March 4th, 2014

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100%'s fancafe updates, I have a waterfall down my face

[Fancafe Update: I’m 100% Sanghoon]
You’re curious about my news aren’t you?
I think many are shocked by my news…
I hope that everyone will support me since this is a decision made after I’ve thought about this for a long time.
Although I’m not together with 100% physically, they are always in my heart so please support, love and pray for 100% and me!!
And Minwoo-hyung!! I’ll buy (fried) chicken and visit you~
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source: 100% fancafe, trans by shiroirukaze

"Let me know if you’re being harassed. I’ll scold them!!" ;~;


Who wore it better? Suit edition!

Kim Seo Ryong suit, ~900$

picture heavy!
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Who wore it better?

Kim Ji Hoon
John Park
Oh Chang Seok
all work it
nope, all are looking tragic
burn it and give me the money!

source: kbykimseoryong 1, 2, kmagazinelovers 1, 2, bigbangupdates, ngah, dailyexo, me2day, naver, anne0626, obsnews, beatuscorner

guess which op isn't nominated for omona's feb user :(
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CL is Getting them Praises, Ya'll!

So, 2NE1 released a new album and with it came another solo song from CL. Since I've been seeing some warm reception, I decided to share~!

Screen shot 2014-03-04 at 5.55.17 AM

DJ/music producer (and a personal fave of mine), TokiMonsta, tweeted CL's song with a nice comment!

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Yay for praise! Just a few people but that's a good thing. It means hard work pays off and that YG might even trust her to take on even more musical responsibilities for the group. I think a 2NE1 less reliant on the company will probably be for the best.

via clthebaddestfemale for translations // TokiMonsta twitter // Yella Diamond twitter // Jerry.k twitter // Madclown twitter // Charlie Choi twitter // Popdust twitter

“Man from the Stars” PD Would Like a Second Season


Man from the Stars” PD Jang Tae Yoo recently gave a jolt of excitement to all fans by commenting about the possibility of a second season!

On March 3, director Jang Tae Yoo made an appearance on the SBS morning show, “Good Morning” and spoke about the recently ended “Man from the Stars.”

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But cut the early 70s crap and give us the 7 babies
Make it alien babies at high school, alien babies through puberty, make it Star-crossed
(also get on this show people I'll be a pain if it's cancelled)


2NE1 Serves Double Dose of Fierce With 'Come Back Home' & 'Happy' Videos


The K-pop girl group shakes up a CGI-created world and downtown Los Angeles with new visuals

K-pop's baddest females are truly back and bolder than ever. After spending 2013 experimenting with different images and sounds -- from the sunny, reggae pop of "Falling in Love" to the sparse, piano ballad "Missing You" -- 2NE1's new album "Crush" feels like a return to the group's roots. The 10-track LP comes with hard-hitting, electro-pop/hip-hop tracks that recall some of 2NE1's past singles while refreshing the formula with new sounds and influences.

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Member of the month: Voting Opens

All members in the following poll received 5 or more +1 votes in the previous nomination post.
The Member of The Month nominee with the most votes will be rewarded with their choice of titanium steel bracelet from

benihime99 For their Eat Like Oppa/Noona Omona originals. They add another dimension to the community & help us grow in a new direction.
rightclick5ave For her constant life giving Spica posts.
markthatcoin For welcoming new members, encouraging others throughout the community to join in & helping them feel they belong.
uledy For sharing varied & interesting Korean culture news stories with the community ex. 1, 2, 3 (& for her greatness)
babyonions For being a comment section cheerleader & popping her 1st post cherry.
chibiyunie For their long time contribution of SNSD airport posts. They have truly serviced Omona.
in_noctem For feeding Omona's obsession with their Bangtan posts.

Honorable Mentions:

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Kim Soo Hyun - Esquire Interview (+ more pictures)


The New Power - Kim Soohyun is here!

Kim Soohyun, after experiencing modern and Joseon era, and even traveled to alien world, currently he is the actor with the highest on-demand who has the most value in the 20th century.

The movies and dramas that he is in, they have all achieved very high viewership ratings and outstanding results. Even other actors and netizens are very curious about this man, who has a lot of charisma in him.

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Source: 金秀贤吧, asianstarsru
Eng trans: kim-soohyunnie 1, 2, 3, 4


Good news for 4-minute fans! The girls announce their comeback to be later this month or early in April with a Brave Brothers' song.

According to Cube Entertainment, the recording of the songs for their upcoming 5th mini album is already finished and might be released in April since this month is a special month for the group. In addition to that, the title track of their album is going to be produced by Brave Brothers and their comeback outfits will be in Paris-New York style collectoin.

Cube told TVReport on March 4, "The album jacket photoshoot is finished and the promotion would likely to begin at the end of this month depending on the situation. The music video set and the outfits might affect the schedule. 4minute are going to showcase the Paris-New York collection on their title song's stages."

source: nate via dkpopnews

Vixx TV Episode 80, aka Hongbin's Sass face episode and Extra Extra: Leo to Do Musical

[Read Below for details]

leo cast in musical “full house” information

Hello Starlights, this is the ST★FF.

We are informing you of the news of Leo’s casting in a musical.

Name of Musical: Full House
Name of Character: Lee Youngjae

*You can check the schedule of his participation on the show’s homepage in the future.

We ask for Starlights’ support for Leo who will be facing a new challenge as ‘Lee Youngjae’.

Thank you :)

Source: RealVixx
Translation: FYeah-Vixx

I'm personally a little shocked by the news of Leo doing and actually agreeing to do a musical just because I didn't think he would want to do anything that involved acting. But I wish my feline all the best. :D
mirrors lies

Dispatch gives fashion advice based on weather


[STARCAST - What should I wear this week?] What is a way to dress for freezing weather in early spring of my man?

‘What should I wear this week’ that ‘STARCAST’ prepared, the first week of March is men fashion. We have prepared the suit that matches matriculation ceremony to warm look to prepare for the freezing weather in early spring.

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Written by=Song Eun Joo(Dispatch)
Pictures=Dispatch DB
Source: starcast

fyi the captions on pictures are translated in the article!
i'm ironic stanning

this is a prince roy roundup!

Roy Kim to Sign With CJ E&M and Announce New Album

Singer Roy Kim is signing an exclusive contract with CJ E&M and will announce a new full album.

According to CJ E&M on February 24, Roy Kim, who is currently studying abroad at Georgetown University in the U.S., will be releasing a new album this fall, and will be resuming activities with a concert. An official at CJ E&M said, “In order to allow him to focus on both his studies and music, we won’t hold back with support. Roy Kim is currently studying and working on his music in the United States.”

The singer said, “I’m very carefully preparing the new album, and I’ll return with good music.”

Following his win on 2012’s “Superstar K4,” Roy Kim has since received a lot of love with his single “Bom Bom Bom,” and his first album, “Love Love Love.”

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source: soompi, roy's youtube channel, heritory, roy's instagram, sweetiesangwoo (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13)

tell me.. how can he look so good in those heritory photos and then make THAT his first ig post??? LMFAO
Sungjong Twinkeul

This is it!!! TOHEART (Woohyun and Key) - "Delicious" MV Teaser!!!!

Source: SM Town on YT

[EDIT] Video teaser was set to private. Prolly SM wanted to add the Genie lower third graphic ad on the video. Lol. Will wait for an available video to embed
[EDIT 2] Found a working link. Thanks the_erotomanic I figured it out myself u slowpoke luv yew
[EDIT 3] Added a Youtube version just in case it doesn't work on mobile devices.

[EDIT 4] Finally, SM uploaded the cured version with Woohyun's name correctly spelled LOLOLOLOLOLOL
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Star Empire screws up again: Eunjung leaves Jewelry + Will add new members and comeback!


Jewelry denied rumors of disbandment after Kim Eun Jung's withdrawal, announcing that they will make a comeback soon.

Star Empire Entertainment staff claimed that “Kim Eun Jung will leave the Jewelry because of contract termination. Jewelry will regroup with new members and make a comeback this year. They are not disbanding”.

Jewelry first debuted with Discovery in 2001, and with the withdrawal of Jung Yoo Jin and Jung Eun Mi, Jo Min Ah and Seo In Young joined original members Lee Ji Hyun and Park Jung Ah to bring the group to stardom.

Lee Ji Hyun and Jo Min Ah”s withdrawal after a few years led to a new Jewelry with the addition of Ha Joo Yeon and Kim Eun Jung; in 2011, Park Jung Ah and Seo In Young announced their withdrawal, allowing Jewelry to receive Park Se Mi and Kim Yewon.

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sources: ohkpop + netizenbuzz

well if no one else was going to post it...