March 27th, 2014

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SHINee’s Key leaves encouraging comment on self-harming fan’s Instagram

SHINee’s Key was the talk amongst fans today (25/03) after a comment he made on Instagram was publicised.

On March 25th, it was revealed that Key left a comment on his fan’s Instagram who was publicly harming herself, as evident on her posts. On the said update, Key made a public reply and asked the fan to stop harming herself. He shared a tidbit from his own personal experience and promised the fan that he’ll be with her with the struggle. Through this simple act, the fan made another reply and promised to stop harming herself for Key.
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Source: koreaboo, locketpower (again, tw: self-harm!)

i'm surprised no one has posted this yet.
anyways, as someone who used to self-harm, i cannot put into words how happy and emotional his comment made me feel. what an angel, i'm so proud to say he's my bias. it's great to see that the girl stopped.
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Bro's debut single "That Kind of Guy" stirs controversy for negative lyrics about women

Rookie male artist Bro has been the talk of the town for the past couple of days.

Bro recently released his debut single, “That Kind of Guy,” which has stirred up some controversy from the public. However, the song is gaining popularity at the same time.

“That Kind of Guy” reached #1 on music charts for Soribada and Bugs Music as of 10AM KST on March 24. It also ranked #3 on Mnet, #5 on Naver and #11 on Melon.

The subject of the matter is in the lyrics. For example, “A guy who may not be handsome but has a broad chest for you to lean on and rest / That kind of guy would be crazy to date someone like you / You have a conscience / If guys who aren’t that great keep coming to you, that means you’re not that great either.”

Also, “A kind of guy who takes you to the ocean when you want to get away / A guy who is tall and while he may not be an heir, a guy who is at least 180cm and makes 60k a year / No matter what nonsense you say, a kind of guy who smiles brightly and stays cool / If I could be that kind of a guy, if I’m the kind of guy who you can fall for at first sight / Are you high? I would be crazy to date you / I want to enjoy life too / If you want a prince, then go to Saudi / But the catch is, they practice polygamy.”

Finally, “Even if you put airbags in your breasts and caterpillars under your eyes, there is one truth that can’t be hidden / You have an offensive face.”

These lyrics were criticized to be putting down women and sexist.

The music video to “That Kind of Guy” was also a hot topic, as it portrays the lyrics as if it was part of a Kakao Talk conversation.

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apparently the song went viral and he's #1 on melon rn
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[!!!] 4MINTERVIEW - "No matter which colour it is, we're confident we can make it 4minute's colour."

Just like the word “colourful”, we’ve met with the girl group which is able to express their five different colours best, 4minute. The girls recently returned with their fifth EP “4minute World”, and it was clear from their expression how excited they were about it. Before opening up about the honest 4minute World, nervousness and excitement were showing through 4minute’s features.

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source: star today, 4mf-trans, user yoobin (from 4minute's forum), GIFS from 48minute tumblr

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Big Bang is the first Korean boy group to reach +100 million views


The music video of BIGBANG’s “FANTASTIC BABY” set a record with 100 million views on YouTube.
As of 1:40pm on the 27 this month, the number of views for the music video of “FANTASTIC BABY” on BIGBANG’s official channel on YouTube surpassed 100 million, recording total 100,003,000 views. BIGBANG’s label YG Entertainment said, “The record has been set in two years from March 6, 2012, when the music video was uploaded on YouTube. It proves the fact that the song has been loved by fans consistently since its release”.
The record makes BIGBANG the first Korean boy group who has a record of more than 100 million views for their music video on YouTube.
“FANTASTIC BABY” is one of BIGBANG’s most popular songs, which was included in BIGBANG’s fifth mini album “ALIVE”.
Along with “FANTASTIC BABY”, 16 music videos of BIGBANG have reached 10 million views and five among them have recorded 30 million views on YouTube.
BIGBANG members performed as solo artists and held BIGBANG Japan six dome tour last year, and they continue to actively perform this year, too. T.O.P has recently been shooting film “The War of Flower 2”, and SEUNGRI turns into an actor in SBS drama series “Angel Eyes” to be aired from this April. DAESUNG has been preparing for Japan Arena tour that will begin in June, and TAEYANG is working on his solo album. Plus, BIGBANG’s new album will be released by this summer.

Source: YG Life

Post sponsored by Onion because she was too lazy to make this post so she made me do it.

B1A4′s CNU Opens Up about Father’s Drinking Problem, “It Was Hard to Forgive”

B1A4‘ CNU recently opened up about his father’s drinking problem revealing that it was hard to forgive his father. His emotional story was told on a recent episode of KBS2′s variety show “Million Seller.“

On the show, CNU said, “My father drank a lot of alcohol. Due to that, it was hard for my sister and I. It still is, but forgiving is not easy. He is undersized right now, and I don’t know if it’s okay to say this, but sometimes I feel pity for him.” CNU’s story could help others in similar situations by giving hope that things can get better.

In other news B1A4 recently released the dance practice video for their hit single “Lonely” as a gift to their fans.

source: naver via soompi

Does anyone know what he means by undersized?
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http://www.freesparkle.comhttp://www.freesparkle.comhttp://www.freesparkle.comhttp://www.freesparkle.com http://www.freesparkle.comhttp://www.freesparkle.comhttp://www.freesparkle.comhttp://www.freesparkle.com

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this is very key heavy, but i mean that's cool cause apparently:

also, i can't handle that seek photoshoot. too many cute photos.
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Fans Choose Which Male Idol Groups Are the Most Likely to Still be Together in 10 Years


An online community portal site, DC Inside (, conducted a survey from March 18 to March 25 asking, “Which male idol group do you think is most likely to be together and actively promoting in the next 10 years?”

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source: soompi | edaily | naver

yes, that's right. jjong is a man of his words.
sob sob2
i wonder tho, do you think you'll still like your faves 10 years from now?
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As a member of ‘Double A’ and Producer, AOORA started his carrier as a solo singer under a sexy concept.

AOORA’s first solo album ‘69’ with 9 songs, he will be active for 6 month. The number 6 represents ‘love’ and 9 represent the ‘WHOLE’ and ‘humanism’.

To match the ‘69’ the M/V will be played for 69 seconds and promises for fresh, quality music.

The AOORA’s crew said that AOORA will show a whole new side of him and will work with various genres. 20-30s people will understand his songs.

Meanwhile, the teaser of the album ‘Body Party’ will be released on the 27th and the whole M/V will be released on the 28th.
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sources: kofan | aoora | officialaoora

all of this + that teaser. THAT TEASER.



title: The limit of SNSD

The head of SM, Kim Youngmin's interview:

"SNSD will disappear someday, and another group will replace them. We used to view BoA and TVXQ as individual artists, but for this reason, we started to view them as SM artists. The SM brand now has its own profit value."

(edit; This is not a mistranslation. These are Kim Youngmin's literal words from his interview in 2010. He said this when he was talking about debuting new groups. He was talking about group transitions in SM, he didn't mean to offend SNSD fans. But yes, unfortunately, he had already been thinking of replacing SNSD.)

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source: pann, translated by kpopkfans


Lee Sun Hee (이선희) - Vol. 15 SERENDIPITY (30th Anniversary Album) -- Listening Post

01. Someday

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Source: BubbleFeedBlastCH3 Youtube

OP Note: I highly suggest bookmarking this post until you're in a settling mood. Lee Sun Hee is the kind of singer who's rarely in the media, but her voice is beautiful and so are her songs. If you haven't had a chance to hear her sing, please do, she's wonderful. :)

Girl's Generation Featured on NOISEY

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 8.52.53 PM

We all know Psy. You’ve probably heard G-Dragon and CL before—on a Diplo or Skrillex beat at the least—and some hundred thousand Lady GaGa fans are about to meet Crayon Pop in stadiums across Middle America and Canada this summer. But there’s no K-pop phenomenon bigger than Girls’ Generation. They remain Korea’s all-time best-selling girl group, their YouTube prowess has trouncedthat of even some of the brightest Western stars, and their tour attendance is astounding. If Korean music is something that’s been brought to your attention sometime in the past half decade, there’s a good chance that had something to do with “Gee,” the undisputed classic of K-pop.

After an uncharacteristically long break since their last release—all of two months—and almost a straight year of Japanese records and tours, Girls’ Generation returned late last month with the Mr.Mr. mini-album. We broke bread with all nine (very polite) girls to talk new music, bolstering the flagging confidence of insecure boys, and Korea’s super intense trainee pop regime. Apparently of the 10,000 K-Pop wannabes, only one becomes a star. Steep odds for sure.

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Source: NOISEY

This was an AWESOME interview, I suggest you guys read the full thing :) And YAAS at Sunny stanning the the flawfree Lorde <333

Tablo answers questions regarding past albums

Although he does Q/A quite frequently , this week he chose the theme of older albums. I noticed on old omona posts about Epik High there was some negative suspicions regarding certain albums , i feel this Q/A debunked some of those.

note: He didn't answer questions to do with "special albums" like MTS,Epilogue etc

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untranslated tweets source: Tablo's twitter
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source: hul omo

[lyrics translation]
Even when there’s distance, you seem close
You know when I’m feeling down, you’re my side mirror girl
You get closer than it seems
Just tell me that we’re just good friends

You say you just throw on anything but you look good
Unlike some people, you don’t care about designer brands
It looks like you take care of your skin
You’re not the type to be socially active
But you are friendly toward everyone
You have a good sense of humor and are laid back
You are good with words, you
You choose better words than me
I’m a rapper but I can’t really talk in front of you
You call me at 9 o’clock at night
You say you’ll buy me a drink, telling me to hurry and come out
Did something happen? Did you get dumped?
Was his car the only thing that was attractive?
Then how about me? Aren’t I ok?
I have my own philosophy and am good at rapping
Although I’m too good for you
What are you thinking? I’m just joking

Even when there’s distance, you seem close
You know when I’m feeling down, you’re my side mirror girl
You get closer than it seems
Just tell me that we’re just good friends

You pretend not to know how I feel
You pretend to look far ahead
You glare at me as you hit my shoulders
I’m getting goosebumps at your acting skills
Although it’s an everyday thing now
Why are you flirting with such a pathetic guy?
Do you wanna have a go? Take off your mask
While you go around, I’m waiting, though it’s annoying, I’m not complaining
I’m checking to see if you texted me yet, like a habit
Don’t you feel back for me? I’m like Amitabha Buddha
You stole my heart like a thief
You poked at my burning heart
So I pour down alcohol on an empty stomach to sterilize
Yeah, I’m always bad with jokes
It’s a serious dare, a serious answer after joking around
Why do you keep putting your head on my shoulders?
At this rate, what are you gonna do if I confess to you

Even when there’s distance, you seem close
You know when I’m feeling down, you’re my side mirror girl
You get closer than it seems
Just tell me that we’re just good friends

What if our relationship gets farther apart?
I’m probably just a good friend, nothing more
Because if I walk on this street alone, it’ll seem too far
Wherever I go, if I’m with you, it feels short
Do you know how I feel?

I keep looking back, even my footsteps get slow because of you
I don’t want a lot of things, just stay by my side

Even when there’s distance, you seem close
You know when I’m feeling down, you’re my side mirror girl
You get closer than it seems
Just tell me that we’re just good friends

source: popgasa

Omona's King Met Commoners at College

Big Bang T.O.P Joins Colleagues at University Get-Together:

In the midst of busy schedules, Big Bang T.O.P managed to drop by to say hello to his university colleagues.

On March 26, the official blog of Dankook University revealed photos of the Big Bang member hanging out with his colleagues and taking pictures at a small get-together dinner. (Pictures bellow).

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Source: mwave; TV Daily via Nate via netizenbuzz; 권경서, BBNUS, dkupr via bigbangbrazil