March 19th, 2014


SNSD Talks About Being Victims of the Black Ocean


Girls’ Generation (SNSD) talked about the times when the group fell victim to the Black Ocean.

During March 17’s broadcast of SBS’s Healing Camp, the SNSD members guested on the show to share ‘SNSD’s Five Daebak Incidents.’

Explaining one of the five incidents, Yoona said, “At the time when we were promoting the first album Into the New World in 2007, we performed in Dream Concert, and faced ten minutes of boycott. We started performing in front of the dark audience without any lights or sound, as if no one was there.”

“When we went up to the stage, everyone had turned off their light sticks. We could only see the pink sticks from our fans,” reminisced the SNSD member.

[The fans actually turned around in their seats..]61245003

Taeyeon also shared, “When we performed for SM Town concert in China, we saw some fans making the ‘X’ with their red light sticks,” to which Yoona added, “I thought they were making hearts at first, so I started performing harder,” bringing out laughter.

MC Yuri, who was a member of a first generation girl idol group, FIN.K.L, also shared her painful memories of the Black Ocean, saying, “The fans actually turned around in their seats. I had to perform by looking at their backs. But now I can understand why they did that. The female fans just really liked their male stars.”

Photo credit: SBS
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"Her Lovely Heels" EP 7-8 DISCUSSION POST

The story about secret office love affair between Shin Ji Hoo, a 24 year-old woman who’s afraid of love and Oh Tae Soo, a 28 year-old man who has lots of dating experience and is rather cynical about love, but slowly transforms as he meets Ji Hoo.
Han Seung Yeon, Jong Hyun, Jung Ga Eun, Yoon Jong Hoon, Park Jin Joo

Watch here:


[poll time! (sorry for the spoiler)]

How was the kiss between leads?

as bad as their acting

Is there a happy ending to this story? What do you think?


i liked how taesoo changed the place after he saw her ex in the restaurant. but that kiss tho...
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Who wore it better? See through edition!

Pushbutton Silk See-through Shirt, $ 535
52_005 (1)

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Who wore it better?

burn it and give me the money!

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The asian* everyone in YG wishes they were gives GD a shoutout

Pharrell Williams shouts out G-dragon during a video message to promote his album GIRL in Korea. YB still trying to pick GD up off the ground.

Source: Sony Music Korea @ YT

Maybe CL really did pass on GD's number? First Barbara, now Pharrell. GD is on a roll! Next on his list --- Rihanna.

*The case of Pharrell's race (including human, alien, and vampire races) are currently undergoing closer inspection. Results forever pending.
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King of Omona is coming for your soul (and money)

T.O.P to Release Special and Regular Editions of His “1st Pictorial Records ‘From TOP’”

Which fan of Big Bang‘s T.O.P wouldn’t want to stare at the handsome member all day? Finally, T.O.P is giving a chance for fans to do just that with the release of his photobook “1st Pictorial Records ‘From TOP’” starting April 9.

This 400-page book plus video covers the diverse images of T.O.P away from the stage photographed by Hong Jang Hyun last December in New York during one week.

There are two editions of the photobook: special and regular. There are only 999 copies of the special edition for which pre-sale orders start March 26 and lasts till April 8. The copies are numbered and contain T.O.P’s and Hong Jang Hyun’s signature. Pre-sale orders for the regular edition start on April 1 and lasts till April 8. Starting April 9, the photobook officially goes on sale off and online through YG e-shop and other stores. The special edition will only be sold through the YG e-shop.

Soompi, BB@yt
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MB ENT. EXCLUSIVE: JYJ members talk about individual projects


Apart from their responsibilities as members of JYJ, the members of the popular boy band have pursued individual activities ranging from films, TV series, theatrical roles and solo albums. In an interview with Bulletin Entertainment, JYJ’s Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu shared some of their solo pursuits.
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Jellyfish Entertainment, Music Works, MMO, and 1877 Become Label Companies Under CJ E&M


Taking the next step into the future of the music industry, CJ E&M decided to incorporate the label system, bringing in CJ Music, Jellyfish Entertainment, Music Works, MMO (Music Makes One), and 1877 under its wings.

“The core focus of the label system is to strengthen the companies through the steadiness of investments. We decided that it would be hard to prepare for global competition with just simple monetary investments,” said CJ E&M on March 18. “For a steady music industry, we’ll continue the existing investments, but we’ll be creating a co-existing system in which we can take responsibility in production, distribution, marketing, and furthermore, global advancement with a label system.”

CJ E&M plans on expanding with companies that focus hip-hop, rock, and indie bands, as well as genres that focus on live performances and vocals.

CJ E&M’s new partners, CJ Music, Jellyfish Entertainment, Music Words, MMO, and 1877 holds artists such as Roy Kim, Son Ho Young, Jung Joon Young, VIXX, Sung Si Kyung, Park Hyo Shin, Seo In Guk, Yu Sung Eun, Baek Ji Young, Hong Dae Kwang, and more.

CJ E&M has plans to reach out to labels in and outside of Korea and plans on parntering up with 6 to 8 labels within 2014.

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SM Entertainment denies rumours of tax evasion

SEOUL, March 20 (Yonhap) -- South Korea's tax office said Thursday it has launched an investigation into the country's largest entertainment agency amid rumors of offshore tax evasion by the company that manages some of the top K-pop celebrities.

The National Tax Service (NTS) recently sent dozens of auditors to the headquarters of SM Entertainment located in Gangnam, southern Seoul, to secure accounting books and other financial records, according to the NTS and company officials.

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Source: Netizen Buzz, Yonhap News Agency


BAP are attacking Australia with 2 epics shows (so far). Check out the dates below. Tickets & venue info to be announced!

Thursday May 8 2014 - Melbourne
Saturday May 10 2014 - Sydney

The LIVE ON EARTH tour is based on the theme 'EARTH NEEDS YOU' & will include performances of 25 songs (150-minute long concert). That's huge!

Who's going to go?!?!?!

source: sbs popasia blog

I don't even stan them that hard, and they haven't announced ticket prices and when they go on sale etc...
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A pink individual teaser images + name of the album and title track


With A Pink's comeback just 12 days away (March 31), individual teaser pictures of the members have been revealed. While the group is known for their cute concepts, they look more sophisticated and mature for this comeback.

The name of A Pink’s 4th Mini Album is "Pink Blossom" and their title track is "미스터 추(Mr. Chu)".

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