June 21st, 2014

Why Taeyeon and Baekhyun’s ‘love affair’ was dangerous… She forgot about SNSD

As the most loved SNSD member, Taeyeon has money and honor. However, for a while now, she’s mentioned her depression. It was to the point where it started interfering with SNSD’s promotions. Early this year, there was a time when there was chaos in a music show SNSD was scheduled to be at. Taeyeon didn’t appear for rehearsals. Also, Taeyeon gave a halfhearted appearance on ‘Radio Star’, that couldn’t even be edited into something good. It started circulating amongst the managers that Taeyeon could not be controlled. It is around this time that Taeyeon is believed to have started falling for Baekhyun.

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Source: Naver, Naver 2, Nate, Nate 2
Translation: Netiz9n

Holy shit.. Didn't know about the rehearsal thing so I don't know how accurate it is...
Wow a lot goes on that the international fanbase doesn't know about...
I don't really get the title of the article but whatever..


SISTAR's Soyou puts on her high school uniform for K.Will's new m/v!

Keeping the family love, SISTAR’s Soyou donned a school uniform for K.Will’s new music video.

On June 20, Starship Entertainment revealed new stills from the filming of K.Will’s new music video.

Looking younger than ever, Soyou dressed up in a school uniform with red sneakers.

“Soyou will be appearing in K.Will’s new music video as the main female character. She will be showing different charms than what’s shown on stage,” said Starship Entertainment. “As K.Will’s music videos have always had great cast appearances, you can anticipate the male lead for this time as well.”

K.Will will release his new mini album on June 26.

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VIXX to Attend KCON + Ticketing Details

VIXX has just been revealed as the latest addition to the KCON 2014 lineup! They join the previously announced artists  IU,Girl‘s Generation, CNBLUE and BTS

It is great to see VIXX again as the group had performed at the first KCON in 2012.

[Ticketing Information]

Sources: Soompi, KCON

I live for Kcon ticketing drama, this year shall be no different.