January 21st, 2014


Siwon gets a kiss from uncle Jackie

Jackie Chan Gives Super Junior’s Choi Siwon a Kiss


Movie icon Jackie Chan surprised one particular celebrity earlier today on January 17 and it’s none other than Super Junior’s Choi Siwon.

Jackie Chan is visiting Korea to promote his latest movie “Police Story 2014” and Super Junior’s Choi Siwon was one of a few celebrities invited to attend the movie premiere at the IFC Mall in Yeouido, Seoul. Everything was like usual with invited celebrity guests walking down the red carpet and giving small words of support until Jackie Chan quickly dropped by during Choi Siwon’s turn to hug and kiss him. It didn’t look planned according to Choi Siwon’s surprised reaction.

Meanwhile, the two will appear on variety talk program “Happy Together” along with Girls’ Generation’s Jessica and Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha and it will air later in January.(on the 23rd)
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EDIT: I added an interview from Arirang that I forgot to put in the first place!
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Cha Seung Won (and other actors) Signed with YG Entertainment


[enews24 전수미 기자] Actor Cha Seung Won has signed an exclusive management contract with YG Entertainment, one of Korea’s top entertainment agents.

The contract made Cha Seung Won live under the same roof with singer Psy, BIGBANG, and 2NE1, as well as YG actresses including Jung Hye Young, Ku Hye Sun, and Yoo In Na.

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Source : YG-Life, Netizenbuzz

#1 Lunafly Stan

UnitedKpop Interviews Lunafly

I’m sure many of our readers are very familiar with Lunafly, who debuted last September and have released a string of successful songs. And as all the British fans know, our very own hometown hero Sam Carter leads the group after being snapped up by Nega Network after his great performance on MBC’s Star Audition 2: Birth of a Great Star.

In this second edition of On the Radar, we got a chance to catch up with Lunafly, and talked about their music, the industry and what kind of superhero they would be if they joined the UKP Hall of Heroes (yes, we genuinely asked them that).

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Source: UnitedKpop 1, 2

Old interview is old. Am I I just full of Lunafly updates this week or what? I still have a post about Lunafly in Indonesia to make.

"For our next comeback we may like to try a sad song." That means Can't Stop The Rain!!! It's such a beautifully sad song.
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Hong Konger Wang Jia Er disobeyed father, abandoning fencing to venture K-POP

Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 12.47.57 PM

Oriental Daily, HK

Hong Kong fencing athlete Wang Jia Er (Jackson) became the first 100% Hong Kong born K-Pop idol, his boyband GOT7 released their debut mini a day earlier, hoping to create an impact in Asia market. Jackson working schedule is very tight and his father, fencing coach Wang Rui Ji head to South Korea yesterday to reunite with his dear son.

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Source: orientaldaily + thesun + @sehseh

Want to have lunch with Girl's Day?

Girl’s Day will have lunch with 300 very, erhm, presumably enthusiastic fans for “Something” hitting #1 on the charts.

Their label said, “On the 22nd at noon, Girl’s Day will be inviting 300 fans to Gangnam’s Patio 9 to buy them lunch and talk with them.” They added, “The girls are planning to have lunch and talk with their fans because they’re thankful for winning #1. The 300 fans who were to have lunch with Girl’s Day applied within a minute [of the event opening].

sources: yellow slug reviews | the den of all evil

dream tea can u not?
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SISTAR'S DASOM is committed to reading the news everyday--no matter how busy or tired

SISTAR member Dasom revealed that her nickname is “general idea idol.”

Dasom recently appeared on KBS’s “1 vs. 100” where she talked about being a “general idea idol.” She said, “No matter how busy I am, I always read the news, and I have a lot of interest in current events. When I finish with my schedule for the day, no matter how tired I am, I always read the news on the internet for society/community, economy, politics, and global news.”

Host Han Seok Joon asked her if there is a reason she got interested in current events, at which Dasom replied, “During college, when I went on a trip with my old friends from middle school, someone asked me what the minimum wage was, and I had no idea. I didn’t really know much about the world, and I thought I should know, so I started to get some interest.”

She said, a little shy, that she has shallow knowledge and interest, but eventually showing her resolution, saying that she has been keeping up with the news for a while and that she would turn that effort into skill for the game.

The episode of “1 vs. 100” featuring Dasom airs on January 21.

src: soompi

This is a kind of a ~pointless post  but I really like that Dasom's committed to keeping up with current events and learning new information. Back when I was in school, I used to write weekly essays about what I'd read in the newspaper just to make sure that I was absorbing the info. I'm not thinking about going that far now, but reading the news everyday is something that I need to get on board doing as well.

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GOT7's "Got It?" Ranks First In Just A Few Hours

GOT7 Ranks First

Almost as soon as JYP’s newest boy group GOT7’s first mini-album, “Got it?”, was released on the 20th, their title song “Girls Girls Girls” was ranked first on various online music sites.

The members expressed that they were utterly shocked and that they were not expecting this at all. They were extremely humbled by this feat and grateful for all the support. They also promised that they would take this achievement as motivation to do better and always give it their best.

Today, on the 21st, it has dropped several spots but it still remains in the top 5 on several music sites, such as Bugs, Daum and Soribada. On Naver Music and Genie, they remain in the top 10.

Sources: Koreaboo and Star News

Congrats, GOT7!

GOT7 Greeting 2

New Girl Group Kiss&Cry Releases Sexy Teaser for “Domino Game”

A new girl group called Kiss&Cry has given us a first look into their upcoming new release, “Domino Game” by unveiling a new teaser clip!

On January 21, LOEN Entertainment uploaded a new teaser clip of Kiss&Cry’s “Domino Game” on its Youtube channel.

The clip shows us that Kiss&Cry will be joining the many other girl groups this month in having an incredibly steamy and sexy concept!

Kiss&Cry is the new girl group of the entertainment agency Winning Insight M, which is also home to idol group MR.MR.

Kiss&Cry consists of four members: Bo Hye, Dia, Hae Na and Soyumi. Dia has released several singles as a solo artist while Bo Hye was part of a girl group called Bella and Soyumi was part of a group called VNT.

Soompi, LOEN MUSIC Official Channel (by LOEN Enter.)



UPDATE: TenAsia has now changed all instances where they used the word "black" to word the words "hip-hop". Interesting change of events. As far as I'm aware, they or GOT7 never issued an apology and just silently changed it.

Q. 2PM은 짐승돌이라는 걸출한 수식어가 있다. 갓세븐은 무엇으로 불리고 싶나?
[2pm are known as "beastly idols". What would you like to be called?]
잭슨 : 교포오빠들?
[Jackson: 'Gyopo oppas'?]
멤버들 : 에이, 멋있지가 않다.
[Members: Ey, that's not cool]
영재 : 목포오빠. (웃음) 교포, 목포.
[Youngjae: 'Mokpo oppas' (laughs), Gyopo, mokpo]
유겸 : 흑인 음악 잘하는 아이들?
[Yoogyeom: 'Idols good at doing black music'? (t/n: he means hip-hop...)]
JB : 아, 너무 어렵다. 블랙 소울!
[JB: Ah that's too hard. 'Black soul'!]
잭슨 : (원어민 발음으로) 블랙 키즈.
[Jackson: (native pronunciation) 'Black kids'.
마크 : 날아다니는 아이들
[Mark: 'Flying idols']
잭슨 : 블랙 프리덤
[Jackson: 'Black freedom']
JB : 힙돌, 힙돌.
[JB: 'Hip-dol', 'hip-dol']

TN: @0309yes, fuckyeahgot7
Credit: fwoox, camified

Source: TenAsia

OP would like to point out that Jackson is proficient in English and his education level is "completed 11th grade at American International School".

EDIT: OP would also like to point out that the above statement isn't a "he should know better because he knows English", it's to point out that he knew what he was saying and wasn't shouting out random English words like a lot of other idols who aren't fluent in English. Thank you ^^
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TVXQ’s Max Changmin To Show Korea His Acting has gotten better since Paradise Ranch

TVXQ’s Max Changmin will be taking on yet another acting role.

Mnet revealed on January 22, that Max Changmin has been cast as the lead actor of an upcoming 4-part ghost romance drama Mimi.

Max Changmin will be acting as ‘Minwoo,’ a popular webtoonist, who searches for his lost memories of first love. He will be taking the double role of playing the 28-year old cartoonist Minwoo and an 18 year old Minwoo, a high school student in love.

Max Changmin commented, “It hasn’t been easy going back and forth between acting as an 28 year old and a 18 year old, but I’m enjoying filming. As it is a drama about first love, which everyone can relate to, I ask that you show your support for this new drama.”

Mnet’s drama Mimi will air the first episode on February 21 at 11 pm (KST) and will air for four weeks.

Source: mwave

When did he even have time for this, honestly. And I know he got praised from his Japanese movie, I watched his cuts and he was good. But I don't know if it was ever screen in Korea...