March 25th, 2014

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“SNL Korea” Improves Viewer Ratings with a Shift from 19+ to 15+ Content


Back in its fifth season, tvN’s “SNL Korea” has lost some of its more explicit content and political satire. With this, along with a cast and format change, the show has broadened the scope of its audience and recorded its highest viewer ratings yet.

The new fifth season of “SNL Korea,” which started in January, has shifted from 19+ content to 15+ content, and moved the air time up by about an hour, from 11pm (KST) to 9:50pm (KST). Moreover, getting rid of their ‘weekly update’ corner, they’ve added a ‘people update’ talk-show- like segment for cast member Yoo Hee Yeol. Following these changes, reception of the show has improved, and the show has put down a record viewer rating of 2.2%. However, while the show has a better reception overall, there are still those who protest the change in content.

Soompiers, did you prefer the old 19+ SNL, or do you like the new 15+ SNL?

source: soompi

Dispatch visited 2NE1 waiting room

Waiting room surprise attack! Taking a look at 2NE1 styling

2NE1 made a much more powerful and fancy comeback with the regular 2nd album ‘CRUSH’! They are finally back in about 4 years with the regular album. The perfect live and the performances are also cool but it would be not possible to leave out the unconventional style also! 2NE1 did not disappoint us this time also. 2NE1 is always getting the attention of the fans with the new sides!

To take a look at 2NE1’s styling, we have made a surprise visit to the waiting rooms of Mnet ‘M!countdown’ and KBS2 ‘Yoo Hee-yeol’s Sketchbook’. What would 2NE1 members look like in the waiting rooms before they go up on the stage?

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source: starcast

Girl Group Billion Debuts and Releases “Dancing Alone” Music Video

They carried themselves unlike rookies as Billion‘s debut stage on Mnet‘s “M! Countdown” displayed the group’s charm. On March 20, Billion performed their debut track “Dancing Alone,” and the six member group showcased their catchy choreography and talented vocals. Using the 1980′s American boy band, New Kids On the Block, as the group’s motif, Billion has impress the K-Pop industry with their unique color.

As “Dancing Alone’s” catchy beats and easy melody becomes addictive to music listeners, the group hopes to be able to show more of their unique music personalities. Billion plans to promote in 9 different countries besides Korea, setting the stage for the group’s advancement in the global music market.

They're pretty and I like the song

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☆Spica☆ supermodels @ Seoul Fashion Week

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and some non-BNT photos with horrendous lighting and composition
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more press pics @ Turn Up Speaker
post with full video of Spica's runway walk here, short version at officialbntnews

Nine Muses (Hyuna, Sunga, Hyemi, Minha [+ Euaerin watching]) will be walking the runway today (25/3, 7.30pm KST) and Spica will be in the audience. which means that someone will have to take over making these Spica posts because Moon Hyuna walking + Kim Boa watching = rightclick5ave dying :-) xoxo I've enjoyed my time on omona ♥


Tyra's k-pop take over (part 2)


American supermodel and TV personality Tyra Banks has been reported to be coaching Lee Jin Yi, daughter of Hwang Shin Hye.

On March 24, Lee Jin Yi filmed with the “America’s Next Top Model” team at the Kyung Bok Palace in Seoul.

It is said that Tyra Banks was warm and friendly to Lee Jin Yi as they worked together, creating a nice filming atmosphere.

Tyra Banks and the “America’s Next Top Model” crew arrived in Korea on March 21 and have gone around various places in Seoul to carry out different kinds of missions.

This filming is for the upcoming season of “America’s Next Top Model – Korea” and will air in the States this coming August.

Lee Jin Yi caught the eye of the public over the past couple of years as she matured into a chic-looking teenager. She is currently 17 years old and is the daughter of the veteran actress, Hwang Shin Hye.

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Kota Ibushi

Korean Lawmakers Propose Scrapping Anti-Sodomy Law

by Harald Olsen on Tuesday, March 25

After ten members of the National Assembly presented a bill that would eliminate criminal penalties for sex between homosexuals in the military, the protest online was harsh and unanimous. Critics claimed that the South Korea military, which has been the scene of infamous physical abuse in recent years, will now become even more dangerous as gay senior officers are able to take advantage of new recruits.

Some netizens accused the lawmakers of using the issue to score political points. Notably, the ten sponsors of the law included representatives from all of the major opposition parties but no members of the ruling Saenuri Party.

Article from Newsis:

Proposal to Remove Military Code that “Punishes Homosexual Sexual Activity”

On March 21st, it was confirmed that lawmakers in the National Assembly had proposed eliminating the military law code specifying criminal penalties for homosexual acts.

Masked protesters criticize the law punishing gays in the military.

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Source: Newsis and Daum via koreaBANG
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Happy birthday to the cutest hyung, Xiumin!

what is Pledis doing?: Seventeen edition


Pledis a company with artists such as Son Dambi, Kahi, Afterschool, Orange Caramel, and Nuest is planning on holding an evaluation test to chose the official members of a new group, “Seventeen” and is planning on debuting them this year, 2014.
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source: pledis17 and seventeen's facebook
are they really.................
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BIGBANG’s T.O.P and Sohee, formerly of the Wonder Girls, recently did a pictorial shoot together.

The two appeared on a preview video for the first episode of cable network Onstyle’s “Hello NY,” which airs on April 4 at 10:00 PM KST.

The video showed Reebok models T.O.P and Sohee shooting a pictorial together. Both were similarly styled, crisp white tops, black bottoms and matching white high-top sneakers. T.O.P’s statuesque good looks and Sohee’s slick center part hairstyle and well-defined features presented a chic, elegant image.

This certainly isn’t the first time that T.O.P and Sohee are working together. They hosted “Music Core” together in 2008, along with Sunye. BIGBANG and Wonder Girls have also collaborated several times for joint stages.

The episode will broadcast on April 4 at 10:00 PM KST on Onstyle.

Check out the preview clip for “Hello NY” below:

sources: soompi|OnStyle@youtube

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BtoB MinHyuk to star in melodrama ‘A New Leaf’


Boy group BTOB member Lee MinHyuk has been cast for MBC Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘A New Leaf’ (tentative title).

Cube Entertainment spoke with Sports Seoul today and revealed, “MinHyuk will be playing the role of the younger brother of the female lead Lee JiYoon (played by Park MinYoung).” JiHyuk, MinHyuk’s character is said to be one that livens up the drama.

On this day, MBC Program Twitter uploaded two pictures of MinHyuk. In the revealed picture, MinHyuk was holding a drama script with a title that writes ‘A New Leaf’ while posing with a bubbly expression. MinHyuk in neat suits further raises anticipation for his character in the drama.

‘A New Leaf’ talks about an excellent lawyer, Kim SukJoo (acted by Kim MyungMin) who met an accident who then suffers from amnesia. He then tries to discover more about himself.

This drama is set to release next month.

source: sports seoul, translated by loveindacube

i always found his acting cringeworthy idk, we'll see i guess