May 11th, 2014



[Mother's Day messages from Kris and Lay]
his mom replied

Kris also posted
Happy Mother's Day to every mother out there. Happy Mother's Day. ps: It's been hard on you, Mom, your son will do his best

Sources: Lay's weibo + trans, Kristagram + trans

[FULL/ENG] 140509 XOXO EP1 by baekhundred

source: baekhundred
Watch for 30+ minutes of SM propaganda, 7 minutes of backstage antics and 2 minutes of this cute goober.
bbo balloon

☆Spica's☆ Bohyung & Eric Nam sing The Blue In You ♫

their harmonies ♥__♥ Music Travel Yesterday has been cancelled, so no more amazing Spica covers like Break Away and It's Raining Men :(

some updates!

[the first member to tweet in a long while]chubby chubby.

[Boa is in Shibuya??]
Boa with producer Daniel Merlot at galaxxxy in Shibuya, Tokyo. the other producers are in Tokyo too.. maybe she went there to shop? galaxxxy's clothes don't seem like her style but I hope she got some of those cute accessories :D

[Spica in the next ep of Global WGM]how do Spica know Key..?


no Bohyung?


Block B teasing us about their upcoming solo concert


You’ll go ‘Nanrina’ if you see this at our first solo concert
Zico: Secret.
U-Kwon: P.O and Jaehyo’s joint performance.
B-Bomb: My solo performance that has 4 different concepts.
P.O: Ahn Jaehyo (my secret weapon).
Taeil: My solo stage!
Park Kyung: It’s a secret for now ^^
Jaehyo: There’s a unit performance that you’ll never even have thought of!^^
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Sources: naver and trans by Kkanari @ tumblr

Anyone else going to the US concerts? I'm going to the one in NYC. June 22 cannot come fast enough!
e!qtt, 김성규 04.함규ㅋ, 규수 01.코인사ㅋ, gyusoo

Secret, A Pink, Infinite & BtoB Show Support for Jung Hyungdon for “Infinity Challenge” Election

Jung Hyung Don has been getting a lot of support from the idols.

MBC’s “Infinity Challenge” recently started an election called “Choose! 2014,” where the members are turned into candidates and a new leader is chosen. With the start of this election, the members have officially started campaigning. During the campaign, several idols have appeared, showing their support for Jung Hyung Don.

The entire team of BTOB showed their support by uploading a picture and saying, “As a candidate of the ‘Infinity Challenge’ election, we confirm that we will fully support Jung Hyung Don. He is a candidate who’s not fake. Let’s all fully support Jung Hyung Don.” Boy group Infinite members Sunggyu and Woohyun, along with girl group Secret, showed their full support for Jung Hyung Don as well.

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Song Ji Hyo : Sassy

Running Man Ep 194 discussion post

Episode 194: Mafia Game Part 2
Broadcast Date (Filming Date): May 4th 2014 (March 18th 2014)
Guests : Kim Min Jong (2nd time guesting - Ep 22), Ryu Seung Soo (1st time guesting), Lee Sang Hwa (1st time guesting), Oh Man Suk (1st time guesting), Kim Jung Nan (1st time guesting), Im Joo Hwan (1st time guesting), Kim Dong Jun (1st time guesting)
Recap from Dramabeans

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[Winner (Spoiler)]Mafia : Oh Man Seok, Kim Min Jong, Kim Jung Nan, Ji suk Jin | Citizens : Ryu Seung Soo, Yoo Jae Suk, Kim Jong Kook, Lee Sang Hwa, Gary, HaHa, Im Joo Hwan, Lee Kwang Soo, Kim Dong Jun, Song Ji Hyo

realkshownow | runmanclub | RM Wiki page 1 2

Go go Big nose Hyung! I watched a segment on him, his wife & son and he has the cutest litle family!
I haven't actually had the time to watch this episode though. Looks like Park Gyu Im Joo Hwan loosened up some :D

Hungry for More Boy Groups: BTL to Debut.

Kiroy Company have announced on May 9th that they will be debuting a new 9 member boy group by the name of BTL on the 15th of March.

The group was created by producer Yang Jungseung, and along with the announcement, they revealed a teaser picture of the 9 members, in which all of them show off their toned abs.

In the teaser picture, the members seem to be walking with purpose towards a light, in which they are conveying the meaning of their group name, “BTL”, which stands for “Beyond The Limit”.

One staff member of Kiroy Company expressed that BTL aim to be a group of hope, in which they are able to be a warm light to the world by singing songs with positive and hopeful messages and go beyond any limitations.

BTL will be releasing their debut song on the 15th of May on various online music sites, and their debut performance information will be released soon.

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Member Profiles:

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Sources: Koreaboo, Kiryo Company
So many boy groups beginning with B. These guys are just going to be BLT in my mind.