March 28th, 2014

Lee Jong Suk accused of 'star disease' for fan mistreatment + comparing him to WooBin


Article: Lee Jong Suk coldly shakes off a fan's present? 'star disease' attitude controversy 'abuzz'

Source: Sports Chosun via Nate [video]

1. [+2,731, -79] Saw the video and there's no way to shield it... It takes a moment for a celebrity to reach fame but also a moment for them to fall from grace.

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WOW...the bit about WooBin was unnecessary and unfair(not to mention suspicious) tbh since he was at a fan meeting and he was supposed to be nice to them..

Source : Netizenbuzz

Mad Clown announces an April Comeback!

Rapper Mad Clown took off his hat before his comeback, catching much attention.

Mad Clown, who dominated music charts with his song “Stupid In Love” with SISTAR’s Soyou last September, will be coming back with his second mini album on April 4.

Yesterday, Starship Entetainment revealed the photo shoot of his second album through their Twitter, officially announcing the comeback. In the photo shoot, Mad Clown took off his trademark hat and wore his hair wavy, against his pale skin.

He also had a stethoscope to his face and portrayed the image of a doctor in a hospital.

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Mad Clown and Hyolyn have worked together before (for Stalker on Hyolyn's Love&Hate album) I hope this song has different feel from that.

src: kpopstarz // mwave


Go Behind the Scenes of JJCC’s “At First” Jacket Shoot

JJCC (Double JC) have revealed a making video for their “At First” debut album jacket shoot.

It was released on March 26 on YouTube, and shows the boys posing for their individual shots, as well as fooling around while waiting for their turn. The video is, of course, set to their debut track.

JJCC is composed of five members, SimBa,, EDDY, San-Cheong and Prince Mak. The quintet is action star Jackie Chan’s first venture into the K-Pop industry.

They released their debut music video on March 24. Their track “At First” has been making waves since, enjoying a nod from Billboard on the day of their debut. JJCC are currently promoting “At First” on music shows.

Soompi, Double JC

Alien Oppa chosen as the Face of Coca-Cola in China


Actor Kim Soo Hyun will be the face of Coca-Cola in China.

According to his agency, KEYEAST, on March 27, “Kim Soo Hyun will be signing a contract with Coca-Cola China. We’ve already consented to a verbal agreement.

According to the representative, Kim Soo Hyun is planning to film the commercial in May, and it will begin airing later this year in China.

The rep explained, “Kim Soo Hyun has gained much interest from fans in China after the conclusion of ‘Man from the Stars.’ Although a CF may not confirm his popularity in China, we believe it shows people’s interest in him. We will continue to work hard,

Meanwhile, Kim Soo Hyun signed endorsement contracts with six different brands since the conclusion of “Man from the Stars.” Counting the endorsements he already had prior to the drama, the actor currently endorses 16 separate brands. It is presumed that he has about 20 separate endorsement deals counting the ones currently in the works as well as advertisements overseas.

China really love him

Soompi, ajunews
park hyo shin

The Prince of Ballad has returned to cleanse our souls.

Park Hyo Shin - Wild Flower

[MV Teaser]Park Hyo Shin Wild Flower MV Teaser

[lyrics translation]
A white ice flower that bloomed
Puts its face out in the welcoming wind
It sheds tears over the wordless and nameless past
Hiding in the cold wind
Melting down under the single ray of sunlight
That’s how you came to me once more
Only good memories, only a longing heart
On the path where you left me
I’m standing alone
Only until I can forget you, until I will be alright
I’ll swallow my tears and at the end of my wait
I will bloom once again
Love is a fiery flower that blooms and withers
In case I get wet with the rain, I close my eyes
In my youth and small heart
The dazzling memories shine
I call out to you once again
Only good memories, only a longing heart
On the path where you left me
I’m standing alone
Only until I can forget you, until I will be alright
I’ll swallow my tears and at the end of my wait
Then once again, I will
On top of the dry land
My entire body is burning
Your scent that remained on my fingers is scattering away
Your hand that is growing far apart
I can’t hold onto it so it hurts
Just until I can survive, just as much as I hated you
When the spring comes to bring you back later on
Then I will bloom on that day

Sources: BubbleFeetMusic Blast Channel 3, Jellyfishenter, popgasa

the song is currently #1 on various realtime charts. i've missed his voice.

Cunning Single Lady/Sly And Single Again ‒ Ep 9-10 Discussion Post (Spoiler Warning!)

Watch on Gooddrama|Viki


A romantic comedy about Na Ae Ra who dreams of meeting a white knight after getting divorced from Cha Jung Woo when his business failed, but as soon as he becomes a successful venture businessman, she tries to seduce him back while the ex-husband Cha Jung Woo tries to date her again to get revenge.




sources: dramawiki|MBCdrama|MBCdrama@youtube (1, 2, 3)|KPopMarOST@youtube (1, 2, 3, 4)|shura@tumblr

Dancers peering on stage

Secret Love Affair Eps 1-4 Discussion Post

Warning: Spoilers and Sexy Piano Playing Inside!


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Sources: Viki, Gooddrama

Is anyone else watching this? The title is so cheesy that I wasn't going to, but I started and am completely sucked in. It's so pretty and intense and there's so much going on. Yoo Ah In and Kim Hee Ae are playing their roles to perfection I think.
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GD most popular in China

G-Dragon receives "Most Popular Korean & Japanese Artist Award" at Chinese Music Awards


BIG BANG’s member G-Dragon received the “Most Popular Korean & Japanese Artist” award at the QQ Music Awards held by QQ Music, China’s biggest music-streaming website.

G-Dragon proved his high popularity in China, by receiving the award during the ceremony held on the 27th of this month at Shenzhen, China. Top Chinese stars including Jay Chou, JJ Lin, and Jolin Tsai attended the awards and G-Dragon expressed his gratitude to fans through Video Recording, as he could not stand on the stage for the awards because of another schedule.

G-Dragon was selected as the winner, through vote by Chinese Internet users. The vote was carried out from February 28th to March 26th and G-Dragon received 20,205,786 votes, beating out Keun Suk Jang, Girls’ Generation, EXO, as well as Japanese girl group AKB48, to be honored as the awardee.

G-Dragon has given a lot of performances in and out of the country with his second full-length album “COUP D’ETAT” last year, and has been enjoying great popularity in the China as well.

Meanwhile, G-DRAGON is now committed to working on BIG BANG’s new album that will be released this year, two years after BIG BANG’s fifth mini album “ALIVE” released in 2012.

+ Cf deals

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+ GD "prettier than females"
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+ Instagram

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Sources: yg-life | Bigbangupdates 1, 2, 3 | 베티핑끄@youtube | xxxibgdrgn@instagram

I love that first instagram picture so much, haha. So cute. Also yeah, get it, Jiyong :')

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once a month ffa for omona's europeans at an earlier time?

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I'm fine with the time now

Lee Jong Suk posts an apology regarding airport fan incident


Article: Lee Jong Suk, "I didn't know she was a fan... I'm sorry and I'm in the wrong" apology on airport incident

Source: Mydaily via Nate

"I just got off my schedule and have come up to date on what's been going on. First of all, I'm sorry for surprising everyone. I apologize. I'm so upset because I feel like everything I've said and done up to this point has become hypocritical and I'm afraid people will think I'm lie in your eyes.

Either way, it was my fault 100% and there's nothing more to clarify but I feel the need to explain to my fans what happened. Since I am the main product of my company, they have a tendency of overprotecting me so I was already on high nerves, especially with our Hong Kong schedule being met with delay.

I did not see the fan but felt someone pulling my arm and definitely thought it'd be my manager so I pulled my arm back. I did not think it would be a fan. I could not manage my facial expression because there were a lot of journalists in front of me. She seems like a fan I saw for the first time and I'm so, so sorry. It's all my fault. I'll do better next time."

[netizens comments]1. [+1,142, -125] He turned his head the minute he saw her ㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+1,104, -116] How about you write that apology again... it's not enough quite yet.

3. [+1,073, -119] His expressions did not look as if he was looking at his manager ㅋ And if he knew it was his fan after, he should've at least acted like he was going back to ask if she was okay... Too bad, you've come too far to deny anything ^^

4. [+156, -13] He flat out ignored her. Is it okay to push someone like that because of the manager? His true character showed in that moment..

5. [+141, -12] Why is it okay for him to do that even to his manager?

6. [+133, -13] Who did you think she was if not a fan? ㅋㅋ A terrorist?

7. [+117, -13] So he pulled his arm away because he thought it was his manager? ㅋ How are you going to explain turning your head at her trying to give you a gift? You didn't know? What an easy excuse.. ㅋㅋㅋ

8. [+102, -8] He saw her the second time when he shoved her arm. How did he not know it was a fan?

Source: Netizenbuzz

Moon Chae Won, Yoo Yeon Sook courted for That One Day

Moon Chae-won (Good Doctor, Nice Guy) and Yoo Yeon-seok (Answer Me 1994) have received offers to star in the upcoming film That One Day (or The Mood That Day). The movie will be about two strangers, a man and a woman, who meet on the KTX (the high speed train between Seoul and Busan). Using the seaside city of Busan as a backdrop, it will chronicle the events of a single day, and show the two’s brief, yet sweet, romantic pairing. It’s sounding a lot like Before Sunrise in Busan, no?

Moon Chae-won will start work on the big screen rom-com Three Men’s Woman soon, while Yoo Yeon-seok continues to strike while he’s hot — if he takes the role, this would be his fourth film commitment in less than six months. He’s currently wrapping up shoots for Secret Temptation with Im Soo-jung and Tailor with Han Seok-kyu and Go Soo. Both stars’ reps confirmed receipt of the script for That One Day, but were quick to add the project is just one of several under consideration by their clients.

These two leads seem like a really good fit for the film; Moon Chae-won has the acting chops to pull off the subtlety required from the role, while Yoo Yeon-seok has the ability to coax audiences into rooting for his character. I’m hoping these two sign on, as the movie has all the makings of being a poignant story — a reminder of those perfect days we’ve had that we wished would never come to an end.

Source: dramabeans

This movie sounds so unoriginal but it also sounds simple and sweet. Plus I love when Moon Chae Won gets paired up with actors who are as beautiful and talented as she is. i'm saddened that Moon Chae Won doesn't have a tag lol Also, did anyone who lives in the L.A. or O.C. area feel that earthquake? CRAZY.