July 11th, 2014


FIESTAR’s “One More” Banned by MBC for Threesome References + lyrics to be modified

According to several broadcast officials, FIESTAR has been banned from MBC for their new song “One More,” the reason being that the new song calls to mind the image of a threesome. While the song initially passed broadcast requirements for the big three broadcasting companies (MBC, SBS, KBS), “One More” soon went right back under the spotlight for its implication of a threesome. Following FIESTAR’s appearance on MBC’s “Show! Music Core,” the song fell under the protests of viewers, as well. KBS and SBS are currently discussing whether or not FIESTAR’s new song is fit for broadcast.

Not only is it the song title “One More” that is under fire, but the lyrics as well: “For you and me / let’s invite one more person / into our room / someone who’s done it more than us / now’s the time / one two three.

Three years after their debut, FIESTAR, with their new sexy concept, is receiving more interest than ever. They are on a steady rise in the music charts, and they have several times made it onto the list of most-searched names.

What do you think? Do you agree with MBC’s decision to ban the song?

source: Ilgan sports via naver + soompi

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Crime Scene ep 9 with Key: A referee's murder

Your weekly dose of murder mystery role playing game is back again with JTBC's Crime Scene (크라임씬).
OP is sorry for being a day late with the post.

In this show the exceptional cast is brought to a crime scene and they take roles as suspects and use their investigative and deductive skills in various ways (observing the crime scene, group talks, hot seat, one-on-one interrogations) to catch the criminal amongst themselves.
After their investigations, the cast vote for who they suspect is the killer. If the majority of the cast is right, they get the gold prizes but if they're wrong and the killer got away with the crime, the murderer will collect all the gold.

This week we welcome Shinee's Key as the episode guest. He, too, arrives with great confidense in his abilities.

Today's mystery is the murder of an experienced professional football referee, who is brutally killed the night after a game.
Just who committed the crime?

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Polling time:

Before the cast give their votes and the killer is revealed, who do you suspect the most?

The assistant referee (NS Yoon-G)
The sports reporter (Jun Hyun-Moo)
The striker (Hong Jin-Ho)
The mental trainer/strike's gf (Park Ji-Yoon)
The coach (Key)
The goalkeeper (Kang Yong-Seok)

Discussion very welcome in the comments (so if you don't want to spoil the ending, don't read them ^__^).

Next week we will have the highly anticipated season finale.. with CNBLUE's Min-Hyuk returning after his failure a few weeks back. OP is not too excited for the guest, but the case, set on the filming set of a movie, sounds great.

Video source: bumdidlyumptious

FNC Entertainment’s New Rookie Boy Band N.Flying’s Debut Postponed Due to Leader’s Knee Injury


FNC Entertainment, the home of popular bands FTISLAND and CNBLUE, as well as girl group AOA, has announced that their new rookie boy band N.Flying’s debut date has been pushed back more than three months.

N.Flying consists of four members: leader, main vocal, and guitarist Lee Seung Hyub, bassist Kwon Kwang Jin, drummer Kim Jae Hyun, and guitarist Cha Hoon.
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Topp Dogg to release a single with Cho PD


Male idol group Topp Dogg is set to release a new digital single with producer Cho PD!

This news was released on July 11th by Stardom Entertainment, home of EvoL and Jung Seulgi, who later revealed the collaborative single will be available as a digital song on the 16th at noon KST.

For the upcoming digital single, Topp Dogg’s Seogoong, Sangdo, P-Goon and Yano will be featured alongside Cho PD.

Unfortunately, the agency did not reveal any additional information on the genre or type of song the single will be. Further information is planned to be released through their SNS on the 14th.

Meanwhile, Topp Dogg has been busy promoting themselves the past few weeks with the track "Top Dog" from their album “AmadeuS.”

source: sports korea, koreaboo + photo by koari and crudely edited by me

Let's all pray Cho PD shuts his mouth and doesn't give any interviews to promote this

Bangtan Boys to come out with their own reality program

Idol group Bangtan Boys (Rap Monster, Suga, Jin, J Hope, Jimin, V, Jungkook) will be appearing in a new reality program with their name on it.

According to a broadcasting representative on the 10th, BTS will have their very first reality program called ‘Bangtan Boys Baby Gangster’ which will be produced by CJ E&M.

The filming consists of BTS and Big Hit CEO Bang Shi Hyuk working on their comeback album while hanging around in Los Angeles.

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source: star news, trans by wonnie @ bts-trans + bts fb

Edit: there seems to be a mistranslation here and the show is called 'BTS American Hustle Life'
GA TA tour

MQ Preview of Girls' Generation's 'Indestructible' + more versions of 'The Best'

(This was previewed during a performance from their 3rd Japanese Tour on July 11th)

Two more versions of The Best have also been announced:

"Family Mart (a convenience store chain) has announced that another version of Girls' Generation's "The Best" album will be available in Family Mart stores starting August 6th. This version of "The Best" will include a song called "Chain Reaction", which is not included in the editions releasing on July 23rd."

XxGLover101xX; Soshified

I bet this is from SM to all the hardcore fans that fear they might break up soon lmao. SOUNDS GREAT THOUGH. (And perhaps that other new song will be a more danceable.)

Key Travels to Ethiopia for '7 Hungry Houseguests’

SHINee’s popoularity has been proven in Ethiopia as well.

July 11’s broadcast of MBC’s 7 Hungry Houseguests will feature the second episode in Ethiopia with SHINee’s Key joining as a new member.

7 Hungry Houseguests is a road reality/variety show that introduces traditional food, culture, history and nature of different countries. Key, who couldn’t join the show with the other members due to his schedule, jumped in later on.

Having earned his status as a ‘variety-dol’ by showing his humorous senses, Key quickly got along with the other members as well as the citizens of the country, thanks to his English skills and friendly personality.

Key also proved SHINee’s global popularity by gathering fans around him everywhere he went in Ethiopia. During a dinner with the other members at a hosting family’s house, Key’s fans visited, leading to a spontaneous fan meeting. Key reportedly hugged each of his fans upon seeing them tearing up to see him in person.

Source: mwave


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Who wore it better? Floral edition!

ANN DEMEULEMEESTER Floral Silhouette Shirt, $711.88 $498.32

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Who wore it better?

Kang Ha Neul
Daniel Henney
Song Seung Heon
burn it and give me the money!

source: farfetch, mnbmagazine, marie claire, firstlook
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B1A4 'Encounter' & music bank teasers!!! + mini news round-up

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[More Solo Day concept photos]

['Wonderful Day' info + 2 photos]
B1A4's 'Wonderful Day' will air July 21 at 6pm and will have a total of 8 episodes!

[B1A4's Solo Day promotional bus - image heavy]

[Mwave Meet & Greet]

Album Info
PRODUCT : Signed B1A4 5th Mini Album 'SOLO DAY' - Signed by all members
*Color: Skyblue or White (RANDOM)

RULES : B1A4 members will select 15 out of 49 tiles per mosaic during the online fan meeting, selected 15 will get B1A4 Special Badge!

Top 5 Supporters :
TOP 1 – Polaroid Photo of All B1A4 members & Special Present from B1A4!
TOP 2 ~ TOP 5 – Polaroid Photo of B1A4 member (random)

LIVE STREAMING : August (Exact time to be announced)
* Video Share Event will start in next-week.

source: B1A4 Official + 콩잔망 + puerwhite15mbcplusmusic + naver + hheajin0201 + mwave

The bus looks nice *_* anyway the top buyer for mwave so far bought 18 albums so good luck to anyone who's trying out