July 15th, 2014

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NB from TV Daily via Nate " Jun Hyun Moo said he would costume himself as Ghana cast member Sam Ochiri if the show hits 3% in viewer ratings and the journalist/netizens call him out for laughing and making a joke out of blackface.

Some netizens said, "He doesn't seem to know how racist and disrespectful blackface is in our country. Especially at a public event, I cannot understand how the staff around him also cheered him on when he said he would do blackface."

Another said, "Imagine if at another foreign event, foreigners said they would dress themselves as Korean if they achieved something? Imagine them sitting there while slanting their eyes and laughing about it."

[netizen reactions (((TW: SOME ARE TRULY SMH-RME WORTHY...)))]
1. [+449, -63] Fu*k, then if Jun Hyun Moo said he was going to dress himself as Sam Hammington, I doubt there would be any articles saying he was being racist against whites. The journalist is an idiot, he's the one with the biased view thinking dressing yourself as black is being racist against them.

2. [+314, -43] This trash journalist makes no sense with this article

3. [+224, -31] The journalist is the one viewing everything with prejudice, how mean of him

4. [+25, -1] I think I'd feel bad if I was Sam Ochiri. He's not unique or anything, he just happens to be black. He dresses like any average person and is quite a humorous person with a good personality. What exactly is Jun Hyun Moo going to dress himself as Sam Ochiri with? I doubt Sam Ochiri will find that funny at all. Jun Hyun Moo is so thoughtless, I don't understand why he said that. Show exactly what Jun Hyun Moo said to everyone in Sam Ochiri's hometown and ask them if it's racist or not. This is Jun Hyun Moo's fault entirely.

9. [+20, -2] Blackface is definitely racism. The fact that he's dressing himself as black to make people laugh gives the impression that he views black people as entertainment. Jun Hyun Moo wouldn't have offered to dress himself black if he didn't think it'd be funny. The first best reply: instead of asking if dressing white would be racism against white people, how about you think first about the fact that he didn't even consider Sam Hammington because costuming yourself white isn't funny to begin with. He chose a black person specifically because he knew it'd be funny.

10. [+17, -2] Look at the situation. He's costuming himself black as a penalty, how is that not racism? It's racism because he's doing it as a joke, as something funny. And adding on, you cannot be racist against white people. You can dress like them, do anything you want about them, but white people will always be above all of the races and that's reality.

11. [+16, -2] If someone on an American show dressed themselves as Asian for the pure purpose of being funny, would we be able to accept it coolly? Remember when we all hated on those Hollywood stars for forcing slanted eyes in their pictures? Jun Hyun Moo probably didn't mean ill harm but he definitely needs to apologize.

🎯 Red Velvet: lit

Key to star as "Zorro" in a new musical

On July 15th, SM Entertainment confirmed that SHINee's almighty Key will be taking part in his fourth musical, "Zorro", and will be joining the cast as the main titular character.

Key has been earning praises for his musical skills since he took part in "Catch Me If You Can", "Bonnie & Clyde", and most recently, "The Three Musketeers". Having already learned the art of swordplay for his character, D'Artagnan, Key is sure to pick up the moves quickly for his new musical challenge.

"Zorro" is a musical inspired by the 2005 fictional biography of the same name, written by Chilean author Isabel Allende. It contains references to the 1998 film "The Mask of Zorro", which starred Antonio Banderas, Anthony Hopkins and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Key will be sharing the main role with singer Wheesung and Beast's Yoseob. "Zorro" will begin its run from August 27th till October 26th at the Chungmu Art Hall in Seoul.

Information on how to get tickets and Key's scheduled performances will be available soon.

Source: Naver
Written by: debsayys @ shineee.net
scammer oppa

“Roommate” Cast Members Criticized for Behavior While Driving

Members of the cast of the celebrity share-house reality show “Roommate” are receiving criticisms from viewers for their behaviors while driving.

On the 11th episode of the show aired on July 13, the roommates went on a vacation together, with Seo Kang Joon, Park Min Woo, Park Bom, Song Ga Yeon, and Hong Soo Hyun driving to the camping site.

While driving, Park Min Woo, who said that he could not sleep the previous night and was tired, started falling asleep while at the wheel, eventually drifting towards the guard rail. Seo Kang Joon noticed the drifting car and tried to wake up Park Min Woo.

Once alert, Park Min Woo turned the car, but it still swerved, causing Park Bom to shout out a swear word, which was bleeped out in the show.

The viewers are criticizing how Park Min Woo had to drive despite being in a bad condition, and how Seo Kang Joon was not wearing his seat belt while sitting in the passenger seat. Park Bom’s swearing is also receiving criticism.

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sad when they had to resort to creating controversy just to promote the show

Sources: soompi, dkpopnews, netizenbuzz, naver 1 2

J-min's MV for "Shine"!

The music video of J-Min's 'Shine' is released.
'Shine' is a title track of J-Min's first mini album. It's a Modern Rock song with rhythmical melody and poetic lyric with J-Min's powerful vocal and guitar sound during the intro and middle of the song,
Enjoy your summer with J-Min's 'Shine' ! :)
And also, please stay tuned for J-Min's first mini album!

Source: SMTown Youtube, mospeada1001

Space!!! I like the mv

Note: This is the same song that she played as the opener for smtown concerts in 2010 (x)

Hyomin's Interview with Arena Homme+

Hyomin’s Summer

Hyomin wants to change. In order to change, she cut her hair short and dyed it yellow. She will stand solo on the stage, not with T-ara, and sing a song that emphasizes on her body. To her, this might be an unfamiliar summer.

Why won’t she show that she doesn’t like this? We thought about this while splashing water over Hyomin’s body with a hose. It was mid-June but there was no sun. Wind was blowing, and It looked like it’d rain soon. We did the photo-shoot on the rooftop. We sprayed the cold water from the hose at her, who was shivering with cold. It was extremely cold. Because even I, who was splashing the water, was shivering. If you look at famous women or women famous for being pretty, you’d imagine their annoyed expression. Because then, they’d look less pretty. It will become less difficult, and you wont be nervous. Hyomin was positive. She was cute with her enthusiasm. She was happy and dancing when told we’ll buy her an iced americano. She smiled so easily. She didn’t look 26 years old but rather looked like a 16y/o girl. She said she wants to change. Like when a girl wears make up hoping to become a woman.

Hyomin talks about wanting to throw away her pretty looks, internet comments, being forced to do everything she's told, and her future!

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Translation: FY! T-ARA (T-ARA.CO)

Global Icon Photoshoot and Picture Post (Image Heavy)

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Sources: Global Icon Intl Twitter (1, 2, 3), Petitthx, 싼댕이

Get those photoshoots! Still no word on the new member

New pics came out from Shinokubo Festival so I included them even though it happened in March, OneKet was filming D-Style so she wasn't there

My babies :( This is my fave pic of them, it really shows their personalities:


the gang

B1A4 Naver Starcast interview + bts footage

Q. What do you think is the most important thing when you're recording?
Jinyoung: The members all have very different voices and charms. So I feel that the most important thing is for the members to naturally bring out the best points of their individual voices. Hence to achieve that, the members try to talk a lot about the song. If we discuss about it together, we are able to bring out the feeling behind the song. We record trying to follow the mood or feeling of the song by blending the members' voice naturally in. The members say I'm too strict! But that's definitely not the case :) Haha
CNU: I think a comfortable mood is most important. I try to practice as much as I can right until I record. I analyze the song to see how I can best bring out the mood, and practice it several times to understand it better. But on the day of recording, I leave it up to my condition on that day and try to record in a comfortable mood. I think I record best when I'm most comfortable since I sing more naturally.
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[BTS videos of Sandeul & Jinyoung directing each other!]

[BTS photos]


source: naver, trans by skip fire + she she 1, 2, 3

Lol maybe now we know why Jinyoung gives himself the most lines. And as always, they'll release mv making footage if the mv gets 1million views so keep watching!!!

Bangtan's new show 'American Hustle Life' to air July 24th!

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source: BigHitEnt + bts_bighit

Apparently Jimin performed Eyes Nose Lips at their show so prepare yourselves..........

2014's Miss Korea !! Seoul's Kim Seo Yeon

A student from Ewha Womans University has been crowned Miss Korea 2014, organizers said on Tuesday.

Kim Seo-yeon, a 22-year-old student majoring business management in the school, competed with about 50 contestants in the final round of the annual beauty pageant held at Olympic Hall in southeastern Seoul, to win the coveted title.

"I would like to express gratitude to my family and organizing committee officials," she said in her acceptance speech.Kim boasts her Western-style figure ― she is 172.8 centimeters tall and weighs 52.4 kilograms.

She will represent the country in the Miss World 2014 scheduled for December in London.

Source: Korea Herald

So what do you think of the new Miss Korea?

Rejoice, Yoo In Na to play the lead!

Yoo In Na, Jin Yi Han, Nam Goong Min and Lee Young Eun Confirmed for Drama ‘My Secret Hotel’

TvN’s upcoming drama My Secret Hotel, which will broadcast after High School King of Life finishes, has confirmed its casting with Yoo In Na, Jin Yi Han, Nam Goong Min and Lee Young Eun.

My Secret Hotel is a 16-episode mystery romance drama about a divorced couple Nam Sang Hyo (Yoo In Na) and Goo Hae Young (Jin Yi Han) who meet again as the manager of wedding ceremony and the groom at Korea’s best hotel.

It is a drama with a mixed genre of romantic comedy and mystery, presenting both sweet romance and thrills this summer.

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source: mwave

both this and nine boy sound pretty interesting, hope tvn won't disspoint
Sistar logo

Starship releases Bora and Hyolyn's "Touch My Body" Teaser Pictures! + "Touch&Move" Tracklisting!!!

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cr; sistar's official twitter, [2] // synnara via @allaboutsistar // album details translated by @mejidesu, [2], [3]

once again these photos can't handle Sistar19's tans but HOLY WOW at those close up shots!! And for the first time, Starship's adding photocards to the packaging (prolly influenced by Loenthek) !!!!!

Finally! Roommate OST Part 2 A.T "Good Morning"

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Sources: SBS Roommate Youtube, Mystic89's Twitter, Soompi

I say finally because they've been playing it since ~Episode 6 I think MV is half water gun fight, half sort of preview for next ep?

You might remember A.T from when her MV for Melancholy was posted on here, She also has one of my favorite MVs of all time, "Don't Be" (feat Geeks) that I highly recommend!