October 30th, 2013


Let's "Roar" with Lunafly + 8TV Halloween Shopping

Source: officialLUNAFLY

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I can't believe I forgot to post the cover. OTL I guess I've been to busy spazzing. Have you seen Sam's roar faces? Omona I swear that man drives me crazy (in a good way of course).

The Halloween shopping was the best! I never knew Yun was so crafty, and do I spy Teo's English getting better? Maybe he'll be leaving his Tenglish behind lol. Also: Yun's laughter at the end.

Guess who's back on Twitter (and Tumblr) ?

[Hint: Not first time on twitter]
That's Right!

HeeZZinPang on Twitter

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Downloaded twitter and that thing called tumblerun or dumbling.. I'm too lazy to take a selca everyday. I shall take 1 year worth of pictures for Universe Big Star instagram in advance. I made twitter but have no plans of posting. I, instead of having a heart of warrior, will now have a heart of a wise man

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Many things on twitter has changed... In past, around BONAMANA time, I was the best. But now, I will only enjoy Universe Big Star-gram.

Translation source: Nksubs Twitter 1,2

the gang

Seo In Young invites Topp Dogg's Jenissi to perform at her fanmeeting

Seo In Young invited Topp Dogg's Jenissi for a special collaboration stage at her upcoming fan meeting!

'October's Discovery Seo In Young' will be held at Olleh Square Dream Hall near Gwanghwamun, Seoul on October 30 at 7PM KST. Seo In Young will perform her latest single, "Love Me", with Jenissi featuring as a rapper. Singer Hong Dae Kwang will also show his support as a special guest.

Seo In Young's reps stated, "[Seo In Young] monitored all of Topp Dogg's stages since their first performance. She felt Topp Dogg's unique aura distinguished themselves from other rookies. This is a promising hoobae group."

For the international fans, the event will also be live streamed through USTREAM, so international fans across 200 countries will be able to catch the diva in action. All of the proceeds will be donated to a hearing aid organization for deaf children.

source: akp

I wonder if Seo In Young really is a fan or if they had an agreement with Stardom. Either way I'm excited Skip to 32:40 to watch the 'Love Me' performance!

Hard Working Ant Oppa Finishes Military Duty, Returns To Sunny Hill!

Sunny Hill's Janghyun revealed that he's now discharged from the army!

Janghyun shared the good news on his Twitter on the 30th, "I was discharged today. With my members and fellow soldiers hehe," and shared the photo above.

As the only male member, Janghyun is lucky to be surrounded by the ladies of his co-ed group Sunny Hill and his fellow soldiers also hold up their V-signs to congratulate him on this happy occasion.

Welcome back, Janghyun!

Source: Akapa + Janghyun's Twitter

Yes my favourite awkward-quiet-cutie oppa is back! I want him to come back with the girls, but I'll be happy with whatever he decides to do. Also, first post! You can congratulate me by turning this into a Sunny Hill post hehe \o/