July 14th, 2014

Song Ji Hyo : Sassy

Running Man Ep 203 discussion post - Happy 4th Anniversary Running Man!!

Episode 203: Tour Race - Client & Troubleshooter
Broadcast Date (Filming Date): July 6th 2014 (June 17th 2014)
Guest: Baek Sung Hyun (1st time guesting - Ep 202), Cha Yu Ram (1st time guesting - Ep 202), Fabien (1st time guesting - Ep 202), Heo Kyung Hwan (1st time guesting - Ep 202), Ji Sung (3rd time guesting - Ep 54, 116 & 117, 202), Joo Ji Hoon (1st time guesting - Ep 202), Sam Otswiri (1st time guesting - Ep 202), Son Naeun (2nd time guesting - Ep 162, 202), Yoon Bomi (1st time guesting - Ep 202)
Best Face Couple : Yoo Jae Suk & Joo Ji Hoon
Workshop Couple : Lee Kwang Soo & Ji Sung
Billiards Couple : Gary & Cha Yu Ram
Event Couple : HaHa & Heo Kyung Hwan
Siblings Couple : Ji Suk Jin & Song Ji Hyo
Blind Date Couple : Kim Jong Kook & Naeun
1 Year Anniversary Couple : Baek Sung Hyun & Bomi
Tourist Couple : Fabien & Sam Otswiri
[Secret identity (Spoiler)]Client & Troubleshooter : Lee Kwang Soo & Ji Sung
Recap from Dramabeans

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[Winner (Spoiler)] Reach first | Take the other couples name tags off and put it back on = Kim Jong Kook & Naeun | Lee Kwang Soo & Ji Sung

myksn | runmanclub | RM Wiki page 1 2

Happy Birthday Kwang Soo!!
Kai Swag

Shinhwa Sends Congratulatory Wreath to g.o.d on Group’s Comeback Concert

Shinhwa's Wreath For g.o.d

Shinhwa showed their support for fellow first generation idol g.o.d at the latter’s comeback concert on July 12 by sending a congratulatory wreath.

A surprising kind gesture, Shinhwa’s congratulatory wreath to g.o.d has become a popular topic in an online community after a fan uploaded a picture of the wreath with the post entitled, “The wreath sent by Shinhwa to g.o.d.”

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Source: Soompi

Mystic Update! Eddy Kim "Kiss Me, Darling", Lim Kim to Collaborate with Park Myungsoo, etc


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Sources: Mystic89's Youtube, Mystic89's Twitter, Heraldcorp, MBN, Eddy's Facebook (1, 2), yoonjongshin.com

Translation Credit: Hyunbiased at mystic-89.tumblr.com

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Can't say I ever imagined Jessica and Lim Kim being in the same article..

Are you getting excited for Eddy everyone?
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When will your faves ever? “Red Light” Tops Korean and Taiwanese Weekly Charts

f(x) came back with a bang even after taking a year of hiatus, giving their fans a thrill with their shocking new look and concept. Their new song “Red Light” delighted everyone who have waited for their return.

It seems like a lot of listeners also liked f(x)’s new album “Red Light” with the new album topping the weekly charts not only in Korea but also in Taiwan.

“Red Light” placed first on Hanteo charts, Synnara Records and other Korean charts for the first week of July and also topped at first on Taiwan’s Five Music chart. America’s Fuse TV also featured the new album, gaining the recognition of the international music scene.

Meanwhile, f(x) successfully performed this week in Mnet‘s “M!Countdown,” KBS’ “Music Bank”, MBC‘s “Music Core” and SBS’ “Inkigayo.”



Ji Sung Says Jogging 15 Kilometers Every Morning Has Changed His Life


The reason Ji Sung jogged every morning isn′t a simple one.

Running 15 kilometers every morning, Ji Sung didn’t skip a day even when he was staying in Busan to film Good Friends. And though he had a topless scene in the film, the scene wasn′t the reason he chose to jog 15 kilometers every day.

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source: mwave, kmagazinelovers

Omona's favorite group is here to stay + jelly fans

B2ST Shares Its Hope to be a Long-Lasting Idol Group


B2ST is well known as a loyal group in the world of K-pop. All six members are famous for being close to one another.

Amidst their individual activities, the B2ST members have special love for group activities and have the assurance that they will maintain the group for a long time.

This trait of B2ST makes one think of some of the 1st generation idol groups who returned recently, such as g.o.d. or Fly to the Sky. B2ST has always named Shinhwa as its role model since its debut as well. They have always expressed their hope to stay as a six membered group for a long time.

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source: mwave 1, 2
sailor venus

The Barberettes have a message for Omona ❤

image (1)

In late May I found the Barberettes contact info in their Facebook page and I told them how much we loved them and I even extended a helping hand in helping to promote them if they ever wanted to do something overseas. We exchanged a bunch of emails but essentially Shinae said: "I was stunned by how active and passionate the members of your site are. It is really interesting and cool. I've been telling about you guys to the people in the scene around me." :)

Thought this would be a nice gift for everybody who has been supporting them.

Check out their facebook, they have been posting articles. If anyone wants to translate them for us, please do so!

Source: omona gmail

Yoona answers prayers, says no to ‘Nodame Cantabile’

Girls’ Generation (SNSD)’s Yoona decided to turn down the lead role for Nodame Cantabile.

SM Entertainment told Newsen on July 14, “We received numerous casting offers and after thorough consideration we decided to turn down the offer.”

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1. [+2,323, -43] How fortunate...

2. [+1,747, -42] Good choice... Less to worry about.

3. [+1,642, -31] Yoona's avoided the extreme.

4. [+1,623, -242] Can't believe she's even in the position to be rejecting such a role

5. [+1,253, -25] Good choice....

6. [+311, -22] Good choice, the majority of the comments were hateful not to mention she doesn't match the role anyway

7. [+304, -16] At least she's realistic. Public sentiment was largely negative last time so it's good that she gave it up.

8. [+316, -57] Good choice, Saebyuk-ah~^^ How is it that your acting hasn't changed for years since your role as Saebyuk, your acting's always remained the same

9. [+251, -11] A win win for both parties

10. [+232, -4] Fortunate... It didn't match Yoona at all

source: mwave, netizenbuzz, naver

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SISTAR's Soyou Shows off her Body!

Recently, a post was put onto an online community board with the title “Soyou’s Actual Body,” attached with a non-photoshopped picture of the SISTAR member, taken on the set of a photo shoot.

The picture has been starting to become a topic of interest because it shows off Soyou’s flawless body. In the past, many celebrities and non-celebrities alike have often chosen Soyou as their “wannabe” body shape.

In the uploaded photo, the SISTAR member can be seen dressed in a white tube top and bright orange shorts, displaying her lean and toned, yet voluminous figure, drawing a lot of attention from netizens.

Meanwhile, SISTAR is getting closer to their comeback date on July 21, and it is said that they are in the final stages of preparation for the new release. Fans’ expectations are rising, as it has already been a year since the group’s last comeback as a whole, with their second full-length album “Give It to Me” in June of last year.

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can we just..

Daughter of Famous Soccer Player to Debut in New Group Ye.A

Rookie girl group Ye-A has released a jacket image ahead of the group’s forthcoming debut release, a digital single entitled, “Up N Down,” as well as a teaser video for one of its members, Chai.

The eight-member group has already been attracting attention in Korea, not least because one of the girls, Yi Gyer, is the daughter of a famous Korean athlete.

Yi Gyer’s father is Hwang Sun Hong, who played in several World Cups as part of the Korean national team, and currently manages Korean pro soccer club Pohang Steelers.

The group has been assembled by talent agency Kilroy Company, and also includes members: Ka Zoo, Yeo Rin, Do Hye,Ha Dy, Hye-I and Pierre.

A Kiroy Company representative told the media, “The eight members all have their own unique charms. Music fans should expect a lot from their music and performances.”

A teaser video for “Up N Down” will be released on July 15, and the group’s debut album will drop on July 18.

[UP & DOWN MV Teaser]

Member Profiles: (I'm aware some photos are waaay smaller than others but that's how the company uploaded them)


Stage Name:  Yi Gyer (이겨)
Birthday: 1994/09/10
Height: 168cm
Weight: 47kg
Education: New York University
Blood Type: A
Specialty: English, Japanese
Hobbies: Designing clothes, music critique.

- Japanese Award.
- ASEAN - Korea Frontier Forum - Grand Prize Winner.
- ASEAN - Korea Frontier Forum - Leadership Award.

[Ka Zoo]

Stage Name: Ka Zoo (카쥬)
Birthday: 1995/09/27
Height: 163cm
Weight: 44kg
Education: Graduated from Seoul Performing Arts High School.
Blood Type: A
Specialty: Gag, stretching, dance.
Hobbies: Visiting food stalls, studying choreography

- Chung-And University Gymnastics Competition - First Place.
- Anyang Techinical College Dance Competition - First Place.
- Geumcheon District Dance Contest - Grand Prize Winner.
- National Athletics 200m Competition - Silver Medal Winner.

[Yeo Rin]

Stage Name: Yeo Rin (여린)
Birthday: 1996/01/25
Height: 168cm
Weight: 48kg
Education: Graduated Bukpyeong Girl's High School.
Blood Type: B
Specialty: Choreography, Master Vocalist.
Hobbies: Practicing soundtracks.

- Part of Son Yeon Jae's (Korean Gymnast) Whisper CF's (sanitary pad commercials)

[Do Hye]

Stage Name: Do Hye (도해)
Real Name: Hwang Do Hye (황도해)
Birthday: 1991/04/27
Height: 167cm
Weight: 48kg
Education: Attending Dankook University - Applied Music Major.
Blood Type: B
Specialty: Master Vocalist, Athletics.
Hobbies: Flower arrangement, collecting high heels.

- 2002 SBS Drama Awards - Teen Acting Award.

Previous Work

Lishe (former due on the same record label)
- Look at the Right Girl [x]
- Beautiful 22 [x]
- Echo [x]
- 1014 [x]
- White Snow [x]
- Quit [x]
- Why Why Why [x]

As a Soloist
- If I Tell You I Love You [x]
- You Exhaust Me [x]

My-B (duo on same record label)
- Hold Me [x]
-하이질땔 눈물이최고 [x]

Featuring In:
- Evening: Transfer [x]
- Evening:  Study Blind Dating [x]
- Evening 4: Always the Two of Us [x]
-Yang Jeongseung: Pass By [x]

[Ha. Dy]

Stage Name: Ha Dy (하대)
Birthday: 1996/02/20
Height: 165cm
Weight: 44kg
Education: Attending Cheongpyeong High School
Blood Type: 0
Specialty: Playing piano, playing guitar.
Hobbies: Nail art, boxing.

- Acted in a 'The Sound of Music' musical.
- National Piano Contest - Top Award.

Previous Work:

Featuring In:
-Christmas - I'm Alone [x]


Stage Name: Hye-I (혜이)
Real Name: Hyeseung (혜셩)
Birthday: 1989/08/12
Height: 167cm
Weight: 48kg
Education: Graduated Hanyang Women's University - Applied Music Major.
Blood Type: O
Specialty: Master Vocalist.
Hobbies: Collecting sneakers, composition, reading.

Previous Work:

My-B (duo on the same record label)
- Hold Me [x]
-하이질땔 눈물이최고 [x]

Featuring In:
-Yang Jeongseung: Pass By [x]


Stage Name: Chai (챠이)
Birthday: 1996/07/25
Height: 166cm
Weight: 45kg
Specialty: Chinese, acting.
Hobbies: Athletics, flute.


Stage Name: Pierre (피어)
Birthday: 1994/01/11
Height: 162cm
Weight: 45kg
Specialty: Tumbling, gag.
Hobbies: Musicals, visiting food stalls, cooking.

Dance Practice Videos:
[Problem - Ariana Grande Cover.]

[Applause - Lady Gaga Cover]

Other Teasers:
[Chai Teaser]

[Countdown Photos]

[Possible MV set]

(I'm not sure who the guy is, he might be the company CEO)

Sources: Soompi, Kiroy Company, Ye.A Facebook, 키로이컴퍼니[x] [x] [x] [x], @kiroycompanyceo

They are on the same label as BTL and were meant to debut before them, but for some reason they didn't and they changed members.
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Trot Lovers Ep 5-6 discussion post (spoiler warning!)

Watch on Viki/Good Drama


Jang Joon-Hyun (Ji Hyun-Woo) is a talented and popular musician. He looks down upon the traditional trot music genre. Meanwhile, Choi Choon-Hee supports her family by herself and she is crazy about trot music. A romantic relationship begins between these two individuals.

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source: KBS + Trot Lovers wiki + MarbleTeethMusic Soundtracks

Ratings are slowly inching closer to 10%! T_T


Count Junsu-la and Jeong Seona release Dracula musical MV for "Loving You Keeps Me Alive"

JYJ’s Kim Junsu and Jung Seona release the music video for “Loving You Keeps Me Alive” from their musical “Dracula.”

Kim Junsu recently shared a selca to promote his musical “Dracula” and now with co-actress Jung Seona has dropped a music video for the ballad “Loving You Keeps Me Alive.”

The video shows cuts of the two artists recording in a studio together with scenes of musical practices as the emotions from the dramatic storyline come out.

Viewers can feel the power of the two’s voices as well as the numerous hours of practice being put into this production. The harmonies and melody reflect the many feelings of sorrow, love, and hatred of the musical.

"Dracula" runs from July 17th to September 5th at the Seoul Arts Center.

Source: Koreaboo, odmusical

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Laugh/Julianna Margulies

Zhang LiYin returns to Mad for Music

After being eliminated by her teammates after the second episode, Zhang Liyin earned her right to comeback after Weibo asked netizens to pick their which singer they would like to see on the show again.Zhang Liyin won the poll and came back on Anhui TV's Mad for Music as a part of the Goddess Team.

Liyin' solo, a cover of "Forever My Love":

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source: Anhui TV Official Youtube Channel (1)(2)
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B1A4 Genie interview + bts photos

Q. Please talk about how you feel about having come back.

Jinyoung: Hello. I am B1A4's Jinyoung. B1A4's 5th mini album SOLO DAY has been released. Because the fans have waited for us, we worked on this album with excitement and the hope to show everyone a better side to us. Please look forward to our stage as we have worked hard on preparing it.
Sandeul: It's a comeback we've been looking forward to, so I'm excited and nervous. But I know that the fans will love this album, so we worked hard. Please give it a lot of love ㅎㅎ
CNU: Thank you to the fans who waited for us through this short yet long period of time. As much as you guys have waited, we will show you our hardworking side.
Baro: Even though I'm nervous everytime we release a new album, I think I am more excited to let everyone hear our new music. I want to greet and thank the fans who are always cheering for us, and hearing to B1A4's music. And I want to hurry meet our fans.
Gongchan: I'm so curious as to what reaction will everyone have upon listening to SOLO DAY, and I'm excited. I'm so happy at the thought of being able to spend this humid summer with everyone.

[Gongchan: I was leaning against a streetlight. 2 foreigners walked past me and gave me $2.]
Q. Please talk about SOLO DAY.

Jinyoung: If our previous album titled WHO AM I was an album that allowed us to look back on the direction of our music and position since debut, we worked on this album with the mindset of fulfilling another of our dreams. The title song SOLO DAY is a pop song with a country feel, and has a overall refreshing sound from the use of guitar. I think it's the perfect song to listen to in summertime.
CNU: When I first saw the title, I immediately thought that it was a song for all the single people with no other half. But it doesn't exactly mean that. I think it's a song for the lonely people in the world - those who have broken up with their other half, or for some reason are feeling lonely. I hope you listen to it with a broader mindset.
Sandeul: That's right. I hope SOLO DAY becomes a new date to celebrate. It's a song that is filled with B1A4's positivity. It will make you hum along to it, so I hope everyone who listens to this song will only be met with happy things.
Baro: And in this album we included a variety of song genres that we had not tried before. There are songs that are refreshing and suitable for summer time, so please listen to all the songs without missing any one of them.
Gongchan: If you listen to the album from beginning to end, you will probably think that it is music that is good to listen to in summer time. I hope you will spend this humid summer with B1A4's music no matter where you go.

Q. I heard that the B1A4 members personally worked on this album. Which songs did you participate in?

CNU: We worked on all the songs in this album. I am really happy to be able to continue to show everyone our (musical) style. Following up from SEOUL and DRUNK ON MUSIC in our 2nd full length album, I participated in the song DRIVE from this album.
Baro: All the songs in this album were composed, penned and produced by us. Jinyoung and CNU hyung composed and wrote lyrics, while I helped in writing lyrics. We tried to show everyone B1A4's variety so I hope you listen to all the songs.
Jinyoung: Not just composition and lyric writing, the members were all involved in this starting from recording till the end. When recording, we direct each other and talk about the song. The production process is very enjoyable. There is no song that hasn't been touched by the members, so please give them a lot of love.

Q. An interesting episode that happened while working on this album?

Jinyoung: It's not an interesting episode, but at the last filming of our music video, a camera fell into the pool. I recall we were all worried and nervous about all the content we had filmed would all disappear. The camera was also expensive so the mood at the filming location was very tense. But thankfully the camera was alright and I think the music video came out nicely.
CNU: There is a rap that Baro wrote for DRIVE, but there was something lacking about it so I recall we used a different rap when recording. In the end we fixed it with the original rap, but because of it Baro had to go through some difficulties. But thanks to it, I think a better end product was achieved and everyone was satisfied.
Sandeul: There is a scene which we filmed with a puppy. Jinyoung hyung had a scene with the puppy. As if they agreed upon it, both of them turned their heads in the same direction when a pretty lady walked past. I think that was the most interesting and amazing episode.
Baro: It was a first for us to film our music video in USA. We loved the sunlight in the desert and the bench, so we would soak up in the sun whenever we could and ended up getting so tanned. I think this summer will be a summer where I will have a healthy bronze tan.
Gongchan: I had a carefree vagabond concept, so I filmed with a hairpiece in vintage clothes. During a break of our filming, I was leaning against a streetlight. 2 foreigners walked past me and gave me $2.

Q. You seem to be very busy recently, Baro. Did you encounter any difficults while working on the album?

Sandeul: He's the kind who would stay up overnight to do what he needs to do. So I think he worked on the album without much difficulties.
Gongchan: I thought 'as expected of Baro hyung', whenever I saw him work on the album whenever he had time.
CNU: He's always lifting the mood wherever he is, so he is B1A4's energizer. Should I say that he's very praiseworthy?
Baro: The members always make up for the things I'm lacking of in twice the amount, so I always feel very assured. I just wanted to tell them that I am very proud and thankful for them always doing their best in their individual enviroments.

Q. What does B1A4 want to show everyone through this album?

Jinyoung: I want to show everyone us maturing a little bit more with every album, and the wide variety of music B1A4 seeks to make. So I hope many people will become happier listening to our music.
CNU: I want to be a group that people will look forward to seeing the future. I want to meet the anticipation that people who listen to our music have that we will improve bit by bit, and make music that will make people anticipate our next album.
Sandeul: I want to show everyone the positive energy of B1A4, and a musical style that belongs solely to us through participation of composing and writing in all of our songs.
Baro: I want to show off a different charm to us each time, while giving off a friendly feeling through a variety of songs.
Gongchan: I want the people who listen to our music think that we are idols with different sides to us, and become a group that leaves a lasting memory.

Q. What music does B1A4 enjoy listening to usually?

Jinyoung: Michael Jackson's Love Never Felt So Good. I really like the lyrics. When I listen to it, it feels like I'm right about to fall in love.
CNU: Not long ago Robin Thicke released a new album, and I enjoy listening to it. I also search for latest news about Mariah Carey.
Sandeul: It's different for me time to time, but recently I am enjoying a song by the name of Somo-Ride.
Baro: I want to recommend David Guetta's Shot Me Down!
Gongchan: I am enjoying Pentatonix's album recently. They are a mixed acapella group. Please listen to their album 'ptx. vol.2'.

[BTS photos from the MV filming!]

source: Genie, trans by skip fire + naver (a few more photos at the source but they're pretty similar to the teaser photos)

Please support them by streaming the songs and watching the MV! Tutorial here~

Who wore it better? Kosoyoung edition!


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[poll time!]
Who wore it better?
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[poll time!]
Who wore it better?
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source: kosoyoung, style.co.kr, kmagazinelovers, firstlook, soompi, fyeahkoreanphotoshoots, op's own screencap, interest.me, merry-ko-round, kosoyoung fb, kpopstarz, ibuybeauti

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🎯 Red Velvet: lit

Secret to comeback in August, song composed by Duble Sidekick aka the new Brave Brothers

According to a music industry representative on July 15, girl group Secret will be coming back with their fifth mini album at the beginning of August, and the new title track is said to be the work of hit making production team Duble Sidekick.

This past May, the group’s leader, Hyosung, made her debut as a solo artist and completed active promotions with Duble Sidekick’s “Goodnight Kiss.” However, this upcoming comeback will be the very first time that Secret, as a whole group, is working with the production team. Following Secret’s debut in 2009, a lot of their hit songs, including “Madonna,” “Starlight Moonlight,” and “Yoo Hoo,” were created by the Kang Ji Won—Kim Ki Bum duo.

Due to this switch in producers, fans are curious as to what kind of sound the group’s new title track will possess. It is reported that the song will have a completely different concept from their previous songs and the members will be showing off a brand new charm.

It has been about eight months since Secret’s last comeback in December of last year with “I Do I Do.” Are you looking forward to the group’s August comeback with a song by Duble Sidekick?

source: soompi