July 2nd, 2014


f(x)'s 'Red Light' deemed unsuitable for broadcast by KBS + orders adjustment in its lyrics

It has been reported that the broadcast station KBS has ruled f(x)’s title track “Red Light,” from their upcoming third album of the same name, to be unfit for broadcast, while MBC revealed they will come to a decision within this week.

The reason for KBS’s ruling is that the lyrics of “Red Light” mention a specific brand: heavy equipment manufacturing company known as Caterpillar.

In response to this, the group’s agency, SM Entertainment, explained, “We plan to modify the problematic lyrics and request a reconsideration so that it does not impact their broadcast activities.”

Additionally, on July 2, an MBC representative stated, “We received the audio and music video for f(x)’s title song ‘Red Light.’ Because we review [songs] on a weekly basis, ineligibility for broadcast has not yet been decided. After deliberating, we will decide within this week.”

Meanwhile, f(x) will be releasing their third album “Red Light” on July 7, which will be their first comeback after one year, since “Pink Tape,” released in July of last year.


What does this song is even about? I'm more curious now.

More Updates On The Park Bom Incident

Segye Ilbo, the site that intially broke the news about Park Bom being a "drug smuggler", has published new information regarding the situation. Apparently the amphetamines that were shipped to Bom's grandmother were hidden in a box labeled "fruit", and buried underneath a layer of fruit snacks. When confronted by investigators, her grandmother said that her daughter (Bom's mother) had told her they were weight loss pills.

When a psychiatrist was asked about the situation, they said "Amphetamine suppresses appetite so because of this, those who sell narcotics will try to persuade buyers by telling them 'if you take this, you'll lose weight'. Due to its side effects, amphetamine is used for limited treatment purposes even in the U.S., it is not something that can be commonly taken."

[Netizen Comments]
1. [+856, -52] I honestly can't understand how anyone is shielding this

2. [+691, -48] I wonder how stupid fangirls and fanboys are going to shield this ㅋ

3. [+656, -47] Enough with the shields already

4. [+86, -6] Why disguise her treatment pills as snacks?... Enough with the shields...

5. [+84, -4] If she has a prescription for them, why not bring them in herself? Why make everything so suspicious if they're for treatment?

6. [+79, -3] I'm suspicious of one thing. If she sent it to her grandmother because she's busy along with her parents, why not just send it to YG's company building? I'm sure they would've taken it in for her.

7. [+65, -4] Yang CEO seems to have made things worse.. Should've stopped with the shields.

8. [+61, -3] I was going to shield her... since she could've had it delivered in any box... but the fact that she hid them in between jelly snacks... There's no way I can shield that, Bom-ah... It's disappointing.

9. [+57, -2] If this is true, YG's disgusting

10. [+55, -2] YG Yang Hyun Suk was too busy barking about it being prescribed from America but that was a lie...

Yang Hun Suk's explanation is also drawing skepticism from fans. Bom is currently listed as being 30 years old (or 31 in Korea). However, some netizens have noticed that Bom is listed as a "sophomore" in 1998, and as sophomores are usually around 15-16, suspicions have been raised that Bom might have been born earlier than 1984. As well, a training video has resurfaced that says that Bom was 25 on November 22, 2007, thus making her older than she is listed. Finally, there are apparently some other interviews saying that she first met Yang Hyun Suk in 2002 and started her training afterwards, thus making the timing and her age very different than the official story.

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Sources: Nate, Nate 2, NetizenBuzz

ZE:A's Hyungsik, Seo Kang Joon, Actress Nam Ji Hyun cast in KBS2 drama

Actors Seo Kang Joon and Nam Ji Hyun, along with ZE:A’s Park Hyungsik have confirmed their casting for KBS2’s upcoming drama “Why Are Families Being Like This,” which is set to air its first episode on August 16.

It has been said that Park Hyungsik, Nam Ji Hyun, and Seo Kang Joon will be involved in a love triangle within the drama’s storyline.

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can't wait to see all these cute kids be cute together ♡


By now you might have heard that the Korean soccer team had a rather unpleasant welcome back to Seoul after a disappointing exit at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

At Incheon International Airport, not only were they greeted by a large banner reading "한국축구는 죽었다!!" ("Korean Soccer Is Dead!") and "너땜에졌어"("We Lost Because of You"), but they were also pelted with handfuls of yeot (엿) candy by disgruntled fans. (It's important to note that it was not a huge mob of people causing this disruption, but reportedly just a couple of guys who are part of a larger online group of angry supporters.)

The caption above reads "엿먹어라 엿먹어!"—meaning, "Eat yeot, eat yeot!"

You don't need Google Translate to figure out the general mood of the candy-throwers, and this petulant act was picked up by media around the world. Most outlets mentioned that in Korea, being told to "eat toffee" is considered an insult with definitions of varying vulgarity ("eat sh*t," "eat a d*ck," "get lost," "f*ck you").

But why? And what is so significant about toffee, anyway? Here's everything you need to know:

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Source: Noonchi:Korea In Context

VIXX Debut in Japan Under Victor Entertainment!


I love Victor Music and their artists so seeing VIXX, my favorite boy group, under their label makes for a happy day! The guys will be making their Japanese debut on July 2nd with their Japanese album DARKEST ANGELS, and they’ve released a video message through Victor Ent’s YouTube channel to their fans about it. There’s no English subs as this is meant for their Japanese audience, but international fans can still enjoy the excitement that comes with VIXX’s global expansion!

Source: Author of Article: Philip fareastvibes & Starlight's Gift

Is anyone going to get their Japanese CD Dark Angel? And does anyone know who is popular among the Japanese fans...color me curious. And congrats to them for their album Dark Angel reaching the number 7 spot on oricon album chart yay!
the gang

Bangtan filming with Coolio in America?

"#LightsCameraAction Day 2 on the Set Filming with my Day 1's @coolio ,@graffic13 & #BTS Teaching these young #Superstars about the #MusicBusiness I told you my #RapHustle was #Global #InternationalConnections "I Been Grinding My Whole Life Nigga!" #SpaceGoast #CaliSwagging #GoastEntertainment #NaughtyNation #MOB"

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source: goatsmoke 1, 2

I wonder what it's for!! All this is making me 1000000x more excited for their album.
Little Red Hooding

Zhang Liyin explosive singing ability on Chinese 'Immortal Song'

Known as the Chinese ballad singer who debuted in Korea, singer Zhang Liyin who was on the Chinese version of 'Immortal Song' (不朽之名曲) is gaining focus and interest from the public once again with her singing abilities.

On the evening of the 24th, Zhang Liyin is currently 2nd on the overall search ranking, and is 1st in celebrity search rankings on China's largest SNS Weibo. It is because of her impressive stage on Dragon TV's 'Immortal Song' that was broadcast on the 22nd.
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Source: TVReport (korean news), translated by choco_plum@chocolyn

Glad to see her talent is getting more recognized lately

Fans stand up against Hyomin for Zico's plagiarized lyrics

Pann: Hyomin plagiarized Zico's song

List of plagiarized lyrics

Block B - Movie's Over [ The pain will subside but leave a deep scar ]
Hyomin - Dam [ So what if the pain subsides, it will leave a deep scar ]

Zico - Dead Leaves [ I think my emotions have grown callus, my heart feels stunned ]
Hyomin - Dam [ I think my emotions have grown callus, my heart feels stunned ]

Zico - Brilliant Is [ but failure gives you another chance, remember how to get back up ]
Hyomin - Dam [ but failure gives you another chance, remember how to get back up ]

Zico & Kyung (Harmonics) - God Answered Me [ The sunlight and its silence shining through my steel-barred window eases my loneliness ]
Hyomin - Dam [ The sunlight and its silence shining through my steel-barred window mixes in with my loneliness ]


Zico tweeted that he wrote two lines after sitting for five hours, how can she plagiarize something like that? And Jiho keeps saying he's sorry to his fans but fu*k, what is he sorry to us all the time for? It's not even his fault. He's just afraid we'll get upset and instead took a funny selca and talked about Block B's upcoming comeback...

Woo Taewoon-ssi, you may be Zico's brother but this can't be shielded. If you're going to clarify this, clarify it properly. Just because you received permission from your dongseng does not make it okay to plagiarize.

Hommage: 1. a public show of respect or honour towards someone or something (esp in the phrases pay or do homage to)

Since when did the defintion of this word become control c + control v?

[netizens comments]-

1. [+160, -4] People seem to be misunderstanding, but the only name written for the lyricist is Hyomin herself. Woo Taewoon participated in the arrangement. And even though she said she received permission from Zico, a part of the lyrics use a line from Harmonics, which means Park Kyung wrote the lyrics during his underground days. I'm curious as to whether she received permission from him as well. It seems CCM, the agency of Taewoon (Zico's older brother), is trying to brush this under the rug and Block B doesn't want anything big happening before their comeback either but as someone who has been listening to Zico since his underground days, this is ridiculous. CCM's initial response to this basically told everyone that they were talking stupid and wasn't hearing properly.

2. [+154, -4] Not just one song but several different songs were copied ㅋㅋㅋㅋ How can she say she was the only one who wrote the lyrics when she copied that much? ㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+141, -5] Should've said from the start that Zico wrote the lyrics, why make this any bigger than it needs to be? You called it your self composition ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+40, -2] Hyomin ran around saying at first that she wrote and composed the song all on her own but after the controversy came out, she starts saying, "Zico oppa helped a bit ㅜㅜ" shut up, you're hopeless.

5. [+36, -2] ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Even if Zico allowed it, what about Park Kyung's lyrics ;;; There is no mention of it. And even if Zico allowed it, why not give him credit for it?


Article: The line between plagiarism and hommage

Source: 10asia via Naver

1. [+9,595, -200] She was obviously going to sweep it under the rug if nobody mentioned it but now that Block B fans are rioting over it, she calls it an hommage? Even though I'm a fan of another fandom, I can see why the Block B fans are so pissed over her calling that her own work.

2. [+8,022, -165] I don't understand why Zico's the one apologizing..

3. [+6,524, -131] If she received permission, she should've mentioned Zico's name when she talked about being the song writer herself. She flat out copied several lines. I went back and read her interviews and she never mentioned Zico once. As for the music video... it's just straight up plagiarism.

4. [+4,686, -145] As if that b*tch has any shame over any of this

5. [+4,558, -389] Yeah, we all know Block B has good songs but why be shameless and copy all of it?

6. [+1,029, -10] Her calling it an hommage is just an excuse she came up with because she got caught

7. [+1,015, -20] Disgustingly cunning how she used lyrics from a mixtape that only a minority own


Source: Netizenbuzz
scammer oppa

Chanyeol Confirmed for New Movie 'Jang Soo Shop'

Chanyeol will make his on-screen debut in new movie "Jang Soo Shop".

"Jang Soo Shop" (original as "Last First Love") will focus on the romance of an old couple's love story. The cast will consist of Yoon Yeo Jung, Park Geun Hyung, Jo Jin Woong, Han Ji Min, Hwang Woo Seul Hye and EXO's Chanyeol.

Yoon Yeo Jung will play as a florist grandmother named Seung Chil. Jo Jin Woong will act as Jang Soo who is the owner of the 'Jang Soo shop'. Han Ji Min will take the role of the daughter of Seung Chi and Jang Soo. Chanyeol will present himself as a high school boy and also as boyfriend of Han Ji Min's role.

The filming will start in August.

Congrats, I hope he does well.

Source: dkpopnews
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Planet Shiver-Sin feat. Navi

Video Description from uploader:

Planet Shiver is an electronic producing team of DJ Friz and Philtre. The team handles DJing, composing, arranging, and producing.

Planet Shiver's new single title song 'Sin (feat. Navi)' features natural dynamics rather than excessive compressions. The synthesizer's electronic sounds combined with electric guitar and piano create a sophisticated and addictive music for our ears. Also, Navi's minimalistic voice, along with the dramatic, intense rhythms, brings out the emotions behind the 'sin' of prohibited love.

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