January 31st, 2014

Old and new 2pm Goodies

Cuties being Cute under the guise of Season's Greetings

Taec's dimples are out in full force. Prepare yourself beforehand.

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Any interest in a Genesis of 2pm listening post? Any interest in more from their overseas promotions/schedules? There isn't so much to post as most of it isn't subbed. Any interest in an airport fashion thing? Those boys be stylin' and alternately sometimes look absolutely and utterly ridiculous (in the bestest possible way of course) but either way it tends to be great and they are at the airport A LOT. Sorry if any of the videos aren't available in your country I'm not sure what any of the restrictions are!

Idol Sports Championship star 4minute Sohyun decimates all competition for gold medal

Now officially known as an Archer-dol, 4minute's maknae Kwon Sohyun proved her skills by knocking Sistar's Bora, After Caramel's Lizzy and Secrets Hyesung out of the Idol Sports Championship archery contest.

The idol who was recently appointed the ambassador for the Kolon Archery Team proved her prowess in the sport she grew to love just a year ago. Sohyun personally requested the producers of the show to appear in the archery competition this year. No one expected Sohyun to literally blow away all competitors, break camera lenses and targets as well!

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Sources: love in da cube, osen, sports chosun, mbckpop, kopxpert, girlsday translating.

JYJ Kim Jaejoong – His sincere feelings and heart toward Japanese fans


JYJ Kim Jaejoong held his solo concert on the 22nd and 23rd of January in Nagoya. After Yokohama and Osaka, his concert [in Nagoya] gathered more than 20,000 fans who got drunk in his appeal as a rock musician.

On the 23rd, before the concert, BntnewsJapan had an exclusive interview with Kim Jaejoong. After rehearsal, he shared with us his sincere feelings and his heart toward Japanese fans.
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Credit: BNT Japan
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Korea’s Top Five to Watch at the Winter Olympics

Photo by Mark Edward Harris.

Game On

With the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, just around the corner, KoreAm presents an ethnocentric list of five contenders to follow.

1. Kim Yuna, The Comeback Queen

After conquering the Vancouver Games in a landslide four years ago, Kim Yuna of South Korea is on a quest to win her second straight Olympic gold medal in Sochi, Russia, in February. But the prospects for the figure skater, considered a national hero in her homeland, don’t feel quite as assured this time around.

The 23-year-old is coming off of a metatarsal injury she suffered last September. The injury took her out of the earlier part of the season ahead of the Sochi Games, and only returned to the ice at the 2013 Golden Spin of Zagreb in Croatia last month. She won gold in her comeback, but showed some signs of rustiness in both her short program and free skate.

Kim’s total score of 204.49 in Zagreb was enough to win the second-tier competition, but it was underwhelming for her usual standards. She scored a record-setting 228.56 in Vancouver to give Korea its first-ever Olympic gold medal in figure skating. Meanwhile, Kim’s rival, Mao Asada of Japan, is putting together her best season in recent years. Asada has already won three straight competitions to start the season, scoring an average of 205.44. The Sochi Games will likely be her last chance for redemption after settling for a silver medal in Vancouver.

Though Kim has admitted publicly to the difficulty of competing after winning Olympic gold in 2010, and has gone through some unsettling coaching changes, her stunning performance at the 2013 World Championships silenced many doubters. She won that competition handily, as the only competitor to earn perfect 10’s, and showed the world this athlete may just have another gold left in her.

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Source: KoreAm
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G-Dragon round-up

Trailer for J. Estina

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Petition for GD to model more because I've been loving pretty much all his recent shoots, including the Estina ones. He's improved heaps on this front when compared to before. Also, according to YG, GD will be locked inside the studio from March onwards... so let's enjoy this while we still can? (Though as he's been getting new cf deals left and right I'm not sure that whole isolution thing will actually happen).