June 10th, 2014


Who wore it better? Jardin de Chouette edition!

Jardin de Chouette bustier and shorts, 880$

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Who wore it better?

Kim Ha Neul
burn it and give me the money!

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kylo ren

Onew Underwent Throat Surgery

 photo 6c85ea7b-e6d7-475b-9787-f209fe07f5c1_zps72b4f2cb.png

SM Entertainment has announced to the local media that SHINee member Onew recently underwent surgery for removal of vocal polyps and vocal fold mucosa reconstruction on June 3 and is currently recovering. He was released from the hospital and is resting at home. SM Entertainment elaborated, “There is no effect on his daily life, and he is receiving treatment as an outpatient.”

Due to this surgery and recovery, Onew was unable to join the rest of the SHINee member when they left for Brazil on June 5 to film for KBS’ “Music Bank,” as well as being unable to join the musical “Singin’ in the Rain” as originally planned.

Wishing Onew a smooth recovery!

Source: naver, osen, soompi

my only one yerin

Bite your nails, Omona! f(x) post and possible comeback info!

As EXO ends their promotions for "Overdose" this week, many SM Entertainment fans are hoping for a f(x) comeback next.
Reportedly, EXO will wrap up promotions for the album "Overdose" on the SBS music show "Inkigayo" on June 8. Following their "Overdose" promotions, EXO will continue their "Lost Planet" tour in China at Wuhan on June 14 and Chongqing on June 28.

Despite some fans' disappointment in saying goodbye to EXO for the time being, others are wondering which SM Entertainment act will have their comeback next, and one popular suspect is 5-member girl group f(x).
On June 1, f(x) rapper Amber Liu posted a photo on Instagram featuring all five members of the group, the first in quite some time.
"I smell f(x)'s comeback," tweeted Miraclebaek on June 6.

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F(x)'s Victoria Takes Louis Quatorze to Shanghai in Elle's June Issue

[3 more]

[cute amber vs vic tweet pic]

[LUNA'S HAIR IS BLUE + some fansightings outside SM] creds to frantastic

this is Luna lol

Crossing fingers their comeback does happen in summer I miss them too much ;(

Sources: kpopstarz 1 2, Llama's twitter, @eimsofia, @eimsofia 2
🎯 Red Velvet: lit

Psy and Snoop Dogg Rap About Getting Drunk. The Video Is Art (According to TIME)

No doubt we all remember Psy, the South Korean pop artist whose “Gangnam Style” infected every airwave on the planet for a few months in autumn 2012 — the music video, which recently surpassed 2 billion hits, is YouTube’s most viewed. Barring a brief burst of anti-American notoriety, the singer quickly and quietly faded into oblivion. But now he’s back, and he’s very drunk, and he’s rapping about it with Snoop Dogg.

The video for his latest track, “Hangover,” debuted online on Sunday. It’s delightful.

Some highlights: it begins with a shot of Psy, a married father of two, vomiting rather unceremoniously into a toilet before Snoop Dogg emerges from a bathtub behind him. Snoop dances in the tub for a brief moment — as one does — before exiting it to repeatedly slap the very ill Psy on the back, reminding him that the party, as the track’s chorus reiterates again and again, simply “ain’t over.”

Indeed it ain’t. After brushing their teeth together in synchronized rhythm, the two embark on a five-minute adventure that includes a riot in a Seoul seafood restaurant, what appears to be a drinking contest between the pop stars and two Korean aunties, and enough booze throughout to kill a small horse.

At one point, Psy bathes in a public fountain while Snoop waxes poetic in what may be a cry for help: “I can’t stop … I can’t quit; I wake up in the morning and do the same shit.

The video, which is absolutely worth five minutes of your time, went live on YouTube on Sunday night after Psy and Snoop appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to discuss it.

For me, it was awesome, because I’ve always wanted to be in a martial-arts video,” Snoop said. Same, man.

Source: TIME + officialpsy

Video currently has 26 million views.

K-Rock [MV] Thornapple - Strange Tropics

On June 12th, Thornapple will release their long awaited 2nd album, (이상기후) Abnormal Climate. This is the M/V for title track (낯선 열대) Strange Tropics.

I’m bad with assigning genres but Thornapple is Alternative Rock? There are psychedelic influences that are apparent in some songs more than others and I swear I hear some traditional korean musical influences too. Thornapple’s music is sensitive, atmospheric, melodic, emotive, explosive, experimental, and if you give them a listen some different words may come to mind.

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All About Korean Fashion By Sarah Kate Watson-Baik

“I really love the idea of two cultures coming together.” – Sarah Kate Watson-Baik

Fashionista, photographer, stylist, fashion teacher, photographer, club owner, fashion & interior designer, K-Style host, hat designer. You name it, Sarah Kate Watson-Baik has done it and so much more.

With so many titles and achievements under her belt, Watson-Baik says that ‘Style Director’ is the best term that sums up everything that she does.

Married to Korean architect Jiwon Baik, Filipino-American and now based in Seoul, Watson-Baik held a free lecture on Korean fashion at the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines on May 29. An enigmatic lecturer she enthralled the audience with her talk on the hottest Korean fashion trends. She also educated the crowd about how Korean designers integrate Korea’s culture and history into their fashion.

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Cute article I found. I admire Sarah's work/(life)! I think she made a great point in saying that Korean fashion does not just copy (at least now anyway) but curates and recontextualizes existing trends and styles. I do see fashion going Asiacentric too.

Sources: Korea.net, Sarah's website: Urban Wit, M-Net America
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Kangin, Amber and $ung Jae to Host ‘A Song For You’

Kangin, Amber and Yook Sung Jae have been selected as the new MCs of A Song For You.

KBS 2TV’s A Song For You revealed on June 9 that Super Junior’s Kangin, f(x)’s Amber and BTOB’s Yook Sung Jae have been cast as the MCs of the show, leading to numerous congratulatory messages posted on its website from K-pop fans around the world.
When asked who they want to invite as special guests, Kangin named Lee Moon Sae and Kim Gun Mo, while Amber named Fly to the Sky. Yook Sung Jae confessed he wants to meet Shin Min Ah, making the staff members laugh.

The show is set to air in July.

Get that $$$ Sungjaee, also, i c what Amber is doing.

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Super Junior's Donghae & Eunhyuk to release new Japanese single, "Skeleton" on August 6th


It was reported by Japanese music retailer Tower Records that Super Junior's Donghae and Eunhyuk will be releasing a new single entitled "Skeleton" on August 6th under Avex Trax. The single will consist of the A-side, "Skeleton", a B-side "Wonderland" and its corresponding instrumentals. The DVD version of the single will include the PV for Skeleton and its making-of video.

Tower Records

Seriously I want another SJ Japanese single since it's been long several months after Blue World, but it is rumored that the next Japanese SJ single will be the Japanese version of the upcoming title track for their seventh Korean album which I don't wanna happen as an A-side.

Siwon cast in Dragon Blade with Jackie Chan and John Cusack


Super Junior′s Choi Si Won has been cast in the Chinese movie Dragon Blade

Choi Si Won′s agency, SM Entertainment, told Newsen on June 10, "Choi Si Won decided to appear in the new Chinese production, Dragon Blade. He will be playing an important character alongside Jackie Chan and John Cusack."

The agency continued, "Choi Si Won is currently traveling back and forth from China to film Dragon Blade."

Dragon Blade is a movie about a general, who became a slave during a war between the Hans and the Huns, and a Roman prince that ran away to the East. The movie will premiere in 2015.

Meanwhile, Choi Si Won has also been cast in the Chinese drama, The Heirs (translated), as the grandson of a rich chaebol. He will be having a loveline with China′s Kan Qing Zi.

[Netizen comments]Netizen comments

1. [+878, -51] Maybe faces like Lee Min Ho and Choi Siwon are favored over there, faces with thick features that look slightly greasy... Yoo Duk Hwa at the height of his looks in the nineties.

2. [+552, -49] His face is certainly cut out for acting ㅋ

3. [+574, -85] Choi Siwon's good at acting. He was really funny in 'The King of Dramas', just that the viewer ratings didn't show for it.

4. [+370, -34] The two look like friends whose ages have transcended barriers.

5. [+325, -12] Since you're shooting a movie now, please shave your beard.. ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Stop growing that thing, Choi Siwon ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

6. [+59, -5] Jackie Chan seems to care a lot about Choi Siwon

7. [+52, -8] I had a feeling they were going to do a project together when I saw them on Running Man, finally news of it is out

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Nana wants to wear bikini on her wedding day *__*


After School member Nana is featured in the current issue of High Cut magazine. In the photo shoot and interview, fans will see a more bare version of Nana as she threads the line between girlhood and womanhood.

For her shoot, Nana donned messy bed-hair and wore light white clothing. Due to her slender figure and long legs, Nana managed to pull off­ her looks with ease. And additional highlight to the shoot was the Furla bags Nana posed with in every photograph.

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I'm really happy how things are going good for nana. i still remember watching her on idol army and playgirlz school, she's definitely more confident and happy now. Orange Caramel is such a blessing for her <3

on the other note nana surely love to tease us huh?

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Lee Seung Gi Suffers Severe Eye Injury; You Are All Surrounded′ Cancels Broadcast

Filming came to a stop for You Are All Surrounded after Lee Seung Gi received a severe eye injury.

The staff decided that it was hard to broadcast an episode without Lee Seung Gi and ultimately chose to cancel the broadcast for one episode of You Are All Surrounded.

You Are All Surrounded is a drama about a rookie detective, who tries to find out the truth about his mother′s murder. Lee Seung Gi, who plays the rookie detective Eun Dae Gu, suffered from an unexpected injury and was told by doctors not to return to set.

Lee Seung Gi was filming an action scene in the early mornings of June 9, when a prop sword hit his eye. He was diagnosed with corneal damage and intraocular hemorrhage.

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Hey it&#39;s me!

Is T-ara working on their long awaited 2nd full length album?!

Is sassy and sweet girl group T-ara working on a follow up to their critically acclaimed magnum opus Absolute First Album after five years? Their latest hints on the matter spark anticipation!

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Sources: transbot t-arazone (Hyomin has since deleted the posts, so I can't link to them)
Videos: 930607com on Youtube
Reporting: curioustaiyo
mirrors lies

Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko Announces His Wife’s Pregnancy with Second Child


Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko expressed his happiness for being gifted with a second child.

According to Amoeba Culture, Dynamic Duo’s agency, Gaeko’s wife Kim Soo Mi is 8 weeks into her pregnancy with her second child. The child is due next January.

Gaeko stated through his agency on June 9, “I am very happy. I hope that my wife and child will both be healthy.”

Gaeko married Kim Soo Mi in May of 2011, after dating her for five years. They had their first child Kim Rhythm on September of 2011.

source: mwave, gaekogeem
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Actor Kim Jung Tae and His Son to Leave “Superman Returns”

Actor Kim Jung Tae and his son Ji Hoo will be leaving the cast of KBS 2TV’s “Superman Returns.”

On June 10, an agency representative told Sports Korea over the phone, “We made a decision to voluntarily drop out of the show. We didn’t plan on leaving, but ended up evoking much criticism- and for that we apologize.”

As a result, Kim Jung Tae and his son will be leaving the show barely a month after they joined this past May.

“Superman Returns” is a reality show that follows celebrity fathers and their children spending time together, while mom takes a break for two days and one night. Current celebrity dads include the likes of Chu Sung Hoon, Tablo and Lee Hwi Jae.


What happened was that Kim Jung Tae showed up at Na Dong Yeon's political campaign, took pictures, and was accused of using Yakkung for the campaign/support.

but since no one really cares about Yakkung/his father here... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (I was tempted to go with a "omona's fave father + child leaves superman returns" headline tbh)
bbo balloon

☆Spica's☆ Bohyung slays on Mnet's new singing competition!

[full Bohyung cut with voting results + her cute reactions :3]
if the embedded video isn't showing up

Mnet's new music survival show "카운트다운 보컬 전쟁 100초전" (Countdown Vocal Battle 100 Seconds Before) pits singers of all ages against one another, with the winner decided by two rounds of audience voting (200 points in total). The singers perform the first 100 seconds of the song without showing their faces, and the audience votes based on their voices. The singers then reveal themselves and finish the song, after which the audience votes again. (It's similar to MBC's "I Am A Singer" and JTBC‘s "Hidden Singer".)

[she pwned!!!]SPICA's Kim Bohyung showed her hidden vocal talent on "100 Seconds Battle"

SPICA's main vocal Kim Bohyung appeared on Mnet's "100 Seconds Battle" and attracted the eyes and ears of the audience. She sang Kim Wan Sun's "Pierrot is Laughing at Us", receiving enthusiastic cheers even before she revealed herself. After 100 seconds, the response got even greater as Bohyung appeared in a black minidress. Host Kim Jin Pyo was surprised, saying, "There's such a talented idol singer? I thought you were an experienced senior!" He then asked Bohyung if mentor Lee Hyori had given her any encouragement, to which Bohyung replied, "I asked unnie for suggestions on my performance, but she said to just concentrate on singing," which brought laughter to the audience.

Kim Bohyung scored a total of 158 points in the first round of audience voting, and could not hide her happiness.

100s 2
#1 Kim Bohyung
#2 Skull
#3 Yeong Ji, Geum Jan Di
#5 Park Sang Min
#6 Lee Eun Ha
#7 Go Yoo Jin

Bohyung, Skull and Yeong Ji were in the top 3 after the second round of voting (they didn't reveal the scores), and Bohyung was crowned the winner of episode 2! (ノ◕◕)ノ*:・゚✧,

[Bohyung&apos;s promise if she won]

not an exact translation of the tweet but basically: Bohyung promised to walk down the street in a bikini if she won, and she will be carrying out her promise tomorrow (11/6) noon KST at Gwanghwamun Square. RIP Mercuries RIP baby bbo's innocent image

[bonus cover: 19yo baby Bbo!]
Hwayobi - Something Like That

+ another version

isn't she qt :3 her vocal technique has improved so much since then, it's amazing. still waiting to see her play the sax, maybe when they finally get to hold a concert??

Sauces: Mnet, balgeunbyul88, Turn Up Speaker, MnetKR, Bringing you the YG, Ell Noh

Spica members have won dance and makeup battles (lol how), but actually winning a music battle? this surely bodes well for their impending comeback that B2M still has not given us a date for!!! so proud of her, considering she was up against more experienced singers :')