June 8th, 2014

Labor Union Strike Ends with the firing of KBS President Gil Hwan Young

The KBS labor union strike has come to an end, and the announcers and various program producers have returned to work.

According to a KBS official on June 6, “With the end of the strike at 5 AM this morning, the announcers and producers have all returned to work. The news team, which was affected the most, has also returned to productions.”

The strike had gone on since May 29, with the labor union speaking up against president Gil Hwan Young for reportedly succumbing to presidential office pressure to produce news favorable to the current government. Such allegations against Gil Hwan Young gained more traction over KBS’s coverage of April’s Sewol ferry tragedy.

This past June 5, after a board meeting, the dismissal of president Gil Hwan Young was agreed upon, effectively ending the strike.

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source soompi, thehankyoreh, naver

ToppDogg’s New Mini Album Leaked, Agency to Take Legal Action

The new mini album of male group ToppDogg has been leaked.

Their agency revealed on June 8, “All of the tracks belonging to ToppDogg’s mini album set to be released on June 9 have been leaked through YouTube and other media sharing sites.”

According to the representatives, the files were uploaded on YouTube and other sites in the evening of June 7. In addition to the title track “Top Dog,” the other four tracks of the group’s mini album “AmadeuS” were leaked. Immediately after the incident, the agency took rapid action to prevent any additional harm, and the songs were successfully changed from public to private.

“Illegal leaking is not right towards the artists and the agency, who have put their best effort into the work, and must thus be stopped. By working together with the officials, we will try to prevent the recurrence of such cases. We will also take legal action against the leaker and distributor by asking for compensations, and making them take responsibility for their acts,” the agency continued.

ToppDogg will release their new mini album on June 9, and their comeback stage will take place on “M!Countdown” on June 12.

source: soompi
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ToppDogg’s ‘Salieri’ qualified as ‘inadequate’ for broadcast according to KBS

The song ‘Salieri’ by the group ToppDogg (P-Goon, Kidoh, Jenissi, Seogoong, Gohn, Sangdo, Hojoon, Hansol, Xero, B-Joo, Nakta, Yano, A-Tom) was qualified as inadequate for broadcast by KBS.

After 5 days of deliberation, KBS considered that ‘Salieri’s lyrics ‘쉿 꺼져줄래’ (Shh, will you leave me alone?) were a vulgar expression and they were ‘inadequate’ for broadcast.

Besides ToppDogg’s ‘Salieri’, another 18 songs were qualified as inadequate today.

(From this point on, there’s irrelevant information omitted).

T/N: Even though ‘꺼져줄래’ is a slang that basically means ‘will you leave me alone’, it can also be taken as ‘will you fuck off’.

source: starnews, translation by toppdoggintl
it ain't even the title track tho
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Korean rock band, Cherry Filter, will be coming back with a new song for the first time in 4 years on the 11th of June.

Their new song will be titled “Andromeda”, in which it will have a black comedy-theme, where their lyrics are hinted to have some humor in it, so as to provide listeners with a new vibe from their music.

Their upcoming single album will also include two other songs besides “Andromeda”, titled “Rain-shower”, which will be a pop song, and “Umbrella”, which will be a ballad.

Are you looking forward to their comeback?

[In Case You Forgot....][Pianissimo [Live]]

[Flying Duck [Live]]

[Romantic Cat]

sources: cherry filter | mbckpop [1][2] | koreaboo | osen

anyone remember them? anyone else excited???? The last album was really great. I'm ready for Youjeen's powerful vocals to flow all over and around me.
🎯 Red Velvet: lit

Tahiti Release First Video Teaser for “Oppa Is Mine” Featuring New Member

Girl group Tahiti has released the first video teaser for their upcoming third single, “Oppa Is Mine“!

The teaser was uploaded on Dream Star Entertainment‘s YouTube channel on June 9. This marks Tahiti’s start with a new member after Jung Bin left the group due to health issues.

In the teaser, a mysterious man dressed in a sharp suit seems to be deeply immersed in his thoughts. After restlessly walking around the room, he grabs one of the business cards floating around in the air and shows it to the camera with confidence. The business card says “Oppa is mine,” which happens to be the title of Tahiti’s new song.

Although the video features only a short sample of the song, the girls’ strong voices and the smooth melody hint at a powerful comeback.

Stay tuned for the single release on June 12!

source: soompi, dreamstar
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FANCAM POST - Music Bank in Brazil

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Fem The Human 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6; Mint Gabriel 1, 2, 3, 4; Jefferson Olyver 1, 2; williams channel; Junnior Kopke. Entao giva 1, 2, 3; rafos 1, 2; puccazitaa; tilcia; Rapha Rodrigues; Swan20D; Carla Yamamoto 1, 2; Mel Nakamura; Jean Barbosa; Biano Limao; Kim Ester; NineGirls OneGenerationBR ;

sorry for the lq videos. i couldn't find better :(
anyway, i was there. best thing about it imo: daehyun's voice, no mercy performance, m.i.b songs, ailee's everything, yonghwa's voice, infinite, shinee!jonghyun's voice.