January 30th, 2014

#1 Lunafly Stan

Lunafly Gets Crazy Overseas + LukieBeat Fansign and Concert Fancams

From when Lunafly was in Singapore last month:

[Part 2 (Teo Loves All Girl Groups Except BEG)]

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From when they were in Indonesia for the LukieBeat concert:

[Breakout TV Show]

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[Entertainment News Talkshow + Jodoh Pasti Bertemu cut]

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For the fansign fancams, Sam wasn't there because he was sick in the hospital with early stage of an appendicitis. There was even an interview of him while he was lying in his hospital bed getting an IV shown. He even felt so guilty about disappointing members and fans that he cried and went against doctor orders to perform at the LukieBeat Concert the following evening.

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Concert at Jungleland, where it stopped raining only during the concert, fancams:

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Who wore it better? Dress edition!


IRO, 'Oxford' dress, $473.2 $283.92
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BALMAIN Black Wool Slit Short Dress, $1750 $875
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Demin FW 2014
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[poll time!]

Who wore it better?

Han Ji Min
no one
burn it and give me the money

Who wore it better?

both work it
burn it and give me the money

burn it and give me the money

Han Jin
Song Ji Hyo
Lee Som
all look great!
no one tbh...
burn it

2NE1 Became More Popular After Appearing on ‘The Bachelor’ + Videos of them on the Show


2NE1, after making an appearance on American ABC’s hit reality program The Bachelor, is gaining much popularity in the country.

At 8 pm on Jan 27, 2NE1 appeared on the 18th date episode of The Bachelor, becoming dance coaches of ‘I Am the Best.’

‘I Am the Best,’ released on YouTube in June 2011 has raked in 84 million views, becoming 2NE1’s main hit song. After their appearance on The Bachelor on Jan 28, the song ranked #3 in Electronic single chart in America’s iTunes and #1 in Canada’s. Their popularity is climbing up the ladder very quickly after the TV show.

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2014. 1. 29. yg life via OSEN

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dejavu sua

~*~ HQ ☆Spica☆ concept pics + dance practice ~*~

[HQ goodness]







Naver Music

Twitter: @B2M_SPICA
[unnirs pls]


Russian Mercury

[learn the 3 point dances!]greeting + 3 point dances

Russian Mercury

It's good to have Spica to ease the pain of what's going on with my other fave group ;_; The dance is so cute (start of the chorus reminds me of Tonight tho), can't wait to watch them perform this live!! Their first comeback stage will be Show Music Core this Saturday (3.55pm KST). Do we have many newly-converted fans yet? :3 Spica needs your love!

Happy Lunar New Year Omona!! (ノ◕ᴗ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
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Star Empire clarifies rumors about new members for Nine Muses + Leesem's & Eunji's letters to MINE


Star Empire Entertainment has debunked rumors that they will be adding two new members after LeeSem and Eunji’s leave from Nine Muses.

On January 29th, Star Empire Entertainment clarified that they will not be adding two new members to the group, contrary to the speculations that two trainees will be taking the place vacated by LeeSem and Eunji.
The statement follows Star Empire Entertainment’s previous announcement that LeeSem and Eunji will be leaving the group to prepare and focus on their individual activities while maintaining their contract with the agency.

Meanwhile, Nine Muses will continue promotions as seven members.

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Sources: koreaboo/osen + setrainees(1)(2) + @a94912 (1)(2)

You know who talking about his fav ATM


Big Bang is in their 8th year right now, but the members’ solidarity and abilities continue to grow. When I debuted Big Bang, I said on BIGBANG TV (Big Bang’s documentary) that ‘Big Bang will become a group who will keep on going for a long time with their fans.’ If anything, I have kept that promise and I will definitely continue to do so in future.”

It’s evident that nothing has changed about the affection and trust that Yang Hyun Suk has for Big Bang, who have gained recognition internationally. He was speaking to the press after Big Bang’s concert in Seoul ended on January 26. “It’s fairly common for groups to disband after being active for not very long. Seo Taiji and Boys retired after 4 years and it was too bad we had to part with the fans, but that’s definitely not going to happen with Big Bang.
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Spring Godess

Taeyeon Shows Off Slim Waist in Selca Picture on Instagram

Girls’ Generation leader Taeyeon shows off her slim waist in recent selca. She posted the picture on January 28 along with a short message that reads, “20th Anniversary. #babyG.” The singer is a model for the watch brand Baby-G, and she is sporting a baby blue Baby- G watch on her right wrist.

Taeyeon takes the selca photo in front of a mirror as she poses in her stylish striped white outfit. The singer keeps her hair and bangs down for a more mysterious look. So, how does Taeyeon maintain such a slim figure? Lets hope she isn’t on the extreme diet of SISTAR‘s Dasom.

Source: Taeyeon's Instagram, Soompi

Hmm...what do you think omona, new face or make up illusion?

Korea strives to revive fading interest in traditional clothes

A customer shops for hanbok for her children at Lotte Mart Seoul Station ahead of the Lunar New Year holiday. While fewer adults wear the traditional Korean clothes, the demand for children’s hanbok continues. (Yonhap)

By Lee Woo-young
Published 2014-01-24 20:34

Han Hyun-young, a 29-year-old office worker in Seoul, had a hanbok custom-made for herself when she got married in 2011. But she has worn the traditional Korean clothes only twice ― on her first visit to her in-law’s house after her honeymoon and on her sister-in-law’s wedding day.

“I wore it because I had to. I wouldn’t wear it if I didn’t have to,” she said.

Han is not the only one feeling reluctant to wear a hanbok on special occasions. As hanbok are no longer a daily outfit for most Koreans, fewer people are willing to wear it even on occasions when wearing a hanbok is considered appropriate or tradition calls for it.

“I feel overly dressed up and like I stand out among others who are in their everyday clothes,” said Han. She said she wished she rented a hanbok or borrowed from her married friends rather than keep her 500,000 won gown in her closet for the rest of the year.

Lunar New Year’s Day used to be a day when family members took out their best hanbok or had a new one made. The “seolbim,” which refers to the hanbok worn on the holiday, was distinguished from other everyday hanbok with bright colors to wish for good luck in the new year.

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article and picture from The Korea Herald

Do you ever wear your culture's traditional dress? Are there any particular ones that you like?
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Starcast report on Kyuhyun's "survival" on Radio Star

[Check out full version with pictures and captions at here]


It is 100 % real story for people who are sick of special movies. High quality? It is the realistic survival report of the youngest host, who survived in the jungle entertainment program in which the reality is all about biting and tearing apart. The revealing of survival tips as a baby poisonous snake, who was almost only the level of a normal person before, as someone who comes after Kim Goo Ra!

The special ability is to [get a] foot in. In 2006, he joined ‘Super Junior’ secretly~ and in 2011, he became the host of ‘Radio Star’ while Heechul was taking a break and he is kind of a man who is considerably~ taking over! What would be his tips that allowed him to survive in the roughest place out of all that exists currently?

Messing with others among Kim Gook Jin, Yoon Jong Shin and Kim Goo Ra, saying killer phrase with naïve smiling face and his sense of taking the rumor (?) that he is more of a trainee type rather than a celebrity type [I'm guessing this is referring to him supposedly preferring trainees over celebrities, i.e. the Seulgi scandal] as something humorous! He now became a man who ‘Radio Star’ must have.

The strongest move of high quality host Kyuhyun! STARCAST have checked it out.

[Kyuhyun's survival tips]*

The place we stopped by first to meet Kyuhyun, it is the waiting room. Kim Gook Jin, Yoon Jong Shin, Kim Goo Ra and Kyuhyun were all gathered at one place. Sharing a small waiting room? As soon as we opened the door thinking that it will be lively and fun~ just like they do in the show… everybody froze.

It is quiet, calm and solemn. They are obviously sitting next to each other but they are not at all together. We have visited lots of waiting rooms so far but this atmosphere is the first time. At the moment we did not know what to do with an unexpected sight, Jeon Sung Ho, the producing director of ‘Radio Star’, says something.

“You guys get it, right? ‘Radio Star’ is a jungle. Look, these guys are not friendly. Kyuhyun must have had hard time at first. It is possible that he might have cried secretly.”

Now you mention, Kyuhyun looks strange. He is rather serious.

▶ Survival tip 1. Script, script, script

Kyuhyun’s survival tip, first one is reading the script thoroughly. He grabbed the script as soon as he stepped into the waiting room. Even when getting make-ups, even when Kim Goo Ra and Yoon Jong Shin are having meals, the eyes of Kyuhyun are fixed into the script. He is literally a script-holic.

Once in a while, he turns into the audience. He bursts out in laughter randomly just by himself while reading the script.
It could mean that he is that concentrated into the script, right? He asked producing staff members right away if there is something he is curious about. Textbook-centered studying is no doubt the best. (What am I talking about~)

▶ Survival tip 2. Closely listen to the words from hyung (Older brothers)

Is it the result of previewing? Script mania Kyuhyun, it seems like he fully understood. He put down the script from his hand and tries to apply it in real life. He familiarized himself with the sense of using it in the real world. Hold on right here, Kyuhyun is born in 1988, 27 year old this year. He has 18 years of age difference with the youngest hyung Kim Goo Ra.

Moreover, these hyungs are so chic. They do not even give one friendly look to the youngest. Even then, Kyuhyun is ‘Fool for hyung’. He does not even miss a word that Kim Goo Ra says. It seems like he is much comfortable around senior singer Yoon Jong Shin. Kyuhyun keep nagging Yoon Jong Shin to write him a song.

▶ Survival tip 3. The host who approaches first

Kyuhyun, suddenly he steps out of the waiting room. Just in case he meets ‘Seul Gi’, we have quietly followed him. Where Kyuhyun headed to was the guest waiting room. ‘5 flower handsome man- Son Ho Joon, BARO, Noh Min Woo, Park Gi Woong and Seo Gang Joon’ who visited ‘Radio Star’ on this day, Kyuhyun went to say hi first.

This is the role of the youngest of ‘Radio Star’. He visits each and every guest. ‘Radio Star’ is amazon in an entertainment field so it seems like Kyuhyun was reducing his own nervousness while reducing the nervousness of the guests. After Kyuhyun showed up, the facial expressions of the guests really got a lot brighter.

▶ Survival tip 4. Strict taking care of the look

10 minutes before shooting, Kyuhyun got busy. He was staring at Kim Goo Ra, who was sitting across to him, and stretches his hand out to the stylist in a polite way. What he got was the oil paper. From cheeks, chin and to forehead, he goes through every part thoroughly.

After finishing checking for oil, he checks his outfit. He showed his face again to the stylist also. He even fixed his make-up thoroughly. Just as we thought he is done, he starts to look into the bag. What he took out was toothbrush and toothpaste.He is a host with manners.


We have finally moved to the shooting site. On this day, ‘Radio Star’ was shot in MBC new company building in Sangam-dong, Seoul instead of Dream Center in Ilsan. It became a radio program that used the new company building first out of all MBC programs. It is a part in which we can feel the dignity of ‘Radio Star’.

The recording on this day successfully ended. You guys have already checked in the show that aired on January 29th, right? Kyuhyun showed off the best teamwork with Kim Gook Jin, Yoon Jong Shin and Kim Goo Ra and so on in New Year also. We could not avoid asking official questions at this point.

“What is Kyuhyun in Radio Star?”

“The host ranking 1st place out of people of same age? He has the best talent. He is stable and is full of sense. He joined in the middle but he is doing this well. In such a place that is like a jungle.” (Jeon Sung Ho producing director)

“He is someone who is full of sense. Even from first time, Kyuhyun knew when to talk and when not to talk. It is not easy for a rookie to be like that…. He is someone who does really well and also have good teamwork.” (Kim Gook Jin)

“Kyuhyun in ‘Radio Star’? He is someone who is not there but there? (Haha) I am just kidding~ Since Kyuhyun is doing so well. It is almost like there is no need to work on teamwork separately.” (Yoon Jong Shin)

“Kyuhyun, he is someone that I am fond of. He does well even when I don’t tell him anything. He is the best~!” (Kim Goo Ra)

Lastly, we have asked Kyuhyun also.

“What is Radio Star to Kyuhyun?”

“‘Radio Star’ is my Wednesday. Is there a need for another word? Everyone, happy New Year and I want to see you guys more often this year. Please show lots of love from now on to the future.”

[BONUS: 'Pops in Seoul' names Kyuhyun as the Best MC idol]Pops in Seoul names Kyuhyun as the Best MC idol

Arirang's 'Pops in Seoul' names the idols who have great MCing skills. They are Super Junior's Kyuhyun, SHINee's Onew, Big Bang's Seungri, EXO's Chanyeol and SNSD's Sooyoung. Some of the criteria they have based upon on are being bold without getting nervous during the show, being quick and more.

Sooyoung has been placed 5th as she showed unique charm MCing SBS Midnight TV Entertainment with Yoon Dohyun. Chanyeol followed her in 4th position as he showed impressive hosting skills on their own variety show EXO's Showtime. With his wit and entertaining hosting skills, Seungri placed on 3rd. With his fluency in Japanese, he became the first Korean artist to host Japan Fuji TV Show 'Motezo 100'. Onew's charm and talkativeness earned him the 2nd spot as he showed skills in various radio and TV shows.

Lastly, we have Kyuhyun, who's not only a sought after musical actor but also a host whom TV producers are keeping an eye on for his bold and witty MCing skills. He gets compliment for being direct and straightforward especially in Radio Star. He even earned the title 'sharp tongued-idol'

Are you satisfied with the list? Watch below:


news.naver.com, Kim Hyo Eun & Song Hyo Jin of Dispatch
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He's come a long way.

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