April 3rd, 2014

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Miss A attending some events~


Fei and Jia -  Kye 2014 F/W fashion show
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Fei and Jia - Steve J & Yoni P's fashion show
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Min and Jia - Low Classic 2014 collection fashion show
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Jia and Min - General Idea 2014 F/W Collection Party
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Fei - Sue Comma Bonnie 2014 F/W
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Jia - KAAL E.SUKTAE 2014 fashion show
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Suzy attends Urive Fansign
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Fei Looks gorgeous; I like and then dislike Min's hair color;
Suzy all alone, and Jia everywhere lol, plus cute Seoeon gif for bait lol

gary kwangoo

Mad Clown releases his Mini-Album Tracklist + 1 additional teaser picture

01.견딜만해 (Without You) feat.효린 (HyoLyn)
02.스토커 feat.크루셜스타 (Crucial Star)
03.깽값 feat.주헌 (Joo Heon)
04.살냄새 feat.브라더수 (BrotherSu)
05.껌 feat.화나,오지은 (Fana, Oh Ji Eun)

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The new title track was co-produced by Mad Clown and producer Kim Do Hoon, and directed by Bishop, who recently worked on the Korean soundtrack for Disney‘s “Frozen“

Mad Clown’s mini album will be released on April 4.

cr: @StarshipEnt. [1], [2] // soompi

Jay Park Joins "Dancing 9" Season 2 as a Dance Master

Singer Jay Park will be joining “Dancing 9 Season 2.” He will be one of the dance masters of the Blue Eye team on the show, which is scheduled to premiere in June.

Already known for his dance skills, Jay Park is a member of the b-boy dance crew, A.O.M (Art of Movement). Just until last year, he acted as the honorary ambassador of the “R-16 Korea World B-Boy Championships.” He also joined his b-boy crew in a spectacular performance at the “One Hip-Hop Festival” held in last September and demonstrated his dance skills through his role in the film, “Hype Nation 3-D.”

“Dancing 9” is the first Korean dance survival show which premiered last year. The Red Wings team took victory winning 500 million won (approx. $470,000) and an opportunity to perform a solo gala show. The leader, Ha Hwee Dong received the MVP and took home an additional 100 million won (approx. $95,000).

The show currently continues to hold auditions throughout cities in Korea in order to find Korea’s most passionate dancers. It has been previously confirmed that Lee Min Woo joined the Red Wings team for the second season as the K-Pop dance master. The other dance masters of the Blue Eye team are yet to be confirmed.

Season 2 of “Dancing 9” premieres on June 13 at 11 PM, KST on Mnet.

cr: mnet // soompi // @mnet_dancing9

Junsu Is One with Nature in Latest Japan Solo Tour Poster


JYJ‘s Junsu is gearing up for his Japan solo tour concert, with his agency giving everyone a first look at the concert poster. There is definitely a lot of greenery in this new and interesting poster.

JYJ’s agency, C-JeS Entertainment, has been busy preparing for the “2014 XIA The Best Ballad Spring Tour Concert in Japan” set to be held in May in Tokyo and Osaka. As part of their preparations, the agency has finally revealed the poster for the much anticipated tour.

The poster in question shows Junsu in a simple clean white t-shirt, wearing a green wreath and surrounded by a large flowery branch. The imagery is quite befitting of a spring tour.

C-JeS Entertainment has told the press that “We have seen a tremendous response from local fans for this musical and ballad concert, a first in Japan. This poster, released prior to the opening of ticket sales, shows a pure, childlike and mysterious side to Junsu. The poster has also been received extremely positively.”

The “2014 XIA The Best Ballad Spring Tour Concert in Japan” will first be heading to the Tokyo Yoyogi National Gymnasium to perform in front of a potential capacity crowd of 36,000 fans from May 13~15. The tour will then head off to the lovely city of Osaka to perform at the Osaka Castle Hall to a potential capacity crowd of 33,000 on May 22~24.

kylo ren

SM Entertainment Taking Legal Action against Rumors Involving f(x)’s Sulli

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

On April 3, a representative of f(x)’s agency, SM Entertainment stated, “We are preparing to take legal action against the individual spreading malicious rumors about Sulli. We are currently gathering relative information.”

It was confirmed that Sulli made a visit to the emergency room on March 28 and was treated from suffering a sudden abdominal pain. However, after the incident, malicious rumors were spread online about how her visit to the hospital was relevant to the scandal involving her and Dynamic Duo’s Choiza.

The rep from SM Entertainment stated, “After visiting the emergency room from stress-related abdominal pain, she has been resting.” The rumor hinted that Sulli was sexually harassed.

The administrator of Sulli’s fan page café also announced through his/her SNS saying, “SM is collecting any information related to Sulli’s sexual harassment rumors. The lawyer says the more information the better,” expressing his/her intension to cooperate fully with the intention to take legal action.

Meanwhile, SM Entertainment is also taking legal action against the rumor involving Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon with a suicide attempt.

Source: soompi donga stylem
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Monthly music recap in March!

Listen y'all, a lot of music was posted last month so let's take a look back at some of the great stuff you might have missed. Here we go!

Downbeat Jam of the Month: Neon Bunny - It's You

[Spoiler (click to open)]

If you like Sky Ferreira and CHVRCHES and you wish kpop was less bombastic and more chillwave, you'd love this. Neon Bunny isn't kpop of course, she is an indie-pop singer songwriter. Her music is available on iTunes!
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orienkorean, ktmusic, Luminant Entertainment, amoebakorea, 1theK, Wingsofficialvevo, fcuz0108, Brandnewmusickorea

If there's anything I missed, leave it in the comments below! What other new music have you been listening to? Music reccs post!

Crayon Pop’s “Uh-ee” Ruled Unfit for Broadcast Due to Japanese Lyrics

Girl group Crayon Pop’s new song “Uh-ee” was ruled unfit for broadcast by KBS. This was due to the song’s use of “bbikka bbunjjuk,” which is the Japanese style expression for the Korean equivalent of “bbunjjuk bbunjjuk,” meaning ‘shiny.’ In the reviews done by MBC and SBS, however, these lyrics did not pose any problem.

Crayon Pop’s agency Chrome Entertainment said that they’ve changed the lyrics to “bbunjjuk bbunjjuk” and requested another review of the song by KBS.

“Uh-ee” is Crayon Pop’s first single since their song “Bbabbabba” last June, and is a light-hearted song that features a trot-inspired melody and comical dance.

[netizens comments]

Article: [Exclusive] Crayon Pop reps, "We have edited 'pika bbunjjuk -> bbunjjuk bbunjjuk' for reevaluation by KBS"

Source: Star News via Naver

KBS deemed a part of the lyrics in 'Uh-ee' unfit for broadcast for using the Japanese expression 'pika bunjjuk'.. bbunjjuk just means sparkly.

1. [+932, -42] So I guess if Pokemon was broadcast on KBS, Pikachu's name would have to be changed to Bbunjjukchu

2. [+630, -52] Why is English okay but not Japanese?

3. [+490, -52] Departing from the fact that it's Crayon Pop, this just seems wrong...

4. [+447, -53] This is why KBS is stupid...

5. [+77, -8] Pika bbunjjuk? How's that any different from us using words like bling bling

6. [+72, -7] I don't get why bling bling's allowed but not pika bbunjjuk

7. [+58, -6] Might as well ban English at this rate

8. [+49, -2] Chu Sarang shouldn't be on TV according to KBS's logic since half of her speech is Japanese

Source: Soompi & Netizenbuzz

SISTAR's Hyolyn and British Celebrity Paul Potts for The Celebrity

SISTAR’s Hyolyn and Paul Potts are featured on the lifestyle magazine 'The Celebrity' April edition.

This photo shows the lighter side of the two great singers. Paul Potts is a well-known British tenor and his life story is featured on a movie called 'One Chance.'

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this shoot is random but Paul Potts was in Korea to promote his One Chance movie. i don't know what the theme of this photoshoot is but I like the first and second ones the best~ this is also the interview where Hyolyn talks about her big ol' cross tattoo and moving. (resized the photo mods, sorry^^;)

cr: dkpopnews // mightysistar [1], [2], [3] // interview translations by:@heydeyy

Yonghwa poses on a bed for Chinese Harpers Bazaar. Looks ridiculously good looking while doing so.


‘s front man Jung Yong Hwa showed that you don’t have to look edgy to be a sexy musician.

The singer had a pictorial for Harper’s Bazaar, China edition. The photos where shared through his agency’s official Facebook. In the photos, Jung Yong Hwa wears a light button-up, that is conveniently only half way buttoned up. Although he is resting his head on a pillow, he also holds a hard electric guitar close to his body.

Harpers Bazaar China is a popular magazine in the country, with over 100 million published copies. Because of the group’s popularity, CNBlue was featured on 12 pages in the April edition. Along with a pictorial, the members of CNBlue had an interview with the magazine about their musical aspirations.

Recently, CNBlue wrapped up their “Can’t Stop” promotions and will be holding solo concerts in Korea this month.

Source: CNBFacebook, Soompi

My thirst for this man is never ending


Hiiiiiiiii Omona, long time no see


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Most of these are pretty old and not really that interesting, but I wanted to post netizens comments, so everything else is here to make my post look bigger
Next week will be busy, YG family concert and AON tour, so prepare yourself!!!!

Sources: fy-winner ygwinnera ygwinner ygwinnera netizenbuzz fy-winner fy-winner
polkadots!Liyin 4

Offered roles in movie "Twenty", Yoo Yeon Seok has "politely declined", Kim Woo Bin is "considering"



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Source (s) : News Naver via Yeoniverse - YYS IFC ; Koreanupdates.com

Excuse me as I wept in despair now that the chance to see two of my favourites in one movie slipped away.


Jang Nara and Jang Hyuk Reunite After 12 Years for “Fated to Love You”


Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara have confirmed to star together in a new drama, 12 years after starring together in SBS drama “Successful Story of a Bright Girl.” They will be showing off their chemistry again in the MBC Wednesday-Thursday drama “Fated to Love You” slated to air this summer following the completion of Kim Myung Min’s “A New Leaf” in July.

“Fated to Love You” is a remake of a 2008 Taiwanese drama of the same name. The drama achieved historically high average ratings of 10%, with peak ratings hitting 14.6%, in Taiwan. This would be equivalent to a rating of 70% in Korea. The drama will be produced by Number Three Pictures (“Arang and the Magistrate”) and directed by Lee Dong Yoon (“Queen’s Classroom,” “The Greatest Love”).

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source: soompi, naver

can't say i'm a fan of the original drama but we'll see...
🎯 Red Velvet: lit

Man who reported Hyoyeon to the police turns out to be her ex-boyfriend

As news broke out that Girls’ Generation Hyoyeon is dating, SM Entertainment stated that she has already broken up with her boyfriend.

On April 4, Newsen spoke with SM Entertainment, who stated, “Hyoyeon has already broken up with the man mentioned in the articles.”

A news outlet reported that Hyoyeon was dating writer Kim Joon Hyung, pushing the agency to state otherwise.

Meanwhile, the news outlet also reported that Tiffany and 2PM’s Nichkhun were dating, which both agencies confirmed, saying that they went from friends to lovers four months ago.

source: enewsworld
🎯 Red Velvet: lit

Also, Tiffany is dating Nichkhun

Sports Seoul has just announced that Girls’ Generation Tiffany and Nichkhun are in a relationship and have been dating for 4 months!

The couple have been dating for 4 months now after being good friends for a long time.

A friend of the couple has told Sports Seoul, “Tiffany and Nichkhun have been meeting cautiously, because they are both [idols]”. There were rumors in the past of them dating due to how close they were. As they both have lived in the U.S., they have a lot in common and were able to remain close. They only recently began to date in the last 4 months.

JYP Entertainment released a press statement announcing that the relationship was in fact real and that the two were dating. They said, “As reported, Tiffany and Nichkhun have been dating for 4 months. Please look over them with care.”

Source: Sports Seoul via koreaboo