March 13th, 2014

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F.CUZ to have a Korean comeback, OP's life has a meaning again

The group F.CUZ has moved to a new agency.

F.CUZ has recently signed an exclusive contract with the agency Tunes-Will Entertainment, heading off for a new start.

The group F.CUZ first debuted in 2010 and after releasing their 2nd mini album the member LeeU announced that he would be leaving the group. After adding the members Daegun and Raehyun, revamping as a 5 member group they have been active doing both variety and dramas.

After releasing the single “Dreaming I” in 2012 F.CUZ has had a long blank period in Korea. However, they have recently shook hands with the new agency Tunes-Will Entertainment. Tunes-Will Entertainment wholeheartedly be supporting F.CUZ and their planned vigorous activities.

Tunes-Will Entertainment stated “F.CUZ is a team full of potential that has a fan base not only in Korea but also in Japan. We will do our best to support their growth while they do various promotions”.

F.CUZ is now preparing for the release of their new album.

source: Focuzed translations via Asiae

Bye CanEnt see you never again

CL features in PSY’s new MV

[OSEN=손남원 기자] PSY, whose comeback is approaching, is arousing much attention as 2NE1’s CL is said to feature in his new music video.

According to several entertainment-related personnel on March 12, many famous artists and stars like SNOOP DOGG and G-DRAGON visited PSY’s new MV filming site. Among the top stars, some decided on the spot to feature in the video.

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Source: YGlife

2NE1, CN Blue, and Girls’ Generation to Appear on Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook

Almost a must if you have a comeback, Girl’s Generation, CN Blue, and 2NE1 will appear on KBS’ Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook once again.


On March 11, SNSD and CN Blue appeared at the recording of Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook, performing their latest hits for the audience.

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YG Entertainment decides edit CL’s solo song ‘MTBD’ after accusations of blasphemy

Girl band 2NE1 have found themselves embroiled in a bitter controversy over alleged insults to Islam after a song on their latest album quoted verses from the Qu’ran.

The offending lines come in a ditty titled “MTBD.”

An official at the Korea Muslim Federation on Wednesday demanded that 2NE1′s agency YG Entertainment “swiftly delete” the lyrics in question or “completely revise” the song, and apologize to all Muslims.

The federation threatened “concerted measures” with Muslims around the world unless its demands are met.

The lyrics in question last six or seven seconds and consist of background crooning while 2NE1′s CL is rapping. Muslim critics claim they were lifted from Sura 78, Verses 32-34 of the Qu’ran, which describes heaven.

YG Entertainment admitted that it sampled a track from another song but declined to explain further.
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Alpha Girls Episode #3 - Calm before the Storm

On this week's "Alpha Girls", it's the calm before the storm. Watch the girls prepare themselves for the busiest season of their career!

In this episode:

Soo Joo meets with her agency on how to tackle Fashion Week
Toki prepares and performs at her first Korean gig
Mina arrives in Las Vegas and waits to meet Tyga & Pharrell
Lanie puts on a "ratchorlette party" for her friend despite Trade Show

Source: Mnet America
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AlphaBAT update post~

White Day Event (they're making soap to give to their fans; each member is choosing three fans to give to)

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epsilon chose my message during the meet & greet!! ;v; and then beta blew a kiss 'cause i mentioned him like twice in my message. ;♥; fhdljsghlg it was so weird hearing them say my name.

edited to include the second white day video that just got released.

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OP might go crazy, B.A.P is coming to France and other related news

B.A.P on Their Popularity in Europe: “There’s an Appeal in Our Unique Style”


Among the different K-Pop idol groups, B.A.P is especially popular in Europe. The group was recently asked why they think that is.

On March 9, at the press conference for “B.A.P Live on Earth Seoul 2014,” member Daehyun said, “I think there’s an appeal in our unique style, and I think people like our masculine and powerful performances.

B.A.P’s agency TS Entertainment said, “As B.A.P hasn’t been to Europe yet, it’s hard to tell, but there’s definitely a highly positive response to the group there. We should be able to get an idea of their popularity during this world tour.” For this year’s world tour, B.A.P will be visiting America, Europe, Oceania, and Asia for a total of 20 concerts. In Europe they have decided on visits to Germany and France, and they will be adding other European countries to their itinerary at a later date.
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