May 6th, 2014

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EXO Instagram Updates


Caption: later L.A peace. #offwhite #pigalle #mr.hudson #dons



Caption: Hi #diamond

He posted this then deleted:
Caption: #Happy birthday to BH

Caption: 정식으로인사드립니다! EXO의 목소리 찬열입니다! 이번앨범 중독도 많이사랑해주세요!!♥
Translation: I'm going to greet you formally here! This is EXO's voice Chanyeol! Please give lots of love to 'Overdose' album!! ♥

he followed Sehun and confirmed on his weibo although at first he misspelled it and had to delete the post lmao

[BONUS: Baekhyun Birthday Message]
This is Baekhyun who is always happy, aka Alhahyun! [t/n: he abbreviated 항상 행복한 백현 into 항행현 = always happy Baekhyun into Alhahyun]
I want to thank all the people who are always giving their love to us and looking after EXO and Baekhyunie.
I really think I’m happier and more blessed than anyone I know!
(Because of all you fans^^ /whisper whisper)
From now on, I will show an even better image to everyone!
Please continue supporting EXO and Baekhyunie who grow even more by “eating” the fans’ praise and love!
Thank you!! I love you, everyone!!
Sleep well guys! ><
trans: fy-exo | source: smtown’s official website
please take out with credits.

Source: kristagram hanstagram ohstagram 1 2 fy-exo yeolstagram @SMent_EXO taostagram fy-exo

Welcome to the Overdose era~
True Words

EXO Slaying the Digital Charts with their Overdose Mini Album

EXO Receives an All-Kill Status Just Hours Upon Release of Album!

After the long wait of all EXOtics (OP: *sideeyes*), EXO has finally released their mini-album, 'Overdose'!

With just a few hours upon release, the album has already swept the major music sites in South Korea which made them achieve an all-kill status!

The album, "Overdose" is currently number 1 on the real-time charts of Melon, Mnet, Bugs, olleh, Soribada, Genie, Naver, Daum, and Monkey3. That's right, the title track has topped all the major charts sans Cyworld. The other songs in both EXO-K and EXO-M's mini-albums have also entered the charts as well!

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Source: kpopstarz + Melon

Soompi releases 'K-Pop Idol Group Infographic 2014 Edition'


It has been more than two years since the first K-Pop Idol Group Infographic. Instead of continuing to name all the groups that have made their debut, this time we focus on the top 25 boy groups and top 25 girl groups.

All information used features the members from within these 50 groups and was finalized on May 1, 2014.

[Click here for list]

With so many groups out there, it definitely takes a lot of work to break into the top 25, especially if the group isn’t from a huge company.

Male groups seem to be more stable as there were only six members that left their respective groups, compared to 29 female girl group members that have left their respective groups.

In calculating the “songs released per year in Korea” to determine the most and least active groups, OST tracks, CF songs, and sub unit/solo promotions were NOT counted. B.A.P has been an very active group since their debut, releasing many songs every year. While it doesn’t seem like it, 2NE1 is the second most active since they release multiple title tracks for each comeback.

Source: Soompi

Too many groups to tag, so I didn't bother with the rest of them out of pure laziness.



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Hiiii Omona!!

We didn't have one of these in a long time and since boys now officially live in Incheon International Airport, it seems appropriate.
So, who is your fashion fave in Winner? How do you feel about Hoonie in shorts? Do you have a love/hate relationship with Taehyun like me?
Are you bored of my Winner posts? Tell me everything

Sources: fy-jinwoo With Winner hellojinwoo fy-jinwoo fyeahmino unicomoda HOT PLACE Black&White fy-jinwoo fyeahmino fy-namtaehyun foreverseungyoon Black&White LIGHT ON fy-jinwoo fyeahmino fy-namtaehyun fy-namtaehyun foreverseungyoon fy-jinwoo With Winner @NamsongCouple LIGHT ON fy-jinwoo fyeahmino taehyun-a taehyun-a foreverseungyoon With Winner LIGHT ON fyeahmino foreverseungyoon
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Some AOMG members got together for a cypher!

via Margo PD

This is apparently for a program on Mnet called 4SHOW (or 4Sagaji or 4gagi Show). From what I can get off the site (Google Translate, bless), it's a documentary style interview show so it's sorta like what some idol groups are doing these days except...rappers! LOL. Though, I don't think it's specifically AOMG's show--I guess they are just the subjects for now. No English subtitles; let's just assume they all brought it.
don&#39;t tell me bye bye, (jeonggukie is drunk)


QUEEN B(YUN) BAEKHYUN HAS INSTAGRAM NOW (Prince Chanyeol follows him).

Caption: #overdose #baekhyun ready? IM READY OPPA
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source: krisus insta / queen b insta / everyone's ultimate ohstagram / biggest babe chanyeol insta
op is crying at baekhyun's bio, what kind of elusive chanteuse realness #blessed
this comeback is killing me goodbye i am dead i have died i am deceased