February 12th, 2014


OMO! Dispatch plagiarised Omona IPSUREUL exclusive!


The something that is most noticeable out of the idol groups on the stage is the face. What is the part of the face that is most noticeable. It is the ‘lips’. When watching them sing, the eyes naturally tend to look at the lips that are over the microphone.

So we have prepared. It is ‘STARCAST QUIZ’ presented by ‘STARCAST’. The topic is to ‘Guess the name of boy and girl idol groups just by looking at their lips’. The targets are limited to idol groups who are included in STARCAST. We chose a total of top 20 handsome lips •pretty lips in each of the groups.

The method of solving the quiz is simple.
☞ First, look at the picture that has the faces covered.
☞ Next, read the hint in an order.
☞ Make a guess on which group the member is from.
☞ Lastly, enjoy the charming point lips. It is not going to be that difficult for the real fans, right?

It is divided to levels 1~5. If guessing all 5 levels correctly, than you are a real ‘idol fan’.

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source: starcast

cold Yoon Shi Yoon
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GOT7 react to Youtubers react to them


Original Reaction video ( You should probably watch this first, the audio of them reacting in the first vid is a bit weak.)


tumblr_mzucj9mgHY1qh2dfpo1_250 tumblr_mzucj9mgHY1qh2dfpo2_250
tumblr_mzucj9mgHY1qh2dfpo3_250 tumblr_mzucj9mgHY1qh2dfpo4_250
zou-chan @ tumblr

Both are so hyper and cute. I'm cracking up at their reactions.
And forever laughing at them repeating Jackson's pelvis thrusting over and over again.
Omona, do you watch MV-reactions? who are your (least) favourite ones?

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It's that lovely time again where we all get to cheer on our country's top athletes...as well as our favorite Korean athletes too! This FFA will serve as a place to gather and chat about the games with your fellow Omonazens and there will be a new post every day with updates about medal counts, crazy wins, or heart-crushing losses.

For a schedule of what's going on each day, you can check here at the sochi 2014 website and well as the bbc website (that seems to be the only one I can find giving me times for events, lol)

You can check out Team Korea here to see who's ready to compete! (Go Women's Curling!)

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Here is today's event schedule!

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Team Korea finally won their first medal of the games in speedskating for the women's 500m and it's gold!!! Congrats Lee Sanghwa!
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Choi Jin Hyuk and Song Ji Hyo star in this playful and sexy drama about a medical school student, Chang Min, and a dietitian, Jin Hee, who fall in love and marry despite his family's strong opposition. When Chang Min marries Jin Hee, he gives up his medical internship to become a pharmaceutical salesman despite the fact that the rest of his family are successful doctors. Their married life is miserable as Chang Min's family looks down on Jin Hee and Chang Min begins to treat her poorly. They finally divorce and go their separate ways until they are suddenly reunited as interns working at the same hospital. Will this couple's tumultuous feelings for each other be rekindled?

Cast: Song Ji Hyo, Choi Jin Hyuk, Lee Pil Mo, Choi Yeo Jin, Clara, Yoon Jong Hoon, Im Hyun Sung, Kwon Min, Kim Hyun Sook, Park Joon Geum

Watch here:


[osts]3rd Coast - Love Again

Lim Jeong Hee - Scent Of A Flower

source: BubbleFeetMusic OST Channel E, Daeryeong Lee

[Arirang TV Showbiz Korea report (subbed)]Showbiz Korea report

source: arirang

[ep 7&8 subbed preview]
source: polaris cat

[poll time]

Is this drama getting better?

yes, I don't regret watching it at all
nope, I gave up on it already

Who do you want to be endgame for Jinhee?

Chief Gook

it's getting better guys!

"I Need Romance 3" EP 5-10 DISCUSSION POST


Shin Joo Yeon (Kim So Yeon) is a successful 33-year-old career woman who, because of bad past relationships, is jaded and no longer believes in love. That is, until she is reunited with a much younger family friend, Joo Wan (Sung Joon), who has made a name for himself as famed DJ Allen Joo. He's smitten with her, having harbored a crush on her since their younger days, and pursues her relentlessly. Will his love heal her heart and make her believe in true love again?
Kim So-Yeon, Sung Joon, Namgung Min, Wang Ji-Won, Park Hyo-Joo, Yoon Seung-Ah, Park Yoo-Hwan

Watch here:
viki.com or dramafever


[new osts]G.O - You

Peppermoon - Peu A Peu

Linus' Blanket - Late Love

Jo Jung Hee - Now And Forever

source: Daeryeong Lee 1, 2, 3, BubbleFeetMusic OST Channel H

[ep 11 preview]
source: cjenmdrama

[poll time!]

Who you think will be the end game for Joo Yeon?

Sweet Potato

Do you enjoy the drama so far?

yes, it's great?
kinda, but I hoped it could've been a bit better
nope, but I can't stop watching anyway

Is sunbae an ass

yes defenitely
maybe? he has his reasons
no! I'm rooting for him (op stopped)
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African museum performers protest working in slave-like conditions

Performers from the Africa Museum of Original Art protest their slave-like working conditions outside the ruling Saenuri Party’s (NFP) headquarters in Seoul’s Yeouido neighborhood, Feb. 10. (by Kang Chang-kwang, staff photographer)

Performers were paid less than minimum wage, fed spoiled rice and put up in mouse-infested accommodations
By Bang Jun-ho, staff reporter

Faina arrived in South Korea in November 2009. The 27-year-old Zimbabwean had wanted to share her home country’s sculptures with the world. But her dream was quickly shattered. Her experience at the Africa Museum of Original Art (AMOA) in Pocheon, Gyeonggi Province, was similar to indentured servitude.

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source: Hankyoreh

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source: Hankyoreh

You can read a summary of these two articles here.

FROM YG: 2NE1 to release new album ‘CRUSH’ on February 24


Of the 2014 list, which YG artist is the first in line?

Is it because we had fans waiting for too long? Just hearing the name 2NE1 makes our hearts throb.
People who are not familiar with the details might think I am overreacting when I say this, but I do so because 2NE1, who made a debut 6 years ago, will be unveiling a full album with many new songs for the very first time.
To be more precise, 2NE1 released their first album 4 years ago in September 2010, but it was an album with just a few new songs added to the previous single soundtracks.
So this is the first time in 6 years for the divas to be unveiling an album full of new songs.
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Source: YG-LIFE, fresh vocal
Edited by Catarina@YGLadies.com
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Gangnam clinic under fire for displaying human bones

[picture here (if you are sensitive, better don't click it)]4198281993897540

A plastic surgery clinic overdid a marketing job when it decided to display human remains in its lobby, touching off a wave of criticism on social media against the booming cosmetic surgery industry in South Korea.

Oin Plastic Surgery, a hospital located in the affluent Gangnam district in southern Seoul, had installed two transparent towers filled with the remains of human jawbones, which were left over from jaw surgeries according to the clinic website.

“We exhibit the bones cut from our surgeries so that you (patients) can see for yourself,” read a caption from the hospital’s homepage before the picture was pulled down.

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source: koreaherald

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Vixx's Leader N, confirmed for New MBC drama 'Hotel King' (wow that title) Plus Bonus Leo Video

More artists are directing their career paths into acting and it seems that VIXX’s N has caught the bug!

On February 13th, it was confirmed by MBC that VIXX’s N has considered the casting offer and has decided to take the role. He is set to play the role of a hotel staff with a youthful nature.

“Hotel King” is an upcoming weekend drama on MBC which is about a hotel owner struggling to maintain their family’s business. Actor Lee Dongwook has been selected to play the main male lead with actress Lee Dahae considering the main female role.

Jewelry’s Yewon was also confirmed to join the cast line-up earlier today.

[Leo: Stars Who Look Best in Suits.]

Source Translation: koreaboo
Main Source: SportSeoul
Source: Pinker Bell

I'm both excited and surprised since most starlights figured that the one to break out as the first actor would be Hongbin, but we all known that N has talked about an interest in acting as well. I think this is good because his part is small so there won't be to much pressure on him. Here is hoping that this sticks and that he doesn't drop out or something because I feel like that would happen. And yay leo, they should have talked more about those shoulders.

CNBlue Can't Stop Teaser Picture released. 24th February bout to get real!!

[Full Version]

CNBLUE’s 5th mini album, ‘Can’t Stop’

  • 17th February: Love Is… (pre-release)

  • 19th February: 1st M/V Teaser

  • 21st February: 2nd M/V Teaser

  • 24th February: M/V Full Ver.

  • 25th February OP dies of hyper ventilation of not being able to handle 2ne1/SNSD/CNB

The first teaser image of CNBLUE 5TH Mini Album ‘Can’t Stop’, ‘Before Sunset in NY’ taken on Brooklyn Bridge is revealed.
PS. After 24 hours, the second teaser image, ‘Before Midnight in NY’ will be revealed!
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Source: FNCent, CNBLUE FB

Winking Yonghwa welcomes you



In what appeared to be a thinly veiled reference to SM Entertainment”s alleged requirement for their artists to get plastic surgery, F.T. Island guitarist and singer Song Seunghyun said he passed on a recording contract with the K-pop label when he was starting out, for fear of losing control over his body.

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credit: ohkpop


SNSD COMEBACK: Mr. Mr. Choreographer + New Teaser Pics

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 9.19.09 PM

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 9.19.26 PM

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 9.19.34 PM

Mr. Mr. choreography is by ‘Jilian Meyers’ who has worked with Janet’ Jackson, Celine Dion, and Kylie Minogue.

Jilian Meyers choreographed F(x)’s Electric Shock, Pinocchio, and more F(x) songs. And also worked with Justin Bieber, John Legend, and a choreographer for ‘So You Think You Can Dance’, ‘Dancing With The Stars’.

Source: Nate, SMTOWN Twitter
Translation: Me + Google Translator