March 20th, 2014


Learning To Make Sweet White Day Dessert Together With 100%

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A special shoutout to Shiroirukaze/100perSubs who has been subbing every single video and bunch of articles daily 'til 3am!! I skipped A LOT of articles and videos so just visit her blog!!

I just want to add that Top Media announced that we will get a special video when we reach 1 million views on "Beat" MV... the thing is we Perfection kind of need help since korean Perfection are busy streaming 100% songs on melon etc. and international Perfection fanbase isn't as big as it used to be."Want U Back" hasn't even reached 1 million views yet ;_;

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Sources: Osen + 100PerSubs + Music Daum + Ten Asia (2) + BaekN

Translation/Via: Shiroirukaze
handsome Soyou

Bora Looks Fabulous in Vogue Girl!

Recently, SISTAR’s Bora worked with Vogue to put together a fashion photoshoot that displayed the rapper’s feminine and masculine styles.

Working with seven makeup stylists, the SISTAR member collaborated with global beauty brand Chanel in order to form the different and creative looks. From an innocent looking girl to a chic tomboy, Bora was able to digest different styles accordingly with the different lip colors that were utilized.

Known for her fashion sense, Bora’s dynamic styling complimented her overall look. Although having filmed for 10 hours, the rapper showed no signs of fatigue, conveying her professionalism and love for fashion.

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cr; hellobora // soompi

OMG, Bora is too gorgeous in this photoshoot! One of her best, I think.


2NE1 is still on fire


It’s been five years since K-pop group 2NE1 debuted with “Fire” in 2009.

This year, 2NE1, composed of CL, Bom, Sandara Park and Minzy, is on the comeback trail with their new album “Crush.”

Crush” debuted at No. 61 on the Billboard 200, setting a record as the highest-charting K-Pop album on the chart.

Until this week’s chart, the scene had only hit as high as No. 126 with Girls’ Generation-TTS’ Twinkle’ EP in 2012,” noted
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Preview of Soyou x JungGiGo's Couple Photoshoot for CeCi

The duo that brought you the hit song “Some” is participating in a couple photoshoot.

Recently Soyou x Junggigo took part in a photoshoot for CeCi’s April issue. Known for their cute love song, “Some” Junggigo and SISTAR’s Soyou were captured exercising daily activities such as brushing their teeth while wearing matching white tops. Although unfamiliar with magazine photoshoots, Junggigo was put at ease through Soyou’s funny personality.

Furthermore, as one of the concepts was to draw on each other’s face, Junggigo showed his hesitancy to stand next to Soyou, as the SISTAR member had shown her mischievous delight in the opportunity to doodle over Junggigo’s face. The funny moment helped brighten the mood on set, as the two seemed pretty comfortable despite being in front of the camera.

Soyou x Junggigo’s CeCi photoshoot will be part of the April issue of the magazine, and fans will get to see more photos of the two enjoying daily routines as the concept of the photoshoot showcased the two enjoying each other’s presence through daily activities.

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cr; soompi // mightysistar [1], [2], [3]

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Apink releases "Pink Blossom" album jacket image

A Pink has officially released their “Pink Blossom” album jacket image after it was mistakenly revealed, according to its agency. The plan was to unveil the image on March 31, the date of the album release, but an employee of the album production company accidentally leaked the image today, forcing A Cube Entertainment’s hand.

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source: soompi

hft apinkb48 realness

Tablo for Singles Magazine "Already Tablo"

Original(raw) inteview source [x]
Translated source [x] (Translated by:

A lot of things happened. It's been a long time for everyone. Although, a lot of time has passed, we've returned to the one who hasn't changed. He is a husband to one girl, a father to one daughter, and a group leader. Tablo is still the one we already knew.

Although, I have never met him before, Tablo felt familiar to me. It's not because I just have some of his albums, been to some concerts, and seen him on television. I try to pull out pieces of memories in my head and this is how it is. When I was a college student, I requested an interview with him for a class presentation, and he sincerely accepted the request. Thanks to him, I received an A+ and had something to brag to others about. Afterwards, Epik High became a hit. He became a star that was far away. After few years, I heard of the news of his marriage and future child. In between all that, there was the "Tajinyo' incident. Although, Tablo kept speaking the truth, the person kept on asking for more evidence. Tablo shed tears in his documentary (Even afterwards, Tablo cried more times).

That's why his solo album <Fever's End 'Yul Got'> was a welcoming news at the same time pitiful. His inside voice, music, and lyrics deeply flowed. As he sang on the stage sitting on the chair, his sadness and hurt was fully delivered. And now after 4 years, Tablo is showing himself to the public through the reality show <Superman Returns> where he spend time with his daughter without his wife for a moment. In that, there isn't Tablo who jumped on stage like he used to while singing 'fly.' There isn't Sunwoong Lee who bawled tears. There is only Haru's dad, 'Superman.' It felt as if Tablo was totally in the zone when he was conversing with his daughter in a high-pitch dolphin tone and kiddish talking manner. The day he met with <Singles>, he openly shard about the father daughter moments. Tablo the musician, Tablo the wacky character, and human Sunwoong Lee's worries, pains, and thoughts.

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CJES' Gonna Catch 'Em All: Ahjusshi Edition


Actor Lee Bum Soo has signed with C-JeS Entertainment!

The growing agency stated on the 20th, “We have signed with actor Lee Bum Soo, who delivers top-notch acting in dramas and films. We will show our endless support for him to expand his acting career.”

Lee Bum Soo has had an exciting year so far as he recently wrapped up his KBS 2TV drama ‘Prime Minister and I‘ and became a father of two with the birth of his son, and will be starring in the new MBC drama ‘Triangle‘ possibly alongside labelmate Jaejoong.

The actor joins JYJ, Song Ji Hyo, Gummy, Kang Hye Jung, Lee Jung Jae and more as a new member of the C-JeS Entertainment family.


stupid bae


Broadcasting channel SBS deemed 4MINUTE's 'COME IN' unsuitable for broadcast. SBS explained maturity level of lyrics being inappropriate for viewers in young age.

Staff member of CUBE ENTERTAINMENT shared "Everyone has different perspective. The track was nothing but our way of metaphorical expression yet, SBS thought it's inappropriate for younger generation. However, we're still waiting for approvals from KBS and MBC."

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omg im cackling GET IT HYUNA AND GAYOON + the song has a decent amount of hyuna moaning as well god bless

Sources:, popgasa, netizenbuzz

Jang Wooyoung - Nylon Magazine Interview

-       You’ve given a lot of ideas for today’s photo shoot. To the point that we’ve received several messages.
I gave it a lot of thought, because this pictorial was supposed to be shot with the “musicians I like”. So I made a few requests on this and that.

-       When you take a look at the list you have sent us, it is a lot harder to find a common point than one would think. Even if there were something in common, it is a rather unusual list.
Previously I had fixed boundaries of liking just ballads or just dance music, but these days it’s not like that. It may be hard to find a common ground, because I jotted down the names of the musicians that I usually like, listen often to or just get inspired by. Nevertheless, I couldn’t leave out anyone so I wrote down them all.

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Sources: Scans and transcript- Twitter: MATLEJANG; Korean - English Translation-Tumblr: Egle0702 from 2pmAlways; Gif-Tumblr: Seoleu


This was a really great interview. Wooyoung comes off as honest and sincere. He talks about Jun K. composing their comeback song with an unnamed foreigner, a little bit behind why 2pm chose to follow JYP for so long and why he's not the composer of their title song, announces that the M/V has a freako concept (whatever that means but glow in the dark red teeth from Wooyoung on SNS and glow in the dark red sneakers from Junho means glow in the dark red M/V setting??? They do like to spoil/drop hints of concepts/song titles/lyrics on SNS soooo theories?). WGM gif is relevant because cute. I've got a crush on Seyoung's on screen character and Wooyoung gave meaning to the phrase killer aegyo.

Alpha Girls Episode #4 - Play Time is Over

In this episode:

Soo Joo goes to casting calls for Jeremy Scott and others
Toki kills her first Korean gig & chats with Woo Young from 2PM
Mina collaborates with D9 Reserve and waits to meet Pharrell
Lanie deals with internal team drama at Fashion Trade Show

Source: mnet America

My biggest problem with this show is that its short, which makes the transition between the women segments really awkward and short. But I keep watching because its still interesting.

2NE1’s CL Feels Good to Be Compared to SNSD


2NE1 brought up the fact that it’s frequently being compared to Girls’ Generation (SNSD).

During recent filming for KBS 2TV’s Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook, 2NE1 shared its thoughts on facing competition with SNSD.

CL said, “We already knew that the album release dates would be similar, but it was coincidence that our comeback dates overlapped. There have been many reports and interview questions comparing the two teams, since we’re promoting at the same time, but it feels good to be compared to SNSD, because SNSD is our senior group by two years.”

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Photo credit: KBS

Source: mwave

An Album for which GD•CL Featured Takes No.1 in American iTunes’ Main Album Chart


[스타뉴스 길혜성 기자] An album that includes a song for which BIGBANG member G-DRAGON and 2NE1 member CL collaborated with world-famous dubstep DJ-cum-singer Skrillex has taken the No.1 place on the main album chart of iTunes of the United States, the world’s biggest pop music market.

As of 8:35am on the 20, Skrillex’s new album “Recess” is ranked in the top place on Top Albums chart, the main album chart of American iTunes.

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Source : YG-life, ygunited

2NE1’s “Comeback Home” Ranks First For 2 Consecutive Weeks on Gaon Chart


The title song of 2NE1’s regular second album, “COME BACK HOME” ranked first for 2 consecutive weeks on the Digital Chart of GAON CHART.

According to the GAON CHART, in the fourth week of Mar. (from Mar. 9 ~ Mar. 15), “COME BACK HOME” ranked first again, following last week. Soyou and Junggigo’s “Some” is also recording second on the Digital Chart for 2 consecutive weeks, now.

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Source: YG Life, ygunited

CL gives You Hee-yeol a Lap Dance!!


[스타뉴스 이지현 기자] 2NE1 (DARA, CL, MINZY AND BOM) released a photo they took with You Hee-yeol, which was mark their appearance in his show “You Hee-yeol’s Sketchbook” at KBS 2TV channel.

DARA wrote in her Twitter on Mar. 19 that she really likes the program, as there are good music and frank talks in the show.

She also added with a picture, “We did something ‘sorry’ for Hee-yeol. If you wanna know what happened, find out on Friday at ‘You Hee-yeol’s Sketchbook.’”

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I don't see how you guys wronged him Dara the guy looks way too happy in here.

Source : YG-life, ygladies