April 10th, 2014


So Ji Sub Says Yoo Seung Ho Has Become a Man


In the April 3 publication of style magazine High Cut, So Ji Sub reveals his plans for his next acting role, as well as news of ‘little So Ji Sub’ Yoo Seung Ho, who is currently in the middle of military service.

He said, “Film or drama, if it’s a good piece, I want to do one right away. I think it’ll be difficult to do one by summer, and if I do get one soon, it’ll be by fall or winter.” He also said that he really wants to work with some peer actors, whether it be in a large or small work, adding that he doesn’t care if his character is a lead or not.

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SM acting like they didn't leak EXO's comeback song


Even though EXO’s new song and choreography was leaked, it’s not the complete (final) version.
EXO’s company SM Entertainment said on the 10th that “The video was recorded for MBC’s Music Core and the audio is not the complete version. We are currently in the midst of deleting the illegally circulated video and we are trying to find out how it got leaked illegally”.
On the 10th, the MP3 file with the title “EXO – Overdose” has been spread around video site youtube. Even though the song in the file was 3 minute and 25 seconds, (SM) did not verify if it really is ‘Overdose’. This file was then blocked this afternoon from the request of the copyright holders.
Not only that, a video titled ‘EXO Overdose choreography’ was published online. In this video, EXO-K members DO, Kai, Suho, Chanyeol, Sehun and Baekhyun can be seen performing to a song.
SM has requested for an investigation, and will file charges and claim for damages to the persons who published and circulated the video.
SM says, “We will take serious actions against those who have violated copyrights. We are also requesting for caution so that any actions similar to this will not happen again”.

Source: queen baekhundred

The video is deleted every time it's posted to youtube or dailymotion, but here's a reupload on tumblr.

Foreign Females Love Korean Aliens, Foreign Males Love Beautiful Girls

Do you want to fall in love with Korean? 90% foreigners say OK

Another poll by Korean media, this time directed to the foreigners to answer whether they want to fall in love with Korean people. 1147 foreigners (642 females and 505 males) participated in the survey held on website www.duo.co.kr and SNS Korspot. 90% of them said they want  to fall in love with Korean.

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Elementary-school buds 1MoreTime (center, hat), Oroshi (glasses, with doll) and the DigiPedi mind squad

To the untrained eye, K-pop music videos are pretty much all the same—crazy cacophonies of color, choreography, and costumes. But, as in any genre, there are many who safely follow convention and a few who rise above it.

File Digital Pedicure in the rarified air of the latter category. Founded and led by childhood friends Seong Won-mo (1MoreTime) and Park Sang-woo (Oroshi1), DigiPedi is rapidly cementing a reputation as the best (and most prolific) video directors in K-pop today. Scroll through any of the 68(!) music videos they've created in the past six years and you'll find an amazing eye for detail and composition, as well as a buffet of intricate animation that testifies to their talent for drawing.

You can identify a DigiPedi video not only for its striking visuals, but also by the cohesive execution of a fully developed idea. 1MoreTime and Oroshi are the type of creatives who can turn a simple meal at a sushi restaurant into a concept for a music video. But more on that later.

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source: noonchi, pledisartist, wingsvevo

my fav digipedi video is def zion.t babay and b1a4 what's happening, both are mindblowing imho
the part about image is so true, like that team did mr chu recently but it was super basic - a pink has set image and nothing super-insane (in a good way) would go with it, sadly

Vibe Yoon Min Soo and 4men Shin Yong Jae covered Lee Sun Hee's Fate

Fate was originally sung by Lee Sun Hee, she wrote it for her deceased husband. It was released in 2005 and used as OST for blockbuser movie, King and the Clown. When people were just starting to forget Lee Sun Hee’s legacy (she debuted in 1984 and released so far 15 albums, the last one just month ago after 5-years long break), this song came out, reminding everyone of what a veteran she is to the Korean music world. You may have heard her recent title track, Met Him Among Them.
Last weekend her special on Immortal Song aired and this happend:

source: kbskpop, supersenior15
[lyrics translation]
Promise me that when this moment's over and we meet again
That we can put everything in the past and stand by each other

This is what we call fate, it's something we can't deny
Will I ever experience another day as glorious as today?

You're a gift upon this exhausting path of life
I'll continuously wash and shine our love so it won't rust away
Our meeting was short like a drunken affair, but it was real

Even though this cannot last, I won't resent it because nothing is forever
This is what we call fate, it's something we can't deny
Will I ever experience another day as glorious as today?

There's so much i want to say, but you probably already know
When we meet again some time in the future
Please don't let go again
The love we couldn't have in this life
The fate we couldn't live in this life

When we meet again some time in the future
Please don't let go of me

source: gugalyrics

idk if i like it more than sohyang's version but damn, sure it's impressive, emotional and super long

A Pink Says They Haven’t Experienced Their First Kiss Yet


Girl group A Pink recently confessed that they have not yet experienced their first kiss, so they think of their fans while dancing the key choreography moves for “Mr.Chu.”

On April 9, A Pink appeared as guests on MBC’s music show, “Show Champion.” MC Kang In asked A Pink members, “Since none of you have experienced a first kiss yet, what do you think about when you’re dancing to [Mr.Chu]?”

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The Original MR.MR of K-pop is Making a "BIGMAN" Comeback!

MR.MR's comeback is imminent! Their newest single "Bigman" will be released on Friday, April 25th!  They will also have a comeback showcase on Sunday, April 20th.

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Sources: Official Fan Cafe via @tweetsforMISO, @MrMr_Intl, @kor_celebrities



And here's some bonus videos of MR.MR awesomeness:
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Source: Winning Insight YouTube
gtop haru haru
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Everyone (incl. YG) looks forward to the kings' comeback


Excerpt from Yang Hyun Suk's interview published today on Ilgan Sports:

The news fans are most curious about– how are Big Bang's comeback preparations going?

Yang Hyun Suk: Big Bang said they will release an album this summer. I'm waiting for them to make good music like other fans. YGE doesn't set a deadline and force artists to make albums like other companies do. Today, around 4AM, when I left the office, GD was working hard writing songs. I will just wait and support him until good music comes out.

Source: Bigbangupdates

Good to see that Jiyong is busy writing songs despite -based on his social media anyhow- feeling blue lately. Pour all those feelings in your songs baby and make a second Haru Haru.

Also, of course YG can't wait for Big Bang to come back.
I mean: biggest revenue makers.


After School’s Nana Reveals Her Body Measurements

Although currently you may see her wearing unique looking sushi themed outfits during Orange Caramel‘s “Catallena,” After School‘s Nana revealed her tall and lean body measurements!

On the April 8 broadcast of Mnet‘s “Beatle’s Code 3D” Orange Caramel and Crayon Pop were both guests on the show. When examining Orange Caramel’s funny outfit, the Nana revealed her height, weight, and waist size.

In regards to her body measurements, Nana stated, “My height is 171cm (5ft 6in) and my weight is 49kg (108lbs). My waist size is 25 inches.” Furthermore, the singer said, “This dress size is 55 (medium),” after the MCs had noted that the stage outfit seemed too small for the mannequin.

[(click to open)]

When MC Shin Dong Yup jokingly asked, “Is the distribution near the chest area big?” Nana hilariously replied, “It’s really big!” causing laughter in the studio.

Source: Soompi

Dosen't her profile say she's 1,68 cm? :P

Girl's Day to make (another flawless) comeback in June

The past year has seen Girl’s Day go from a somewhat obscure K-pop act to one of the most successful girl groups in the industry. Thanks to an edgier sound and a sexy image makeover, Girl’s Day’s been continuously topping charts since the release of “Expectation” last March, with their latest single, “Something,” currently standing as the biggest K-pop hit of 2014 so far.

Now that they’re so huge, you’ll probably be happy to learn that the girls are already preparing to make a comeback in June. According to reps from their agency, Girl’s Day will take the time between now and June to work on their new album, in addition to filming commercials and performing at various events. The commercials will probably take up a lot of time considering that the girls signed SEVEN different endorsement deals in January alone.

source: popdust / starnews

"It is special kind of cute act~"…EXO, secretive meeting with Jackie Chan


An incredibly unbelievable sight happened in front of our eyes. Is it what we call “hell gate has opened”? One of the streets in Beijing is paralyzed. It is crowded with thousands of people and Chinese police also watch the situation without knowing what to do.

Do Min Joon? Kim Tan? Soo Ha? Who in the world are they waiting for? The one they are all waiting for is ‘EXO’. In one word, it was the popularity that ‘strike China’. Lots of Korean banners made it hard to know whether it is China or Korea.

The China popularity that we only read on the book, we will feel those moments through the pictures.

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Written by=Beijing(China)ㅣKim Su Ji (Dispatch)
Pictures=Song Hyo Jin (Dispatch)
source: starcast, namja124

Seo In Young's Star Beauty Show: RaNia vs Ladies' Code

So it seems they are doing a special spring corner in season 4 of Star Beauty Show where they have girl groups compete against each other and see who does the best make-up look.. or something to that extent. They get help from make-up artists as well. This showdown (2nd) is between RaNia and Ladies' Code. The winner gets chosen by the votes from the women panel on the show and SMS votes. Whoever wins goes on to the next round.

This round theme is: Wedding Occasion.
The winner of this round is: [Spoiler (click to open)]

From the previews I have seen, the other rounds are:
1st Round: 9muses (won) vs. Stellar
3rd Round: Spica vs. Scarlet

I'm glad to see RaNia on shows. I mainly made this post for them. DR Music needs to stop playing though and give me my RaNia comeback.

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Hyoyeon's Ex-BF Opens Up About Recent Incident & Their Relationship


Kim Jun Hyung, a global brand marketing CEO and youth mentor, is the man involved inthe recent incident with Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon. He recently opened up about the incident in an interview with a reporter. He said that this past April 4, after photos of him on a date with Hyoyeon were revealed, “I got over 1000 messages on KakaoTalk. I really felt the power of the media.”

He said he really thought a lot about whether he should do the interview to explain things well after-the-fact, but he didn’t think that it was right to let the whole thing end as a piece of gossip around town. More than anything, Kim Jun Hyung said, “Hyoyeon is a really great person, and if there was anyone who was disappointed in her because of this happening, I want to come out and say that that’s not the case.”

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SBS Roommate Preview 2

[ ‘Roommates’ PD Says Shin Sung Woo and EXO Chan Yeol Make an Interesting Combo ]
‘Roommates’ PD Says Shin Sung Woo and EXO Chan Yeol Make an Interesting Combo

Shin Sung Woo and EXO’s Chan Yeol will show a unique combination as roommates.

SBS’s new variety show Roommates will be showing eleven stars sharing the same house. The show will realistically feature the stars’ daily life activities outside of their schedules.

The 11 stars, namely Shin Sung Woo, Lee Dong Wook, Jo Se Ho, Park Min Woo, EXO’s Chan Yeol, Seo Kang Jun, Hong Soo Hyun, 2NE1’s Park Bom, After School’s Nana and Song Ga Yeon divided up into five rooms and began filming at the end of March.

When asked which pair of roommates is the most fun and interesting, Park Sang Hyuk PD named Shin Sung Woo and EXO’s Chan Yeol.

Park Sang Hyuk PD told Newsen on April 10, “They have many commonalities. Even though the age gap is big, Shin Sung Woo knows a lot about the current trend or technology so they connect well.”

The PD continued, “Shin Sung Woo has a mom-like character so he cooks for Chan Yeol when he returns home late after all the schedules. They are both also good at making things. Shin Sung Woo majored in sculpture and Chan Yeol was also nicknamed ‘Chan-Gyver’ on The Laws of the Jungle. They both brought a tool set and instruments to the house.”

He said, “Together they can easily make things that the house needs. It will be fun to watch the two, who are 24 years apart, sit across each other making a wooden bench.”

Rommates is set to air on April 20.

roommate SBS | mwave