March 7th, 2014

Kota Ibushi

Block B In America In June, Jazzy Group Continues To Play With Emotions By Changing Locations


Hello to all BBC,

Do you wanna B?

Are you all waiting patiently for our updates on ‘Block B Showcase Live in USA’?

We have made a decision on changing Block B showcase in Atlanta to Washington D.C, because Block B would like to cover more states and meet various BBC in the US.

Here are some updates on the venue!

22nd June - Theatre at Westbury, New York
24th June – Warner Theater, Washington D.C
27th June - The Fillmore Miami Beach, Florida

This will be the confirmed dates and venues, as there will not be any changes on it. Please stay tuned to Jazzy Group US page for more updates on the official ticket launch!

OP: Atlanta had previously been announced as the June 24th location at the end of February, but there were no venues given at that time for any of the cities. Jazzy Group changing ticket holders' seats, event venues, and generally annoying fans through poor planning is nothing new, but this is the first time they've decided to move a show over 600 miles away from a previously announced location.

Source: Jazzy Group USA Facebook 1 | 2

February Member of the Month: REVEAL!

February is a month for valentine's + love, & we love members that love Omona. Omona lovers are the loveliest of the lovelies! Some even say that Omona is for lovers, or maybe that's just me. I could go on but lets get to revealing who Omona chose as the member of the month for February.

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Your Eat Like Oppa/Noona posts have filled our hearts and our tummies. Thank you for taking the time to create an original series for the community to enjoy.

I'll be contacting you shortly about your choice of titanium steel bracelet! :D

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Bangtan to debut in Japan on June 4th with 'No More Dream'

★ There will be 3 versions ★

< Limited Edition A> [ CD + DVD ] ¥ 1,600
[CD] We Are Bulletproof, Rise of Bangtan, No More Dream
[DVD] Cover Art Making of the video going to collect (MV making/ bts footage ???)
[Benefits] high five participating lottery ticket

< Limited Edition B> [ CD + goods] ¥ 1,600
[CD] We Are Bulletproof, Rise of Bangtan, No More Dream
[Benefits ] Original dog tag (scheduled) / high touch participation lottery ticket

< Regular Edition > ¥ 1,200
[CD] We Are Bulletproof, Rise of Bangtan, No More Dream, I Like It
[Benefits ( ※ Only the first production ) ] one trading card (all eight ) / high touch participation lottery ticket

★ Release Events & high touch meeting ★
Tokyo - June 7
Osaka - June 8

source: 1, 2

I relied on Google translate and common sense so if anyone speaks Japanese please feel free to correct me lol. And err this feels too soon but good luck boys.

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YG Entertainment builds YG LAND in U.S.: foundation for North American market

YG Entertainment announced on March 7 that it is to build “YG LAND” in the U.S., setting a foundation for entering the North American market in full force.

YG will be working with M+D Properties as a joint business partner to build a multicultural complex. M+D Properties is a boutique brokerage firm that successfully built Plaza Mexico, the largest lifestyle shopping center in the western region centering on the Latin culture. YG is fully geared to penetrate the local market.

The complex that YG is involved in is called “The Source,” which is to open in Orange Country in 2015. Here YG will be promoting their brand and its global artists like PSY, BIGBANG and 2NE1 to penetrate the market.

Collapse )

Original Korean article: My Daily
Source & translation: YG Life

I hope M+D Properties pays most of the bills as I doubt this will make profit any time soon, if ever. Anyhow, I feel like YG is trying to make business in same manner in US as in Korea without understanding the differences in markets and audience.


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