July 12th, 2014

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SM Entertainment’s J-Min to release her 1st mini-album, “Shine”

Singer-songwriter J-Min has recently been pursuing her solo career in Korea with the track "Hoo," to which she released the music video a few weeks ago. According to SM Entertainment on July 10th, J-Min will be releasing her first official mini-album in less than two weeks!

Throughout her solo career, J-Min has focused mainly on her activities in Japan, and has released six singles and albums since her debut in 2007.

J-Min has already received a largely positive response to her outstanding emotional vocals after taking to the weekly music show stages with the track “Hoo.”

The 1st mini-album “Shine” will released first online on July 18th, before being available as a physical album to fans on the 21st.

Source: XSports News via koreaboo

Yet another idol reaches out to a self-harming fan

BtoB Hyunsik was revealed to have a sent a message for a fan. Basically what happend: some i-fangirl made a separate twitter accound that she used to send Hyunsik the exact same message multiple times (over 3000 tweets with the exact same thing all over). She basically went on saying stuff like she can't eat or sleep because of Hyunsik and she's cutting herself too.

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and they say melody is a sane fandom........ i wouldn't really call her a fan
🎯 Red Velvet: lit

KARA scheduled to make a comeback in August, title track produced by Duble Sidekick

Details about Kara’s forthcoming comeback have been revealed by K-pop insiders. According to a few unnamed insider sources, quoted in an article by media outlet enews24, the girl group has set a target date of August for the new release, and has even begun filming music videos.

Kara is set to drop a mini album featuring its newest member: the winner of television audition show, “Kara Project,” Youngji. The group will also embark on a tour of Japan in October.

One source was quoted as saying, “Kara will be making a comeback with a new collaboration with [music producer and song writer] Duble Sidekick. They filmed the music video on July 9 at a location somewhere in Gyeonggi Province.

Other quotes from insiders shed light on the way the group is operating now that a new member has joined. These included, “Since Youngji has joined, she has given Kara something of an energy boost,” and, “All of the members have resolved to make this album a success.”

source: enews24 via soompi

Electro Duo LODIA debuts with self composed song "I GOT A FEELING"

*New female duo LODIA debuted with their own composition, 'I Got a Feeling.'
It was written, composed and arranged by Elena and Effy, the two equally gorgeous and sexy ladies of LODIA. Aside from the showcase of their talent, TASTIX (a famous electronic musician in France) added some spice with a remix. David Hachour (director of mastering for electronic DJ artist David Guetta) participated also by handling the mastering."

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sources: lodia 1 & 2, dkpopnews

Fated To Love You Episode 3-4 Discussion Post (!Spoiler Warning!)

A remake of the hit 2008 Taiwanese drama “Fated to Love You“.

Lee Gun (Jang Hyuk) is the president of a family company that produces shampoos and soaps. He is deeply in love with a ballerina. Meanwhile, Kim Mi Young (Jang Na Ra) works as a secretary in a law firm. Her nickname is “Post-it” (sticky note). She earned this nickname because she is so complaisant that her colleagues dump trivial chores on her.

Lee Gun and Kim Mi Young’s paths cross. Fate and a pair of misfit conspirators cause them to pass a befuddled night together, unintentionally. She becomes pregnant….

Watch here: Viki // Good Drama // Drama Fire

[Drama Details]

  • Drama: Fated To Love You

  • Hangul: 운명처럼 널 사랑해

  • Director: Lee Dong-Yoon

  • Writer: Joo Chan-Ok

  • Network: MBC

  • Release Date: July 2, 2014 --

  • Runtime: Wednesdays & Thursdays 21:55

[Main Cast]
Main Cast:

Jang Hyuk as Lee Gun
Jang Na Ra as Kim Mi Young
Wang Ji Won as Nam Se Ra
Choi Ji Hyuk as Daniel

[Episode 5 Preview]

Sources: Korean Drama, Asian Wiki, MBCdrama, [gif]

More Seventeen news: confirmed members!

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source: pledis17 for the group shot and profile photo; seventeen's official website profile
updated profiles (in English) for the members can be found at pledis17.
i would add the today's episode of 17tv too but a lot of it is talking and it hasn't been subbed yet.
i figured mingming had left, but i had no idea doyoon did...... only to add another member? come on pledis
also "pre" members? what?

What has SHINee been doing?


Kang Ddori Blog Update

Sjadancer Instagram Update


@realjonghyun90 tweets

Hello Puppy

I'm outside. It's been a while. The weather is nice.

Shim Shim Tapa


Toheart Fansign in Sinchon

The Lord of Recordings


Bebe Shoe's Blog Update

Attending Lee Chung Yong's Wedding


Trenta Instagram Update

Visiting Singin' in the Rain

Source: Kang Ddori, sjadancer, realjonghyun90, shiningtweets (tweet trans), sfi (credit as tagged), starin, bebe shoe, trenta_official, smtown, gifs

Because I miss SHINee...
I purposely left some things out because they have already been posted.


Her Highness Queen CL visits Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris

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Source: ygladies gallery

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Source: ygfamilyy

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Source: ygfamilyy; cl's IG 1&2; ygladies gallery

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Source: ygfamilyy; elle korea 1 & 2; clthebaddestfemale

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Source: CL's WARDROBE 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

*NOTE: Elle Korea is featuring a coverage of her visit, they are also letting her write a day to day diary in the magazine but i'll save that for another post :) Favorite outfit?

Mods have mercy on me!! this took forever lol xxx

FNC Entertainment Files Police Report on Adult Site’s Use of AOA’s Mina’s Photo!


FNC Entertainment has reached out to the police about the usage of AOA member Mina‘s photo on a pornographic site.

On July 12, FNC Entertainment announced that they have filed a report and requested an investigation by the Cyber Police on a foreign adult website. The website used a photo of Mina with the title “Like Chinese Women?” as an advertisement for their site. The photo is from a video for a “Love Letter Event” for AOA.

FNC Entertainment told the press, “We determined it would be more effective to file a police report than directly contact the foreign site. We have requested the cyber investigation team for this case and after the weekend our lawyers will meet with the local police for a formal investigation.

[netizen comments]Article: AOA Mina, illegal use of her picture on adult website, "Request for investigation submitted"

Source: Star News via Nave

1. [+2,574, -147] I saw it on Facebook and wondered what was going on ㅠ

2. [+2,676, -453] Wait, who is she again?

3. [+2,540, -361] Didn't know there was a Mina in AOA too along with Girl's Day

4. [+1,691, -321] How dare you use Mina's picture illegally...

5. [+1,413, -426] Don't touch our Mina nuna!!!

6. [+214, -10] I wonder who first discovered it?? Someone who visits the site

7. [+209, -30] I find it more weird how people found it

8. [+171, -34] Please respect her as a woman...

[NSFW? + netizen comments]20140711_1405034345_46210000_1

Article: American adult site uses AOA Mina's picture without permission

Source: Sports Seoul via Nate

1. [+162, -6] Take legal action. That's the only solution.

2. [+120, -12] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ How did the journalist find this, while watching porn?

3. [+8, -0] Since it's America, I bet they could sue them for 10 million

4. [+8, -0] Amazed that the journalist went into that site to check...........

5. [+1, -0] Did the journalist randomly find it while on a porn site to relieve himself...

6. Sue them, Mina didn't use her hands like that for that reason

7. That famous picture... was a Korean idol? I always thought it was a Japanese idol

8. I bet the journalist was enjoying himself on that site until he realized 'wait, who's that' and wrote this article ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Source: Soompi & Netizenbuzz (+1)