losing team and heartbroken fans are now wondering in agony what is going to happen to their beloved Team B?

Well, before the final round of 'WIN' took place, YG Entertainment chief Yang Hyun Suk addressed the question that has been on everyone's mind.

On October 25th, he appeared at a press conference and said, "In the mean time, I had made a promise to the public using words such as delay, postponement, and--in the worst-case scenario--dissolution in relation to the losing team . . . No matter what, I need to protect that promise."

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Source: allkpop, YGWINNER1, aeuyvela, news, saekki-saja

that wig/weave is not a good look nam tae hyun.

second (non-illuminati) teaser for jaejoong's 'just another girl' MV!

Jaejoong has unveiled a second video teaser for his upcoming title track "Just Another Girl" included in his first album 'WWW: Who, When, Why'!

As mentioned before, "Just Another Girl" is a post-grunge rock that combines the strong beat of hard rock and the vibrant melody of punk. Jaejoong is said to have written the lyrics himself, making this release even more anticipated.

This second teaser continues to hint at an epic MV to come on the 29th, so stay tuned!

source: ALLKpop article; CJESJYJ youtube
▲ EXO Sehun: idts

Tony An reveals he and Hyeri tried to break up before because of their 16-year age difference

Tony An revealed that his relationship with Girl's Day's Hyeri didn't come without any obstacles as the two even tried to break up once because of their big age difference.

During a recent filming of MBC's 'Quiz to Change the World', when asked what Hyeri calls him, Tony commented, "At first, [Hyeri] called me 'daesunbaenim' (referring to a sunbae who is much older or has much more experience), but now she just calls me 'oppa'... The best part about our relationship is that we understand each other well."

He also surprised fellow guests and MCs on set when he mentioned that because of their 16-year age difference, the two had previously tried to stop seeing each other during the early stage of their relationship. Concerned about the age gap, Tony revealed that he had suggested that they break up. In attempts to keep her off his mind, he even deleted her phone number off his phone, but apparently, because of something that Hyeri did later, they decided to get back together.

To find out what Hyeri did to save their relationship, we'll all have to tune in for the episode of 'Quiz to Change the World' airing on the 26th at 11:15 PM KST!

Source: akp


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what's everyone's plans for halloween? dressing up? 
🌈 Rainbow Noeul: shades

Omona's fave girl group ditched the twerking concept for...

Girl group Wassup, known for their 'twerking,' will be returning with a new dance concept for their November comeback!

Their new song will be released in November and the related choreography theme will be the 'jump rope dance' for a hip hop performance. The members said,

"We will immediately capture the watching eyes of the viewers.

Like tvN's 'Reply 1994,' this 'jump rope' choreography will give more strength to the blowing wind that is the retro craze by arousing nostalgia for the younger days. We will raise a new gust with a showy performance of jump rope, which had only been regarded as a game in the past

The 'jump rope dance' is the first of a series of keywords the girls will be revealing until the third week of November when their new single will be released. Stay tuned for more hints and information on Wassup's comeback.

Source: naver via akp

Team A to release 4 songs and open up for Big Bang's Japanese Tour Read + Videos from the final


On October 25th, it was revealed on 'WIN' that Team A was the winning team that will debut as YG's next idol group!

The final battle took place at the Olympic Park's SK handball stadium in Seoul.  Big Bang's Daesung and actress Yoo In Na were the MCs who supported them by making the stage appear as both a mission for the boys to complete and a congratulatory performance.  This showed off the strong senior-junior relationships within the agency. Yang Hyun Suk, Big Bang, 2NE1, and Epik High also attended this event.

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Source :1- AllKpop 2- All videos can be found at Aeuy Brin Youtube channel