January 15th, 2014

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Mnet’s Talent Show “Idol Battle” to Shake Up Thursday Nights

Captured images of Mnet’s upcoming survival show “Idol Battle.” [Mnet]

Mnet’s upcoming survival show for rookie K-pop idol groups will meet viewers this week.

The four-part show titled “Idol Battle” will hit the airwaves at 7:30 Korea time on Thursday, Mnet said through a press release on Wednesday.

Two rookie idol groups will undertake missions, connect with the public and compete against each other in every episode, the show’s channel explained. The winning party will make a donation for the need in their name.

Jang Choong-ik, producer of “Idol Battle,” was quoted in a statement as saying, “The show will be the place where the next generation of K-pop idol stars with great potential can display their true talent and charm.”

K-pop groups BIGSTAR and Boys Republic will take on the first episode of “Idol Battle,” followed by idol groups including HELLOVENUS, C-Clown and MYNAME.

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Source: tenasia, Mnet

Here for Bigstar. Glad they're doing something lol. Hoping they slay \o/
and here: have some cold, wet Jude for your time

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Yoo Yeon Seok : "I felt so sad when I received the script of Ep. 21 (of Reply 1994)"


On 14th of January, 2014 the interview held between the actor Yoo Yeon Seok and BNTnews was released. He talked about a lot of interesting things, such as his last drama "Reply 1994", his postgraduate study (Masters), his wishes for future role and more. But the most interesting thing to note in that particular interview is that the actor revealed on how he felt when he was given the script of the last episode of Reply 1994:

"I felt so sad when I received the script of Ep. 21. Reading the script book, teardrops kept on falling. Collapse )

Also, for those who are interested in reading an awesome interview done by Yoo Yeon Seok recently (this guy has many amazing interviews with insightful answers btw), click below to read the translated Ize Interview :

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Source (s): 1. BNTnews article - BNTnews (original article) via saturn.'s translation on the excerpts of the interview (in YYS Soompi Thread). Screencap from Dramabeans. (The article was lamely written by yours truly); 2. Translated Ize Interview - Ize (original article) via Yeoniverse - YYS IFC

Here's some Yoo Yeon Seok goodies as a token of appreciation for spending your time to read:
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B1A4 post! Album review, PSH's brother participates in their album, MV behind story

B1A4′s “Who Am I” Sets The Bar High

B1A4 is back with their second full-length album, Who Am I. It’s been a while since we last heard from the boys with What’s Happening? but Who Am I has proved worth the wait. The album is full and cohesive with some beautiful tracks, but perhaps the most interesting part is how much it illustrates B1A4’s musical growth. With eight of the 12 tracks composed by the group members, Who Am I shows off the boys’ full range of talent.

Overall, the album is characterized by a midtempo, mellow feel. “Memory” is an overarching theme in the album, so the tracks not only intertwine through sound, but also through shared concept. Love and loss are definitely the bread and butter topics of this album, but what the album does do well is draw a variety of sounds from a single theme.

The intro track sets the tone for the album as all good intro tracks do, with a beautiful layering of music, most notably from the harmonica and faraway “outdoor” sounds, conjuring up images of days gone by. Those outdoor sounds then bleed into the title track “Lonely,” which describes being alone after a breakup.

Composed by Jinyoung, the song begins with a strong rhythm, musical layering, and harmony, all of which continue throughout. Even when members are singing by themselves, the others’ voices are still present through harmonic backing, giving the vocals a fuller feel. The rhythm play with the drums and crescendos facilitates a smooth back and forth between members, showing off how well their voices blend when they sing together. “Lonely” has all the catchiness and musical strength a group could want in a title track, but most of all, its sound is unique to B1A4.

“Love Then” (feat. Harim) is an appropriate follow up after “Lonely,” as it talks about moving on after a relationship and remembering happy times. The track starts off with that warm harmonica from the intro, leading into an easy-sounding, if not bittersweet, song. The entire track is light. It is musically sparse compared to “Lonely,” and all of the boys’ voices maintain a whimsical quality; even Baro gets some softer tones in there. With “Lonely” musically representing emotional turmoil, “Love Then” is a nice pairing to represent lighter reflections.

The album then picks up with the falling-in-love song, “Amazing.” It still has the ease from the last track, but adds a steady, danceable rhythm, giving the song an upbeat, happy feel. It’s not the hyper-happy we have heard from B1A4 in the past, but a comfortable, unrestrained sound that is a little more effortless. Props to them for retaining their fun side with the “woo woos” throughout the song.

Next we have a trio of breakup songs. First is “Baby,” another Jinyoung-composed track with an R&B flair. Set in the middle of a breakup, the sad lyrics are almost cruel after the happiness of “Amazing,” but the boys’ incredibly smooth vocals make up for it. Only the distorted guitar indicates any roughness. After that is “Oh My God.” This time the breakup involves a third party, ouch. Though it starts with just vocals and a guitar, the rest of the instrumentation kicks in with the crescendo into the chorus, musically mirroring the lyrics’ realization that the singer’s significant other is involved with another person. The song maintains its pace and never explodes as one might expect given the subject matter, but the boys’ voices do well to express confusion and frustration.

The next is Sandeul and Gongchan’s duet, “Too Much,” the true ballad of the album. It’s a pleasant surprise that this track features Gongchan as well, and overall the maknae has gotten some much-needed spotlight in this album. Though Sandeul takes the more dynamic parts and shows greater range, Gongchan holds his own and balances the song with a sweet, unstrained sound. The vocals are the clear feature of this track, as the only instrumentation for half the song is a bare piano.

Afterwards, “Pretty” picks the beat back up. It is about a pretty girl (surprise, surprise). However, the song starts with a solid chunk of CNU rapping, which is a surprise. CNU has always been the sub-rapper, but he hasn’t rapped much in previous albums. He handles the rhythm well and starts the song off with a good pace, though comparatively Baro has more nuance in his chunk. The rest of the song is as sweet and light-hearted as one would think, with the horns adding an unexpected, jazzy brightness.

A standout in the album is “Who Am I,” another by Jinyoung. Here, the album breaks away from love, and talks about self-reflection and searching for oneself. “Who Am I” matches the instrumental and electronic layering of “Lonely,” but this time with a rock-inspiration and driving guitar. There is an effective use of repetition in the song, especially in Baro’s rap, which pushes the song forward and reflects the repetition and motivation in the lyrics.

CNU surprises us again in the next track, “Drunk with Music,” which is not only his solo song, but also one of two that he composed on this album. If you never thought “sexy” and B1A4 would be in the same sentence, think again. The lyrics focus on dancing, and bodies, and — you know where this is going. The music has enough funk and flair that it borders cheesy and almost overtakes CNU’s voice in the beginning, but as the song builds, so do his vocals. “Drunk with Music” illustrates his full range, from soft, to belting, to falsetto. The track shows off CNU as the multitalented, “multiplayer” he is labeled, doing exactly what a solo song is supposed to do.

The two final songs on the album are “Road” and “Seoul.” In “Road,” the piano constant gives the song an easy, flowing feel. It’s also another example of well-placed rapping, that adds variety and helps move the rhythm. All of the boys’ vocals open up warmly on this track, making it a catchy reminisce about friendship. “Seoul” is a love song that is one part subdued, one part passionate, and a lot of parts harmony, ending the album on a smooth, funky note.

This album shows B1A4 blossoming as both vocalists and composers. They have emphasized how much of their personal thoughts and feelings they’ve put into this album, and it shows in their mature sound and lyrics, and in how well the tracks fit together to create a signature sound. Who Am I definitely sets the bar high for 2014. 5/5.

[Park Shin Hye's Older Brother Participates In 'Oh My God']
Park Shin Hye's Older Brother Participates In B1A4's New Album Song 'Oh My God'

Actress Park Shin Hye's older brother participated in group B1A4's new album.
Today, Park Shin Hye posted on her Twitter, "This is a song that my brother did guitar session and editing for. The song is good. He got a little better on the guitar" along with a picture.

In the picture, the tracklist of B1A4's album "WHO AM I" is shown. It was revealed that Park Shin Hye's older brother Park Shin Won did guitar and editing for the song 'OH MY GOD.'

Internet users who saw this commented, "I should go listen to it," "I didn't know he was a musician," etc.
B1A4 released their 2nd album 'WHO AM I' today.

[filming sketch]

source: seoulbeats + BubbleFeetMusic Channel F + Naver Music + kpopstarz, @ssinz

I couldn't find the direct sources for some of them so I didn't include it in the post but album previews here, here and here! The photos look so nice *_*
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'The Moon that Embraces the Sun' musical only three days away



[Photoshoot BTS]Photoshoot BTS

[(ENG SUB) Cast Interviews][ENG SUB] Cast Interviews

[(ENG SUB) Kyuhyun's interview with Chosun][ENG SUB]Kyuhyun's interview with Chosun

Other comments from that weren't on video but in the article (link)

“(When I joined The Three Musketeers back in 2010), 95% of musical fans cursed at me. Other 5% didn't care. I purposely read all the curses on the internet. I see 'There are people that think this way' then receive comfort by going to (my) fan cafes and see 'there are people that love me'. Out of the bad comments, if there are ones that have a point, I apply it to my acting. Changing till words like 'I watched him and he's decent' show up, that's the fun musicals give me.”


When the reporter said he watched Kyuhyun's 'Catch me if you can' first performance, Kyuhyun said “Sigh, you watched that? I was terrible.”


(He, who matured after receiving curses, said) “Idols need to receive some curses.” “It's a part that they have to endure. Actors receiving lead roles without slowly working their way up is receiving special privileges.”


Kyuhyun said “This time, I will try to stay at the practice hall from 10AM to 10PM.”
and “I have a spell I usually chant on stage, and I've been chanting it more recently.”
his 'spell' is 'There aren't any of my fans in that large audience'.
“I want to receive applauds for my acting from an audience of (calm-judging) musical fans.”

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Opening night will be on January 18 with Kyuhyun and Lina as the leads.


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Shinhwa’s Kim Dong Wan Takes Fans on His Hike Up to the Mountains

Liking the time alone, Shinhwa’s Kim Dong Wan hiked up a mountain, indirectly bringing his fans along with him.

On January 14, Kim Dong Wan posted up a 3-minute video on his personal Youtube channel, which recapped his day up a mountain. With the video camera rolling at all times, Kim Dong Wan allowed fans to see his trip to the snowy mountains, the Buddhist temple where he prayed for the other Shinhwa members, and the top of the mountain.

Meanwhile, Kim Dong Wan is currently acting in the musical, Le Passe Muraille.

source: dongwan kim

B.A.P to comeback on February 3rd

It is official, B.A.P will return with a new album in February! Best of all, the boys will return with their first full album titled "First Sensibility".

Unlike their soldier-like concepts that were seen through their previous album, B.A.P will return with a dandy and sexy concept. The group’s comeback song, “1004 (Angel)” will showcase the ability of the six boys to transform their image in to romantic guys.

Last year, B.A.P released their second mini album, “ONE SHOT” and their third mini album, “BADMAN,” conveying the group’s strong vocals and powerful dance choreographies. Now, fans can expect a fuse of sexy and dandy through the group’s upcoming comeback.

“First Sensibility” will have 13 tracks that will portray diverse messages. The new album will be released on February 3, so fans don’t have to wait long to hear the boys’ new track, “1004 (Angel).”

Naver | Soompi

Dandy and sexy?
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Yoo Yeon Suk and SISTAR's Bora become Models for Clarisonic!

America’s No.1 cleansing device brand ‘clarisonic’ announced that actor Yoo Yeon Suk and Bora of Sistar were chosen to be Korean spokespeople.

clarisonic said, “Yoo Yeon Suk has earned a good, trustable image from ‘Reply 1994.’ His skin is also so bright and clear that he has a nickname, ‘Milk Boy.’ Sistar’s Bora, as we all know, is known for her healthy tanned skin and perfect body. The two stars fit clarisonic’s brand image.”

Starting with ‘WOW Moment Campaign’ in January, Yoo Yeon Suk and Bora will officially appear in various clarisonic ad campaigns as spokespeople.

clarisonic, which was first introduced in 2004, is an American brand that first adopted sonic vibration technology. clarisonic product is now being used in more than 4,000 dermatology centers in the United States, as it is widely known as “the beauty secret” of many top celebrities including Oprah Winfrey, Angelina Jolie, and Brad Pitt.

Meanwhile, Yoo Yeon Suk and Bora’s clarisonic commercial campaign will start airing in the middle of January on cable channels. (photo by clarisonic)
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src: BNTNews // allaboutsistar

get those cfs Bora!!
Kiseop derp Neverland

An Interview with U-KISS

U-KISS Talks about Their First U.S. Tour, 2013 Accomplishments, and More!


Following a thrilling show in New York, U-KISS made their way to San Francisco for the next stop in their first U.S. tour.

U-KISS’s First U.S. Tour is part of the Headliner concert series produced by Mnet America, and stops in major U.S. cities: New York City, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

Before their San Francisco show, Soompi sat down for an interview with members Soo Hyun, AJ, Kiseop, Hoon, Kevin, and Eli to chat about their busy activities in 2013, the stressful comeback process, and some fun, personal questions. Scroll on to read the interview!

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Source: Soompi
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Shinhwa’s Lee Minwoo to Release Solo Album; Track "Taxi" To Feature Eric

Minwoo Taxi

Celebrating 10 years as a solo artist, Shinhwa’s Lee Min Woo will be releasing a new album with a help of a fellow member.

On January 16, LiveWorks Company announced that Lee Min Woo will be returning as the solo artist, M, on February 6, just in time for this 10th anniversary as a soloist. His new album is titled M+Ten, which will include five songs.

The title song is called Taxi and is a disco punk style song with the lyrics penned by Lee Min Woo himself. Fellow group member Eric helped create the rap and featured in the song as well.

“We affectionately prepared for the 10th anniversary solo album, personally selecting songs and working on them,” said LiveWorks Company. “Not only does Taxi, which was inspired by something that happened while riding a cab, have an addicting chorus, but we’ve also prepared a special performance with ‘Taxi Girls.’ We ask fans for their big support and interest.”

Lee Min Woo debuted as a solo artist in 2003 with the album, Untouchable. He released four official albums, two mini albums, and one single album afterwards.

Source: MWave