May 28th, 2014

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BrandNewMusic's debut new duo Champagne and Candle

"What's My Name" MV introduces duo Champagne (Son Seung Hwan) and Candle (Lee Kang)

Champagne composed and produced the track, while both Champagne and Candle contributed lyrics.
Their name is supposed to express their range from party music (Champagne) to soft mood music (Candle)

Candle was formerly known as eKang and was part of the trainee group that became M.Pire

They look like such babies. Hard to believe they're both over 21.

source: Brandnewmusic youtube, m.pire wikipedia entry
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2ne1 Interview on Billboard

2NE1 on Breaking Chart Records, Turning 5

The K-pop phenoms sit down with Billboard to reveal their favorite videos, memories

2NE1 shot to mega-superstardom from their thumping, debut single "Fire" and continued to release a rush of hit singles, collecting over half a billion views on their official YouTube channel, collaborating with superstars like and Skrillex, and touring sold-out shows around the world.

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Get it, girl: Girls Day Yura and actor Hong Jonghyun to be next couple in “We Got Married"

Actor Hong Jonghyun and Girls Day Yura have been confirmed as the new couple for “We Got Married” in Season 4.

These two met for the first time on May 28th and successfully filmed the first episode. They are going to be joining Nam Goongmin, Hong Jinyoung, 2PM’s Wooyoung and Park Seyoung.

The episode airs on June 7th.


I am ready for the fangirls tears.


Pledis in damage control mode, issues official apology to the fans

In the midst of angry reactions from After School fans regarding what happened after the May 26 recording of MBC’s “Idol Futsal World Cup,” where the After School members left without greeting the fans that had come to cheer them on, Pledis Entertainment has issued an official apology to fans.

On May 28, Pledis said, “No matter what happened on that day, regarding both the perspective of the [After School] members and the fans, we have no excuses, and it is entirely our fault. We weren’t able to appropriately deal with the situation, and for that, we sincerely apologize.”

The agency continued, “We fully understand the grounds on which the fans are upset with us. It’s regrettable that we are doing this because of this incident, but, through continued feedback, we will look for a way to create smooth channels of communication with our fans. On this, we will create a way for fans to give us their input. We will do our best to prevent something like this from ever happening again.”


Nicely handled, Pledis!

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Crime Scene ep 3: the murder of a schoolgirl

JTBC's Crime Scene (크라임씬) is back with another exciting murder mystery. In this show the cast of six is brought to a crime scene and take the roles of six suspects. They use their investigative and deductive skills to catch the criminal amongst themselves.

The second case happens in a British high school, where an art student is cruelly beaten to her death in a classroom.
Also joining the (exceptional) cast again is the 8735-dimensional Henry.

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Polling time: After seeing this episode, who do you think did it?  Discussion in the comments very welcome!
The investigations continue and the murderer is revealed in the next episode (airs on Saturday nights).

So, who is the most suspicious for now?

class president Tom (Hong Jin-Ho)
fellow art club member Maggie (Park Ji-Yoon)
popular classmate Jane (NS Yoon-G)
3rd year student, popular guy John (Jun Hyun-Moo)
classmate, art club member Jack (Henry)
victim's mother and art teacher, Anna (Lim Bang-Geul)

OP is in love with the show but frustrated because can't decide who to suspect the most and even wanted to google for the real case this episode was based on to know the answer but persisted ^___^
Also Jun Hyun-Moo is a genious :D

Why Henry didn't take any pictures when they were allowed to inspect the scene and given a camera to photograph the clues?
Because he used his eyes and hands to get the FEEL of the crime and physiognomies of the suspects. Crying. idek.
put your red dress on, put your lipstick on

This is an OP's Most Beloved Model Turned Actor, Girl Group Dater, Royal Druggie Oppa News RoundUp

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my baby keeps getting really good movie projects! now i need a good drama! i'm so excited about ganshin, my boo nails roles like this, and i love his friendship and partnership's with the movie maker couple! good friends seem to be an awesome movie, and while mantra seems bad, it was a smart move seeing that he has a really strong chinese fanbase, and his acting looks really good (and yay! sex scenes!). there is also a rumor of him possibly working in a japanese movie as well.

Listen to FTISLAND's "New Page"

4th Japanese album


2. アリガト (Arigato)
3. 未体験Future (Mitaiken Future)
5. Find the way
7. beautiful
8. Shinin’ On
10. Morning Coffee
11. Last Love Song
12. On My Way
13. シアワセオリー (Shiawatheory)

+ Bonus song: Precious One

[New songs only]New songs

2. アリガト (Arigato)


5. Find the way

8. Shinin’ On

10. Morning Coffee

11. Last Love Song

Bonus song: Precious One

cr: tizamel24; ftisland [full album]

I love last love song, find your way and morning coffee


Some douche blames rape on women

Lee Yoon seong, professor ofmedicine at Seoul National Universityand reputed forensic expert, sayswomen's revealing clothing is to blamefor sex crimes. In a lecture at the launch of theKorean Institute for Gender EqualityPromotion and Education lastDecember, Lee claimed there was adirect link between how a womandressed and how much she wasvulnerable to rape and other sexcrimes.
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mods, I really didn't know how to tag this. It made me incredibly mad after reading this, but I thought it should be shared since it's such an important subject and there's remarks that show this man doesn't see women as equals, which unfortunatly happens a lot in Korea. What you think about all of this omona? My thoughts and words to this man: