May 14th, 2014


OP is crying because Eunji might be in a new drama

A Pink's Jung Eun Ji Offered Role in 'Trot Lovers'


With the cast coming along, it′s been revealed that A Pink′s Jung Eun Ji is currently considering a role in KBS′ Trot Lovers.

On May 13, Jung Eun Ji′s agency told Newsen, "Jung Eun Ji is positively considering appearing in KBS′ Trot Lovers."

If Jung Eun Ji confirms her participation in the drama, it will be her drama comeback in about a year after the conclusion of SBS′ That Winter, The Window Blows.

Meanwhile, Trot Lovers is a love triangle story between a genius musician who despises trot, a girl who dreams of becoming a trot singer, and a CEO of a music company.

Ji Hyun Woo, Shin Sung Rok, Song Ho Jun, and more have been confirmed. Trot Lovers will start in June.

Source: mwave

A Cube hasn't confirmed Eunji's involvement but she is looking over the role. I'm really excited because I've been wanting a drama comeback for her for a long time plus she's good at trot. She has had good luck so far so I hope it is good if she does take it. Dramabeans has a more detailed article but I am so confused about whether we're allowed to post things from there.
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Lee Hyori Confesses to Experiencing Domestic Violence in Previous Relationships


Lee Hyori confessed to having experienced dating violence in the past.

During the first episode of SBS’s pilot variety show Magic Eye aired on May 13, Lee Hyori got together with Moon Sori, Hong Jin Kyung, writer Lim Kyung Sun and more to share thoughts on various topics.

Upon hearing that about 123 murder cases result from dating violence each year, MC Lee Hyori revealed, “I was also a victim and an aggressor of dating violence in the past.”

Lee Hyori said, “When I was in my 20’s, I had low self-esteem. My anger would explode when I get rejected, because in my head I thought ‘I am useless.’ If my boyfriend was tired and wanted to go home, I would start an argument by saying ‘You must not love me.’”

Lee Hyori also added that she would throw things at her boyfriend when angered.

She also shared her experience of being a victim by saying, “I had a non-celebrity boyfriend in the past. I guess he thought he needed to drive me in a nice car since I’m a celebrity. But he completely changed when I told him to break up."

Lee Hyori explained that her boyfriend made a lot of sacrifices to be with her, which she was unware of, which was why her boyfriend got angry with her.

source: mwave


WIN TEAM B′s B.I and Bobby Apply for Show Me the Money 3


B.I and Bobby from Team B of WIN will be participating in the upcoming Mnet rap audition program, Show Me the Money 3.

On May 14, a staff member of Show Me the Money 3 told Newsen, “B.I and Bobby of Team B from YG′s rookie survival program, Who is Next: WIN have applied for Show Me the Money 3.

"The two will be participate in the first preliminary round taking place on May 18," said the staff. "Some of the producers are YG artists, but it won′t really make a difference."

Meanwhile, Show Me the Money is a program that searches for talented rappers to spotlight them to the public.

For the third season, the applicants will divided amongsts teams led by producers Yang Dong Geun, Dok2-The Quiett, and Tablo-Masta Wu.

The preliminary rounds begin May 18. The program starts on July 3

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Fly to the Sky Reveals 10 Song Track List for ‘Continuum’ as Well as Phone Event

With its long awaited comeback finally happening, Fly to the Sky unveiled the track list for its ninth album Continuum.

Through Naver Music Special, Fly to the Sky released its track list for Continuum. The album will contain a total of 10 songs, including the title You You You.

Seven out of the ten songs were created by composers and lyricists that have previously worked with Fly to the Sky, producing some of the duo’s greatest hits, such as Missing You, Gravity, and more.

Fly to the Sky also started up a special phone event, asking fans to dial the Korean phone number 010-2571-0606, to hear a sneak preview of You You You.

Fly to the Sky will release its second music video teaser on May 15, followed by the album release on May 20.

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source: mwave + BJCF
jun tan

Kim Woo Bin and Yoo Ji Ahn No Longer Together


Kim Woo Bin and Model Yoo Ji Ahn Reported to Have Broken Up

Popular actor Kim Woo Bin has broken up with model girlfriend Yoo Ji Ahn.

According to multiple sources, the two ended their two year relationship a few months ago and are now simply colleagues.

A representative for Kim Woo Bin told Osen, “It’s been about three or four months since Kim Woo Bin and Yoo Ji Ahn have broken up.” A source close to the former couple said, “The two were too busy to meet up and naturally ended their relationship. Because they have known each other for a long time now, they are now just friends.”

The two went public with their relationship in September of last year and had been dating since 2011.

source: soompi | naver

I liked them together...oh wells.


track 01 - just now
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source : aztechresort23 for tracks 1,2,8 +12, myself (here 666hypebeast420 )for my own struggle uploading the rest my first time ever doing this sort of thing, but u do what u have to do for ur girls!!
anyway everyone please love this album it took me like 10 whole minutes to get this post together im DEDICATED praise me

A bunch of YG News featuring Winner, PSY, TOP, AkMu & Seungri


Yang Hyun Suk announces YG artists are ready for May & June releases!

YG Entertainment will be going full steam ahead for the month of May.

Due to the tragic accident of the Sewol ferry, the whole entertainment industry in Korea paused to show their condolences and respect to the deceased.

Music and entertainment programs were all paused or cancelled for approximately 3 weeks, however have now returned to normal broadcasting schedules since the 8th of May.

CEO of YG, Yang Hyunsuk, announced that there are several projects that have been finalized, and all they need to do now is decide who will come back first.

He also announced that YG artists, such as WINNER and Psy will be releasing their songs consecutively for May and June, in which they have both completed filming their music video, shooting their album jackets and recording their album songs.

Furthermore, Big Bang’s TOP has opened a photo exhibition in the Horim Art Center’s JnB Gallery in Gangnam, Sinsa-dong from June 4th until the 7th, in which he will be showcasing his first photo album, “FROM TOP EXHIBITION”.

Also, Akdong Musician will start their promotional activities for their song “Give Love” from their debut album “Play” this week.

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Naver onstage live indie and hip-hop: e-sens, paloalto, Lee Sang-eun, Wasted Johnnys

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Paloalto (this is a few months old, but I don't think it was posted before)
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And for something completely different, singer-songwriter Lee Tzsche / Lee Sang-eun as part of her recent comeback with her 15th album, LULU, 26 years after her debut and early fame as a woman singer presenting in a boyish manner. (I could find almost no information in English about her, other than that she's been around for ages. I get kind of a Joni Mitchell vibe from these.)
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And finally straight up dirty blues from the Wasted Johnnys, who are a female fronted blues-rock band suitable for hard drinking to.

Collapse )I am kind of excessively in love with this channel. I promise not to just blindly repost everything, tho.

Source Onstage/Studio Lovo youtube channel, wikipedia, soompi