May 10th, 2014


140510 Music Core

There was no winner's announcement this week.

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sources: MBCkpop, shu35150510

This week's episode featured performances from artists that rarely attend weekly music shows. The show's producers wanted to create a calm atmosphere to respect the nature of the recent events.

About half of the performances are missing, so I'll edit them in when MBC uploads them to their YT channel.

A Pink Looking to Expand to Overseas Market, Recieves Lovecalls From Japan

After sweeping the music program charts with their latest hit “Mr. Chu,” A Pink is looking to enter foreign markets. They will start their new global journey in Japan.

A Pink is planning to continue their promotions of “Mr. Chu” for two to three more weeks. After, they will start planning for their Japanese activities. Critics have initially commented on how A Pink would work well in the Japanese market with their cute and innocent image.

A Pink’s agency A Cube Entertainment has already carried out successful fan meetings in Japan. The positive reactions from Japan are also adding onto the excitement of A Pink’s future ventures in Japan.

Representative of A Pink has stated that “as soon as domestic promotions are complete, A Pink will focus on Japanese activities.”

Previously, A Pink has won number one on all four major music programs “Mnet M! Countdown“, “KBS Music Bank,” “MBC Music Core,” and “SBS Inkigayo.” They also came in first on Taiwan’s 5music weekly album sale chart in April, without any promotions in Taiwan.

Source: soompi

Its cool that Japan has responded positively to A Pink but overseas stuff always makes me sad because I won't see as much of them.

4MEN album updates

4MEN are releasing their new album "1998" on May 13th, 2014. This release marks Shin Yong Jae and Kim Won Joo's first endeavor as a duo representing 4MEN. The album is slated to have three title tracks, "Erase," "Pray," and "OK."
[Teaser video for Erase]
[Teaser video for Pray]

Back in 2011, I listened to their fourth album so many times. I'm looking forward to this release as well.

Source:Soompi 1,2
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Cute GD (kids & family edition)


"Ah pretty #Haru"

Kwon Family (and other updates)

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Jiyong with kids and family, I have nothing to add except (oh and also, wow @ those designer gifts he's getting). And yes, this is GD apparently having a fascinating conversation with his shoe (?) adding for cuteness reasons.
scammer oppa

Orange Caramel for BNT International

Orange Caramel Speaks Up on Unique Concept and Idols Dating

Successfully standing out among the sea of girl groups, Orange Caramel revealed its stylish photoshoot.

Orange Caramel’s Lizzy, Raina and Nana attended a photoshoot with bnt news recently, showing off their charms in fashionable hair, makeup and outfits.

In an interview following the photoshoot, the members shared their thoughts on promoting as a group with a unique concept and the recent trend of idols going public with their relationships.

[Rest of the article]Having confessed that she was confused when she was preparing activities for After School and Orange Caramel at the same time, Nana said, “Now I’m so used to it that I can make transformations even if I just wake up from sleeping,” and said that’s what pros should be like.

Expressing love for the group’s unique concept, Lizzy said, “I like Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga,” but also added, “I was a little embarrassed when I was promoting Bangkok City though.”

About idols who have been going public with their relationships, Raina coolly commented, “Idols dating? That’s up to them, since it’s their lives.”

She also added that she wants to give her thumbs up to Sunye, who is the same age as her, for getting married and having a child.

[More pictures (warning: image heavy)]

[Cute BTS video]

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The Runaway Roommate (Kdrama Chronicle) Book Review


Have you ever wanted to read a romance novel about a girl who is obsessed with K-dramas? Well, that book is here!

The Runaway Roommate synopsis from amazon is; "Casey Peters has a problem and that problem is the half-Korean hottie that moved in when her former roommate moved out. Now her life has become like an episode from one of her favorite dramas, complete with: crazy exes, roommate shenanigans and confusing plot twists.
This story is a Naughty Niblet: the perfect amount of sexy to satisfy, but not make your hips big."
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The Runaway Roommate is currently FREE on amazon for kindle.

Source: Me & amazon

Anyone up for a book club?

Oh, so DSP is doing this: KARA To Hold First Fan Meeting As 3 Member Group

Group KARA, now a 3 member group, will be holding their fan meeting on May 24. This event is their first official promotion in 5 months as the girl group will be meeting with 1,000 fans for this special 70 minute event.

This will be the first time the group has done an official promotion as a 3 member group. Even before ticket sales opened for this fan meeting, numerous requests and calls were received on how to attend the meeting. Their '2014 Kamilia Day Fan Meeting' will be held on May 24 at the Blue Square's Samsung Card Hall in Seoul. The ticket sales will be open from May 9 to May 16. The profits from the tickets sales will be going to those in need.

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