March 5th, 2014

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Music you may have missed in February!

A lot happened in the very short month of February but let's recap some of the music that was posted here that you may have missed out on the first time it came around:


[Spoiler (click to open)]
Vidan is a 5 membered girl group that plays traditional Korean instruments. This is their song Opening New Age. Somehow when the drums kicked in with the gayageum, it reminded me of Depeche Mode. Eunjung's vocals have a clear, traditional sound, it's very pleasant but also powerful at the same time.

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Jonghyun Remains Flawless; Critisizes the Government for not doing Enough for Comfort Women

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 1.21.58 AM

Article: SHINee Jonghyun criticizes, "Does the government have any intention of solving the issue of comfort women?"

Source: Mydaily via Nate

His closing comment on his MBC FM4U radio, "Every year on March 1st, I think of our grandmothers who were forced into sex slavery by the Japanese soldiers. Nevermind the attitude of the Japanese government, I'm curious as to whether our government has any intention of solving this issue. I heard that there are about 55 remaining survivors and I wonder if we will be able to see them smiling brightly before they pass."

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OP misses ☆Spica☆ already so here's a post of ☆Spica☆ things

140301 WAPOP Concert (I'll Be There, Tonight, You Don't Love Me)

140301 Juhyun, Narae & Bohyung on Gourmet Road aka Kim Bohyung's Cute Eating Reactions ft. food and other people
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140303 Dispatch photos
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SAUCES: WAPOP, Gourmet Road (gif), Instagram: spicakimboa, nahayoung_, Turn Up Speaker: 1, 2, 3

- seems like Spica will still have one more Inkigayo stage and a mini fan meeting on 9 March! \o/
- Narae said she could see herself being a radio DJ in five years, but it seems like her dream has already come true :D she's now a fixed guest on Kim Shinyoung's Music Party every Wednesday (noon KST) ^^ you can stream the programme on the MBC Mini app (Android, iOS)

and ty to everyone for the MOTM nomination/votes!! I'm not gonna win it but it's lovely to even be part of this ♥ please show Spica even more love, that's way better than winning :D


Who wore it better? Jeans edition!

Hannah Muse Siwy Jeans, 300 235$
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Who wore it better?

Park Han Byul (1)
Park Han Byul (2)
all are looking fine
no one tbh
burn it and give me the money!

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handsome Hyolyn

Melody of Love releases "Ya Ya Ya" OST featuring SISTAR's Dasom!

SISTAR’s Dasom will be participating in the third theme song for the KBS daily drama “Love Rides the Song.” The “Love Rides the Song” production team revealed this on March 5, saying that the song “Ya Ya Ya,” featuring Dasom, singer Kim Tae Hyung, and various musical actors, would be released that day.

“Ya Ya Ya” is the opening title song heard during the first scene of the first episode, featuring a catchy chorus and a melody that is easy to sing along with. The song is a collaboration between Choi Chul Ho, the musical director for the dramas “Slave Hunter” and “Good Doctor,” and composer Jo Yong Hoon. Lee Sung Kwon, the president of Deohagi Media, said, “As Dasom’s first OST, the ‘Love Rides the Song’ soundtrack is garnering quite a bit of interest, showing off Dasom’s singing.”

“Love Rides the Song” is a musical drama about three families who learn to be thankful for family, and reflect on the wrongs that they’ve done to others.

cr; soompi

I know nobody but me is watching Melody of Love but I wanted to share this OST because it's Dasom first solo one and because she sounds really sweet here~

zhang liyin » standing in the boundary

SM Entertainment to shift promotions from Japan to China?

Korea Investment & Securities Co.,Ltd. on the 3rd reported that SM Entertainment (041510) (48,050원▲ 400 0.84%) corporate performance last year in Japan were poor, but this year the singers in the agency will focus on activities in China and improve their performance. The targeted stock price will be 54,000 won and the investment opinions and purchases will be maintained.

Researcher Kim Shi Woo says, "Last year the yen developed weakness and SM Japan sales decreased etc. While overseas sales also declined" and "Yen sales were at a 75 billion Yen level over the previous year where it was increased at 7% and the Won currency sales at the same length dropped 15%" he reported.

Researcher Kim also stated "Greater China's whole sales level last year was at 9% but this year is rising 20% and singers from the Chinese agency are expected to have activities that will be actively set" adding "EXO, f(x), Super Junior M, Zhang Liyin will be focused for Chinese nationwide tours, TV appearances, commercials, and modeling etc."

And to top it all off, he also expects regarding Chinese activities, "The new line up of SM C&C(048550) (3,285원▲ 50 1.55%) contents production business etc. will have an improvement in sales".

Source: Chosun
Translations: plumblossoms @ Chocolyn

Crucial Star and Sojin release MV teaser for "Three things I want to give you"

Girl’s Day member Sojin and Crucial Star recently released a teaser clip for their joint project collaboration, “Three Things I Want to Give to You.”

On March 3, Grandline Entertainment revealed the teaser clip for “Three Things I Want to Give to You” on their official YouTube channel.

Digipedi directed the music video for “Three Things I Want to Give to You” along with music videos for Busker Busker’s “Cherry Blossom Ending,” Geeks’ “Wash Away” and Kim Yerim’s “Voice.”

“Three Things I Want to Give to You” is a remake of Park Hye Kyung’s original track. Interest is gathering around the track, as it is expected to follow the success of Soyou and Jungigo’s “Some.”

“Three Things I Want to Give to You” will be released on March 10!

cr: soompi; GrandlineENT

Brand New Music releases teasers for new group 'Troy'

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source: brandnewmusic + bnmtroy

yesss they're finally debuting ;; I've been waiting forever
jaewoong's profile is here and here is kanto's. Kanto released a song last year featuring Sunggyu & you can listen to his mixtapes here and here. They dance pretty well too (kanto is in white, changwoo has the bandana around his head and his hair is parted down the middle, jaewoong is in grey)
sica frown

Girls' Generation Hits the Billboard 200

For the first time as all nine members, Girls' Generation earns a spot on the Billboard 200 with its new EP, "Mr. Mr." The all-Korean set hits No. 110, selling just over 3,000 copies, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

The six-track record surpasses the previously highest-charting K-pop album on the Billboard 200. The "Twinkle" EP released by Girls' Generation - TTS, a splinter trio featuring members Tae Yeon, Tiffany and Seohyun, hit No. 126 in 2012. With 3,000 copies sold, the sub unit had held the title for highest-charting K-pop album until this week.

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Source: Billboard SMTOWN

international sone buying power? or maybe everyone has seen the light in the best reason of this comeback?
♥ SHINee Onew: kisseu~

OP is submitting this post from grave: SHINee to bring “SHINee World III” to Latin America

SHINee is confirmed to hold their first concert tour in Latin America!

On March 6th, SM Entertainment confirmed that SHINee will be bringing their concert “SHINee World III” to Latin America with confirmed stops in Mexico, Chile and Argentina. This will be the first time that the group will hold an official activity in the continent.

SHINee will kickstart the Latin American leg of their tour in Mexico on April 4th, Chile on 6th and Argentina on the 8th. The agency are gearing themselves to a positive welcome form the fans with the confirmed announcement of the concert.

Meanwhile, SHINee will be launching the tour in South Korea on March 8th and 9th.

Any of our readers in Latin America coming to see them?

Source: Newsen via Koreaboo

OP can't wait to be resurrected by shinee's light and presence

2NE1 Sets New U.S. Record for Highest-Charting, Best-Selling K-Pop Album With 'Crush'

The female quartet snags the accomplishment without revealing any album material prior

K-pop notches its biggest sales week yet for an album, thanks to 2NE1. The girl group's new album "Crush" opens at No. 61 on the Billboard 200, selling 5,000 copies in the week ending March 2, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

The set surpasses the previous best week, logged by boy band BIGBANG's "Alive" in 2012, which launched with 4,000. More impressively, the quartet managed the feat with four days of sales.

2NE1 also immediately sets the record for the highest-charting K-Pop album on the Billboard 200. Until this week's chart, the scene had only hit as high as No. 126 with Girls' Generation-TTS' "Twinkle" EP in 2012.

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[Exclusive] "Gold. Love. All Yuna's"…Kim Yuna Falls in Love

Kim Yuna has fallen in love. The lucky guy is ice hockey player Kim Won-jung. He is the national team’s undisputed best player, a graduate of Korea University who played for Anyang Halla. For now he plays in the ice hockey team of the Korea Armed Forces Athletic Corps (Daemyung Sangmu).

[op is heartbroken]

[DispatchㅣArticle by 임근호·송은주·서보현] Taereung National Training Center does not have a separate ice rink for figure skating. The figure skaters share the space with short track speed skaters, hockey players and others by splitting the time. Figure skaters get the rink from 10 to 1, short track skaters from 1 to 3, and the hockey team from 3 to 6.

Although Korea is the country of figure skating’s current golden girl, the training environment leaves much to be desired. If there is a silver lining, it’s in often getting to see the person one cares about. That is the case for Kim Yuna and Kim Won-jung, who were each other’s strength as they rooted for each other.

Kim Yuna has fallen in love. The lucky guy is ice hockey player Kim Won-jung. He is the national team’s undisputed best player, a graduate of Korea University who played for Anyang Halla. For now he plays in the ice hockey team of the Korea Armed Forces Athletic Corps (Daemyung Sangmu). He was the strongest contributor in getting his team into the Asia League Ice Hockey PO in 2013 and 2014, and was the star of the 2013 Ice Hockey championship win.

The ice wasn’t such a cold place when it came to love.

In July of 2012, Kim Yuna announced that she would return for one more Olympics game. She stepped up her game since her last great victory in Vancouver. It was an important decision for Korea’s figure skating future, a resolve made for the younger figure skaters who were heading for Sochi. And so Kim Yuna returned to Taereung Training Center in two years.

She was called the “Queen,” was seen as a “conqueror” on ice. But going back to the start to take on that challenge again was painful. Even in constant burning movement, she kept her head cool.

Her oasis was sunbae Kim Won-jung.

Dispatch covered Kim Yuna’s last moments to the Olympics, with a record of six months’ training starting in August of last year. It also captured Kim Yuna’s dates with Kim Won-jung on September 5, her birthday. It was witness to Yuna’s injury and watched her last training session before she left for Sochi.

◆ Kim Yuna Faces Injury

On September 11, Kim Yuna’s face crumpled as she was leaving the rink. Her every step was followed by pain. It was completely different from her usual self. It looked like things were out of her control. Two weeks later, the Korean Skating Union announced the news of her metatarsal injury.

Maybe Yuna guessed this might happen when she decided on her comeback. Injuries would be high on the list of all the things she had to fight. But Kim took it on the chin. She couldn’t use her injury as an excuse to rest. She trained every single day.

Kim Won-jung was there for her. As a hockey player who had to stand body checking at every moment, the pain of injury was familiar to him. A friend of Kim Won-jung said he “was under a lot of physical pain and psychological pressure from his injuries” and that “Kim Won-jung was a strong shoulder to lean on. He would make Kim Yuna smile when she was in pain.”

◆ Kim Yuna and Kim Won-jung- the Connection

Kim Yuna and Kim Won-jung’s history goes back to 2010. When Kim Yuna chose Korea University, the two became colleagues at the ice rink. Both were skaters. Even though they weren’t in the same year, both of them had to face their battles on the ice field.

Taereung was their connection. Yuna came to train in Taereung in July 2012 after announcing her comeback. Four months later, in November, Kim Won-jung joined the national training center. As luck would have it, the Korea Armed Forces Athletic Corps had started an ice hockey team, and the national team player was chosen to be part of it.

The Olympics was also a common goal, as Kim Yuna trained for Sochi, while Kim Won-jung aimed for Pyeongchang. The Korea Armed Forces Athletic Corps selected national team members preferentially in order to “support the national team in forming the best fighting power, and join in the race toward Pyeongchang.”

◆ Kim Yuna and Kim Won-jung, Sympathy in Suffering

Kim Yuna’s worst enemy was Kim Yuna. In the constant fight against herself, the days were a sequence of lonely difficult hours. To make matters worse, she was injured. She couldn’t even move freely on ice. She would warm up in the rink in the mornings, and do indoors strength training in the afternoons.

Things were difficult for Kim Won-jung as well. The military hockey team only had 17 members, about half of a regular hockey team (30 players). In the 2013~2014 season, Daemyung Sangmu had to play in the Asia League Ice Hockey and the national championships at the same time. Kim had to move twice as much to keep up in the game.

Maybe their hardships made their time together seem sweeter. They looked after each other on special days. Kim Won-jung held a birthday party for Kim Yuna last September 5, while Kim Yuna celebrated Kim Won-jung’s birthday on December 19. And they didn’t miss out on Christmas Eve, Korea’s day for sweethearts.

◆ Kim Yuna and Kim Won-jung’s Stolen Hours

In fact, the two didn’t have much time to meet. Yuna, for one, had to focus on the Sochi games. Her training went on from 9 to 6. Kim Won-jung is serving his compulsory military service, which means he has to live in the squadroom even in the training center, and has restrictions on leaving it.

Although the two practiced in the same rink, their paths only crossed in a flash. Kim Yuna would finish her training just as Kim Won-jung was starting his… it was the only hour they could see the other’s face.

But they did have one rule- to meet outside the center twice a month. Usually they had to adjust the hours to Kim Won-jung’s days or nights off. Since the army team swept through the championships last season, they were rewarded with days/nights off and stand-downs on the days after important matches. Those were the hours that the two would meet.

◆ Yuna and Won-jung on Samgyeopsal Dates

Not that the dating hours were long. At most they had about two hours for meals. Usually they went to Korean barbecue places near Taereung. The menu was almost always samgyeopsal, an extension of their training.

Not surprising, as Kim Yuna was obliged to eat samgyeopsal to keep up her strength. She once said in an Olympics press conference that she “had to build muscles fast. Because I use up so much energy I consciously eat meat.”

The two blocked out attention to themselves with the help of friends and acquaintances. They went on double dates like they were meeting friends. Kim Yuna’s manager was also present for most of the dinners. People around them recognized Yuna, but couldn’t suspect the relationship.

◆ Gold. Love. All Yuna's.

7 minutes. For a 7-minute performance Kim Yuna toiled 600 days. It amounts to a total of 104,592 hours. In all, she trained for 8,705,520 hours. And on February 21, she gave her all in Sochi. All of Korea cried. But Kim Yuna smiled. It was a smile that said, it’s all over now, I’m free.

She battled herself for an Olympics that was shared by everyone. It must have been a lonely and difficult time. Kim Won-jung was a shoulder she could lean on, an umbrella that protected her, a shade where she could rest.

Gold. Love. All Yuna’s. Now she puts down the heavy crown to plan a new life. Let’s hope it starts with her sweet newfound love. Not as the queen on ice, but for 24-year-old Yuna.

☞ For Gold

What do netizens think?

netizen comments on nate article:

1. [+2,981, -37] I'm glad that Dispatch waited until the Olympics were over before releasing this. Something other media outlets should learn from.

2. [+1,922, -31] Whenever I met up with friends, we'd always talk about who we thought Yuna would end up marrying ㅋㅋㅋ a fellow athlete... such a Yuna-like love ㅎㅎ They match well~ Have a beautiful love~~!!!

3. [+1,687, -18] Hul! They're wearing summer clothes. Dispatch must've waited a long time.

4. [+228, -4] Why am I sitting here impressed over Yuna's leg muscles. Ah, so jealous.

5. [+217, -5] Dispatch waited and waited until the Olympics were over to release it. I'm actually thankful of them ㅋㅋ

6. [+215, -4] Dispatch really went above and beyond for Kim Yuna before releasing this... quite honestly one of the most beautiful dating news article I've read.

netizen comments on naver article:

1. [+19,480, -265] As expected of Dispatch, they crack open everything ㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+17, 897, -356] Ah? Hmm? I can't say anything but daebak. I was always curious who Kim Yuna would end up choosingin the end... daebak. Supporting Yuna's love.. daebak daebak.

3. [+14,426, -283] Wow, Dispatch's class... have a great love!

4. [+11,645, -210] Daebak... daebak... daeeeeebaaaaaaak!!!!!!!

5. [+11,347, -252] Huuuul.... Congratulations!!!!!!!!!

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;_; glad yuna's livin' the life after like 912381029+ years of just ice skating. figures she meets someone who skates as well. their babies would have amazing calves. and ofc dispatch strikes again