May 13th, 2014



Ryu Sera - Sweet Dreams (Eurhythmics cover)

Cover of Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics
Was beautiful rainy day yesterday and I decided to sing one of my favorite songs. Still trying to figure out some of the video & editing software lol as u can see.
It has simple melody so I made some modifications.
Hope u guys like it! '-'


[sera being beautiful]BncuTcBCAAEB9KS

[pyogang being dumb]

[erine being a doll]

[minha being cute]

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between Hyosung's Goodnight Kiss and this, I'm getting no sleep tonight... Sera must really miss being on stage ;_; I hope there's more ryutube to come! is anyone going for the Star Empire family concert Dream Concert in Thailand on 28 June? I want to go but it's on the same day as 2NE1 in Singapore... also, [UNCONFIRMED] but Erine said on ShimShimTaPa earlier that Nine Muses may have a comeback in July..

put your red dress on, put your lipstick on

Gain writes about her man (sadly not about what they do in the bedroom) on BEG's fan café.

Brown Eyed GirlsGain has spoken up on going public with her relationship with actor Joo Ji Hoon. On May 13, Gain uploaded a message on her fan café under the title ‘Hello, this is Gain,’ and explained the reason she admitted to her relationship with Joo Ji Hoon.

She wrote, “For the fans who have been watching me since the time I debuted, it must feel like they’re a mom sending their daughter off for marriage. All the fans who have supported me for a long time know this already, but I value my private life to the point of being selfish.”

She continued, “Everyone told me ‘just don’t get caught,’ and I tried my best to do that, but since I did, I didn’t want to lie about it.”

Gain added, “I didn’t want to feel guilty in front of all those who like me for being honest, by letting them down. Lying becomes habitual. I thought about this for a long time, and I will always be honest.”

Meanwhile, a media outlet reported on Gain and Joo Ji Hoon’s relationship by uploading their dating pictures on May 9. Both of their agencies admitted, “The two have known each other for a long time and it has been a month since they started dating.”

» enewsworld

funny facts, the media has been calling them both 19+ couple, or hats couple, because they were seen with matching hats in the john mayer concert. and when the scandal broke fxxk u's mv climbed to number one most downloaded mv, as well their heights being searched a lot in the sites engines. and i or may not be re-reading their old interviews about ideal types.

New Girl Group Smile.G Set to Make May Debut


The talent agency Show Works Entertainment has announced that its new five-member girl group, Smile.G, is ready to makes its debut this month.

Consisting of members Woobin, Insun, Maxie, Jieun and Lina, the group is set to release a debut single, entitled “Doobiedoobop.” The song will be produced by sometime Park Hye Kyung collaborator Kim Han Seok, who is also famous for his contributions to a variety of movie and drama soundtracks.

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Kota Ibushi

Epik High′s Tablo, Masta Wu, San E, and Swings Confirmed for ′Show Me The Money 3′

The participation of Epik High′s Tablo, Masta Wu, Swings, and San E in Korea′s only rap survival program, Mnet′s Show Me the Money 3 has been confirmed.

Mnet confirmed the cast on May 13, saying, "With two on a team, they will be active in picking applicants for their teams even from the first preliminary round."


As the producers of Show Me the Money 3, they will choose applicants from the auditions and help them perform on stage during the competition.

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Source: MWAVE
sailor venus

An upcoming documentary about Asian American rappers: "BAD RAP"


Although it started in the South Bronx among African-American and Latino youths in the ‘70s, hip-hop culture today has transcended all racial and language boundaries. From the slums of France to nationally televised programs in Korea, rappers have emerged as legitimate pop-culture stars around the world. Hip-hop’s global movement is diverse, but the face of rap in America remains primarily black, brown, and white.

Which leads to this question: What about Asian-American rappers? Where are they, and can they succeed in that world? From pioneers like the Mountain Brothers, Jin, and Lyrics Born, to recent pop juggernauts the Far East Movement, the Asian-American presence in rap has always existed, but has never been documented or revealed in great detail…until now.


Bad Rap is an independent documentary about four Asian-American rappers who dream of succeeding in the mainstream, selling out huge venues, hearing themselves on the radio, and becoming household names.

Through a colorful soundtrack, gritty visuals, and utter honesty, the characters share their experiences of fear, perceived failure, and hopes of triumph. And at its heart, the film is about young Asian Americans facing, head-on, a culture that expects them to fulfill the model minority stereotype.
Bad Rap also includes other accomplished Asian-American rap artists (Far East Movement), pop stars (Jay Park), YouTube celebrities (Traphik), and industry insiders, all in an effort to answer the following questions:
Do people know or care about Asian-American rappers?
What makes this group of rappers different?
Why hasn’t there been an Asian-American rap star yet?

Visit their indiegogo site to find out which rappers they're featuring (spoiler alert:[Spoiler (click to open)]Dumbfoundead, Awkwafina, Rekstizzy, and Lyricks), why the directors Salima Koroma and Jaeki Cho (whose writings have been featured on Omona before) decided to create this movie, and why they might need your help.

Bad Rap
Kai Swag

2PM Comeback Delayed + GOT7 To Have A Comeback In June

2PM and GOT7

Boy band 2PM are set to put their comeback on hold. The group had originally planned to release new material in April, but decided not to go ahead with promotion after the Sewol ferry disaster. 2PM’s representatives, JYP Entertainment, had originally announced that a comeback was likely in June, but members’ television and movie commitments have meant that this now seems impossible.

Instead, fans are likely to have to wait until July or even later this year for new material from the group. JYP spokespeople have indicated that there is better news for GOT7 fans, though, who can expect new material from the boy band sometime in June.

Indeed, 2PM members have been in great demand recently, meaning they seemingly have little time for music projects. Taecyeon is currently starring in KBS drama “Wonderful Days,” while Wooyoung is taking part in MBC reality show “We Got Married,” along with actress Park Se Young. Junho, meanwhile, is working on a movie project.

Fellow JYP act GOT7 will push ahead with their comeback, after wowing K-pop fans with their debut EP, “Got It?” released in January this year.

Sources: Soompi and Naver