March 1st, 2014

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"You Who Came From the Stars" ☆ FINAL DISCUSSION POST!! ☆

Spoiler Alert!!

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turing notifications off cause i'm watching it tonight with my housemate. omg so excite!
will check in later, but already feeling like:

[how do i live without this drama??]

Princess Eunji's flawless performance on MBC's Yesterday Music Travel

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Source: dkpopnews, 1997jej, mbckpop

Sorry mods, I got the name of the show wrong the first time! Eunji slayed, the audience at 1:21 was me, and I am forever pressed at how under utilized Eunji's voice is in A Pink songs. She has improved so much since their debut and her low notes have improved significantly. Idk why she hasn't been on Immortal Song 2 yet *sighs dramatically*.

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spica gif

☆Spica☆ bless us with more live perfection, we are not worthy!!!

140301 Break Away @ MBC Music Travel Yesterday (Big Mama cover)

their harmonies are so beautiful.. I cried ;-; new favourite cover alongside Blue Rain..
[FACT] Spica is made up of five main vocals and five visuals

140228 You Don't Love Me @ Lee Sora's Music Plaza
[missing baby bbo]

140228 Tonight @ Lee Sora's Music Plaza

[and the members show their support by laughing at her]

(if the videos are blocked in your country, try ProxTube or download the videos here!)

140226 Narae - You Know I'm No Good @ Radio Sukira
[she's referring to her pronunciation]
here's a super cute compilation of Narae laughing to distract you from her pronunciation!!!! jk Park Narae is still perfect ♥♥♥

Sauces: Break Away | You Don't Love Me (gif) | Tonight (gifs) | You Know I'm No Good

they did hearts during the chair dance on today's Music Core goodbye stage ♥ they're going back into B2M's basement, I'll miss making these posts :((( there seem to be quite a lot of new Spica fans (or at least interested people) so I made a music masterlist of their MVs, collabs, covers, solos etc:! I'll be updating it whenever necessary. use it to bring others to the light!!! ٩(・ิᴗ・ิ)۶

zhang liyin » standing in the boundary

SBS' latest reality TV show = Korea's idol version of "Big Brother"

SBS’ latest reality show “Roommate” has run into problems even prior to filming.

Park Sang Hyuk PD, known for being the mastermind behind “Strong Heart,” is set to make his comeback in April. “Roommate” will be the follow-up show for “K-Pop Star 3.” However, the concept of the show has turned out to be less original than initially thought.

“Roommate” will follow the life of ten celebrities living under the same roof. While no official casting calls or requests have been sent, the plan is to finish casting in mid-March and dive straight into filming. The show can be expected to air in mid-April.

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Source: Soompi, Naver

So "Roommate" is basically idol Big Brother. Omona, who do you want to be cast in SBS's Roommate?
🌈 Rainbow Noeul: shades

Ravi from VIXX featuring on Chad Future’s upcoming mini album

Ravi of VIXX will be featured on Chad Future’s upcoming mini album due this May. Recently, Ravi has finished recording and filming the music video portion for the song “Rock the World” in Los Angeles.

Although Chad Future, the former leader of group Heart2Heart, is an American singer, he gained attention in Korea through his YouTube channel.

He is also the first to initiate American Pop and Korean Pop mixed together, the so-called “AK-POP.” This is why “Rock the World” has caught much public’s attention since a portion of the song where Ravi is rapping would be done in Korean.

What do you think about this new hybrid-pop “AK-POP?”

Source: Wstar News via koreaboo
♥ SHINee Onew: ㅋㅋㅋ

Kang Ho Dong to Host New Variety Show Involving Fan Club Competitions

With K-Pop’s growing influence, the fan culture has definitely evolved. In efforts to highlight the dynamics of fan clubs, Kang Ho Dong will lead a new MBC variety show that showcases competition between two fandoms. In regards to the new show, a broadcast insider expressed, “We are in the process of planning and organizing, as the show will portray a fresh format that has never been seen on television.” Kang Ho Dong will join forces with former “Radio Star” creator and writer Hwang Sun Young and producer Hwang Kyo Jin.

Despite the limited information about the new program, the decision by Kang Ho Dong to host the show indicates that we can anticipate a fun and interesting broadcast. Unlike the negative fanwars that occur through the anonymity of the internet, the show will create an exposed environment that allows fan clubs to challenge each other all for good-natured fun.

The MBC variety show will start recording in mid-March, while the first episode is set to broadcast in April.

Which idol fan club would you want to see on this show?

source: No Cut News via Naver + Soompi

shit will certainly hit the fan
🌈 Rainbow Noeul: shades

JYP Confirms First Member of Upcoming Girl Group

JYP Entertainment has taken the first step towards revealing their latest girl group.

A representative of JYP revealed to Sports Seoul on February 27, “We are preparing a six-member girl group. They will show the healthy charm of bright and strong teen girls. We ask you to anticipate a lot.”

According to the source, one of the members is Lena, who caught the attention of many with her smooth rap verses in Sunmi‘s “Full Moon.” Born in 1993, she is originally from the U.S., and has been a trainee for over two years. Thanks to her outstanding rap and dance skills, not to mention her beautiful looks, she is one of the leading members of the group.

Even though Lena is a Korean-American, the other members are not from multicultural backgrounds. They are in their teens, and will be entering the market of girl groups with their fresh charms, which stand out from the current trend of sexy concepts.

The name of the group is still kept in secret, but they can be expected to debut this spring. The album can be expected to include diverse tracks, not to forget one or two produced by the one and only Park Jin Young. As there have been no new traditional girl groups from JYP since Wonder Girls and miss A, many are expecting to see whether this one has what it takes to become JYP’s latest representative girl group.

Are you getting excited already?

Source: Sports Seoul via Soompi

Supposedly, the group's name is 6Mix