June 2nd, 2014

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Secret Love Affair ♡ Eps 13~16 Discussion Post!



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Viki - Goodrama
Episode 13 | 13
Episode 14 | 14
Episode 15 | 15
Episode 16 | 16 (final)


Episode 13
Episode 14
Episode 15
Episode 16 (final)

Sorry for being so late! I'll miss this drama. Happy that SLA is popular in China, and it'll air in Japan ^^
 Also yay! they won baeksang Art Awards for
best director and best scripwriter !

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Grandpas Over Flowers Investigation Team * E3-4 Discussion post!




Life can be very different in the blink of an eye when you suddenly go from the prime of your 20s to the over-the-hill, ripe old age of your 70s in a molecularly impossible second. Three pretty-boy police detectives (played by Choi Jin Hyuk, Park Min Woo and Park Doo Sik) try to investigate the strange murder of a man whose old body doesn’t fit his 43-year-old identity. When they come across a large aquarium-like container with two human research subjects, all three detectives and their partner Park Jung Woo (Kim Hee Chul) jump into the tank to free the men. But the three detectives – Lee Joon Hyuk (Lee Soon Jae), Han Won Bin (Byun Hee Bong) and Jun Gang Suk (Jang Gwang) – emerge from the tank having aged 50 years, while Jung Woo remains unchanged in his 20s. Can the grandfather detectives solve the murder mystery of the strangely aged victim and find a way to return to their young selves? “Grandpas Over Flowers Investigation Team” is a 2014 Korean comedy series directed by Kim Jin Young.

[Episodes Link]
Episodes Link

Episode 3 Viki | GoodDrama
Episode 4 Viki | Dramabay

[Hancinema Review]
Hancinema Review

Episode 3
Episode 4

Jay Park Steps out of the Judge's Chair to Audition in this new Dancing9 Teaser!

With just a little more than a week left till its season premiere, Mnet′s Dancing9 released teasers for its upcoming season.

Dancing9, Korea′s first dance survival show, pulled in some of the top dancers from across the nation last year - and it′s aiming to do even better this year.

With the addition of new judges Kim Soo Ro, last year′s MVP Ha Hui Dong and Jay Park, Dancing9 is set to storm the stage, hotter than ever.

In a teaser released on June 1, Blue Eye master Jay Park showed up the contestants by showing off some of his signature dance moves, while another teaser showed the judges getting excited over the competitors.

Check out the first teaser below and tune in to Dancing9 on June 13!

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at first he didn't want to do it but when he got up the stage, he got so into it lol

Taeyang Talks Rise, Big Bang, and the K-pop Explosion

On the eve of his new album release, Big Bang's R&B king discusses his mixtape dreams, first loves, and the downside of K-pop.


In the early aughts, YG Entertainment opened its doors to two 13-year-old boys aspiring to become pop stars. The teens would study together as trainees for over five years before officially debuting in 2006 as members of K-pop group Big Bang.

One of them, known as G-Dragon, became celebrated as much for his music as his fashion sense, splashed on blogs and magazine pages around the world.

The other, Taeyang, took a slightly different path. Though a style trendsetter in his own right—you couldn't wave a camera at Paris Fashion Week this year without catching him and GD mingling somewhere—the singer born Dong Young-bae has earned most of his accolades as a result of his musical output. Taeyang is the closest Korea has to a true R&B star.

His boss, YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun-suk describes Taeyang as "the type whose understanding of music and dance are really deep." The proof is in the 25-year-old's output: Among the five Big Bang members, Taeyang was the first to release a solo effort (the mini-album Hot in 2008). Since then, he has released a string of hits, from his initial solo release, "Only Look At Me," to the singles ("Where U At," "Wedding Dress," and "I Need a Girl") off his debut full-length album, Solar (2010).

Whereas G-Dragon's solo music is a hybrid of different genres, Taeyang’s catalog focuses solely on American-style R&B—and all that comes with it. On stage and in videos, Taeyang's limber moves have earned him a rep as K-pop's best natural dancer.

Taeyang broke his four-year solo hiatus last November, wresting the spotlight back with the aggressive "Ringa Linga," which quickly soared to the top of the charts across Asia. As he finally drops his oft-delayed Rise album, Taeyang candidly shared his thoughts on the K-pop explosion to reconciling his solo dreams with his Big Bang obligations in this Noonchi exclusive interview.

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Interview by Jaeki Cho

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D-1 before the best show ev4r to grace your life!

With only a few more days left before Girls' Generation's Jessica and f(x)'s Krystal's new reality show titled, 'Cover Girls,' more teasers has been revealed. On the teasers, they show the love between them as they laugh and recall each others favorite memories. Like ordinary sisters, they joke around with each other and tease one another playfully.

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S C R E A M I N G  T B H
By the power of the Jungsis, Omona you better watch this!

Ménage à U-Kiss - Quit Playing 19+ MV

When U-Kiss do 19+ they do 19+. Featuring fanfiction fantasies such as a threesome with Kiseop and Hoon and a bed scene with Eli. New maknae Jun sounds great, and isn't involved in the overt stuff. Song is slow, baby making music. OP is jammin', on a bed, covered with U-Kiss members.

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Edit: Just found out the MV title is actually 'Quit Playing'. Sorry Mods!
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MR.MR Needs Some Love: Mega Update Post.

0:00 - 3:18  Big Man Dance Practice Version
3:19 - 6:21 Who's That Girl
6:22 - 9:40  Waiting for You
9:41 - 13:02 Do You Feel Me
13:03 - 16:34 Highway
16:35 - 20:09 얃속할계
20:10 - 24:35 하늘을 달리다
24:36 - 29:02 한번 더 이변 (Ryu Solo)
29:03 - 33:28 Cracks of My Broken Heart (Tey & Ryu)
33:29 - 37:58 Chocolate Legs (Tey Solo)
37:59 - 41:15 Big Man Dance Version 1
41:16 - 44:42 Big Man Dance Version 2 (aka sleeveless Tey)
44:43 - 58:24 Talk Time
58:25 - 59:44 친구러는 건
59:45 - 1:00:49 Hugging Fans
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Member's Twitter/Instagram Updates - ! VERY Picture Heavy !
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What has SHINee been up to?

Bondent blog update

Incheon Airport - Heading to Shanghai

MBC Blue Night Radio

Incheon Airport - Heading to Shanghai

Keystagrams from Ethiopia

[Minho]In Brazil

Incheon Airport - Heading to Brazil

[Taemin]'Crying Man' Movie Premiere

Incheon Airport - Heading to Shanghai

[SHINee World III]SHINee World III in Shanghai

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Just what SHINee's been up to in the past week or so. Sorry if I left things out!
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More Topp Dogg teasers + tracklist! U●ᴥ●U

[8 more photos]

(my hairspiration tbh...)

And because B-Joo doesn't want us to forget what he looks like with normal hair

1. Intro
Produced by Yunsu
Composed by Yunsu
Arranged by Yunsu
Mixed by 박준형 @STARDOM ent

2. 아마데우스 (Amadeus)
Produced by DEEZ
Composed by DEEZ, Yunsu
Lyrics by DEEZ, Kidoh, Jenissi, YANO, A-Tom
Arranged by Yunsu
Chorus by DEEZ
Recorded by 정창현 @STARDOM ent
Mixed by 박준형 @STARDOM ent

Produced by DEEZ, 모니터펀치
Composed by DEEZ, 모니터펀치
Lyrics by 조pd, Jenissi, YANO, A-Tom
Arranged by 모니터펀치
Chorus by DEEZ
Recorded by 정창현 @STARDOM ent
Mixed by 박준형 @STARDOM ent

4. 살리에리 (Salieri)
Produced by Kidoh
Composed by Kidoh
Lyrics by Kidoh, Jenissi, YANO, A-Tom
Arranged by Kidoh
Recorded by 정창현 @STARDOM ent
Mixed by 박준형 @STARDOM ent

5. TOPDOG (Instrumental)
Produced by DEEZ, 모니터펀치
Composed by DEEZ, 모니터펀치
Arranged by 모니터펀치
Mixed by 박준형 @STARDOM ent

source: Topp Dogg fancafe + ToppDoggHouse + YesAsia

The difference between the two sets of photos is so jarring lol. Interesting to see Kidoh pretty heavily involved in this album though. I'm excited for Salieri - google translates tells me it's a mix of hip-hop and swing?

Hotel King ♛ Ep 13-16 Discussion Post (Spoiler Warning!)

Watch on Gooddrama|Viki


A man with a painful past and an heiress who has led a sheltered life must work together to confront their pasts and fight for a better future. Cha Jae Wan (Lee Dong Wook) carries emotional baggage after being abandoned by his father as a child but grows up to become the successful manager of the Hotel Ciel, the only 7-star luxury hotel in Korea. Ah Mo Ne (Lee Da Hae), the daughter of the hotel owner, has lived a life of privilege and comfort but is faced with having to save her family’s hotel from a sudden crisis. The hotel’s concierge, Sun Woo Hyun (Im Seul Ong), clashes with Jae Wan on ways to save the hotel and competes for Mo Ne’s heart, while Song Chae Kyung (Wang Ji Hye), the hotel restaurant manager and Jae Wan’s ex-girlfriend, complicates matters. Can Jae Wan and Mo Ne win the battle for their beloved hotel and their personal feelings? “Hotel King” is a 2014 South Korean drama series directed by Kim Dae Jin.

[Highlight teaser]




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ha neul oppa

Kang Ha Neul Talks Acting With University Classmate Kim So Eun


Kang Ha Neul and Kim So Eun shared thoughts on acting opposite each other for film The Girl’s Grave.

Attending press conference for The Girl’s Grave on June 2 at CGV in Apgujeong, Kang Ha Neul said, “This is my third project for film. I felt pressured and nervous at first but the other cast members and the director helped me out a lot. So I was able to film more comfortably than any other projects. I’ve also known Kim So Eun since five years ago so we were able to act opposite each other naturally.”

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mirrors lies

Simon D Speaks On Why He Continues to Keep in Touch with Lady Jane


Simon D brought up his ex-girlfriend, Lady Jane, on broadcast.

During June 1’s broadcast of MBC FM4U’s Dreaming Radio, Tablo asked Simon D if he’s dating anyone now, to which he answered, “I’m not dating anyone yet.”

Then Tablo asked, “If Lady Jane still single too? Is she seeing someone?” taking Simon D by surprise. He said, “I don’t know. We don’t talk about those things. I’m not curious about it either. We contact each other about once a month just to ask how we’re doing. I haven’t met her since we broke up.”

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Block B: “We Don’t Really Meet When We’re Not Promoting Our Songs”

On the June 1 broadcast of SBS‘ “1000 Song Challenge,” Block B revealed that the members don’t really see each other outside of promotional activities. On this day, Block B were guests on the program as they challenged to perfectly sing random songs. However, while being interviewed on the show, Block B shared, “We don’t really meet each other when we don’t have promotional activities as a group.”

The surprising comment caught the MCs off guard resulting in more questions. Block B further elaborated, “We are only together when we are promoting our songs, but usually we aren’t together. While Zico lives on his own, the rest of the members dorm together.” Although unexpected, the comment can’t deny that the group still has great teamwork as seen through their songs and performances.

Source: Soompi
Kai Swag

AOA to Comeback on June 19th With New Song "Bobcut"

AOA Osen 2

FNC Entertainment, the agency which represents AOA has announced that the girl group will make a comeback on June 19 with the song “Bob Cut.” The song will be the group’s first release since the hit single “Miniskirt,” which hit the charts in January this year.

AOA will be hoping to emulate the success of their last release, which won SBS’ music show “Inkikayo” on February 9, the first time the group had ever won a prize from a music show.

The song will be another collaboration with Brave Brothers, the writer-producer team which penned “Miniskirt.” Brave Brothers have also worked with artists such as After School, Son Dam Bi, U-KISS, and Jay Park.

The group made its debut in 2012 with the song “Elvis,” and has also scored hits with releases such as “Get Out.”

Source: Soompi

Please let this be a full album.
made in asia!



J.Y. Park, 2AM, 2PM, miss A, Sunmi, Baek A Yeon, 15&, GOT7

8.9-10 Seoul, Jamsil Indoor Stadium
8.30 Hong Kong, Asia World Arena
9.5-7 Tokyo, Yoyogi National Gymnasium

» jypnation's facebook
sorry for the previous post mods! i'm so excited over this and all the possible collaborations and joint stages. but ngl the lack of wg still hurts.