March 14th, 2014


YG *might* be scouting Yoo Jae Suk


On March 14, reports that YG Entertainment was scouting MC Yoo Jae Suk began to spread, and the entertainment agency gave an official statement in response.
According to some reports, YG’s head Yang Hyun Suk met with Yoo Jae Suk for the purpose of scouting him into their agency.

However, a representative of Yoo Jae Suk denies such happenings. He said, “There was no such meeting between Yang Hyun Suk and Yoo Jae Suk.”

YG Entertainment also denied that there was a meeting, saying, “That is not true. We did not meet with Yoo Jae Suk. There is no truth to these reports.” The YG rep also added that he did not know how these rumors came to be.

A rumor like this may be unsurprising considering that YG Entertainment has been recently taking strategic steps to increase their influence in the entertainment industry. The company has taken in veteran actors, such as Choi Ji Woo and Cha Seung Won, to go beyond a music entertainment agency and become a “multi-entertainment” agency. YG has also recently signed an investment contract with one of Korea’s top modeling agency, K Plus.

Sources: naver 1 & 2, soompi

I am hoping with all my heart that there is some truth to these rumors. Finally my OTP dumb and dumber could be reunited~


20130312 Show Champion

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[ Videos I couldn't find ]B.A.P [1004(Angel)]

SPEED [Don't Tease Me]

Stellar [Marionette]

Kim So Jung [You Then You]

Scarlet [Do Better]

This is my first post I hope I did a good job and a special shout out to @stutterflies for helping me out :D
No show champion tag??

sources: KpopMusic Plus, MBCkpop, PreciousYou

Star Empire male vocal group debuts with "My Heart Says" MV (starring ZE:A Siwan)

ALSO watch this "Like A Man" bts making video because this song is amazing?? Is there another mv coming?? I'm so confused!

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Sources: SoReal, sorealcereal, plus sorealcereal and sportschosun and SoReal via jeit91 on omona

ZE:A5 was clearly the precursor to this. Pastels and everything.

mods please accept this one instead because I totally missed some sources and then I decided to add more things to the post idek -_-
krystal hairflip

SM ROOKIES Wendy OST for Mimi

‘Mimi’ Reveals Voice of SM Rookie Wendy in OST

A new face of SM Rookies has been revealed.

On March 14, SM Entertainment stated that Wendy was casted in 2012 at the SM Global Audition in Canada. Wendy is not only able to speak English fluent, she is able to sing well and play several instruments, such as the piano, guitar, flute, and more.

She gained much attention when it became known she was the voice behind the I Must Erase You in My Sadness (tentative English title), which is the theme song of Han Min Woo (TVXQ’s Changmin) and Mimi (Mun Ka Young) in the four part Mnet drama, Mimi.

I Must Erase You in My Sadness is a remake of Lee Hyun Woo’s song from his first album. Sung with Wendy’s style, the new version carried different charm from the original song. It will be revealed on March 14 at noon (KST).

Meanwhile, SM Rookies is a pre-debut team of trainees who are currently training under SM Entertainment.

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sources: mwave, smrookies-intl, BubbleFeetMusic Blast Channel 2 (OST)
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Who wore it better? SUPER DESTROYED edition!


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Who wore it better?

all work it
no one
burn it and give me the money!

source: theempressofdress, siwonescp, sup3rjunior, bigbanggreat, ygfamilyph, thehaje

Let's listen to Star Empire's new male vocal group SoReal on their debut mini "So Real Story"

Here's a playlist with intro + four tracks (five separate audio streams under the cut)

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[who are they anyway? well the leader Jangmoon is from A'ST1, remember them?]
SoReal consists of members Byun Jangmoon, Kang Sungho, Ryu Phillip, and Joo Daegeon. The leader Byun Jangmoon originally made his debut in 2008 with the group A’ST1 and has been noted as an idol with great singing ability and also already has a large following of fans. Many are curious as to how he has matured musically.

Their debut album will be titled “So Real Story” carries two different meanings: “their group (SoReal) story” as well as “a story that is real.” V.O.S’ Choi Hyunjoon and other producing teams which includes, hit songwriter Kim Taehyun, Cha Sangmin, Seo Jaeha, and Brian Kim all took part in producing SoReal’s debut album.

Star Empire representatives stated “We’re excited to show off SoReal who are able to make real and sincere music. We hope that many people will have high expectations and and look forward to the real music they will show.”

(I got sucked into watching this episode of Music Core because suju was promoting It's You, 2PM was promoting Again & Again, Shinee was promoting Juliette...)

Buy a signed copy of this album!

Yesasia: You can buy the signed album with a limited edition 32 page photobook and poster ($22.99 USD) or you can buy the signed album by itself ($15.99 USD). Thank you drippingillu for the tip!

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Sources: markthatcoin soundcloud (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), popgasa, sorealcereal and sportschosun, MBCkpop

Follow the fandom: SoReal Cereal on tumblr and youtube

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[YA] Herp derp


Full SNSD cut

140314 KBS Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook SNSD Mr... by thesonesource07

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Goodbye by flying petals

Goodbye by cotton candy

Goodbye by woorissica

Seohyun all by GGu3net



Kissing You


Mr.Mr. + Goodbye + Kissing You Acapella (Yoo... by thesonesource07

Sources: youtube - 김은미 GGu3net ssfcedge1 monmon soundcloud - for9gg translations - hyoyeonsubs2 dailymotion - thesonesource07

oop op went overboard. hopefully the videos won't be taken down soon LOL
edit: added in some translations and fixed the cut, sorry! ;;
2nd edit: replaced the deleted vids (, goodbye, mr removed vids)!
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Who wore it better? D&G edition!

DOLCE & GABBANA Printed silk-organza dress, $3,095

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Who wore it better?

Choi Kang Hee
Gong Hyo Jin
burn it and give me the money!

source: bestdress, showasia themasterssun
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What do a group of foodies and a murder have in common? Lee Soo Kyung (Lee Soo Kyung) is a 33-year-old divorcee who is a composed, confident woman who is happy to be living alone after marrying way too early in life. But the only thing that can make her lose her cool composure is great food. Living next door is another foodie, Goo Dae Young (Yoon Du Jun), a single man who loves surrounding himself with gourmet food but hates being asked if he is dining alone at great restaurants. When a strange murder occurs in their neighborhood, how will their lives be intertwined?
“Let’s Eat” is a 2013 South Korean drama series directed by Park Joon Hwa.

Watch here:


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source: netizenbuzz, TV Daily via Nate

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Cunning Single Lady/Sly And Single Again ‒ Ep 1-6 Discussion Post (Spoiler Warning!)

Watch on Gooddrama|Viki


A romantic comedy about Na Ae Ra who dreams of meeting a white knight after getting divorced from Cha Jung Woo when his business failed, but as soon as he becomes a successful venture businessman, she tries to seduce him back while the ex-husband Cha Jung Woo tries to date her again to get revenge.




sources: dramawiki|MBCdrama|MBCdrama@youtube (1, 2, 3)|KPopMarOST@youtube (1, 2)|shura@tumblr

Relax bears!

Age of Feeling caught up in budget woes and controversy

There sure is a lot of drama about this drama, which has pretty much been the case from Day 1. So now on top of struggling to cast a hero, swapping a main actress, getting its timeslot taken away, dropping the head writer, and firing one of the stars, now Age of Feeling is also struggling to pay its bills. Oy! Good grief.

The news is twofold: that the show has exceeded its production budget, and also failed to pay its actors and crew. I think this calls for a second OY! And GOOD GRIEF.

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[source: dramabeans]
First post! Is anyone else watching this pretty trainwreck?

B.A.P add a London date for their BAP Live on Earth tour

Neo Tokyo has just announced Tour Dates for BAP’s European stops during their BAP Live on Earth tour.

European Baby’s rejoice, as BAP will be coming to the London on the 27th of April, moving on to Paris on the 30th and their final European stop will be in Düsseldorf, Germany, on the 3rd of May.

The London concert will be held at 02 Brixton Academy, which has a capacity of almost 5000.

Ticket info will be released on Wednesday March 19th, and pre sales will start on Friday 21st at 09:00 AM CET.
Stay tuned for more information!
Will you be coming to see BAP live?

source: unitedkpop

yay, B.A.P's London date is on my bday! Dunno if I wanna go though, might wanna save money if SHINee end up coming here...(which I believe they will!)

SJ Kangin & VIXX Hyuk to join Law of The Jungle in Brazil


Grabbing the passing baton, Super Junior’s Kangin and VIXX’s Hyuk will be going to Brazil to take over Shinhwa Lee Min Woo and SHINee Onew’s place on SBS’ The Laws of the Jungle.

On March 14, Newsen spoke with SBS, who stated, “Super Junior’s Kangin and VIXX’s Hyuk will leave the country on March 15 to join The Laws of the Jungle Brazil Edition.”

“Kangin and Hyuk will fill in the missing spots for Onew and Lee Min Woo, who must return on March 17 due to schedules.”

Meanwhile, The Laws of the Jungle Brazil Edition will feature Kangin, Hyuk, Ye Ji Won, Bong Tae Gyu, Lee Min Woo, SBS announcer Bae Sung Jae, Oh Jong Hyuk, and Onew as the guests.

Source: ohkpop

I know about this show, but I've never actually took the time to watch. Is it any good? Also wow Hyuk first thing without his hyungs around. I'm worry that he'll be a small awkward turtle and not speak so much. Vixx tends to clam up when they aren't together or around people that they don't know....I shouldn't worry right, he'll be alright...right....right?? I'm not really all that worried about Kangin, beginning in the army he should have basic training and not freak out to much...right??
phany phany tif-TERMINATOOOOOR!!!

SM to release SNSD's Mr.Mr. Dance practice video!!...

...if they get 15 million views on their MV. Girls' Generation's facebook page on March 11 posted-

"소녀시대(Girls' Generation) 'Mr.Mr.' MV 1,500만 조회수 달성하기!
Reaching 15M views of Girls'Generation 'Mr.Mr.' MV!

소녀들의 'Mr.Mr.' 안무 연습 영상을 보고싶다면...?
소녀시대 'Mr.Mr.' 뮤직비디오 조회수가 1,500만이 되면 소녀들의 생생한 안무 연습 현장을 담은 영상이 공개 될 예정이오니, 여러분의 많은 참여 부탁 드립니다!

If Girls' Generation's ‘Mr.Mr.’ music video reach 15M views, the dance practice video of Girls' Generation's 'Mr.Mr.' will be released! Be anticipated for the lively dance practice by members. We ask lots of your interest and support.


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dont you want to see this perfection ? ;______;

Source: GG's facebook page, SM ent youtube channel