March 18th, 2014

SJM to make a comeback on March 21st!

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Super Junior-M is coming back with the release of their 3rd mini-album, “SWING”!

On March 18th, SM Entertainment announced that Siwon, Donghae, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun, Eunhyuk, Sungmin, Henry and Zhoumi will once again reunite as Super Junior-M with the release of their 3rd mini-album “SWING” through various music portals in China, followed by a number of promotional activities.
This will be the first material after their second regular album “Break Down” released more than a year ago.

It was also announced that Super Junior-M will be releasing their first teaser video today.
“SWING” is scheduled to be released on March 21st.

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Teen Top touring in NA - this month


The K-pop boy band will hit NYC, LA, San Jose and Toronto over a week.

After weeks of crowdfunding via K-pop concert kickstarter Krowdpop, boy band Teen Top has confirmed four North American dates in its "HIGH KICK" world tour. The sextet will hit the New York, Los Angeles, San Jose and Toronto areas in a whirlwind week of touring.

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Source: Billboard

How can they confirm it so late? Kpop in general moves at a crazy fast pace, but this seems a bit insane... I hope they can sell out everywhere.

Jackie Chan’s K-Pop Group, JJCC (Double JC), Releases Candid Video and Teasers for Debut


JJCC (pronounced Double JC), world action star Jackie Chan‘s very own K-Pop group, will soon be making their debut!

The five members are SimBa,, EDDY, San-Cheong, and Prince Mak. The first four members are Korean, while Prince Mak is a Chinese Australian citizen. The leader is SimBa, and both he and used to be models. They will be in charge of rap. EDDY has already made his TV debut through the cooking survival audition program “Master Chef Korea.” In addition to his cooking skills, he also boasts completion of Jackie Chan’s stunt education. San-Cheong is the youngest and is from Daegu, and Prince Mak placed first on a Chinese music survival audition program. All members are in their 20s and are over 180cm tall. The group is managed by The Jackie Chan Group Korea

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Sunye to move to Haiti with her family /but/ JYPE says the WG are not done

JYP Entertainment confirmed that Sunye will indeed be making her way to Haiti.

On March 18, JYP rep told Newsen, “Sunye will be leaving for Haiti for the next five years.”

Sunye is planning to leave for Haiti with her husband and child in July.

She previously posted on Wonder Girls’ official homepage her plan to leave for Haiti for missionary work and to create an NGO group with her husband. She will be carrying out her activities as a celebrity as an extension to this plan.

Meanwhile, Sunye got married last January, had a son in October, and re-signed with JYP Entertainment in December.

The following is the complete statement from Sunye:

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Source: enewsworld

I know this sounds all very familiar, the previous reports (from last year) were saying that she was planning on leaving, now she's leaving for real

2NE1 “feels happy” and they “broke away from their routine”


2NE1 is different. There are many words to describe other girl groups, such as sexy, cute and pure. But 2NE1 made their own kind of adverb, such as “~is like 2NE1.” Some people say that their music is kind of rough, but actually, their music has a wide spectrum, ranging from “CRUSH,” “COME BACK HOME” in the second album, which show their “rough” trait, to “IF I WERE YOU,” “GOOD TO YOU,” “MISSING YOU,” to “HAPPY” and “BABY, I MISS YOU.” The latter two describes sad feelings after breakup, and strong melodies, respectively.

In the new album, there are five songs which were either written or composed by the leader CL, and they show 2NE1’s upgraded skill in music. They are also breaking their own records. In the U.S. “Billboard 200” Album Chart, one of their songs ranked 61, the highest ranking ever received by a Korean group. Their title song “COME BACK HOME” topped all music sites. On Mar. 16 in SBS “Inkigayo,” their song “COME BACK HOME” was placed first for the first time in major Korean public TVs. Let’s hear what 2NE1 has to say.
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Psy’s comeback "confirmed" to be in April

Psy’s comeback date has officially been confirmed.

On the 18th of March, many K-Pop affiliates confirmed that Psy will be coming back in April this year.

Although they are still debating the exact date of the comeback, they are certain that it will be in April, and it will be a worldwide comeback, as he is an internationally recognized “world star”.

Currently, Psy is still in the United States finalizing his plans for his schedule after his comeback.

Furthermore, unlike his comeback with “Gentleman”, Psy will be releasing his songs one by one, in which he will release a few more songs from his album after his first one is released.

Affiliates also revealed that his comeback was planned in correspondence with the Brazil World Cup, as his comebacks have always been. Thus, one can expect his songs to be exciting and of a sporty nature to accentuate the World Cup spirit.

For this comeback’s music video, it was already announced that Snoop Dogg and Big Bang’s G-Dragon will be appearing in it, as well as a special cameo feature by 2NE1’s CL.

Source: Star News via koreaboo
ha neul oppa

Who wore it better? Panty edition!

Burberry Prorsum lace panties, ~1000$ ups i went too high in estimating ~600$

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Who wore it better?

Ga In
Lee Hyori
both work it
burn it and give me the money!

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zhang liyin » standing in the boundary

China Line finally meets Zhang Liyin!

Zhang Liyin's Weibo Post:
I’m so happy to be able to guest in Zhoumi, Miss A’s Jia and Fei’s Idols’ True Colours today!! Thank you for taking care of me!! I’m really happy [laughing face] Especially today, it’s such a coincidence that the Prince of Ballads, Zhou Mi-Ge, and I wore the same Couple look!! Haha [thumbs up][thumbs up]

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Source: Weibo, Chocolyn

GOT7 also filmed an episode, so Liyin's episode will probably come after GOT7's.
Jiyul- pinch

UglyPumpkin debuts with "From Yesterday"

"Ugly Pumpkin is a unique hip-hop group of three members, vocal Omtae(Uhm Taehoon), and two rappers Shahgoon(Kim Daehwan) and Wormboy(Han Junghoon).

Its debut single 'From Yesterday' is a song about a guy's crush. Instead of confessing his love straightforwardly, he tries to hide his feelings because he is shy. Lyrics like 'It was from yesterday, not the day before yesterday' show his feelings towards his love."

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i really like this! ovo

(i'm also not sure about the tags, sorry!)
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NS YOONJI's "Erotic" Teaser


NS Yoon-G already gave fans a heads up that she’s preparing for a comeback by posting a photo showing off her hard-earned abs.

On March 18, NS Yoon-G released an image teaser sporting a white halter top swimsuit for her upcoming mini album “Yashishi” (English title pending). The English translation means “erotic,” which makes one question whether this mini album will be suitable for fans of all ages.

“Yashishi” is a collaboration between Seion and Double Sidekick, and the track will have a retro tango infused hip hop rhythmical beat.

Fans will be able to grab the album from April 1.

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Flower girl sehun

VIXX TV Ep. 92: 4th Q&A Ravi TV special episode. AKA Hyuks biggest fanboy + Vixx goodies


[MTV DIARY EP 61 & 62]


[Cha leader Twitter Update]
Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 1.48.18 PM
Trans: Coffee King :)
Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 1.48.34 PM
Trans: Thanks to America-Noa, Noa’s popularity is skyrocketing! Thank you ^^!!
Trans Cr: fyeah-vixx

[More leader Cha on the set of Hotel King]

naww leader is looking so cute.

Remember when VIXX graced MBC Picnic Live with this flaw free acapella version of On and On?  Because I do and I LIVE for it everyday!

whats your favourite live performance Omona?

p.s. Does anyone know where I can find streaming links of VODOO DVD? bc I can only find download links at the mo and I really wanna make a post...:/