June 19th, 2014


Jung Joon Young to come back as "Teenager" on June 26th!

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Rocker Jung Joon Young is back with his second mini album! The announcement of the singer’s forthcoming musical release was made along with a image teaser.

Titled “Teenager,” Jung Joon Young’s second mini album will be released June 26. It has already been eight months since his first min album released this past October. This mini album contains songs all composed by Jung Joon Young. The artist took part in setting the album concept and jacket design, as well as a producer. The image teaser shows the artist looking youthful, mischievous, and slightly rebellious as a teenage would.

The theme of the album is “the adult who dreams” and containing Jung Joon Young’s wish for people who are exhausted by the world to start dreaming again. The album will show the past, present, and future of Jung Joon Young, according to CJ E&M, showing “everything of Jung Joon Young.”

Source: Soompi

Male Group HALO Releases First MV Teaser Feat. Leader OOON


Upcoming male group HALO released their first music video teaser image on June 19, featuring HALO leader OOON. The teaser reveals the title of one of the songs, “Can You Hear Me?” from the group’s first single album.

The rookie group previously held a surprise performance at the 2014 Dream Concert this past June 7. The group name HALO has two meanings for the group: “A group whose halo shines anytime and anywhere,” and “A group that shines perfectly when all six come together.

Previously, HALO released introductory photos of each of the group members, revealing each individual’s respective strengths and attributes.

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Akdong Musician on Debut Album, Working as Siblings & Overseas Reactions

Upon releasing their debut album "Play," sibling duo Akdong Musician sent their breezy single "200%" to No. 1 on the K-Pop Hot 100, spending two weeks atop the chart. The K-pop stars (19-year-old brother Lee Chanhyuk and 16-year-old Lee Soohyun) sent two more "Play" tracks to the Top 10 and saw the LP hit No. 20 on Billboard's Heatseekers Albums chart.
While the brother and sister relished in their chart success, their most pleasant surprise was the connection fans were making to their music – foreign fans, in particular.
"We believed that our music would only receieve love in Korea so we didn't have many expecations," Chanhyuk tells Billboard during an exclusive interview in AKMU's recording studio. "But when searching for us on YouTube, many of the replies were in English."
Soohuyn relates to her brother's findings. "Many people overseas did covers of '200%,'" she adds. "It was so interesting hearing foreigners covering our song and I thought, 'Wow foreigners are covering our song!'"
Watch the full interview to find out what they argue about, which artists they'd like to collaborate with and more.

Source: Billboard

This interview is absolutely adorable. Both speak english a bit, fanboy/fangirl about Tablo & IU, pick their favorite songs on debut album and Soohyun remains precious bbgirl!

Gong Hyo Jin Injured in Car Accident


After getting involved in a car crash, Kong Hyo Jin is receiving hospital treatment on June 19.

According to Kong Hyo Jin′s agency, Soop, on June 19, Kong Hyo Jin was involved in a car accident at the Shingal intersection on the Youngdong freeway at around 1AM (KST). She was transferred to the hosptal to receive treatment.

Kong Hyo Jin was on her way back to Seoul after filming the SBS drama It′s Okay, It′s Love in Yongin. The vehicle that Kong Hyo Jin was riding collided with a freight car and hit another freight car later on.

The people inside the car were confirmed to be Kong Hyo Jin, her manager, her stylist, and her makeup artist. Her agency staff stated, "We′ve only been able to confirm that Kong Hyo Jin received an fracture on her left arm for now. She′s currently being examined. We′re waiting for more details."

Regarding her schedules afterwards, the staff replied, "It′s Okay, It′s Love began filming a month ago, so there′s some leeway. We will be changing her schedule as we find out what her injuries are."
source: mwave

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Kim Ji Hoon on cheating and boobs

Kim Ji Hoon Says He Can Forgive His Girlfriend Cheating on Him


Kim Ji Hoon revealed that he would be able it let it go if his girlfriend cheated on him - if it happened just once.

Kim Ji Hoon guested on the June 18’s broadcast of MBC’s Radio Star and shared thoughts on his dating style.

During the pre-broadcast interview with the production team, Kim Ji Hoon said, “Cheating is not a huge deal these days.”

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Jessica and Krystal Diss Each Other With f(x) and SNSD Songs


June 17’s broadcast of On Style’s Jessica & Krystal featured the Jung sisters bickering with one another.

The ‘diss’ session began when Jessica and Krystal made their way to Soho in New York city for a photoshoot.

Krystal looked for earphones to listen to music in the car and when the manager tried to hand them to her, Jessica stopped him, refusing to hand the earphones to Krystal for not responding to her earlier.

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source: mwave, onstyle
IU Avocado

Sung Si-Kyung Interview + LUSH Concert Videos

Sung Si-kyung talks love songs, L.A. and sex

By Tae Hong

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sources: The Korea Times, needheart j
Not that a lot of people care but oh well. The interview is interesting and the LUSH concert videos are really nice. He needs to release that new album though b/c I can only watch live performances of "It Would Be Good" so many times before I get a liii~ttle bored. (Also, it's been a while since I asked, so: Mods, would you maybe find it in your hearts to finally give him a tag?)

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Crime Scene episode 6: Office murder comes to conclusion

Your weekly dose of murder mystery role playing game is back again with JTBC's Crime Scene (크라임씬).

Last week's episode 5 was the first part of the murder case of the young division chief, and now the show continues with investigations, interrogations and finally the cast vote for who they suspect is the killer. If the majority of the cast is right, they get the gold prizes but if they're wrong and the killer got away with the crime, the murderer will collect the prizes.
Until now they've been wrong every time... hence why the staff added a real homicide detective to the game.
But did he really help?

In this episode the cause of death will finally be revealed, but with the increasing amount of motives and opportunies many of the cast had to commit the murder being unearthed, will they find the real criminal?
The guest for this case is CNBLUE's Min-Hyuk, who prided himself in his observation skills before filming.

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Polling time:

Before the cast give their votes and the killer is revealed, who do you suspect the most?

Head of security Chun (Hong Jin-Ho)
Client company's president Jang (Park Ji-Yoon)
Secretary Kim (NS Yoon-G)
Superior, Director Ma (Jun Hyun-Moo)
Subordinate Yoon (Lim Bang-Geul)
Colleague, manager Choi (Kang Min-Hyuk)

Discussion very welcome in the comments (so if you don't want to spoil the ending, don't read them ^__^).
Min-Hyuk before and during the show:
Before: When it begins:
So.. it isn't easy for the cast either; don't worry if you don't get it right (^_-)

There will be a change in the show's format as requested by the viewers: from the next episode on, the criminal will be revealed in the same episode. Also, lawyer Kang will replace lawyer Lim Bang-Geul.
The next guest will be Infinite's Sunggyu, and after him Sistar's Soyu.
Video source: bumdidlymptious

Gummy Shares her Reasons for Leaving YG Entertainment

It’s been four years since Gummy has made her comeback. A lot of people were surprised when she made her return as an artist not under YG Entertainment but through C-Jes Entertainment. In an interview with Newsen, the singer revealed the reasons for her big move.

“It’s been about half a year since I moved agencies and I think my old company has that certain tendency. YG is a company that doesn’t release albums that often,” Gummy started talking about her previous agency.

“They’re the type to release an album when there’s good music. The artists agree to that and each singer also has a lot of greed in wanting to perform with good music. When I was in YG, there were times when I made an album and then it was turned down once or twice. After some contemplating, I decided to move agencies,” explained Gummy.

Her move to C-Jes Entertainment has given Gummy an opportunity to release her mini album this June with the title song, “I loved… I have no regrets.”

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made in asia!

Wonder Girls’ Hyelim Makes On-screen Debut with Korea-China Produced Film

Curious with what Wonder GirlsHyelim is up to?

You’ll be seeing her on the big screen very soon as she is confirmed to star in the upcoming Korean-Chinese produced movie which is translated in English as “Demolition of Marriage Alliances.*”

“Hyelim is confirmed to appear in Director Kim Tae Gyoon’s movie, ‘Demolition of Marriage Alliances,” confirmed JYP Entertainment to Newsen on June 19.

Hyelim is making her onscreen debut in this movie wherein she will play the role of Ji Jin Hee’s daughter Jae Hee who’s a lively girl in her 20s and is in her early years in college.

The filming for Hyelim’s parts is said to take place in the middle of the month in Busan according to JYP Entertainment. The movie is also said to premiere on the second half of this year in China.

Thanks Wonderfacts for the tip!

*The movie’s original Korean title is 탁혼연맹 or 拆婚联盟 in Chinese. No English title has been released as of press time.

» soompi
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Fei & Chansung's 'If You love (Perhaps Love)' Eps 1&2 Eng Subbed!

Episode 01:
[Spoiler (click to open)]

» Khunnie Bucks¹ » Khunnie Bucks² » Khunnie Bucks³ » Khunnie Bucks⁴ » Khunnie Bucks⁵

Episode 02:
Chansung's Cut:
[Spoiler (click to open)]

» Khunnie Bucks¹ » Khunnie Bucks²

Fei's Cut:
[Spoiler (click to open)]
» A FeiFacts

i plan to post episodes 3 and 4 when both of their cuts get subbed, and sadly i didn't have time to watch this yet, but if you did, what do you think of the pairings? and i tagged as we got married because this is the chinese version [mbc approvaed and all] of the show. if i am using the tag improperly please let me know that i will remove it!

new kpop news site, moonROK

Founder's message

When my team and I created this website, we did it with one thing in mind – you. Yes you, sitting in front of your computer in your room, or surfing on your smartphone while on the subway. moonROK is yours, whether you are in Singapore, Spain, or South Africa. moonROK is yours whether you are a fan, an artist, or anything and everything in between. Whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever you do, if you love K-Pop or are even remotely interested in it, moonROK is for you.

moonROK started out as a measly little idea I had during my senior year of college. At the time, I was writing my senior thesis on the history, development, and future of K-Pop and the Korean music industry. While doing research, I realized that there was an obvious absence of English-language resources relating to Korean pop music. Of course there were (and still are) great blogs, community forums, and editorial sites that posted K-Pop related news, but there was no legitimate site whose purpose was to publish accurate, fast, and unbiased K-Pop news. As I continued my search for dependable resources, I thought to myself, Hmmm, someone should really create a news site for K-Pop. That would be really helpful for people…

Two years later, I decided to create that website, and moonROK was born. My goal in creating this website is simple: to report the news. To do this, moonROK has partnered with multiple Korean entertainment media outlets that have graciously agreed to share their stories with us. Now instead of sitting around and waiting for someone to translate the news for you, we publish the news at the same time as our Korean partners, but we publish it in English. This way you can read the news as it is actually happening, not an hour or a day after it has already happened. Pretty awesome, huh?

One of the coolest things about K-Pop is that the community that surrounds it is one of the most unique, diverse, and passionate groups of people in the world. People of all ages, races, sexes, religions, and nationalities are united by their love for a culture and music entirely different from anything in their home country. This is why I chose “moonROK” for our name. In Korean, the word 문 is pronounced moon, and it means “door.” South Korea’s official name is the Republic of Korea, commonly abbreviated R.O.K. In other words, moonROK is the door to Korea. We are a portal designed to bring fans of diverse backgrounds from every corner of the earth to one convenient place where you can satisfy all of your K-Pop-related needs. Whether you want to keep up with your favorite artists, find touring information, watch exclusive interviews, or interact with fellow fans, moonROK is catered specifically to you and what you enjoy and want out of the K-Pop community. Again, moonROK is for you.

At moonROK our mission is “to bring you closer to the music, the artists, and the culture that you love,” and I can personally promise you that we will strive to achieve this mission every day. I sincerely hope that you love moonROK as much as we have loved creating it for you. Thank you for stopping by moonROK, and we hope to see you around more often!

Hannah Waitt
Co-Founder and Creative Director, moonROK

[ailee's support message]

[and nicole is there too]

(korean part: congratulations on launching a new kpop news site! everyone check them out!)

source: moonroknews, their youtube and twitter

i'm kinda looking forward to see it. it'd be nice to have articles quickly. they start on June 23rd
what do you think?
Yoo Seung Ho

J-Min to release a new song prior to her Korean debut on June 23rd

SM Entertainment's soloist J-Min will finally make her official debut in Korea with a new mini album.

Prior to the release of her 1st mini album in early July, J-Min will pre-release "After" through various online music sites on June 23rd.

J-Min has been active as a soloist in Japan since 2007 and has participated in various drama OSTs such as "Wild Romance","The King 2 Hearts","School 2013","To The Beautiful You"... She's also active as a musical actress as she previously stared in "Jack the Ripper" and "The Three Musketeers".

"After" is said to be an acoustic ballad which will showcase her distinctive clear voice. The song will be a rearranged version of "Hero" which is her OST from drama "Miss Korea".

J-Min will perform "After" on "M!Countdown" on June 19th, "Music Bank" on 20th, "Music Core" on 21st and "Inkigayo" on 22nd.

Are you excited for J-Min debut?

source: dkpopnews

I can't wait! I was really excited this morning but the news kinda got buried by Baek+Tae news ;; 

Walking Dead's Steven "Glen Rhee" Yeun to Produce and Star in "Aquariums of Pyongyang"

Based on the memoir by Kang Chol-hwan, Aquariums of Pyongyang tells the story of the Kang family's 10-year imprisonment in North Korea's Yodok concentration camp.

From Wikipedia:

"Kang's family, while of Korean ethnicity, originally lived in Japan before emigrating to the DPRK at the behest of his communist grandmother. When Kang was nine years old, his grandfather was imprisoned for suspected activity against the State. As the policy at the time was to incarcerate the immediate family of political prisoners, Kang Chol-Hwan, his grandmother, father, uncle and younger sister Miho were all imprisoned at the Yodok concentration camp #2915. There they suffered and viewed many atrocities over a period of ten years including disease, starvation, torturous punishments and public execution.

Following his family's release (presumably upon the death of his grandfather, the original offender against the State) Kang worked in assigned occupations before becoming at risk of again being sent to a concentration camp. The end of the book details his subsequent escape to China and attempts to seek asylum before escaping to South Korea."

Yeun will star as Chol-hwan as well as co-executive producing the film. Radar Pictures, the studio that brought us Riddick and Spring Breakers, will be distributing.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

I think I did it right this time, mods. OTL
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Sohee x VDL makeup for Allure Korea

Sohee Poses for Allure Magazine

Former Wonder Girls star Sohee has completed a photo shoot and interview for fashion and beauty magazine Allure. The ex-girl group member has recently signed a deal with VDL, a cosmetics brand, evidence that she is now pursuing a career not solely linked to music. She also featured in the KBS2 drama “Happy Rose Day” last year.

The photos show Sohee wearing vivid and striking eye makeup and lipstick, and, in the interview, she speaks about her appearance. She says,I think one of my strong points is the fact that my face is very changeable. I can achieve a different look depending on the makeup I use. I also like my eyes, I think they suit my face and they are quite expressive.”

Sohee also speaks about the different challenges inherent to screen work and music. She explains, Being an actress and being a singer are the same in some respects. Your job is to express and deliver emotion. The difference comes in how you go about preparing to perform.

The interview and photo spread will appear in the July edition of Allure magazine.
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Source: Soompi 1 / 2 / 3