October 31st, 2013

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EXO vs Momoiro Clover Z - MTV EMA 2013: Japan/Korea Worldwide Act Nominee

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MTV European Music Award 2013 has announced the nominees for theJapan/Korea Worldwide Act. The nominees are the winners of Best Korea Act and Best Japan Act.

Momoiro Clover Z grabbed its first place in the Best Japan Act, beating EXILE, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, MIYAVI and ONE OK ROCK. EXO got its Best Korea Act among B.A.P, Boyfriend, U-KISS and SISTAR.

Now, EXO and Momoiro Clover Z will compete for Japan/Korea Worldwide Act in MTV EMA 2013 in the second round.

MTV EMA 2013 needs your voice to decide who will represent both countries in Worldwide Act nomination. Vote for your favorite artist until October 31. Hurry up!

The winner is being selected among 37 nominees all over the world and will be announced in the Worldwide Act nomination at MTV EMA 2013 ceremony in Amsterdam on November 11. The ceremony starts broadcasting at 19:00 by local time.

Source: JpopAsia + MTVMA

I was very hesitant to post this up b/c it may not be huge news but it was kinda kpop related plus it's very interesting.
IMO they shouldn't put the two against each other since they are a completely different styles of pop.

What do you guys think?
If you want to vote here's the link but it's in korean


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The greatest MAMA cover EVAH: bromance edition

So Key, Taemin, and Jonghyun were guests on Kiss the Radio today and one segment involved them calling people to take a speed quiz. Taemin decides to call his bff Kai and Kai then proceeds to get every question wrong on purpose. Video here:

As revenge, this happens.....

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Source: Excentrique110613

I was literally dry heaving with laughter - Key's laugh makes this IMO
Song Ji Hyo : Sassy
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Lee Ki Woo, Jung Joon Young, Jang Hyuk & Soo Ae, Lee Sun Kyun & Jung Yumi, ....... - Photoshoots

Lee Ki Woo, Jung Joon Young, Jang Hyuk & Soo Ae, Sung Joon, Suzy & Han Hyo Joo & Lee Hyun Woo & Ahn Sung Ki & Park Joong Hoon & Cha Tae Hyun & Yoo Ji Tae, Lee Sun Kyun & Jung Yumi, Seohyun & Taeyeon, Daniel Henney - Arena Homme + & Cine21

Arena Homme +
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(S)PIC(A)SPAM! Maxim scans + interview etc


bbojiwon 2bbo

Turn Up Speaker


Yang Jiwon

You're the only member in SPICA who's doing a Maxim photoshoot for the second time. How do you feel today?
The concept that time was quite mature, and there were not many sexy clothes. It seems that today's photoshoot suits my age more. I have a bit of a baby face. Today's clothes are beautiful, and it feels good to be with my members too.

Your menu is 6th on KBS's Late Night Cafeteria. Are you good at cooking?
I'm quite good at cooking. I love cooking for others.

What would be your ideal type?
Honest, and with no double eyelids. But I know that it seems hard to meet such guys in reality, so it would be okay if he could take care of me.

Are there any inconveniences in sharing a dorm with your members?
Artists need their own time too. Although we don't have such time, we've spent a lot of interesting times cooking together, eating together and chattering together.

Amongst the members, who doesn't like to wash?
All of us are tidy. Bohyung especially loves taking half baths, so it's almost like she's living in the bathroom.

We've noticed that the members check the clothing styles carefully.
When we were filming OnStyle's Lee Hyori's X-Unnie, we observed and followed the artists who work with Hyori unnie, and slowly caught some of the 'feel'. We're good at matching clothes now.

Park Narae

Coming from Superstar K, how does it feel standing on a professional stage?
Because of Super Star K, I made my debut. Although I only made it into the Top 10 and did not win the competition, I was lucky I could still have the glory of debuting as a singer. And because of Super Star K, I've gotten industry contacts.

You uploaded a proof shot of going on the Yeoungam F1 Ferrari Garage Tour on Twitter.
I went and watched with our members, and it was really fun. Unfortunately we had a schedule, so we had to leave in the middle of the race. The tickets were so expensive. It seemed a pity if we just threw the tickets away, so we gave those tickets to others. What a pity. The seats were good too...

If there's such a race in the future, would you like to go there again?
Although it's fun, honestly, I won't insist on going to watch it. The tickets are expensive too.

Kim Boa

Who is the member who wants to have a relationship the most?
It's me. It's been a long time since I've been in love. It has been five years.

After five years, if you could have a relationship again, what kind of man do you want to meet?
I want to meet a man I like. And I would be thankful if he likes me too!

Because of your good personality, you seem close with many younger male artists.
I was a vocal coach before debut and was close to Infinite. We're also close to BTOB, and in a recent interview they said that they felt we were in the same boat. Maybe it's because both of us cannot achieve the good results our songs deserve?

Because of your strong 'cool unnie' image, it seems like you have many female fans.
At fan meetings, the ratio of female to male fans is about 8:2, that's how many female fans there are. It's good to have many female fans too.

You have the strongest supporter, Lee Hyori behind you, but what if you can choose, which senior singer do you want to pick as your tough supporter?
Even now, we still have so much to learn from unnie. We feel grateful, and we have learnt a lot too. With unnie next to us, shouldn't we put in our best efforts to learn from her?

There's a ☹ + = tattoo on your wrist. Is there any meaning?
I'm interested in tattoos and wanted to get one since I was young, but my dad said if I got a tattoo he would surely dig it out. That's why I didn't get one. Hyori unnie showed me this tattoo, it looks cute and meaningful, so I did it.

You've admitted coolly about your cosmetic surgery. Why didn't you say that it was only through dieting?
I actually dieted a lot too. I only ate sweet potatoes. I could've just said that I became pretty through dieting and covered it up, but I'm not good at lying.

It feels like you've really grown up when looking at those photos.
Almost all of my high school photos are gone. I've deleted all the photos from that time. I don't understand why that girl can obstruct and torment my life. But of course, without that girl, there would be no me now. But I don't want to meet her anymore. (laughs)

Park Juhyun

We've heard that you can play billiards well. You played a lot when you were a student?
I just liked to play billiards with friends. There was a billiard table in a cafe in the neighbourhood, and we spent a lot of time there. At first I played at that cafe, but as my skills got better, I went to a billiards parlour. The boss was a professional player and he asked  if I wanted to be a professional player too, and said he could train me.

Haven't you thought of becoming a professional billiards player?
Yes I have. But after I became a trainee, I chose to become a singer rather than a professional billiards player. Because of my good posture, there have really been many people who suggested that I become a professional player.

Besides billiards, do you like doing other activities?
Because it's boring to exercise in a gym, I like to do outdoor exercises like jogging. I also go hiking, and I like jogging near my home or near Seokchon Lake.

Your expressions and acting during the photoshoot were great. Have you thought about acting?
If there's a chance, I'd like to try. I want to act and I know how to act. If the chance is given to me, I'll certainly try no matter what it is.

Besides singing, it seems that we've seen you acting on TV.
Although I've never acted in dramas, I've done almost 20 commercials. But which commercials I've been in is a secret. Actually, I can't really remember things that happened six years ago.

You suit your short hairstyle. It seems like it shows your charms more?
During the filming with Hyori unnie, we had to take photos for our album jacket and I cut my hair to suit the concept. In order to fit the style, I cut my hair. Seems it also fits the clothes more, and the reaction from people around me has been good too. I look younger, and I'm most satisfied with that.

Kim Bohyung

You are the maknae in SPICA. Do your unnies keep military discipline?
We are all of similar ages, so there's no one keeping the discipline. But it also doesn't mean that we treat one another completely as friends. [Note: In terms of respect I guess?]

What image do you have in the group?
Because I cry a lot, I'm the crybaby. Recently I got the nickname "Crying Bohyung". When I have to talk in front of many people, I get nervous, even more than when I'm singing on stage.

So how do you cope with variety shows?
The unnies guide me well. What I can do to train my courage? Do I need to go somewhere and bungee jump? But I don't have acrophobia, so it won't help, right?

You should be busy nowadays, but are you dating?
Although of course I want to have a relationship, but I like music even more. If I meet someone I really like, I'd want to take it seriously. I've never done that before.

When was your last relationship?
Last year. But it was short, only about a month. I don't seem to meet good guys.

What did you do last night?
I was having fun with my friends until 2 or 3am. Is it okay to talk about this in the interview? It's not a big deal, it's okay, right?

Turn Up Speaker (translated by @Spica_Tweets, edited by me)

131021 S/S Seoul Fashion Week


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JuRae wish Omona a Happy Halloween!


[more from Twitter]BITE ME JUHYUN

Narae as Kaonashi/No-Face from Spirited Away

...embarrassing pnr

JuRae didn't invite Boa to their party and she's moping alone in their dorm (who took the photo for her though??)

A WILD AILEE APPEARS (did she borrow the bunny costume from Nine Muses)

meanwhile Jiwon's excited about the EDM 5k Fun Run

...and nobody knows where Bohyung is (writing songs probably)

Juhyun, Narae, Boa, Jiwon