April 12th, 2014


A Pink talks about dealing with diets


Diets seem to be required for all group members. Many girl groups have shared their diet tips and revealed their meal plans on their SNS accounts. The A Pink members were no exception, who also had to go on diets before making a comeback, while A Pink’s Cho Rong’s diet plan once gathered a lot of public attention as well.
In a recent interview with Newsen, Cho Rong said, “I think that was two days before filming our music video. I packed my meals then, but I don’t eat like that anymore.” Then A Pink went on to explain why dieting is a must.
When asked if keeping up their bodies is hard, A Pink said, “We got used to it. The diet became a lot less harsh now but since we have to keep in shape, we feel nervous on the days we eat a lot. The company used to pressure us but now we self-manage our body.”
A Pink added, “When we first debuted, the people at the agency would tell us, ‘You should feel thankful that we’re forcing you to diet now. You’ll want to diet yourself later on,’ and now we understand why.”
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Chorong and Eunji had the most significant weight losses. I could never be in a girl group. Bread is my weakness.

Winner is scheduled to film a MV!!!!

WINNER’s Debut to Come Soon? Possibly Filming MV


It is prospected that YG’s new boy group – WINNER‘s debut is getting closer.
Following Akdong Musician who is achieving number one on music charts for 6 days, the next to come is highly expected to be WINNER. This is because recently their schedule to film MV was confirmed by OSEN from the filming staffs.
There’s a word that the director Seo Hyun Seung, who has directed Big Bang and 2NE1′s main MVs, is preparing for their MV.
From this we know how much YG is expecting and focusing on WINNER.
WINNER has already opened for Big Bang’s Dome tour in Japan as well as in Korea(for 2NE1). This was to let WINNER have stage experiences and this shows the special love from YG’s head, Yang Hyun Suk. Among Psy, 2NE1 and WINNER, who will be the 3rd to come – it is attracting people’s attention.

FINALLY! Lbr tho, this mv could be out in 2 years. But this means they actually have songs!!!!!

withwinner osen
Translation by @TeamAtheWINNER

park sisters having some gurl talk, displaying perfect taste in men.

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2NE1′s Park Bom appeared on the April 9 installment of KBS‘s radio show ‘Lee So Ra’s Music Plaza‘ and talked about her ideal type and acquaintance, actor Lee Dong Wook.

In relation to an ideal type, Park Bom proved to have an open mind as she said, “I would even be okay with a fish bread seller.  I like someone who works hard at his job no matter what field he’s in.”

DJ Lee So Ra said, “I feel like Park Bom knows quite a bit about men,” then asked her to pick celebrities who fit her ideal type. Park Bom replied, “Lee Min Ho or Kim Woo Bin.  I like someone like that who is tall.”  She must have coveted Park Shin Hye‘s role in ‘Heirs,’ then!  Meanwhile, Dara picked her ideal type to be a man who was single-minded."I liked Won Bin oppa, but recently I changed to Kang Dongwon"
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Bom is is this amazing creature that never fails to amaze me our 8d queen

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suzy bp
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Who wore it better? Steve J & Yoni P edition

Steve J & Yoni P Neon Plaided Knit Crop Top ~ 298,00 won


Model 1

Model 2

Miss A's Fei

Davichi's Kang Minkyung

4minute's Sohyun


Who wore it better?

Model 1
Model 2
Kang Minkyung
Burn it!

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New Variety Show Gets A Slice Of Miguk Church Oppa


John Park has been one of those surprise stars of the variety show world. His combination of outright honest and quirkiness has been a hit amongst viewers on the numerous variety shows he’s appeared on in recent times. Now viewers will get a chance to see John Park in another variety show in the not too distant future.

According to an exclusive report published by news media outlet, “Mydaily,” John Park is set to appear on SBS‘s new variety show “Laws of the City,” a spin off of SBS’s popular Friday night variety show “Kim Byung Man’s Law of the Jungle.” According to the report, John Park set off to their first city, New York City, on April 10 to join up with fellow program members Kim Sung Soo, Lee Chun Hee, Jung Kyung Ho, Baek Jin Hee, Moon from the group “Royal Pirates” and Ailee.

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#1 Lunafly Stan

Lunafly Activity Roundup Post To Brighten Your Day

What have the lovely boys of Lunafly been up to recently? Find out here!

[LUKIES special message to LUNAFLY (with an appearance by a VERY special fanboy)]

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[Sam Cam (Let Soompi know if you want more Sam Cam.)]

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[Lunafly walks Seoul Fashion Week]
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[A peek into LUNAFLY schedule and daily life (Part 1)][Exclusive] A peek into LUNAFLY schedule and daily life (Part 1)

Hey LUKIES! It is currently spring in Korea and with the blooming flowers, our hearts bloomed for the Special Guys.. Who? Its LUNAFLY of course!!

So we were in Seoul some time ago and we managed to visit LUNAFLY’s entertainment company, Nega Network. The walk to their office building was no joke.. We had to walk about 20 minutes up and down the hill to get there but all the sweat was worth it as we were greeted by cheerful Yun, practically at their doorstep! Then Yun brought us into their practice room where both Sam and Teo were already waiting for us.

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LUNAFLY talks about their new album

LUNAFLY is a talented all male trio which consists of Sam Carter (Sam) – leader, vocalist and guitarist, Shin Taeho (Teo) – vocalist, drummer, pianist and Han Seung Yun (Yun) – vocalist, guitarist and maknae (youngest) of the group. They recently came back with their 1st Mini Album, 특별한 남자 (Special Guy) and being the lovely guys that they are, amid their busy schedule preparing for their South America shows, to have a chat with K-Popped!

Read on and see what they have to say about their new song Special Guy, addictions.. and Teo as a boat?

Tell us about your latest comeback..

Sam: We came back with 특별한 남자 which means Special Guy, or a unique guy. Its a little bit different than what we did before. Its been a lot of fun promoting and performing the song on stage and TV promotions. Its about us as unique guys trying to show off our charisma and charms.

Your current song is more pop-ish than acoustic..

Teo: When we started out we did start with acoustic music but we were always keen on doing lots of different kind of musics. As artist, we would like to expand and try different kind of things. It doesn’t mean that we won’t be doing acoustic music in the future, because that is the basic for us.

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A normal day for LUNAFLY would be..

Sam: Its different everyday, if we have a music show, we’d wake up at 3am, salon for hair and make up at 4am, TV rehearsal at 6am – its very difficult to sing at 6 in the morning. If its a music show, it takes the whole day. Like right now, we are preparing for our trip to South America, so every morning we come here, to this practice room and practice all day.

LUNAFLY on stage and off stage..

Teo: Almost the same.. On music shows, you can’t really see our personality but in concerts we are pretty much ourselves on stage.

Sam does radio shows, Yun will be acting in a drama soon, while Teo..

Teo: For me there’s nothing planned yet, but I would like to try everything. But if I had to choose, it would be DJ-ing!

LUNAFLY is most confident of..

Yun: My voice..

Teo: My height.. (Sam: Apart from when we go to modelling shows, then we become short.. haha)

Sam: We’ve never had this question before! Well, I’m confident in writing songs.

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If LUNAFLY goes to a deserted island, which member would LUNAFLY bring and 3 things..

Yun: I think Teo will die first! Haha… I would bring Sam, a guitar, computer games and water (Sam: Is there electricity there?? and there’s water everywhere!) - more laughter among the members

Teo: I won’t take anyone, it would be uncomfortable with the members around. The 3 things I’d bring is shotgun, fire, and water.

Sam: (Mumbling alone - Teo would die by himself) I would pick Teo, because he is big, so I’ll use him as a boat. (Laughter by Yun). I would bring 3 balloons, tie it on Teo and ride him on the ocean. (Yun: Teo would die.. Sam: He won’t die because I would hold up his face so he can breath, just like the old boats with the face at the front, like a pirate ship, it will be Teo’s face.)

LUNAFLY’s current addiction..

Yun: Clash of the Clans..

Sam: I’m addicted to chocolate, Pocari Sweat, and peach drinks.. I have it everyday and it’s not cheap.. For chocolates, I like Kit Kat Chunky, Snickers – Almond and normal ones, MnMs – both peanut and normal ones and jelly beans

Teo: I’m addicted to spending money

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As a leader, a member that troubles Sam..

They’re both troublesome.. haha, no they’re both very good. They are good guys and they work hard.

Acting for Yun..

Acting is a new experience for me, which I enjoyed and I hope to do more of it. (Sam: And he’s really good, he has a natural born talent for it)

Teo wants to try..

Being a food fighter. A competition where you eat the most.

Missed out on when LUNAFLY was in Malaysia? Read all about it here!

LUNAFLY first Malaysia showcase

LUNAFLY celebrates 1 Year Anniversary with Malaysia LUKIES

and our first exclusive interview with them

LUNAFLY talks about Malaysia, Music and Personal Dreams

Special thanks to M.E Malaysia for organizing this and Nega Network for the exclusive!

Source: K-Popped!

The Latin American Tour has started! The first stop was Guadalajara, Mexico, then Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Mexico City (the fanmeet was today and the concert is tomorrow). After that Lunafly is off to Peru and Brazil. (Then Venezuelan concert was canceled due to saftey concerns and a travel ban by the Korean government, but Peru was added instead.) Have some fancams!


[cover of a sunbae's song in Guadalajara and Costa Rica]

[Guatemala Meet & Greet]

Sources: maydnashera 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9; Kwavelover; Estefania Lira; Kimberly Fainello 1, 2, 3, 4

So much craziness for Lunafly in the past month! Goodness. I swear Sam was acting extra cute during Special Guy promotions, and it just about did me in. Sam on the runway hgeriogtujoerigh and Yun and those kids... The song Lunafly covered.. I died a milion and one times. I'm still dying. SAM'S HIPS...