March 26th, 2014

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Lee Michelle dreams of being a Korean music diva


Her rise was sudden as even jury Yang Hyun Suk said she was a strong contestant to win SBS audition program “K-Pop Star season 1″ in 2011. The audience was immediately fascinated by her powerful voice that outshone Beyoncé and her singing ability. She is Lee Michelle. Her fluency in Korean which was as good as her singing was another surprise as she stood in front of the audience and showed an image they weren’t used to. As she’s coming back with a slimmer figure, what kind of changes did she go through meanwhile?

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ha neul oppa

Yeo Jin Gu – GQ Interview


Does your mother go with you everywhere?

Yeah, she still does.

Is it something you want?

It’s something we both want. My mum still feels uncomfortable and I also feel much more comfortable when my mom is with me like “wouldn’t my mum being present make me feel at ease early?”. I don’t even want to think about my life without my mum around. She won’t go with me everywhere until the end of my life, but I want us to be like this as long as possible.

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t/n: I don’t know how many people will read this, but I know the skin topic is sensitive and I tried my best to stay true to what he says.

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“Angel Eyes” teasers

The production of SBS drama “Angel Eyes” decided to drop a couple more trailers as it gets even closer to the day of the premiere.

The second and third trailers were released on March 24. The two narratives are pretty much the same giving the public an idea of the drama’s premise, but rearranged in different order.

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source: soompi, SBSNOW 1, 2, 3

M.I.B comeback track "Chisa'Bounce" is going to be awesome but Cream hurt his arm :(

from soompi:

Cream of hip hop group M.I.B is currently hospitalized due to a serious injury in his right arm.

Early in the morning of March 25, the idol fell down the stairs at a recording studio in Hongdae, causing a glass window in front of him to shatter. A check-up at the hospital revealed that 20 stitches were needed to treat his arm, and he is currently recovering from the operation.

Due to the injury being a severe one, he has to wear a cast and protect his arm. According to their original plan, M.I.B is supposed to hold their comeback showcase on March 27, but Cream’s injury has caused them to reconsider their schedule.

Their agency has not yet decided whether Cream will join the rest of the members after he recovers, or whether he should be completely excluded from the upcoming activities.

M.I.B’s official comeback stage will take place on April 2 in Japan, where MNet’s “Global M!Countdown” is held. Their title track “Bounce” is said to be an addictive and memorable song with M.I.B’s energetic hip hop sound.

Sources: CJENMMusic Official, soompi

you guys, M.I.B is so good and so good-looking ugh

CL to Collaborate with SKRILLEX: Would She become the Next Muse for the U.S. Pop Music Market?


YG Entertainment’s girl group 2NE1′s leader CL is expected to leave a deep impression on the U.S. pop music market.

Following the release of 2NE1′s 2nd regular album “CRUSH,” CL collaborated with Dubstep DJ SKRILLEX on his new album which is expected to make its way into the top 10 list of Billboard’s album chart, Billboard 200.

According to a recent report by Billboard regarding the rankings on Billboard 200, it stated, with great expectations, “The DM superstar SKRILLEX’s 1st regular album “RECESS” will be ranked within the top 10 list on Billboard 200.” Prior to the report, “RECESS” ranked No. 1 on iTunes Main Album Chart right after its release on March 18, attracting immense attention.
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Next to have a Showtime is.... BEAST!

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Boy group BEAST (Yoon Doojoon, Yang Yoseob, Yong Junhyung, Lee Gikwang, Jang Hyunseung, and Son Dongwoon) has been selected as the season two cast of MBC Everyone’s variety show, “Showtime.”

According to a broadcast official on March 26, BEAST will be filling in the spot left by the members of EXO, who starred in the first season of “Showtime.”

The show is created with a Q&A concept where viewers can ask questions for the group to answer in various ways. Season 1 starring EXO attracted a rating as high as 1.9%.

BEAST will be continuing the show into its second season titled, “Showtime Burning the BEAST,” and according to MBC Everyone, the concept of the show will remain the same.

There is already much anticipation for what kind of different images BEAST will display on the show.

“Showtime Burning the BEAST” premieres on April 10


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Excited about this, even though idk if they'll be as good as EXO.
🌈 Rainbow Noeul: shades

CN Blue’s Yonghwa to Go Solo in Second Half of 2014

Bringing good news to Jung Yong Hwa fans, the CN Blue member will be releasing a solo album in the second half of 2014.

On March 25, FNC Entertainment CEO, Han Sung Ho, left a message on the company website, thanking fans for all the love and support they’ve sent to his artists.

In the midst of all your love and interest, CN Blue will wrap up promotions for Can’t Stop this week. With the end of these promotions, we would like to share one new to everyone,” read the statement.

For the second half of this year, we are preparing various projects with the release of a solo album as a goal, produced personally by Jung Yong Hwa. We’ll share the details once they’ve been set.”

Meanwhile, CN Blue will head to Busan and Daegu in April and May for its exclusive concerts, 2014 CN Blue Love – Can’t Stop.

Source: enewsworld
🌈 Rainbow Noeul: shades

f(x)’s Luna Becomes MC for ‘Dance Battle Korea’

For Korea’s first b-boying survival program, f(x)’s Luna will be taking the lead as one of the new MCs.

On March 26, MBC Music’s Dance Battle Korea announced that Luna, DJ DOC’s Jung Jae Yong, and T.I.P Crew’s Park Jae Min will be serving as the three main MCs for the new program.

Luna is said to have much interest in street dance and have personally learned tips from famous b-boys, revealing why she became the MC for the program.

Also, Park Jae Min, who has appeared in dramas and variety shows in the past, is a member of the world renowned T.I.P Crew and also a b-boy battle MC.

Dance Battle Korea will have eight b-boy teams participating and will begin on April 15.

Source: enewsworld

Infinite’s Hoya Reveals He Will Be Featuring in Eric Nam’s Comeback Song

On March 26, a surprise support video for Eric Nam was revealed for his nearing comeback!

The video starred Infinite’s Hoya, who revealed that he is on set for Eric Nam’s music video shoot and that he will be featuring in Eric Nam’s song! Hoya announced that he wrote the lyrics himself and that this is his first time featuring in another artist’s track since his debut. The Infinite member assured fans that Eric Nam’s upcoming song is a great one and asked fans to stay excited for the comeback!

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Source: Soompi 1 + Soompi 2 + Eric Nam



VIXX’s Hong Bin will be joining the cast of SBS weekend drama “Glorious Day,” as confirmed by broadcasting representatives.

He will play the role of a high schooler and fitting model (one who models the clothes seen on internet shopping malls), and will be working with Rainbow’s Go Woori, who was cast a week ago.

“Glorious Day” is a drama about a mother who has single-handedly raised her three daughters, and her struggle to find good husbands for her children. Choi Bul Am, Kim Mi Sook, Hwang Woo Seul Hye, Park Se Young, Go Woori and Hong Bin have been cast in the drama.

At the drama’s helm are PD Hong Sung Chang (SBS “King of Dramas” and “You’re Beautiful”) and writer Moon Hee Jung (MBC “Can You Hear My Heart,” “I Miss You,” SBS “Smile, You”).

Source: Soompi

Apparenly in the drama drama Hongbin will play a mysterious character , whose special features include cold eyes and smile. I am so looking forward to this.

Super cute mv for Lee Seung Hwan 'I Only Respond To You' starring Junhyung

source: dreamfactoryclub LoveKpopSubs15

[lyrics translation]
Your peach lipgloss on your full lips
It makes me dizzy, swallowing me whole

How can you be so electrifying
Your words are so nice

No word in this world can express my feelings
I keep stuttering when I’m in front of you

I ask about things that don’t even make sense
To you, today and tomorrow
My love squirms and rises

I only react to you, I’m ecstatic at the repetition of you
I want you to want me
Only you, I only react to you, I’m happy, because it’s you

This chronic fluttering feeling and the fire in my heart
A bad aftereffect that needs a immediate cure

All day, your face goes around my head
Your name rolls around my tongue

I only react to you, I’m ecstatic at the repetition of you
I want you to want me
Only you, I only react to you, I’m happy, because it’s you

Oh my darling, the skies blessed us
You’re my other half, who perfectly understands me even when it’s nonsense

I react, I’m ecstatic, at the repetition of you
I want you to want me
Only you, I react, I’m happy, because it’s you
I need you to need me

Only you la la la la la la la la la la la la
I want you to want me
Only you la la la la la la la la because it’s you

source: popgasa


NANA, bom and some others idk really confirmed for SBS Roommate!!

According to multiple entertainment representatives, actors Shin Sung Woo, Seo Kang Joon and Park Min Woo, actress Hong Soo Hyun, After School’s Nana and 2NE1’s Park Bom, fighter Song Ga Yeon, and comedian Jo Se Ho will be joining new SBS weekend variety show “Roommate.” The members will also be moving into the “Roommate” share house on March 27 to 28.
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Article: [Exclusive] Park Bom, Nana, and Song Ga Yeon cast for SBS's new variety 'Roommate'

Source: Ilgan Sports via Naver

1. [+514, -60] Can't believe Park Bom's cast in a variety ㅋㅋㅋ She'll be really hilarious if she overcomes her variety fear and just acts like she normally does~ ㅋㅋㅋ Fighting!!!
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source :soompi their sources 1 2 3, netizenbuzz
YES GET AFTERSCHOOL PROMO also mte netizen 2 but i guess it is an sbs show
sports » all smiles (kaka)

Broadcasting companies panicking due to army conscription of top-ranking male actors

Male actors in their twenties will be vanishing from the acting scene and broadcasting companies are worried as these actors are all top-ranking, lead actors that are spearheading the Hallyu wave.

As all men in Korea must enter mandatory military service before the age of 30, mainly stars that were born from 1986 to 1988 are the target to enter service this and next year. These include Yoo Ahin, Kim Hyunjoong, Yoon Siyoon, Lee Minho, Lee Seunggi, Jang Geunsuk, and Kim Soohyun.

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Sources: Sports Donga, Koreaboo
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Lee Sun Hee - Meet him among them MV

Korea's greatest diva Lee Sun Hee! A powerful voice captivating our hearts! She's back with a new album, after 5 years of hiatus since her 14th album in 2009.

Her title "Meet Him Among Them" is a trendy song with minimal arrangements and a simple melody. It's a well-made pop number that really brings out Lee Sun Hee's deep vocal colors. "Meet Him Among Them" is definitely one of Lee Sun Hee's bests that will surely satisfy all generations of listeners this spring.

source: 1thek

[if you don't know who lee seung hee is, watch this]

source: RedGate86

i like the video a lot, and song makes me tear up a little :'(
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OP THOWS A FIT: Chanyeol an Addition Lineup of Variety Show “Roommate”? + UPDATE confirmed (OP DIES)


EXO member Chanyeol‘s name has been brought up by various news reports as a member of SBS’ upcoming variety show “Roommate.”

“Roommate” is a variety show that will observe what goes on in a share house, a new form of accommodation that has recently gained popularity among young people. It will closely follow the daily lives of ten male and female top stars as they live and interact with one another in one house.

So far, eight celebrities have been confirmed: actors Shin Sung Woo, Seo Kang Joon and Park Min Woo, actress Hong Soo Hyun, After School’s Nana and 2NE1’s Park Bom, fighter Song Ga Yeon, and comedian Jo Se Ho.

With “Roommate” expected to have a 10-member lineup, various celebrities’ names have been brought up, including EXO’s Chanyeol. The show’s producer, Park Sang Hyuk, clarified that the production team has had meetings with EXO members but Chanyeol’s participation in the show is not confirmed. He also asked, “Since nothing can be confirmed until the day of the show’s recording, please refrain from speculation.”

Chanyeol is no stranger to reality TV shows, having traveled all the way to Micronesia for SBS’ wild-life survival program, “Law of the Jungle.” If he joins “Roommate,” he is sure to bring his all to the show.

“Roommate” premieres on April 20 on SBS as part of the “Good Sunday” lineup, replacing “K-Pop Star 3.”

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Sources: Soompi, TVreport, @LOVEdyokyungsoo, & naver

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He is too cute for this :( THIS CANT BE HAPPENING #justiceforchanyeol

Park Hae Jin Sues 30 Netizens for Spreading Malicious Rumors


Park Hae Jin has taken legal action against netizens who spread malicious rumors about him.

On March 26, Park Hae Jin sued a certain netizen called “Lee” for defamation and a fine of 1.5 million won (around $1,500).

Netizen Lee pretended to be a high school colleage of Park Hae Jin and spread malicious rumors around the Web. This caused Park Hae Jin’s agency to take action.
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Soompi, nate
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Who wore it better? Same event edition!

2econd floor Fake pattern over sweat t-shirt, 166$

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Who wore it better?

Lee Yubi
Kim Nayoung
all look fine
no one
burn it and give me the money!

source: skfashionmall, sstv 1, 2, wstarnews 1, 2, tvdialy, dispatch

they all wore it on the same event, no kidding

"Coordinating 4minute"...Ga-yoon, style PPT

♬ Whatcha doin’ today, whatcha doin’ later, whatcha doin’ on the weekend, lalala lalala~

Hello. The readers of ‘STARCAST’. This is ‘4minute’ Ga-yoon. Did everyone listen to the new song ‘Whatcha Doin’ Today’? It is an exciting dance song that can get rid of the stress all at once. Just like the music, the fashion also stands out. Who would have made this pretty look?

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Written by=Huh Ga-yoon(4minute)
Edited by=Kim Hye Won(Dispatch)
Pictures=Cube Entertainment
source: starcast

From H.O.T To EXO, The Evolution Of Idol Groups


Idols are like small corporations these days. They control the economy of the entertainment industry. What gave rise to the current state of idol stars?

Twenty years ago, Pop dance groups such as Noise, Seo Taiji and the Boys, TURBO, and Deux was already making dance music popular. These groups were the "ushers" of the new era of music from which the current idol groups evolved. When SM Entertainment released H.O.T, it began a new era of Korean music that eventually was branded K-Pop. Among stars that evolved from this K-Pop revolution are Shinhwa, TVXQ, G.O.D, Sechs Kies, Jinusean, 1TYM, Big Bang, and EXO. Idol groups are the dominant performers on the K-Pop stage today, but it wasn't so twenty years ago. What changed? It's time to examine the evolution of the idol group in Korean music history.

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Source : kpopstarz
cutie jonari

A 100% post ~

Changbum's Instagram update

WOW I knew 100% practiced singing while running but Rokhyun sounds flawless and Chanyong playing the guitar? Bless you Changbum for this

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OP: I will forever laugh at the SISTAR story since 100% have said serval times that SISTAR are their favorite girl group (to make dance covers of)

tumblr_n2tu0dz9z21s2q28eo1_250 tumblr_n2tu0dz9z21s2q28eo2_r1_250 (x)

Sources: JoyNews, News 1, 100PerSubs, Changbum's Instagram, Pictures (1) (2) (3)

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Hyuna gets criticized for her attitude on 'Beatles Code 3D'

Article: Hyuna's attitude controversy, "Is she really on air?"

Source: Herald News via Nate

Hyuna slumped over on her desk when someone else was talking, leading MC Shindong to ask, "Hyuna-ssi, are you really that comfortable?" and MC Shin Dong Yub to exaggeratedly replicate her actions. She was also in the middle of answering a question when she took out her lipstick randomly and started putting it on.

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source: netizenbuzz, Herald News via Nate