March 2nd, 2014

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Bangtan on a bunch of radio shows

Lots of ass shaking and massacring of girl group dances

[Just One Day + before broadcast]

[Impersonations + wake up calls on ShimShimTapa]

(I would actually throw Jimin to the sun if he woke me up like that)

[Coffee on Jang Yoon Ju's Rooftop (LQ)]

source: KBS CoolFM (full show at the source) + karismaima + jk collaboration

ETA: To anyone who's having trouble watching the videos (I assume it's just KTR) I reuploaded the punishment video and the Haruman performance ^^ (ugh it keeps saying video not found so just download it~)

SEUNGRI to appear in his first Korean drama

BhY66-hCIAAGZ-V.jpg large

[일간스포츠 김진석] BIGBANG’s SEUNGRI, aged 24, is to make his first appearance in a South Korean drama.

SEUNGRI confirmed that he will partake in SBS’s new weekend drama “Angel Eyes” (working title) that is to be aired in April.

Related personnel said, “On Feb 27 SEUNGRI participated in the first script reading, working together with other actors like KU HYE SUN, LEE SANG YOON and KANG HA NEUL. They ended the reading on a very good note.”

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So happy for my baby Seungri!! hope this is the start for his serious acting career in korea

Source : YGlife

Byun Yo Han

EXO-M draws 40,000 fans for 1st Nature Republic Fansign in Hongkong

Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 2.40.04 AM

March, 1st 2014, EXO 1st fansigning for Nature Republic in Hongkong received hot cheer of the fans and has been completed successfully.

The fans crowded in the front of Nature Republic HongKong Branch completely paralyzed the nearby Monkook Street.

In order to return to the love of the fans, EXO members holding an Q&A session as well as.

This fansigning event was not just attract the fans, but also the local Hongkong medias.

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Source: Nature Republic Facebook
Translation: TheGuidance @ OH

this gif remains forever relevant....

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100%'s Minwoo to enlist on March 4, members to make a comeback this month

I miss you a lot ^ㅡ^


[Announcement] Hello. This is TOP Media.
First of all, we would like to thank everyone for your love and support for [100%].

100% Minwoo will enter the Uijeongbu training camp on 4th March 2014 to receive basic military training and begin his enlistment as an active-duty soldier.

He will be greeting the fans for a moment before entering the training camp on that day. Please give your words of encouragement and support for Minwoo who is faithfully carrying out his duty as a Korean citizen.

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T____________T why didn't they make a comeback before his enlistment
the gang

Another list for us to disagree on: idols choose fellow idols with best vocals

Idols choose Ailee as the #1 vocals on 'Super Idol Chart Show'

Article: [Super Idol Chart Show] Ailee is the 'idol with the best vocals' #1

Source: News 24 via Naver

Idols were asked to vote on a fellow idol with the best vocals:

1. Ailee
2. Taeyeon
3. Hyorin
4. IU
5. 2AM Changmin
6. Bom
7. Jonghyun
8. A Pink Eunji
9. Ryeowook
10. Kyuhyun
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source: news 24 via naver, trans by netizenbuzz

Eunji should be way higher. So who are your picks Omona??

[I couldn't pick just ten]
In no particular order


2NE1’s official TV comeback to be March 9 on Inkigayo

The four divas of 2NE1 officially announced their TV comeback date. Fans will be able to see them on air on SBS’s live music-ranking program Inkigayo on March 9.

Inkigayo delivered the news during the live show on March 2.

Inkigayo used an image and subtitle to officially announce to the fans and the viewers that 2NE1’s TV comeback date will be on March 9. The MC of the show, LEE YU BI, then continued on to say that 2NE1 will unveil themselves on TV on the announced date, confirming that March 9 marks 2NE1’s first TV comeback of the 2nd full album.

Since the release on Feb 27 at 0 hour, 2NE1’s double title songs “COME BACK HOME” and “GOTTA BE YOU” currently stand at the top of major South Korean music charts, while ranking within the top 100 in 20 iTunes around the world on March 2, for 4 days in a row. All eyes had been on the powerful quartet to see when their comeback date would be.

Their new songs were performed for the first time as part of their 2nd World Tour at Seoul Songpagu Olympic Park SK Handball Arena on March 1, and will continue on to do the same on March 2.

The music video of “COME BACK HOME” will be unveiled on March 3, while the offline album will officially be released on March 7.


Ah, I can't wait!

2NE1 AON Tour in Seoul Day 1 Fancams

Short / incomplete fancams:

Full fancams:

Come Back Home Performance // Happy MV

Source: Akoo Tasha, kwon dragon, kalle anka, win a, dkdkdkdkdkghei, xxxcrazydog_, LP2NE1 tumblr

This popped up on my tumblr feed, so I thought I'd share ^^ On WIN A's youtube channel, there is a fancam of the after party that I know people were asking for. I'm also really sorry for the 2ne1 post spam lately..
Kiss me

“Man from the Stars” to Release a Never-Before-Seen Epilogue


Many are still reeling in from the conclusion of SBS’ “Man from the Stars,” but fans can anticipate one more last clip from the drama. It was announced that the drama would release a never-before-seen epilogue on March 4. “Man from the Stars” had always finished each episode with an epilogue that brought laughter or tears to viewers. The last episode also concluded with an epilogue that showed actress Chun Song Yi’s (Jun Ji Hyun) interview about Do Min Joon (Kim Soo Hyun). However, due to the drama broadcast time, the full epilogue was not aired.

A staff of the drama expressed, “We will be showing the full version of the epilogue that was not aired due to time issues. The clip will be released on March 4. Although we were disappointed that we had to edit the epilogue because of time, we hope to officially conclude the drama with a happy ending through the full epilogue that will be posted on the homepage.”

The full epilogue with the never-before-seen cut will be uploaded on “Man from the Stars’” official homepage ” on March 4.



140302 KPOPSTAR 3: 1st live round

kpopstar season 3
Only five contestants performed this week. The rest of the top ten will perform next week.

Kwon Jinah
[Performing Primary's See Through]

The Shorties
[Performing Brown Eyed Soul's Brown City]

[Performing Cigarette Shop Girl (?)]

Sam Kim
[Performing G-Dragon's That XX]

Bernard Park
[Performing Kim Tae Woo's I Want to Say]I couldn't find a official video of his performance on youtube, so here is the studio version. You can still watch his live performance on

Studio versions:
[Kwon Jinah]
[The Shorties]
[Sam Kim]
[Bernard Park]

Sources: SBSNOW, KPOPSTAR, Jen Chau

Who are you rooting for Omona? I'm in love with Kwon Jinah's live performance and The Shorties studio version of Brown City.
Edit: Links are fixed.
Byun Yo Han

EXO's D.O cast in a new SBS drama!!!!

Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 9.41.32 PM

"EXO’s D.O got casted in ‘It’s Alright, It’s Love’.

'It's Alright, It's Love' (scripted by: Ro Heekyung/directed by: Kim Gyutae/produced by: GT Ent.,CJ E&M) is a drama made by writer Ro Heekyung and director Kim Gyutae who previously made the hit drama film, 'That Winter, The Wind Blows', which is about the emotions of normal civilians' need and desires of life and love but are forced to suppress their true feelings. This romantic mental clinic drama is already one of the most expected dramas of this summer and is already gaining the attention of many people.

In this production, D.O is casted as the role of “Han Kangwoo”, who is a high schooler with a big dream to become a bestseller writer in order to make his mother happy. He has a mysterious characteristic and as his character builds up throughout the drama, he is to become and important key point and is expected to catch the eyes of the audience.

Since after especially, D.O is already casted in the movie ‘Cart’ that is planned to première later this year followed with the drama, ‘It’s Alright, It’s Love’, giving a sneak peak towards his future promotions through the Brown Theaters and home screen, hoping to show a side of him that is not only a singer, but as an actor too.

The drama ‘It’s Alright, It’s Love’ that D.O is casted into is scheduled to start airing the following July through SBS.”

Source: newsen

OMG Kyungsoo is racking up them acting roles, who would've thought????



Onion's obsession with WINNER invites you in






PHOTOS (Jinwoo is killing me)















TEAM B was in the audience





[OSEN=김사라 인턴기자] YG’s new boy group WINNER appeared as guests at 2NE1’s concert, where they felt “honored” to be part of it.
The boy group appeared as guests at 2NE1’s 2nd World Tour “ALL OR NOTHING” held in Seoul Bangidong’s Olympic Park SK Olympic Handball Arena to perform 2 songs “JUST ANOTHER BOY” and “GO UP.”
After the performance, the leader, KANG SEUNG YOON commented, “It is a great honor for us to be here as guests for 2NE1’s concert,” and KIM JIN WOO added, “We want to make it a memorable experience.”
LEE SEUNG HOON said, “2NE1 is awesome. We are going to work hard so we can be like them,” showing his admiration for the quartet. SONG MIN HO and NAM TAE HYUN told the fans, “We will deliver fun performances. You can have your expectations high for 2NE1’s performances, and ours, when we make a debut soon.”
“JUST ANOTHER BOY,” a work of YG’s producer TEDDY, was sang by the boys with tasteful wrapping and sweet melody. The members then moved on to heightened the mood with the upbeat “GO UP.”
WINNER had been going on air through Mnet’s WINNER TV, and since the program ended on Feb 14, the five are currently preparing to make a debut in full force.