May 19th, 2014

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Grandpas Over Flowers Investigation Team * E1-2 Discussion post!




Life can be very different in the blink of an eye when you suddenly go from the prime of your 20s to the over-the-hill, ripe old age of your 70s in a molecularly impossible second. Three pretty-boy police detectives (played by Choi Jin Hyuk, Park Min Woo and Park Doo Sik) try to investigate the strange murder of a man whose old body doesn’t fit his 43-year-old identity. When they come across a large aquarium-like container with two human research subjects, all three detectives and their partner Park Jung Woo (Kim Hee Chul) jump into the tank to free the men. But the three detectives – Lee Joon Hyuk (Lee Soon Jae), Han Won Bin (Byun Hee Bong) and Jun Gang Suk (Jang Gwang) – emerge from the tank having aged 50 years, while Jung Woo remains unchanged in his 20s. Can the grandfather detectives solve the murder mystery of the strangely aged victim and find a way to return to their young selves? “Grandpas Over Flowers Investigation Team” is a 2014 Korean comedy series directed by Kim Jin Young.

[Episodes Link]Episodes Link

Episode 1 Viki | Drama
Episode 2 Viki | Dramabay

[Hancinema Review]Hancinema Review

Episode 1
Episode 2

OST Part 1
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Sources: Viki,, Hancinema, dramabay, CJENMMUSIC Official

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BigBang keeps making that $$$ for YG, album and world tour at the end of the year?


For the first quarter of 2014, YG Entertainment posted record-high operating profit of 8.3 billion won (+31.5% from last year) on revenue of 43.9 billion won (+47.1%).

First quarter royalty income doubled to 22 billion won, as the majority of revenue from Big Bang’s 2013 Japanese dome tour (600,000 attendees) was recognized in the quarter. First quarter concert revenue remained flat at 5.08 billion won, which included revenue from Big Bang’s Seoul concerts held on the 24th to 26th of January (30,000 attendees) and 2NE1’s March 1st and 2nd Seoul concerts (12,000 attendees).

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Source: BigBangUpdates

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K-style returns with Brian Joo

K-Style is a program in english that sensibly introduces the latest in Korean beauty trends, fashion, and life style on MNet America. The host of this show are Sarah, a fashion stylist and designer living in Korea, and Irene, a Korean-American fashion model who has been active in both New York and Seoul.In each episode they introduce and explain each topic based on their own personal experiences living as Americans in Korea.For the second season Brian Joo from Fly to the sky has joined the show as the third host.

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This is a good show for those that like kpop and the fashion aspects of it

Source : Kstyle TV Youtube
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"I as a president take full responsibility" Tearful apology from president Park on National TV.


Yonhap. Source : The Korea Herald.

South Korean President Park Geun-hye breaks down at a pres conference as she formally apologises for the ferry disaster that killed more than 300 passengers and says she will break up the coast guard that failed in the rescue mission.
South Korea's President Park Geun-hye's announced plans on Monday to disband the coast guard and root out corruption and collusion between regulators and shipping companies that furious citizens believe led to a ferry disaster last month that left more than 300 people dead or missing.
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Source: APTN, the telegraph UK , Cr Pics : Lee Jin Man @ Yahoo News

Idk if the video is gonna work huhhhh.

A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji to Play Main Character on KBS Drama “Trot Lovers”

A Pink
star Jung Eun Ji is the latest star to be confirmed as a cast member of upcomingKBS drama mini-series “Trot Lovers.”

Although Jung Eun Ji has appeared in dramas before, most notably as part of tvN’s “Reply 1997,” “Trot Lovers” will mark a welcome return to the small screen for the singer, whose group is currently enjoying success with the song “Mr. Chu.” She spoke about the new drama, telling the media,“It has been quite a while since I last acted. It made me quite apprehensive at first, but I am going to put a lot of effort into this project.”

Eunji will play the role of Choi Choon Hee, a girl whose mother was a trot singer. She too dreams of becoming a famous singer. Although she is blessed with enormous vocal talent, her family is poor, and she has to work hard in menial jobs in order to support her father and younger brother.

Also confirmed to star in “Trot Lovers” are actors Shin Sung Rok and Ji Hyun Woo.

The new series will begin airing on KBS once “Big Man” draws to a close.

Source: soompi, mwave

A Cube confirmed Eunji's role so its now official. I'm a little nervous but hopefully the drama gets a good writer and director and a lot of comedic moments.


Hotel King ♛ Ep 9-12 Discussion Post (Spoiler Warning!)

Watch on Gooddrama|Viki


A man with a painful past and an heiress who has led a sheltered life must work together to confront their pasts and fight for a better future. Cha Jae Wan (Lee Dong Wook) carries emotional baggage after being abandoned by his father as a child but grows up to become the successful manager of the Hotel Ciel, the only 7-star luxury hotel in Korea. Ah Mo Ne (Lee Da Hae), the daughter of the hotel owner, has lived a life of privilege and comfort but is faced with having to save her family’s hotel from a sudden crisis. The hotel’s concierge, Sun Woo Hyun (Im Seul Ong), clashes with Jae Wan on ways to save the hotel and competes for Mo Ne’s heart, while Song Chae Kyung (Wang Ji Hye), the hotel restaurant manager and Jae Wan’s ex-girlfriend, complicates matters. Can Jae Wan and Mo Ne win the battle for their beloved hotel and their personal feelings? “Hotel King” is a 2014 South Korean drama series directed by Kim Dae Jin.

[Highlight teaser]




sources: dramawiki|MBCdrama|MBCdrama@youtube (1, 2, 3)|bubblefeetmusic (1, 2, 3 )|gifs

Song Ji Hyo : Sassy

Running Man Ep 195 discussion post

Episode 195: 2014 Idol Championship with MC Yoo
Broadcast Date (Filming Date): May 11th 2014 (April 7th 2014)
Guests : Chansung (3rd time guesting - Ep 150, 162), JunK (1st time guesting), Junho (2nd time guesting - Ep 151 & 152), Nichkhun (6th time guesting - Ep 4 & 5, 19, 40, 50 & 51, 104), Wooyoung (2nd time guesting - Ep 162), CL (2nd time guesting - Ep 156), Minzy (2nd time guesting - Ep 156), Park Bom (2nd time guesting - Ep 156), Sandara Park (2nd time guesting - Ep 156), Jo Jung Chi (2nd time guesting - Ep 159), Muzie (2nd time guesting - Ep 176), Yoon Jong Shin (2nd time guesting - Ep 101)
2NE1 Team : Gary, Kim Jong Kook, CL, Minzy, Park Bom, Sandara Park
Mystic 89 Team : Haha, Ji Suk Jin, Lee Kwang Soo, Jo Jung Chi, Muzie, Yoon Jong Shin
2PM Team : Song Ji Hyo, Chansung, JunK, Junho, Nichkhun, Wooyoung
Recap from Dramabeans

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[Winner (Spoiler)]2NE1 Team : Gary, Kim Jong Kook, CL, Minzy, Park Bom, Sandara Park | Mystic 89 Team : Haha, Ji Suk Jin, Lee Kwang Soo, Jo Jung Chi, Muzie, Yoon Jong Shin | 2PM Team : Song Ji Hyo, Chansung, JunK, Junho, Nichkhun, Wooyoung

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JYJ’s Kim Junsu Returns to the Musical Stage in “Dracula”

It looks like the dark charisma of JYJ‘s Kim Junsu that we have seen in last year’s “Elisabeth” will be back as the singer and musical actor will return to the stage this July as he plays the lead in the local production of “Dracula.”

According to‘s interview with a representative from the production, Kim Junsu has decided on appearing in the musical and specific details regarding the production are still being discussed.

Kim Junsu’s agency, C-JeS Entertainment, has carefully confirmed the statement saying, “He received the offer to appear in the musical ‘Dracula’ and we are currently examining the material positively.”

Kim Junsu will play the role of “Count Dracula” who has loved only one woman for a thousand years. His character bears the pain and sadness of unrequited love. The two are fated to be star-crossed lovers, with Count Dracula destined to live forever, he protects his loved one from dying and is endlessly conflicted with his thirst for blood.

The musical, which will be produced by Shin Choon Soo and directed by David Swan, is based on the gothic novel of the same name by Bram Stoker. The musical “Dracula” made its world premiere in 2001 at the La Jolla Playhouse and made its way to Broadway by 2004.

It has since made the rounds of various theaters in Sweden, Austria, England, Canada, and Japan.

The local production of “Dracula” will open this July at the Seoul Arts Center’s Opera Theater.
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"my eyebrows are gradually growing, like exo"


4 days left till the concert.We are preparing hard. I will show you my song that you want to hear the most in a more mature way.Do you know what it is? Please anticipate it."I'm..."


Relying on vitamins....are you ready? D-4

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During my birthday ~


i’d really like it if my hair would grow a little faster! sleep well bba bbai♡♡♡


[Bonus appearance on Shin Sung Woo&apos;s insta]

Congrats for your comeback. EXO. Sehun Kai. D.O . Chanyeol. And with Seho. Congratulation ^^


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