May 12th, 2014

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Seo In Guk Release "Mellow Spring" MV Teaser


Singer Seo In Guk has revealed the first teaser for his comeback music video!

Just a few days after announcing that he will join this week’s comeback rush, the artist has dropped a creative teaser clip for his upcoming digital single “Mellow Spring.”

The teaser shows Seo In Guk emptying cups of coffee at a worrying rate, and as the hours pass and the caffeine level in his body climbs up, he reaches a point where his body shuts down. The calming melody and Seo In Guk’s charming voice hint at a perfect jam for the late spring.

The video filled with beautiful filmography has been directed by Digipedi, one of the hottest art director teams at the moment. Through sweet and stylish visuals, the music video reflects the excitement that one feels when falling in love.

“Mellow Spring” will hit the music stores on May 14.

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sources: jellyfishenter | soompi

A Pink’s Eunji Congratulates Key on “We Got Married” Wedding, Doesn’t Need Sympathy from Viewers

A Pink‘s Jung Eunji showed up at Key and Yagi Arisa’s wedding, despite previously having been set up on a blind date with the groom.

On May 11, the wedding ceremony of virtual couple, Key and Yagi Arisa, was revealed on MBC’s “Section TV.”

On that day, members of SHINee, along with A Pink, were present to congratulate the couple’s marriage. The appearance of Key’s past blind date, Jung Eunji, received much attention. She expressed, “I came here because I heard Key has started a new life on ‘We Got Married,’ as she pretended to cry. However, she jokingly continued with a smile on her face, “Please don’t feel sorry for me!”
Meanwhile, Key, who had not expected Jung Eunji to be there, was shocked to see her and burst out laughing.
Source: soompi, MBCentertainment

Key's reaction was so over the top and perfect.

Source: rongest


Phantom Announces Powerful Comeback with First Full-length Album


Hip hop group Phantom will be making their return with a highly anticipated studio album.

On May 12, the tracklist and teaser photos of their upcoming album titled “Phantom Power” were revealed through the group’s official Facebook account. This album will be the group’s first release after a six-month hiatus.
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DSP Announces That KARA Is Adding A New Member + Gyuri Apologizes For Rumors


On the 12th of May, DSP Media announced that they will be adding a new member to KARA.

The process of choosing the new KARA member will be broadcast through a program on MBC music, titled “KARA Project”, which will be aired from the 27th of May.

However on the same day, KARA’s Kyuri uploaded a tweet apologizing to her fans for all the hurtful rumors that have risen from this move.

Many people were allegedly claiming that KARA were choosing to add another member as they were not confident in a 3 member group, and that KARA’s “lifespan” was nearing the end.

Kyuri apologized to their fans for making them have to hear these hurtful rumors and giving their fans a hard time. Also, she explained that none of these rumors were true and that they were willing to prove it to them soon.

Source: Koreaboo and Sports DongA

Infinite to Launch Grand-Scale Showcase in Korea, Japan and Taiwan

Infinite will be launching a three day showcase in Korea, Japan and Taiwan, announcing the release of its second full length album Season 2.

On May 13, Infinite announced through its official website that it will be holding grand-scale showcases in Korea, Japan and Taiwan.

The showcase held in Japan on May 19, Taiwan on 20 and Korea on 21, signifies Infinite’s official promotional activities to expand overseas, after its world tour One Great Step took place last year.

The showcase’s title ‘1.2.3’ signifies ‘only 1 time opportunity,’ ‘2nd full length album Season 2’ and ‘showcase held in 3 countries over 3 days.’

Woollim Entertainment, Infinite’s agency, stated, “It has been 10 months since Infinite’s promotions with Destiny and three years since the release of its first full length album. We wanted to thank the fans who have been waiting until now in any way we can. As we think it is important for artists to interact closely with the fans, we prepared the showcase that will allow Infinite to meet with the fans in Asia.”

The agency rep added, “Infinite’s ‘1.2.3 Showcase’ in Korea will take place on May 21 in Jamsil Gymnasium, inviting over 5,000 people.”

Source: mwave

Damn. They ain't fucking around O_O

mirrors lies


Park Dong-Joo is a surgeon. His first love was a blind girl. Yoon Soo-Wan is an emergency 119 worker. She was blind when she was younger, but an eye transplant surgery allowed her to see.
Park Dong-Joo and Yoon Soo-Wan were each other's first love. They separated due to sad family histories. They meet again 12 years later.

Cast: Lee Sang Yoon, Ku Hye Sun, Kim Ji Suk, Jung Jin Young, Jung Ae Ri, Kong Hyung Jin, Seungri, Juan, Kim Yeo-Jin, Seo Tae-Hwa, Kang Ha Neul, Nam Ji Hyun, Shin Hye Sun

Watch here:


[poll time!]

Who killed Dong-Joo's mom?

some guy sent by someone who run her over
Soo-Wan's dad
Soo-Wan's ex's mom

Whom do you liked more?

teen versions of leads
adult actors

did they cut the number of episodes to 20 or AE was never planned to be 36 eps long? im confused but i think the shorter the better, that goes with every drama
mirrors lies

Baek Ji Young's super sad but amazing OST for Hyun Bin's new movie

On 7th, Baek Ji Young's new song 'Fervor' meets with Hyun Bin who is returning with the movie, 'The Fatal Encounter'.
For Baek Ji Young, who is releasing her new song after one year and four months, it is second time meeting with Hyun Bin with this [The Fatal Encounter] music video. She had participated in OST for 'Secret Garden' with the song 'That Woman'.
The new song, which will be released on 7th, is composed by 'Doctor Kim' and 'Kyung Joo Yang' who are famous for composing 'Back In Time', the OST of 'The Moon Embraces The Sun'. The song gives classic and mournful feeling with its piano and string melodies. Baek Ji Young's calm and mournful voice that expresses restrained sadness and anxiety stirs one's emotion.

source: 1thek

also at one of the stage greeting, Hyunbin said if this movie will surpass 5 million tickets he'll take off his top, if it pass 10M he'll take off his pants
i think it already crossed 3mln
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Jonghyun Fanboys Over Wheesung On Twitter

[PHOTO] 140305 Jonghyun's MBC Blue Night Radio Site Update

After close to a month of inactivity on Twitter, Jonghyun has broken his silence to show support for his music icon, Wheesung! Wheesung is currently topping multiple charts with "Night and Day"! Check out the cuteness below!

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sources: theredberry7 | realjonghyun90 | onehallyu | @jalousied | @bluenight_jp | pherenal | anjutenshi | leeyungjji | sfi

except jjong is key and wheesung is jjong
hyungwon waiting

YG's cutest duo continues to give us all a sugar rush & YG's goregous Doom Dada trio

Akdong Musician was later found to have made a generous donation with its prize money.

A YG Entertainment rep spoke with Newsen on May 13 and said, “Akdong Musician donated all 300 million won ($290,000+)  of its prize money from SBS’s K-Pop Star 2.”

The rep added, “It was a decision made after Akdong Musician spoke with their parents. It has been said that their father has donated the money to a number of places.”

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Source: MWave & Dara's Twitter/Instagram